Damage from Laser.

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Pros: cleared up complexion from sun damage....

Pros: cleared up complexion from sun damage. Surface of skin is much better.

Cons: Where do I begin? After my session the doctor remarked that I had poc marks on my face which is funny because I had none before the procedure! I never had pimples let alone acne as a child. I certainly have a few marks (like the ice pick marks described on here) now which bothers me because they are high on my cheeks. Keep in mind that this is a "top" doctor. This doctor had a great bedside manner until I raised questions on the second visit. At that point this persons demeanor changed completely. I was asking a relatively intelligently formed question and it was as if I had irritated them. My skin really doesn't look much better for a the amount of money spent. I could've used Retinol over a year to get the same effect without the scars from the laser. Fine lines are slightly better but only slightly. I havent had any fat loss yet. I will never allow a laser on my face again!

Long story short: wear sunscreen!


Doctor Said that there is Damaged Elastin one side of my face! He told me that I didnt need anymore treatments and that my skin is 9/10. This is immediately after him telling me that there is damage to the elastin on the cheek. Apparently he didnt want to finish the recomended series of treatments that he initially suggested. The hypo pigmentation dots are still there. They stand out being that I have olive skin. Looks awful. Thanks DOC! I wish I had never gotten treatment. Also some of my facial hair is not growing back. He even went through the trouble to try to deceive me by showing me more recent photos for comparison. He tried to convince me that the photos from my second visit were the photos from my initial consultation. Apparently he didn't remember that my initial pictures had me with a full beard. I actually shaved it off in office and came back clean shaven for more pictures. They were also taken during the initial consultation. He tried to use the pictures from my second visit (trimmed facial hair but not clean shaven with a razor) to compare with this week's pictures that were taken upon arrival. He did this to try to convince me that my facial hair was like that before treatment. So I caught a "Top" "Core" doctor trying to deceive me. It's disgusting to me. All I have to say is beware. Note that he also tried to pawn me off on a "more local" doctor as he was concerned that I was driving too far (2 hours). He also stated that he was concerned that I was spending too much on laser treatments yet suggested I try a serum that cost 200 a month. I almost wanted to say, "Pretend like I'm not stupid and level with me!" There was no need to lie to me about the loss of the hair. The other risks I was aware of. He could've at least tried to help me with pigmentation and accept that laser damaged the elastin but he didn't. He seemed worried when I raised questions and ushered me out as quickly as possible. Ratings on here don't mean much to me anymore. Own up to your mistakes and at least try to help correct it. Dont get scared and give up for fear of liability. I hope you read this doctor.

Forgot one thing

I certainly have damaged enlarged pores on my face. They look awful as well. Dont let anyone put a laser on your face. In some places I have to keep a beard to cover them up and now the beard is super patchy from the laser. So to sum it up: Damaged Pores, hypopigmentation that is mainly around those pores that are enlarged, some new scars that look like acne scars, damaged elastin structure on one cheek and patchy loss of facial hair to hide the damage. The only improvements were reduced fines (barely) and some the roughness of my skin is gone around my eyes.

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