19 Years Old, 5'3" and 95 Pounds, 30B/30C, 339cc style 15 Natrelle . Redbank, NJ

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Since I was 12 I was wondering when my boobs would...

Since I was 12 I was wondering when my boobs would come in, and they still are the same little boobies I've had forever. I tried breast creams, pills, massages, you name it, to try to naturally grow my breasts with no success. After being on this website for a while and researching doctors, I found Dr. Urmen Desai and booked a consultation for July 7th. He had no reviews anywhere under 4 stars which must mean something good! Not to mention free consult and $5800 for silicone with everything included (or so it says on his page)...I'm excited to learn as much as I can about this surgery and am more excited to talk to Dr. Desai and see what he can do. I'm not totally against my breasts right now, they are cute and a good shape and not too small but I always find myself wishing for bigger breasts. I'm not too decided on what cup size I want to be, but I know from my small frame I do not want implants over 325cc. I would love for some of you ladies to share absolutely anything about this surgery or doctor! I have done some research but I must continue...

What I'm starting with

So these are my natural breasts. They are cute and small, but I would like bigger ones.

Wish boobz

Less than two weeks till consult...

Yesterday was exactly two weeks until I'll be seeing Dr Desai and I've been having moments of excitement and nervousness. I've always wanted bigger breasts, but, I feel like I should accept myself for the way I am. I know a lot of my negative self esteem issues are currently coming from my BF cheating on me...but I've always felt not so great about my body. I guess it's been heightened now. Idk. I want to love myself and I don't want to make the wrong decision so I'm not rushing anything. Information first, decisions next. I need time to figure out if this is something I really think I want to spend the money on to make myself feel happier with my body, or if I should go to intensive therapy until I like myself lol. I know most people who get this procedure done think it's totally worth it...opinions?

What should I bring to consult?

Is there anything you ladies think I should bring to my consultation? Dr Desai said nothing specific but idk I'm a thorough over-research type of person!!

2 days till consult...

I am feeling so many emotions. I'm excited and scared and nervous at the same time. Excited to meet Dr Desai since all I see of him are fabulous reviews, scared/nervous because I don't want to be pressured into anything and I don't know what to expect and nobody supports me. The only person who supports me on this is my mom. My boyfriend and friends think it's dumb. So not a lot of support = not very confident about what I want to do. Ahhhhhhh!!

Consult TMMR!!!!

I keep reading reviews of Dr Desai on here to pump myself up for seeing him tmmr. All he has is positive reviews & he is a fast replier & he even comments on here! He sounds great. I hope so. I'm so nervous and excited. LADIES IS THERE ANYTHING I SHOULD BRING?! Desai said I don't need to bring anything but idk I'm a preparation freak

Consult done

I could tell Dr Desai had a long day of people's appointments running over during the day, so my late in the day appointment was a lot quicker than I expected. I thought he would show me the 3D images of what it should look like on me. He was about to leave when I asked if I could try on some sizes and see what I like. It was pretty rushed. I didn't really get that much information. Maybe when I'm deciding to do it I'll have a longer appointment time? Idk, how quick the consult was is the only thing that bothered me. The staff is nice. There were other ladies there who knew someone Dr Desai did a breast augmentation on and they said it was wonderful. That gave me a good boost of confidence. As well as everyone else being so positive about it. I got to laugh with the staff and Desai which is always a good sign. He is very nice and caring and doesn't push you into anything you don't want to do.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she got reconstruction surgery done by John Taylor (I think) and she wants me to meet him too. So I am going to try to make a consult with him.

This day made me realize like fuck yeah I want boobs!!

Decided I really want to do this...

Going to the consultation made me realize how much I want this done. I can't wait to have boobs! I haven't decided if I will be using Dr Desai as my surgeon yet. I am going to see a couple of other people and then make my decision on whom I'll go with. I'm hoping I can have the procedure done this winter.


Contacted some other doctors and no one has responded. Desai seems good, but the 15 minute consult makes me weary. I barely got a chance to ask anything or see what it would really look like. I know I want to get this procedure done but I want my results to be super ultra fabulous and I want more info still , ya know?

Saw another plastic surgeon

I went to Dr Taylor in Red Bank for a consultation. My mom had reconstructive surgery done by him so I know he's pretty good. My consultation was an hour long--YAY!! Not rushed by any means and right on time! Dr Taylor was very informative. Super smart, sweet, and kind. I felt totally comfortable with him as soon as he started talking. His staff is wonderful too. I was joking around with his nurse and him. Oh and I know this is kinda silly, but instead of those lame paper shirts they give you to change into,his office gives you an actual fabric cropped top thing to put on and I thought it was really cute and awesome compared to the paper ones you usually get. Anyway. He spent so much time explaining everything. The good and the bad for everything. I barely had any questions left to ask him. When he left, me and his nurse tried on sizes and looked at results. She had gotten done by Dr Taylor too so it was great to be able to discuss with her. I thought 300cc looked perfect, but since when it goes under the muscle it looses some volume, I might go with 325cc. His cost is $10,060 though. Which is crazy. But idk. I really want this done.

