41 Year Old Women - Manhattan NY

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It will b 1 year into my surgery for Dr Shaine.. I...

It will b 1 year into my surgery for Dr Shaine.. I went a few weeks ago to see him because my stomach is not looking right at all.. My stomach is disfigured n I have lumps n lines as u can see.. He told me yes it is because I was not warning my Garment/Format, oh I even wear a BOOK Smfh I told him I was wearing thstS**t for 9 months straight n this is my Outcome?? So I also ask him a very important question, Wat will have to b done or will it get better years later? He said no it won't but I would have to get it done over or get a Tummy Tuck.. It felt like he took half of my life's wen he said that : ( I would never though I would have to do it all over aging meanly from him I was n and still is so much pain it was unbelievable Im n in out the hospital just to hear the same words from different Dr's sayin something is wrong to go bac to him or seek a specialist Surgery which I'm searching for now because no other Dr want to touch because they kno n don't want it to b like the did it knowin something is wrong..I can go on wit this story of mines but it makes me so mad n sad even wen I talk about : ( I just want everyone want to kno n see wat his work did to me..feel free to ask any questions I will surely answer any questions.. PS Beware of Dr Shahine Surgery Please.. Thank u

Dr Shahine Trouble Work

March 22 2015

Dr Hassan or Dr Fisher

Hello Dolls
I have been MIA for a lil while..I'm very nerves about getting this next Surgery done but I really need it as for my pics ya'll can c..I Need everything done over,The top of my butt is to high up, one of my Thighs is bigger than the other,My stomach is deformed which has not fat at all but do have dead tissue n mussels that forms the shape of a 6 pack for a man..Thanks to the Sorry A** Surgen Dr Shahine n Manhattan N.Y SMFH..THATS just another case..Please Dolls if u know of a Great Dr that can fix my Body Please let me know..Thanks
New York OB/GYN

Very unprofessional after my Surgery

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