Breastlift +Mild Reduction by Dr. John Curran from Ireland at NYEE Manhattan,

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I'm 41 year old mother of 3 girls whom I...

I'm 41 year old mother of 3 girls whom I breast-fed. I'm 5 feet 3 inches tall, 157 lbs. My breast are very saggy and deflated with a mild asymmetry.

When I wear nightwear or dresses without a bra at home even my 7 year old notices that they are looking bad. She said " momma tell your doctor to cut then for you, they are too long" :-( ..and of course I look in the mirror every day and there's nothing pretty or sexy about my breast. I believe Dt. Curran can do the job if not I would have not put myself in his hand. Dr. John Curran with Dr. Daniel Maman as an attending will be helping me to look and feel better about myself. It takes skills to reshape breast. If he pulls this off than he will be able to do anything. I believe that pictures speak louder than words, so I'll be sharing plenty of those. Please pray for me and my doctor.

out of surgery

Ladies I'm doing well. Dr. Curran did an anchor lift and small reduction, and dog ear revision. I've threw up twice, the pain is around a 6 without pain meds. But its not a pain is more like a stinging sensation. I think I'm like a cup B now. Everyone has been very nice here and Dr. Curran has been great so far. Here are some photos

22 hours post op

Good morning everyone! I'm currently resting and later will be heading home. My last pain medication was at the hospital and was oxycodone 5mg. They tried to give me morphine but my IV needle was out of place and had to be removed. Yesterday evening at the hotel I took regular Xtra strength Tylenol only. I haven't touched the prescribed pain meds at all. I threw up a total of 6 times, 1st time I get sick after general anesthesia. Hopefully today I can keep something down. Sunday the 8th will be my 1st shower. I'll take more pics then

Dog ears revision

No pain, eating soft foods like chicken & turkey soup, lentil soup, yogurt , pineapple and ginger smoothies and staying away from heavy foods like pasta and breads which blocks as it's hard for intestines to move out of the system. I'm walking around the house but this binder around my abdomen is driving me crazy. Very uncomfortable cause it digs in when I sit. Here are some more photos

The scares /confusion / doubt / fear of the unknown before surgery

What a rollercoaster. My mom says " it's not the same to call the boogie man then to see him coming". It's easy to book a surgery but as the day gets closer nerves start setting in. I was a wreck, I was scared of the surgery outcome, scared that I wouldn't wake up, confused if to do the bbl first or not, I had nightmares, I was cranky. I would speak to my doctor and feel this is the man other than hubby that I would surrender my body and allow him to cut into it! But once I had not seen or heard from him for a while I would get cold feet. My RS family helped me thru this process. I had wonderful ladies that inboxes me, some with reviews and some without reviews, some started reviews that were not updated but had experience with Dr. Curran and Dr. Maman previously and had nothing but good things to say about both plastic surgeons. As the days got closer I couldn't sleep and would eat very little or ate junk food. I started to pray and pray. Pray for my doc as well as for my self. Once I was in N.Y I felt better and less paranoid. I knew I was in good hands but the nerves were betraying me. A heard a voice saying "fear is not God" " your God is not a God of confusion" and I knew better. I knew then that God had heard my prayer and my sisters prayer and was gonna take care of everything during my surgery. Thank you all that reached out to me thru email, inbox, texting and WhatsApp. It meant the world to me. I only told my 25 year old daughter, hubby of course, my missionary and my dad. Didn't tell my mom, the inlaws etc. My dad is 72 and my step mom is in her '30" younger than me. Dad said " do you think your doc can fix her up" her boobs need help and she has a huge gut!" Why don't you talk to her about it!! And passed the phone to her ! Can you believe that LMAO ..anyways I'm glad I went thru with the surgery. I can't wait till tomorrow to take everything off..************************************************* I put up some of the prayers before surgery and after seeing my pretty new boobies all I can do is thank God for the blessing.
Thank You ladies

prayer before and after surgery

Sorry happy fingers here hit the ' post update ' without attaching the before and after prayers -_-