No more updates on this one

I can't seem to change what doctor I am getting done by, so I am going to start a new review. I am scheduling a surgery with Dr Taylor of Allure Plastic Surgery in Red Bank, NJ.

Life ... smh

I have the worst luck ever. So my debit card info got stolen as well as $996 out of my bank account, and then my car broke down and it cost me $1,075 ... worst week ever. I had a full on anxiety attack about the money today. After I calmed down and wrote all the numbers out, I realized I would be okay, but barely. The week I'm out from work and then the week we're off for Christmas is going to be scary though since I won't be making any money...I hope I get some money for Christmas!!!!! Lol. I'm getting a raise when I come back in January though, hopefully that will help. So I'm all stressed out and excited. My pre-op appointment is November 22, so in a week.

Alllllll paidddddd!!!

Dropped off the rest of the payment that was due today!!! I'm so excited that this is a real thing really happening!! I got some discounts too, which was awesome. 10% off procedure! And also I calculated wrong so I wound up having to pay even less than I thought! Sweeeeettt!! I'm in the process of collecting everything I will need after surgery. I want to start buying new bras already but I know I have to wait till I actually have the boobs for the bra!! Lol. 31 days and counting down!!!!!


If anyone can think of anything else to add to these lists please comment below!!

PRE OP!!!!!!!!

Well this was like the most super exciting day yet!! I am a crazy research person and I have to make sure I do everything right so I brought my "boobie book" full of all my questions, checklists I write, etc. I have 26 questions I think? Lol. All were answered! I got so many great info packets I'm in love...I just finished hi-lighting it. I also brought all the medicine and vitamins I take to see what I should do with all of them.
Aaaaand I brought 2 front hook close bras I got from Walmart that look exactly like surgical bras and a really good front zip and front clip wireless sports bra from Victoria's Secret. And I brought 3 shirts...the white tank top I wore in my before, a long sleeve, and a loose shirt. I need to make sure I'm going to love it!!! And I do!!!! My mom thinks it's perfect too. 339cc style 15 are the implants I was trying on. TBH not sure if I will be getting 339cc put in me since I always hear about surgeons changing it while you're under, so I'm hoping whatever is in me is 325cc or up!
I asked to see where I'd be getting the surgery. He has the surgery center in his office...and it's completely private!!! Literally made for one patient at a time. How awesome is that?! I keep feeling better and better about this.
That's all I can think of right now but I'll be posting again soon!!! I'm so excited...let me know what you think about the size!

PRE OP!!!!!!!!

Well this was like the most super exciting day yet!! I am a crazy research person and I have to make sure I do everything right so I brought my "boobie book" full of all my questions, checklists I write, etc. I have 26 questions I think? Lol. All were answered! I got so many great info packets I'm in love...I just finished hi-lighting it. I also brought all the medicine and vitamins I take to see what I should do with all of them.
Aaaaand I brought 2 front hook close bras I got from Walmart that look exactly like surgical bras and a really good front zip and front clip wireless sports bra from Victoria's Secret. And I brought 3 shirts...the white tank top I wore in my before, a long sleeve, and a loose shirt. I need to make sure I'm going to love it!!! And I do!!!! My mom thinks it's perfect too. 339cc style 15 are the implants I was trying on. TBH not sure if I will be getting 339cc put in me since I always hear about surgeons changing it while you're under, so I'm hoping whatever is in me is 325cc or up!
I asked to see where I'd be getting the surgery. He has the surgery center in his office...and it's completely private!!! Literally made for one patient at a time. How awesome is that?! I keep feeling better and better about this.
That's all I can think of right now but I'll be posting again soon!!! I'm so excited...let me know what you think about the size!

Seriously obsessing can't wait!!!!

I don't think I've stopped thinking about this for more than 5 minutes. Victoria's Secret is having such a good sale right now and even tho I don't know what size I'm going to be, I bought a lotttttt of bras, bralettes, sports bras, etc. VS accepts returns on sale items and will exchange the size even if it's not on sale anymore when you exchange it! Or you can return it for something else. Sooo that's been my excuse for going crazy with shopping my heart out...50% off like I can't not. I think I will be a 32D so that's what I bought, and size S since I currently wear XS. But always can exchange!! Plus I'm trying to sell my good old bras on eBay for a little cash...hopefully.
I am already having thoughts like, what if I don't go big enough? I feel like I'm totally going to have boob greed. I want a natural look but at the same time I want them to be big and sexy...I think the photos I took make them look a little smaller tho cuz when I had them on I was like damn this might be too big. IDK!!!!
I have one boobie buddy I need some more peeps to talk to! Send me a message! I don't think I could talk about this enough I'm too excited.

