37 years old and ready to get rid of this chubby chin! - Manhattan, NY

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Hi all! Happy to be back on Real Self after having...

Hi all! Happy to be back on Real Self after having my arms lipo'd about 1 1/2 years ago. Time to get rid of this wobbly chin!
Just returned from my consultation with the amazing Dr. Sterry. He's the doctor that did my arms and they came out perfect. Wouldn't consider going to anyone else. After weighing the options of both Kybella and Smart Lipo, the lipo won. I'm SUPER excited though I'm not looking forward to the 4 days of garment torture.
Looking forward to following your surgery journeys! Hope everyone is having a great day!! :-))

Surgery date moved up and some 'Before' pics!!

Super excited to have my surgery date moved up 5 days. My husband and I are going to Honduras in mid April and I'm hoping those 5 extra days of healing will make a difference. Gotta start Bromelain and turmeric pills soon to help with swelling and bruising. Also, gotta cut back on the wine, LOL! Super excited! March 2nd can't get here fast enough.

Here are a couple of 'before' pics. Please, excuse the lack of makeup and messy hair. I'm 4'11 and weigh about 112 lbs. I'm not overweight and as you can see, my face makes me look fatter! I've always had a chubbier face and a fat pad under my chin. Even when I weighed less than 100lbs and was starving myself. Annoying. So very excited to finally be getting my dream profile ;-)

I hope everyone is having a great day!


I'm feeling SO impatient! Can March 2nd get here already? I want this fat chin GONE!!!

Feeling really irritated....

My damn medical insurance SUCKS. My husband moved to a much smaller company and this insurance bites. They are saying I need a pre authorization for percocet. PERCOCET!? WTF. Its a cheap med too! Only about 25 bucks with a coupon. UGH....I can't rant to anyone but you people and my husband as no one else knows I'm having this done, so, thank you for letting me vent. (((Sigh)))

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya......."

OMG! I'm beyond excited. Not really nervous. Ready for it to be over! I'll be back after the procedure tomorrow with a full breakdown of the gory details. Please, say a prayer for me if you're the praying type.

Day 1 - Post Op

First thing I want to say is: Dr. Sterry, Vivian and Alex are THE BEST! Seriously! You couldn't ask for a better doctor and staff!

I'm a bit high on percs at the moment, so please excuse any grammar/spelling errors.

I arrived early. Filled out a bunch of forms and was brought into the exam room to get marked up and take all my meds. I also had the great good fortune of meeting another lovely RS'er who is a patient of Dr. Sterry's. We realized the day before we might run into each other so we made sure that would happen. She brought me some balloons and a little stuffed rabbit! SO SWEET! Thank you so much again, Broth! You look amazing!!!

Surgery: The worst part of the procedure was the first cannula going into the front of my chin. Ouch! Thankfully it was quick. I was numb within moments and after that, all was well. I was high as a kite from the Percocet and 1mg of Xanax. Having had my arms done about a year and a half ago, I knew what to expect. It really is one of the strangest sensations ever! Not painful just very very odd. We spent the bulk of the procedure chatting about politics and what a strange election cycle this has become. So yea, if it was really awful you wouldn't be talking politics! We started meds and marking up around 2:30 and I was done by 4:00. Fast! I looked in the mirror when we were done and could see a HUGE difference already. AMAZING!! Got home, slept for about 2.5 hours or so, ate some sushi for dinner and then went back to bed and slept for another 11 hours. Woke up in a bit of pain so took a pain pill. Eating and drinking normally. Looking forward to taking a shower this afternoon and getting a better look at myself. The head wrap is not that annoying. Thankfully it will be off by Sunday. Back in the office Monday to have a stitch removed.

If you have an questions regarding chin/neck lipo please ask! I'm more than happy to elaborate if you need some assurance!

Pics coming after my shower later this afternoon. Happy healing, lovelies! I hope you're all having a beautiful day!

Post Op - Day 2

Hello lovely RS'ers! I hope everyone is having a great day and healing happily!