1 st shower day :-)

I've never been so happy to take a shower. Let me tell you that i've been sooo hot that hubby had to put the fan for me. I'm always cold, hubby said it must be the aneasthesia . I was overdue for a shower After a few days of washing bottom privates with a washcloth, and of course I was dying to take a peak at the lipo areas and boobies again. Hubby took pictures and I inspected them but noticed my left nipple had an area where It must have gotten stuck to the gauze and the scab came off so as a precaution I decided not to wet that breast and with a damp cloth wipe around it. Nipples have no sensation and I have no pain and no discomfort. The compression binder was already fitting loose. I also discovered the 3 liposuction incision entry sites. Dr. Curran used the tummy tuck incision to go in and also the belly button to insert the canula for liposuction. My dog ears seem flatter than before.

Liposuction Areas are marked ORANGE

As requested above are pictures of the area marked for liposuction ;) ORANGE markings for lipo

I've been officially CURRANAFIED

Dr. Curran explained at discharge that for the next 3 months my breast will change. Right now the top is swollen and the bottom is flat but then that would flip around and the bottom will be fuller and not flat. He did a drawing for me and I will post a picture as an example.

Day 4

My batas/night wear have zippers. That way I don't have to lift my hands.

hubby and wife talk

The day of surgery in the hospital hubby said, "this is the last surgery" . If he pulls this off when I come back I'm gonna even kiss him ! Buahahaha (we both were lol ;D)
Crazy man! Imma see tomorrow if he gonna kiss him or what! Lol ( good night! It's 1:30 am already)
Sunday he saw them again ( my breast) when getting me ready for my shower and said "he did a really nice job!" " I'm thinking I should send you back so he can do your bootie"....(~.^)

Day 5- follow up appointment with Dr. Curran

After our 3 hour drive we met with Dr. Curran. He went over again some things with me. He reminded me to wear the Marena surgical compression bra 24/7 for a month, Explained how to remove some lingering stitches on Friday that way I don't have to drive back. Hubby has done it before plus I have a few R.N friends that can do it for me in case he's not up to it. He said to start the silicone tape scar therapy at the 3 weeks mark and also to start massaging the scar................................................................................................He started taking pictures and I asked hubby " I thought you were going to kiss him??""" LOL ( He turned red LMAO) Dr. Curran is a sport and said " if he wants to kiss me, go ahead I don't mind its 2015 " buahahaha!!!! :D Is he a sport or what??? Love him

Well ladies I have no complaints so far and everything is looking good .

Day 6

Here are some pictures in different angles. The pics will also help me track my progress as the days and weeks go by. By the way my doctor mentioned that he used a local anesthetic. Probably that's why I was so comfortable and had no pain. He also said the shape ended up being a cone shape.

Day 7

I love my magnifying mirror to check my breast. I use a separate soap with dispenser separate the the rest of the family . I don't use the bar soap for now for fear that it might have bacteria. I couldn't find my hybiclense antibacterial wash, so I use another one. Hubby had a rough day. The house chores are never ending and he looked overwhelmed today.

8th Day

Everything is going smoothly. Hubby to off 2 stitches that needed to come out. All I wear Is button up shirts /blouses and zipper gowns

Day 10

Day 11 Drove for the first time

I drove myself to get my nails done but I don't recommend steering wheel is very smooth but when I got to places the pulling to open the heavy doors was not good. So I decided not to try that again and had Hubby take me to the hairdressers' after. I'm all pretty up for him...... Ooooh wait! Let me come clean. One of my friends had liposuction and saline implants in Colombia thru the nipples. Her plastic surgeon told her to have her hubby massage the nipples with his tongue and that would help speeds things up. I thought she was messing with me the first time she told me but she said that she wasn't messing with me. Now she reminded me again. I told hubby that when I got cold the nipples sort of burn (if u have breastfed it feels like the milk let down ) but don't become erect. He said " let me check!" Of course with his tongue he check and my left which responded a little but my right didn't respond. My Left felt bruise /tender, but no pain. That's the dirt hahaha!! I came clean lol.....he'll tongue massage at the 2 weeks mark ( doctors orders) except the massage will be a little different (whatever works)..... Hmm I think that's all.

