40 Yr Old Divorced Mother of 2 Committing to a Better Self -Manhattan, NY

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For years I have been desiring bigger breasts. I...

For years I have been desiring bigger breasts. I have a boyish figure & no confidence. I grew up believing I wasn't attractive...long story. This past January, I met w Dr. Giese for a consultation. I felt very comfortable expressing the look I wanted. She was attentive to my desire, very professional yet familiar. She explained, after measuring, what my breasts will be able to handle without damaging my breast tissue for the fullness and the natural look I want. I felt as if I was a sculpture she was visualizing to carve that would express the feminine me trapped inside. Lol, I have an animated mind. Dr. Giese was excellent for me. Surgery is scheduled! I am so excited...

Had mammogram

My PS requested a mammogram. I was extremely nervous about it. It wasn't as painful as I'd imagined it to be. Glad that is over. Hopefully all is well w my boobs.

My stats and query

140 pounds
34/36 B
Desiring a full C
I have been reading about pre op vitamins to speed up recovery. Is there such a thing? A speedy recovery?
I know my PS told me I can have my surgery on a Thursday and return to work on Monday...however, I am taking off a week from work after surgery to ensure proper healing and get used to them. Has anyone been able to return to work a few days after surgery? And has anyone taken or heard of the "pre op vitamins?" For example I.B. Secret or VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post Op?

Dense breast tissue

Sooo, allow me to ask. I received my mammo results and blah blah blah...dense breast tissue. I have not called my Mum, PS or my GYN to ask beeecause, I am scared to hear them say I can't have my boobs - I know... When will I not allow fear to paralyze me...I'm in tears bc I've never done anything for myself I'm afraid of it not manifesting...I am afraid of googlying it! What is wrong with me? All of this yet deep inside I know that all will be fine as I know I DESERVE IT!
Anyhoo, my question is...what in bloody hell does dense breast tissue mean? Do any of you know? Hate to sound this ignorant at my age.

39 days...

Sooo 39 days before my big day! Aahhh jeezz I am so psyched! I am so grateful for this site, I've read so many journeys and have learned so much from all of you.

What caught me by surprise was that I never thought I'd go thru such a powerful emotional ride. I tell you that I spontaneously woke up one morning in January and decided IT IS MY TIME, NO EXCUSES!

The 1st thing I thought was to take care of me. Yes, I focused on everyone in my life and neglected myself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Did my best to help and make everyone's life easier in their chaos while betraying myself and creating turmoil in my life. Unfortunately, I learned this as a very young child. I will not bore you w my story.

After that evening when I openly described without any reservations to my PS and my daughters what I wanted and why I wanted this surgery, I've been on an emotional train ride, tapping inside myself connecting with my "REAL SELF" and committing to it wholeheartedly allowing myself to be exactly who I am. Hmmm...matching my outside with my inside. No, I have never let anyone in -

Since then, I've dropped this heavy bag I've carried for so long (I carried other ppl's bags as well) setting myself free.

I have two beautiful daughters (21 & 12) full of inner confidence, self love & lovable. They are so happy, creative and inspired.I don't know how I did it, living in that self destructive inner pain. What I wanted and gave to them was what I've always wanted for me and now know I can give to me.

Well, needless to say, what I thought was just an outside renovation stirred me to my own inner major transformation.

Thank you my lovely goddesses!

10 more sleeps

It really hit me today...became a bit nervous, maybe I have been operating in subliminal denial?

Work has kept me ridiculously occupied! I am a one man show in my department...ugh! I have to do everything from actively engaging to just simply remaining still, just listening...gosh I think I love these fools!

I have to clean my apartment, it is not filthy BUT it needs a nice scrub. Specially after the call I received a few minutes ago from my Mum. "I'm flying in on Sunday and decided to stay w u for 10 days to care for u" WAIT A MINUTE...whhaatt!!?? Don't get me wrong, I love my mum! Aarrggh I must confess I fear her as she is my biggest critic!! The things she says, no filter. The way her eyes give the "I am disappointed/I do not approve" stare and the "pff!" rolling of her eyes. Sometimes she doesn't even look at u or says one word. U just know. Omg I'm 40 yrs old wth? I'm breathing in & out slowly on the A train as I digest this news, my mum in town, with me, in my small NY apartment for TEN days. TeN DaYs!