So, day 2 has been pretty good. Haven't needed any pain meds besides tylenol. Been taking it very easy. Eating, drinking and napping. I've been super sleepy . My body trying to heal probably. For some reason I got a little dizzy/nauseous after taking a shower. I remember something similar happening to me after a shower when I had my arms done. I think the odd sensation of my chin unwrapped made me feel a little woozy :-/ I think I also need to eat more. The percocet's killed my appetite and it still hasn't come back. I'm not finding the garment as annoying as I thought I would, not that I won't be thrilled when it comes off Sunday afternoon! Here are a few pics! I'm a little more swollen then yesterday, especially on the sides of my neck. The redness is from the compression garment. Bruising is very minimal. I think I'm going to be very happy when all is said and done! Please excuse the lack of makeup and awful lightning!

Day 4 -Post op

I'm FREE! Free of that damn compression garment! I ended up removing it last night because it had gotten too large and was chafing my neck like a beyotch. Sorry, Dr. Sterry - I wore it for 3.5 days instead of 4. Mea Culpa! ;-)
I'm healing well! There has been a little swelling and I do have a sorta reddish "rash" on my neck. No black or yellow bruising at all, which is shocking because I bruise easily. It really is a testament to how great my doctor is. The recovery has been much easier then my arm lipo. I've had practically zero pain since day 2. I am taking tylenol to help with swelling. I'm still feeling a bit fatigued but assume that's part of the normal healing process. I go back to the office to have a stitch removed tomorrow. I'm curious what he'll think so far....
I had a callback for a play this morning (I'm an actor) and thankfully, I have a ton of scarves from my travels in India, so I could hide what looked like the neck of someone who'd been strangled. The director and other personnel didn't say anything. I'm hopeful, they assumed the scarf was just a bold fashion statement!
I will post another pic on Wednesday which will be 1 week post-op.
I hope everyone is well! Happy healing and lots of luck to those who have surgeries scheduled!!

6 Days Post OP - Ups and Downs!

So, saw my doctor yesterday and he was very happy with how I'm healing. I have a bit more swelling under my chin the last few days but that should go down soon. I also still have splotchy red marks in the front of my neck. Something, similar happened when I did my arms and according to my pictures it resolved by week 3. Hoping that's the case with my neck. It's a bit unsightly and makes it hard to dress, honestly. I've never worn this many scarves! Pics tomorrow! I hope everyone is having a great day :-))


Here's a pic of the blotchy red spots in my neck and the swelling under my chin :-P

Post Op - 1 Week!

I can't believe it was a week ago today that I had this done. Seems much longer!
Things are going well. Still swollen but a bit better than yesterday. In the profile photos you can really see the swelling on the front of my neck which is not really noticeable at all when facing forward. The redness seems to be getting better everyday. Thank God! I'm off to get my hair colored. Will fee if my colorist will notice anything? Will be updating weekly now, so more pics next Wednesday. Hope every one is having a great week!

Post Op - 2 weeks

Things are healing well! A few lumps and bumps but not noticeable at all. The right side is healing slightly faster than my left. More swelling on the left side. I've taken pics from both sides so you can see the difference. There is numbness and tightness but it's not that uncomfortable. I did yoga for the first time in 2 weeks today and I absolutely had slightly limited mobility while looking up. The skin feels like it''s going to stretch off! Seeing my doc again next Thursday so, will post week 3 pics then.
Hope everyone is having a great day!! :-))

3 Weeks and 1 Day - Post Op

Saw Dr. Sterry today and all is well! Banding, swelling and tiny lumps are in full effect and to be expected at this point in the healing process. Back to the doc in three weeks for a 6 week look see. Happy healthy spring to all!!

Side by side - Before and 3 weeks post. Left Side - Even with swelling BIG difference!

....and looking down

I'm the worst!!

Sorry gang!! I've been so busy with work and life that I have completely neglected my updates! I will take new pics tomorrow. I'm VERY happy with my results. I saw Dr. Sterry today for Botox and Juvederm. He seemed happy with my neck as well. Final followup appointment will be on Jun1st! If you are considering this procedure I HIGHLY suggest you do it. I wished I'd done it sooner!

2.5 Month Post Op Pics

Skin on my neck has tightened A LOT!!

Comparison: Before and After - Left Side

New York Plastic Surgeon

This is my second time using Dr. Sterry (third if you count Botox!) and he and his staff continue to amaze and impress. Dr. Sterry had actually advised me against this procedure about 2 years ago, but now I (it?) was ready! I'm only 2 days post op and already beyond impressed with his work. I can't wait to see what the weeks and months bring. Thank you Dr. Sterry, Alex and Vivian. You are all too fabulous for words :-))

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