Day 12 ( Shout out to hubby)

The first few days I slept on my back but by day 5, I was sleeping on my side with many pillows. I didn't want to place unnecessary pressure on breast ( don't want to stress incision) but the ideal sleeping position is on your back facing the ceiling........ Some of you are curious about Tongue Massage Results (experiment)
1) No arousal
2) No full nipple erection
3) No pain
4) very little feeling
By the 3rd month everything should be back to normal. Because I had read many reviews I sort of knew what to expect, so I don't have the nipple sensation paranoia. I'm worrying more of a proper protein diet to promote healing. I take my vitamin C, pineapple smoothies, juice and pineapple everything lol. Protein shakes, chicken, fish, turkey, egg whites etc.
Hubby- hubby opens and closes all the doors for me (the house, the car and the store doors, he puts my coat on and helps me get it off. I don't reach for high thing if I look with intentions of reaching for it he yells "No, No!!" And comes and gets it for me. The first few nights he hardly slept watching over me. If I took a deep breath he would ask if I was ok. He said he was scared that something could happen to me. If I would go to the bathroom there he was checking up on me. I thank him for being such a good sport and helping me thru this process. Here are some pictures

Thin incision

Today I ripped off by accident my left side tapes on my dog ear revision. Tomorrow I'll be 2 weeks so no problem there. It was nice to once again to see Dr. Currans' incision skills. The incision is thin and clean. So I went to the scale and almost had a heart attack, ugh! I thought something was wrong with the scale. I weight myself a few times but nope, scale is working fine. I'm so emailing Dr Curran to check when I can start at least the treadmill. Left my guards down. Breast Is looking good.

incision photo

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, I forgot the photo

Day 14 Right Breast tenderness

Today I'm 14 post surgery. I noticed about 2 P.m that my right breast was sort of tender where the incision is. I was busy so finally when I got home I took a bath and checked my incision. Some of the glue came off and it looks kind of red but no fever or bad odor just tenderness. I wonder if I should email my doc or not worry him and wait....Hmmm I'll email him in the morning if its still tender. I don't want him to worry tonight.

I had emailed him last night asking him when I could start working out on the treadmill but he said to wait at least 4 weeks and reinforce the need to use the compression surgical bra which I have no problem with since is a comfortable one............................... ..............

Note: The streets are so bad that I have to hold my breast anytime we go anywhere :-/

Right breast photos

Day 14 Left Breast

Day 15 tenderness caused by cincher

Hubby carefully inspected breast last night and again this morning. He noticed that the cause was the metal in my waist cincher was digging under my breast incision and til me to take it off. This morning the breast is less sore. My husband gave me a message with lotion at the liposuction areas and that felt good. Here are some pics

3 weeks post op

Tuesday the 24th I noticed in the morning that my surgical bra was stained. A scab came off and it ooze from that spot. I sent an email with pictures to Dr. Curran who responded in less than 5 minutes. He said it would close back up and it did by that night. Alot of my scabs and glue have come off and I can see better the incision.

25 Days post breatlift spitting sutures & small opening

I had started using the tape and since the opening at the base looked dried I decided to put the tape there too. Dr. Curran had mentioned to start the silicone treatment at 3 weeks. Well moisture and water got trapped and it opened up more. Luckily I inspected the breast by removing all the tapes and retaping if everything was good and that's how I found that area. I pulled and cut one of 3 stitches bugging and applied Neosporin. I emailed twice my plastic surgeon and he responded with instructions and reassurance that those spots will close and sutures will dissolve. I have a nasty cold that don't help :-(

small opening & spitting sutures

Oops! Happy fingers again. Wrong button

29 days post op (1 month)