I will take a pix of my weary boobs this weekend after I wax. Yes, no I haven't waxed in a month. (TMI?) I'm leaving it for this weekend b4 the surgery. Trust me I don't like it, BUT thankfully it is still cold in NYC - still wear long sleeve shirts w blazers for work. Sweaters on the weekends (my little one asked me to "sort out that situation"under my arms) lol

Taking my vitamins & will start juicing (carrots, beets, pineapple) in the mornings only, fasting...for three days on then off three days then three days on then off on surgery day then three days on after surgery. To detox my liver. Anesthesia does a number on me. When I was going for my c-section 12 years ago, my doc told me to detox my liver that way.

Hmm what else? Oh, going to my pre-op appt on Wednesday after work. Concerned about a cough I've had for two days. Not sure if allergies or just a cough. I get horrible allergies! Really bad...I still don't really know how many cc's. I try not to compare myself to anyone bc I learned cc's work different on everyone. Playing w the rice sizers at home I like the 400cc's look - it is almost like the make believe boobs I sport now

I don't post comments on many reviews anymore bc my daughters told me I was a bit "freakish" BuuuT I sly my way in to I follow so many of you! Always want to know how u r doing, what's happening w the tattas, r u happy, how u progress. I wish it was like Pinterest, I could pin U :-D

Thanks for all your supportive comments!! You ladies ROCK - I don't feel alone in my journey. Thank you again...

Be well lovelies...

Productive day

Today was a productive day. Woke up early, walked my dog, dropped off prescriptions, ran some errands, went to my little one's softball practice, waxed, bought three front zipped sports bras. Went to the car wash. Picked up prescriptions. Went to Target to pick up cleaning supplies. Cleaned my home. Ugh I am exhausted! Good night friends. Yup, Mum tomorrow for TEN days!!
God willing, I'll update u Thursday after surgery. I have to be in at 7:15a! I'm excited and very nervous at the same time. Very anxious :-/

I'm an legal citizen of boobiland :-D 350cc silicone. mod +

Sooo happy! Haven't seen them yet...it felt as if it was done in 20 seconds. Marked, anesthesiologist walked in, I was out while being wheeled into the OR bc lol I can't remember getting there...I was home by 11a! Just woke up to take pain killer.
Oh ladies I am so genuinely greatful for all of u, for all your shared experiences,it was so good to have a very close idea as to what to expect! Nothing like women supporting each other. Thanks!!! My daughters & my mum are taking very good care of me. Lots of pressure at the moment. Keeping up w my pain meds, hydrating & will start icing soon.


***I meant a legal citizen lol I think I was attempting to say an official citizen and my ADD kicked in***xoxo

3 days

Hello beautiful ladies...I have literaly been sleeping since Thursday after dinner. Only waking up for meds, vomit, urinate, then knock back into unconsciousness. I did have a bm Thursday, not another since. Not much of an appetite, very, bloated, dizzy & nauseous. Showered today w my Mum's help and not taking the hydrocodon today, instead I'm taking ES Tylenol. Let's see if I can stay awake...I have been walking for a few minutes & drinking lots of water & tea. Hoping this grogginess passes soon.
I like my size so far, I'm sure they will F&D in due time...I'll be patiently waiting :-)
Hoping all of u r doing well

So far...

One week

Hello my dear all...one week yesterday. I believe the swelling is down. I'm still very sleepy all the time. Laying off the muscle relaxants. Haven't had pain killers for quite a few daya, just ES Tylenol. Getting ready to go back to work Monday...I really don't think anyone will notice bc I look exactly like I did w my paddings & chicken cutlets. I really want them to drop and fluff but so do all of us right? I'll be patient :-)
Oh nipples, jeezzz so sensitive....
Have an entire day scheduled w my 12 year old, hair, nails, pedicure, facial. I told work I was on vacation and right now I look like like I just got back from the valley of death! My little one goes back to skl Monday...she was a great nurse along w my oldest and my Mum. Mum flew back home last evening. She actually behaved!!! She didn't feel too much like a stranger + she complimented how my daughters and I love each other and said "you've done well"...you see, I have siblings and we haven't spoken in years. My Mum & I speak every so often during the year & both her & one of my sisters come to NYC to shop...we r very different! I fight hard to deep root sisterhood, acceptance, respect, forgiveness, compassion and tolerance in my girls...
Aaaanyhoo...you all know more about me than the ppl i've worked w for more than 10 years! I thank you everyday!!
Ok so i'll update everyweek for now...to show u how these babies start dropping.

