30 Years Old. 19 Months Old Baby. Smartlipo Midsection - Manhattan, NY

Being wanting to do lipo since when I was 20 years...

Being wanting to do lipo since when I was 20 years old. No matter how skinny I was. I always have a fat over load belly. I gain from 115lbs to 189lbs during my pregnancy. After 18 months my weight stuck at 135lbs. So I decide to do this to motivate myself to drop back down to my comfortable weight. Now I don't know if this is worth it or not?

One months with professional massage.

Twice a week massage section. Got to find professional licensed massage therapist. Otherwise will damage the healing process.
Dr Ali khan

Dr khan is very nice gentleman. He keep telling me to have realistic expectation. (Don't understand what that means) He told me smartlipo only going to take 60-70% fat out. Which I am fine with it. He keep asking if I am happy with the result? I don't want to be rude to him, cause he is very nice person. I am annoyed by seeing the lumps and bumps everytime I look at the mirror. Dr khan told me the final result will be after 8 months. So I am waiting annoyingly.

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