19 Years Old, 5'3" and 95 Pounds, 30B/30C to Who Knows Yet! Consult Booked with Urmen Desai - Manhattan, NY

Since I was 12 I was wondering when my boobs would...

Since I was 12 I was wondering when my boobs would come in, and they still are the same little boobies I've had forever. I tried breast creams, pills, massages, you name it, to try to naturally grow my breasts with no success. After being on this website for a while and researching doctors, I found Dr. Urmen Desai and booked a consultation for July 7th. He had no reviews anywhere under 4 stars which must mean something good! Not to mention free consult and $5800 for silicone with everything included (or so it says on his page)...I'm excited to learn as much as I can about this surgery and am more excited to talk to Dr. Desai and see what he can do. I'm not totally against my breasts right now, they are cute and a good shape and not too small but I always find myself wishing for bigger breasts. I'm not too decided on what cup size I want to be, but I know from my small frame I do not want implants over 325cc. I would love for some of you ladies to share absolutely anything about this surgery or doctor! I have done some research but I must continue...

What I'm starting with

So these are my natural breasts. They are cute and small, but I would like bigger ones.

Wish boobz

Less than two weeks till consult...

Yesterday was exactly two weeks until I'll be seeing Dr Desai and I've been having moments of excitement and nervousness. I've always wanted bigger breasts, but, I feel like I should accept myself for the way I am. I know a lot of my negative self esteem issues are currently coming from my BF cheating on me...but I've always felt not so great about my body. I guess it's been heightened now. Idk. I want to love myself and I don't want to make the wrong decision so I'm not rushing anything. Information first, decisions next. I need time to figure out if this is something I really think I want to spend the money on to make myself feel happier with my body, or if I should go to intensive therapy until I like myself lol. I know most people who get this procedure done think it's totally worth it...opinions?

What should I bring to consult?

Is there anything you ladies think I should bring to my consultation? Dr Desai said nothing specific but idk I'm a thorough over-research type of person!!

2 days till consult...

I am feeling so many emotions. I'm excited and scared and nervous at the same time. Excited to meet Dr Desai since all I see of him are fabulous reviews, scared/nervous because I don't want to be pressured into anything and I don't know what to expect and nobody supports me. The only person who supports me on this is my mom. My boyfriend and friends think it's dumb. So not a lot of support = not very confident about what I want to do. Ahhhhhhh!!

Consult TMMR!!!!

I keep reading reviews of Dr Desai on here to pump myself up for seeing him tmmr. All he has is positive reviews & he is a fast replier & he even comments on here! He sounds great. I hope so. I'm so nervous and excited. LADIES IS THERE ANYTHING I SHOULD BRING?! Desai said I don't need to bring anything but idk I'm a preparation freak

Consult done

I could tell Dr Desai had a long day of people's appointments running over during the day, so my late in the day appointment was a lot quicker than I expected. I thought he would show me the 3D images of what it should look like on me. He was about to leave when I asked if I could try on some sizes and see what I like. It was pretty rushed. I didn't really get that much information. Maybe when I'm deciding to do it I'll have a longer appointment time? Idk, how quick the consult was is the only thing that bothered me. The staff is nice. There were other ladies there who knew someone Dr Desai did a breast augmentation on and they said it was wonderful. That gave me a good boost of confidence. As well as everyone else being so positive about it. I got to laugh with the staff and Desai which is always a good sign. He is very nice and caring and doesn't push you into anything you don't want to do.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she got reconstruction surgery done by John Taylor (I think) and she wants me to meet him too. So I am going to try to make a consult with him.

This day made me realize like fuck yeah I want boobs!!

Decided I really want to do this...

Going to the consultation made me realize how much I want this done. I can't wait to have boobs! I haven't decided if I will be using Dr Desai as my surgeon yet. I am going to see a couple of other people and then make my decision on whom I'll go with. I'm hoping I can have the procedure done this winter.


Contacted some other doctors and no one has responded. Desai seems good, but the 15 minute consult makes me weary. I barely got a chance to ask anything or see what it would really look like. I know I want to get this procedure done but I want my results to be super ultra fabulous and I want more info still , ya know?

Saw another plastic surgeon

I went to Dr Taylor in Red Bank for a consultation. My mom had reconstructive surgery done by him so I know he's pretty good. My consultation was an hour long--YAY!! Not rushed by any means and right on time! Dr Taylor was very informative. Super smart, sweet, and kind. I felt totally comfortable with him as soon as he started talking. His staff is wonderful too. I was joking around with his nurse and him. Oh and I know this is kinda silly, but instead of those lame paper shirts they give you to change into,his office gives you an actual fabric cropped top thing to put on and I thought it was really cute and awesome compared to the paper ones you usually get. Anyway. He spent so much time explaining everything. The good and the bad for everything. I barely had any questions left to ask him. When he left, me and his nurse tried on sizes and looked at results. She had gotten done by Dr Taylor too so it was great to be able to discuss with her. I thought 300cc looked perfect, but since when it goes under the muscle it looses some volume, I might go with 325cc. His cost is $10,060 though. Which is crazy. But idk. I really want this done.
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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