14 Days Post-Op

Well my lovely boobs sisters....Here I am 14 days later. Work has been kicking my ass this week, I still feel sleepy all the time. Keeping up w my vitamins. I have permission to start working on my lower body only. I was very bad 2 nights ago, had a work event and the dress I was wearing looked very strange so i decided to wear a STRAPLESS UUNnNnndER wire PADDED bra! Boy oh boy did I pay for that! They did look sort of normal BUT OMG was I in pain. My boobs got really hard, all my pec nerves were killing me, my nipples were extremely sensitive, my sternum was painful. My incisions where swollen. When I left the event, I took my bra off on the train!!!! Yes I DID! Thank God it was a bit chill in NYC so I wore a thick shawl over. When I arrived home I iced them, gently massaged w the arnica cream and lavender oil, took 2 ES Tylenols & a sleeping pill. Slept propped up on all my pillows & woke up w the worts morning boob pain & while holding on to my boobies I kept punishing myself for deliverately disobeying my PS post op instructions & begging my ELEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS BOOBS to plllleeaaassseee be ok! It was very scary my boobies sisters...don't do anything as stupid as what I did...They seem to feel better today. They look lopsided to me, righty still high, now higher that b4, but I take accountability for my stupidity. I keep icing them...ooh :-( I see my PS next wednesday...kisses to all - this was my week...

4 weeks yesterday! Wow

Didn't want to post anything until I saw changes. But heck! I want to be of service to others who are entering this journey. I know witnessing others experiences helped me before I had my surgery.

Still riding high, square boobs, sensitive and low nipples...ugh! I feel my muscles throbbing @ times??? I don't know what else to call it ;-) I don't think I've started to drop. There is too much upper fullness, I want the lower pole fullness and my nipples to be centered already! I've learned this is when lots of patience must come in and I must allow my pec muscles to do what they need to do with their new 350cc alien silicone friends.

Last week was my 3rd week post, she said my incisions are too dark and ordered a scar cream compounded "specially" for me from some pharmacy in Florida. I've been discharged until August and given the green light to wear any bra I want. She doesn't believe in massages. I still don't love my new boobies yet I am happy with my decision to have this surgery. It has been transforming! An undeniable work in progress in and out...LITERALLY! I've been up and I've been DooOowwwwN. No regrets. I was emotional the past two weeks. After reading redglory's experiencing the same, I'll embrace the changes within and just be there for me, as I now understand this is how my body is coping to surgery and the implants.

One thing that makes me grin, is the thought of not having to use the bra inserts this summer...wooohooo!!! YES!!! THANNNK YOUUUU GOD! There were times I had been so worried the inserts would come out of place and will show by the sides if I was wearing a tank top or a dress in the summer or that they'd fall out of my bra. Once, many years ago, at a friend's bday party, one fell on the floor while I was dancing, I kicked it far and someone shouted "someone lost a breast!" I knew I'd been the one yet I laughed w the rest of the crowd "ha hahhaha" and continued dancing...jeez. So grateful I know for sure it will not happen again.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Can't say enough about Doctor Giese. She is down to earth and interested in how I wanted to look. Attentive and communicated with me. I trusted her. And her staff, a group of females showing genuine concern about making women fell and look good! It all started a call to body cosmetica, met Trina (an angel) who highly recommended one of her PS when I told her I wasn't looking for attention, wanted to my breast to look like they were meant to look...then met Christine, the Patient Coordinator, a doll! Then my artist, Doctor Giese...ha! Took her time with me, never rushed me, was never late, answered all my questions...I trusted her! Wait, can't forget Melanie, the Surgical Coordinator, drove her insane and she always greeted me as if I was the only nut she dealt with, smiling and welcoming. The nurses and anesthesiologist, also fascinating! Brilliant group of women sculpting the beauty hidden under!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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