Breast Lift/Tummy Tuck at Lenox Hill! - Manhattan, NY

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So, I lost a bunch of weight and decided I wanted...

So, I lost a bunch of weight and decided I wanted to get a Tummy Tuck and breast lift. I researched a bunch of hospitals w/ low priced clinics. I went to NYEE for a consultation and met wit Dr. Polavarapu. I also went to Lenox Hill and met with Dr. Constantine. So far, loving my decision and waiting for surgery!

Surgery Tomorrow (well today!)

Ok, so it's 1am, and my surgery is at 12 noon today! I have to be at the hospital by 10:30, so I will wake up around 8am and get myself together. I've packed my little 'surgery bag' with everything I'll need. I'm kind of nervous though.... nervous but ready and excited. I'm young at 23 so I really hope the recovery won't be too bad and I bounce right back. Wish me luck!! Oh! I'm also adding a few before pics (eww) lol. Talk to you guys on the flat and lifted side!!

I'm on the flat and high side!

I did it! I'm laying down now at the hotel a cross the street. I wanted to post a quick update. The surgery went well. Everybody, I mean everybody, took such good care of me. My private nurse is the same nurse I had with me in the operating room. She is soooo kind and made me feel so much better. My doctor Constatine has bee everything and more. Everyone is so friendly down to the nursing assistants in or. My anesthesiologist was amazing, I think his name was Dr. Tanabaum. I cannot stress enough how nice everyone was. I am feeling good now, not in much pain but sore at the incision site and breasts a little bit. My nurse said I look very flat. I'm rambling now so let me sleep and ttyl.

6 days post op

Hey dolls!

So I know I haven't updated, so let me give a quick recap. The first few days home were fairly uncomfortable to be honest. I slept in my bed with pillows under my knees and behind my back. But I got used to it, and after taking the hydro codon and Valium, the pain left quickly. Haven't really has to take my pain medicine for the past couple days though. I'm actually not in much pain, just a bit of discomfort where my drains are. Luckily I have an appointment with Dr. Constantine tomorrow; hopefully he will take the drains out.

I have gotten a look at my tummy and breasts. My breasts are perky and nice! I didn't think he could get them to look that full because they were so flat before, but he really did a good job. I'm also in loveee with my tummy. Although it is all still very swollen, I'm so excited to have a flat stomach for the first time in my life!! I'm so very swollen now, especially at the sides where he lipoed, so I can't enjoy it yet. I even tried on some preop clothes and they didn't fit! (Too tight). If course it's because of swelling. But I'm very excited. I'm also still not walking fully upright. But I'm getting there. In January, I plan to start waist training to get my waist super tiny. Anyway, I leave you guys with a picture of me laying down in bed with the binder on. I'll take real pics maybe tomorrow or so. Later dolls

Wanted to add

My scar is superrrrrrrr low!!! Like super low like almost on my vagina low lol! I was so nervous because I never saw any pics of Constantine's work, but I'm so happy I went with him! I could tell he really takes pride in his work! Can't wait to start scar therapy. Also, it seems the tummy tuck also helped with my upper thigh area that was a bit loose after massive weight loss. My legs are looking much more toned and solid now!

Quick update with pics!!

Hi doll faces. So I got my drains out yesterday at 7 days post op. I'm feeling really great, standing up straighter, and am in no pain at all. I'm happy it only took me a week to feel like myself again, although my tummy is still veryyyyy right an also very swollen still. My waist was 35 before surgery, it is now 36 lol so I clearly am very swollen still, especially in my love handle area. 90% of the swelling should be gone in the first 3 months, and the last 10% goes down in the next 3 months. But I'm really happy with everything. My breasts are also still moving. Because of the way I scar, my doctor decided not to do a scar in the underside of the breasts, so my full projection of my breasts won't show through for a while maybe a month or two. But I'm in love with everything so far even though I'm not fully healed. I'm thinking of saving up some money to get a BBL done next year lol! Anyway, I leave you guys with pics.

ETA pic

Thought it might be easier to look at before and after side by side
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Constantine is a doll! He is so nice and friendly. The first day I met him, I kind of felt a bit rushed, but I think that was all in my head, because after that, he responded to every e-mail I sent in a very timely fashion for a very busy surgeon (within a few hours). He answered all of my questions and he is so nice, but he keeps it 100% with you on the possibilities of surgery. I felt very comfortable with him.

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