Technically is a month cause February was a short month. The small hole under the breast is closing little by little. Everything looks good and Im happy with my breast lift.The breast is not hard anymore and it has also relaxed and dropped a bit. I still notice the asymmetry so I don't think that was addressed....I was thinking of getting fat transfer to breast in the future. Today I tried some regular bras and I'm still the same cup size as before (size c), after surgery I thought I looked like a "B"....I tried 2 sets on and was pleased in how everything looks. 2 more months to go

1 Month 3 days (33 days post op)

The opening one my right breast was taking forever to close. Today finally found out why. What I thought it was a scab it was another stitch with loop and all which hubby had to cut off for me. I had pulled it making it bleed so I had to call him (he was cooking) to help me. Hopefully now it will close..I've been spitting stitches left and right just like when I had my tummy tuck and I'm not sure why :-(...lets see tomorrow. I put the silicone tape back on only where the skin is close and skipped the areas where is either open or/and have stitches poking out that I can't get rid off yet cause not enough sticking out for me to grab and cut. I'll keep you posted

6 weeks post-op

I've gotten lazy to update ;)... Yesterday was my follow up with Dr. Curran . He checked my breast and tried to find the stitch but there was nothing there. He explained once again that in case I had any more stitches poking out to make sure instruments are cleaned. To prevent infection, Instruments like tweezers and scissors can be cleaned first with alcohol and then sterilized by dropping them into boiling water. I left mines in hot water for 10 minutes then the instruments are ready to use. My doctor said to apply Neosporin and that it will close and with minor scarring . Today I found another stitch and took it out as instructed. I did the same for tummy tuck. The only reason I would email the doctor is 1) keep him informed 2) get any doubts cleared 3) getting reassurance and because Annie was on my toes lol.. We were recovery buddies and she constantly checked up on me. One day it was the second text asking "did you email Dr. Curran?" Quickly I emailed Dr. Curran and then replied "yes" I'm just waiting for him to answer hahaha ;)..another time she text me to see how were my breast healing and I headed to the bathroom to check my breast before I replied and that's when I found the opening in the nipple. Can you imagine if she had not asked, I would had not removed my silicone tape to check before answering back.. Thank you Annie
Every time I emailed I had an answer. I have followed his instructions and so far so good, no complaints the beginning everytime he said to apply Neosporin, I thought to myself, "here we go again with the Neosporin," but you know what, from now on I will make sure I always have some in the house cause it works. My opened spots close fast after I apply it and no infection so far that's why he's the doc :-).....Thanks Dr. Curran you know best are some pictures. I suspect hubby turned off my notifications and I can't figure out how to turn them back on, so there might be delayed answers...

small hole is closing :-)

I was rushing yesterday and left a few things out. I decided not to take full showers. I like my water HOT and every time I take a head to toe shower the heat and massage sutures come out, and act up. So no more full baths only breast down, wipe breast with a face cloth/towel and wash my hair in the kitchen sink. Last night I applied my magic ointment "Neosporin" and rolled 2 small towels and placed them on each side of my breast (to squeeze it together) and help it close faster and closed my surgical bra. The doctor said I could start wearing regular bra's but um so used to thing already that I'm thinking about it ( I'm in no rush), I think I like the front Velcro easy on was off. The day before my appointment I thought about putting my full body compression garment but I was tired and didn't get up to put it on. Usually I wake up flat if i do wear it. Well Dr. Curran took the pictures and I looked like a puffy marshmallow ;(..I should have gotten up ...ugh! I'm loosing a few pounds and wearing my garment before my next follow up. Here are some pictures of my breast, so you can see the healing and progress.

