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Lot stress in the biggining but everything worked...

Lot stress in the biggining but everything worked out just fine. Love it his job. My body look sick. Beautiful curves. Scheduling he is not good at all. But very professional. And funny too. Wasnot happy with my body. I have to kids. Lot fat around my stomach so I decide to do it. My first surgery ever. Should got done long time ago.

Almost 2 week after my surgery. I am feeling great...

Almost 2 week after my surgery. I am feeling great my healing time has been great. Doing my massages drinking lots of liquids and eating well. Very importante after surgury. Now just wait few more weeks to see the 100% resolt. Smart lipo takes time. But so far I love it. My back look amazing my butt look amazing.

Shame on him.

Doctors are suppose care. Not like him.

Bad rewiwes

I was reading about him. Bad things. I did not believe it. But guess what. Every little thing was true. So ready about your doctor before u go in his table. Read about doctor Shahine

Fake pictures.

He only take pictures right after the surgery and he tell you to suck in and put the arms up. Lair. And tell you to tell people that the anesthesia doesnot hurt. Yea. Hurts like a motherf$$$$$

Not professional

I am fighting with this dr. Sorry. He is not a dr. Fighting with this guy for 6 months and I only get excuses and excuses. This is the final result from dr shahines hands.

His beautiful job.

Gonna post the final result of dr Shahine. But he blame on me. He said I was seating to long on my left side. Joke right dr Shahine. Or a belt. Guess what dr Shahine. Belt goes around my stomach not only one side. Please.

Let's talk

Nice stomach dr Shahine. Enjoy my money. You need more than me. You going to get a copy of this right. So tell your lies to people like you did to me to take my money. Lot people writing bad things about you. Try get yourself together and get more professional. Example. Tell your nurse to stop text Durante the surgery and start get on time to see your lady's we work too. You are a mess.

Only my opinion

Hey girls. I am getting a lot comments about my comments on the realself. So I am going to try explain myself. I don't write and speak a lot ingles but going to try. First going to explain why I talk good about dr Shahine. I have every minute of my surgery. What I have on mind was they would be so nice and treat me like a princess. Never did a surgery before but my friends did so they told me that. But anyway. When I got there and went inside everything was different lot pain and not comfortable at all. The nurse was texting the whole time. While I was throwing up cause the pain. 4 hours later was done I looked like a dead person. I could not walk or talk cause he hade to give more pain killers on the table cause I could not take the pain. When was over I went home prying to god to be all ok. So 2 weeks went by I was doing the massages like they ask me too and I also knew about it. And not gonna lie. I was happy with the results. He was everything what people was talking about but I thought that he did a good job on me. So doing the massages for 3 weeks and the girl told me that my left side was something wrong and I see it but did not pay to much attention cause he told me I hade to wait 3 months. And that was nothing only water. I knew was water. But my question was !!! Why the water still there. So I kept going back cause he told me too. 3 months you got wait 3 months. So 3 months went by and that water was gone but was a hole there. That's why took so long for the water drain from that spot. So now I went back crying cause I look like a monster. That was when he start to Blaine on me. Saying he hade nothing to do with that. Yelling and telling me to go look for a lawyer. Gave me the middle finger. And told me to look for my rights cause he knew it how to take me out of his way. He offer me a touch up. So now is my question to you girls that is accusing me to lie about my history. Would you go back to the dr that curse you and yell at you and told you that he doesnot give a fu$$$$ about your problem. No I don't think so. Dr Shahine is very nice caring loving till he put his hands in your money. After that is over. I am in this situation right now.

Only my opinion.

So I made a mistake about him. He laid to me about what kind of dr he was. I was there crying and asking him to fix the problem and he told me no. He would not raunch that hole. He would do lipo on the side over again. I did not care about the sides. I want that hole fixed. But he said no. He is a bad person. Not only a bad dr.

Piece sh$$$$ lair.

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