Before and After

7 weeks post oo

stubborn R-breast taking forever to dissolve stitches

Overall I'm happy with my breastlift but once again I have a little opening from spitting stitches. I had the same problem after my tummy tuck but I would remove the stitch end of story, my breast on the other hand where the I a stitch it opens up. My left breast healed perfectly, not one stitch did the peek A boo on that one. Right breast is doing it for both. I emailed my doctor who promptly reply. He said not to worry that he was confident my breast would heal fine, not to worry and to apply Neosporin. The little hole is spread closing. If you take a look at a few close- up pictures you will notice 2 yellow spots under the skin. Those same yellow spots are the ones that opened up . I'm currently 8 weeks post op.......Wednesday March 25th (1day shy of 7'weeks I had the thick discharge) and Tuesday March 31st (7 1/2 weeks post op) had another stitch ....I don't see any more yellow under the skin so hopefully the stitches dissolved and the area is clear of any discharge and ready to he's for good....I wasn't going to post any of the gross pictures ladies but at then I thought it might help someone. I haven't gone to see my but he communicates with me and before I post anything he is the first one to know what's going on. It's not an infection but my body getting rid of the stitches that didn't dissolve it is normal for some people some heal without any problems.......I'm still getting used to my new girls. They feel lighter not as heavy as before even though I'm the same size 'C' . I wear a bra (24/7) day and night. I feel weird without one plus I don't want my breast to say fast. I also like the new shape. I look in the mirror a good 20 yikes a day and inspect them quite a few times a day. I check under the seat silicone tape to make sure everything is close and massage the scar. Can't wait to be a few more months out.

misspelling due to rushing and auto correct

Please Forgive me misspelling left and right but between me rushing and my phone auto correcting is not a good combination *_* sorry

Absolutely LOVE my breastlift :-) 2 Months

Right breast is behaving and healing. Taking care of my scars faithfully. I've been super busy so I haven't had a chance to go shopping for new bra's (my old ones still fit) but curious about my new options. Here are some new pictures

Busy but will upload few pictures

4 Months post breastlift surgery on June 5th 2015

I apologize for being missing in action (MIA) but have been extremely busy. My brother has been in the hospital since April, daughter broke her wrist at school, I started working on Monday and the list goes on......

As for my breastlift, everything is good so far. I have some volume that I didn't have before, before surgery I had 2 flat pancakes lol.

Scars-The scar on the naughty Right breast is going to need some extra time but I'm still using the mepitac tape to help fade and flatten the scar.

Nipple feeling - I have not regain feeling right breast is still slightly tender and sort of hurts is the nipple is massaged.
If I get cold, or arouse the nipples do not respond by getting smaller and pointy like they used too. I've been told that it takes time since before surgery, so I knew what I was getting myself into and I'm okay with that. It is part of a healing process and although every women heals differently I'm sharing my healing story so you can have an idea........ They look good and that's was the reason for the surgery (better shape) and Dr. Curran gave it to me. I'm sad that I cannot go see him before he leaves back to Ireland :'( ...


Little by little everything is falling into place. I love the new shape, no complaints here.

Here is a picture :-) I will add more later

was just looking at thr before and after pics

I'm here listening to music and remember that a co-worker asked me for the hospital and program information and came to review all my pictures and all I can say is 'WOW'!!!! They were bad before. No wonder hubby is is happier ;D

5 Months and 3 days post op

Breast shape is great and scar healing nicely.

5th months- Nipples getting back to normal as they react to cold

Woot! Woot! Things keep progressing here. I was at the mall trying on a blouse. The air conditioner was on high cause I got cold, all the sudden I feel my nipples tighten up and got smaller and pointy. I got soooo happy! Finally nipples are getting back to normal. I'll hear hubby again saying " headlights are on!" patience my friends. :-)

10 Months post op

Hello ladies. Please forgive me, I'm back in school and that means little sleep and tons of homework. Other than that I'm still happy with the shape of by breastlift. Hopefully after my finals I can come back to Realself. I'll come back in a few weeks

February 5, 2017 Anniversary

2 years have passed and that was the Best decision I've ever made. No regrets, my Breast is still perky nice and firm.

Dr. John Curran and Dr. Daniel Maman as attending

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