Some before pics of me & wish boobs!

Hellloooooo I get more excited as the days go down! Every time I go to sleep I'm happy there will be one less day until I have boobies!!!!!
I've attached some photos of me in the bralettes and a sports bra that I just got, I hate looking at the pictures, I'm so flat! I can't wait to take the after photo!!! I also tried on some bras and sports bras with the smallest rice sizers I made (290cc or 300cc?) and I'm just like WOW! I feel like the smaller size looks a little too big!! I know that going under the muscle I will lose some volume and boob greed seems inevitable, but I'm still worried. I don't want to have huge fake stripper tits! I want a nice balance to my body...the total DAMNNNNN factor like people questioning how I could be made so nicely lol
Also I asked my doctor and I will be getting moderate profile 339cc style 15 silicone Natrelle. So I searched that shit up on here and I found some fabulous results and some wish boobs!!! Which shall be attached also!
Tomorrow I have my final doctor appointment to clear me for surgery...an EKG from my heart doctor. I know it will be easy and fast and fine. But I'm still excited to have that out of the way so I'm like 10000000% good to get my boobs! Also super nervous if I'm not okay...there's two sides to everything!

9 days away and my world is upside down...

I have had some really bad luck since I scheduled my procedure I just can't believe it....
A few posts ago I told you guys how my debit card info was stolen and charged $996 for, my car landed me a $1,070 bill, and at the beginning of this week, another $745 for my car. But that's not even the end of it. Two nights ago my ex boyfriend (we were together for 2 1/2 years) got arrested and put in jail for stupid stupid shit. So he's been calling me from jail for the past few days, my parents found out and so did everyone I know, so I'm being outcasted and treated like a criminal as well. He didn't do anything bad but I'm not spilling my guts, I don't want people to be able to figure out who I am ya know? I'll always love this boy with all my heart, he's had such a shitty life and I feel so bad for him and my parents want me to have nothing to do with him...I understand why of course but I'm not letting him bring me down, I'm just trying to keep him up...I don't know how much more his soul could take. I don't want to be the straw that breaks his back. On the phone he said to me "yeah you're probably going to stop loving me, your parents hate me and you're going to have nothing to do with me". I seriously don't know how many different ways my heart can break.
So yeah. 9 days before surgery and I haven't even been thinking about it. I don't even feel excited anymore. I just feel really numb and upset and just like why the hell is this all happening?! Since I've paid everything off and I can't get my money back I have no choice but to go through with it (which I will hopefully be thankful for). There's just so many other things to worry about. I was so excited for boobs and then my world was like wait no you can't be happy sorry bye
Everything was looking up. He just got his license back and was about to get a car and we made all fun easy dates to do after my surgery like going to see Christmas light shows which I love so much and cut down a tree together (well he would, I would just pick the tree) like the previous years and now everything is crushed and I don't know what to do or how to act. I've been laying in bed miserably all day until I have to work. I know everyone is going to be like girl he's your ex get over him! But he was my first boyfriend. My first kiss. First love. First everything. We were together 2 1/2 years. I can't just cut him out of my life.

8 days away, what can I say? (When I started typing. Now 7 days)

I know, how much stress is being put on me right now!!!!
I am not even going to recap what was in my last few posts you can look if you care I'm just pissed off and need to vent.
My ex got bailed out of jail today, I've been SOOOOO supportive of him despite getting bad mouthed in the process of being associated with him by all my friends. When I was with him my best friends mom texts me that she knows I'm getting my boobs done and not to do it and blah blah blah!!! Obviously I get all mad and he can tell it on my face and I didn't want to tell him bc I know he's been going through a lot and I didn't want to complain to him but you know he got me to tell him eventually....and then he gets mad at me!!!! Did I mention this was while I was driving him an hour up to his sisters house to sleep for the night and I still had an hour left to drive home ?!?! So he leaves my car all pissed and I'm all pissed bc like wtf!!!!! I was literally texting her today because I needed her support because I was getting really nervous about it!!
And I have to be up again in t-minus 7 hours.
Like jeeeeeezus I need some positivity!!!!!

Sooo closeeee!!!!

I've done pretty much everything I could to prepare...all my clothes are clean and I'm waiting for them to dry so I can put them away. I cleaned my room pretty good, threw out all my old bras and anything unnecessary items, vacuumed and junk. All the Christmas presents are wrapped, I'm still waiting on a few to come in the mail and and I have to finish making some.
I can barely sleep all I can do is think about it and think of what I can do to prepare!!
I'm attaching a picture of all the medication I was given, with my name blurred out on the prescriptions, and any others I was told to take.
I've been taking the multivitamin forever. Started the vitamin c (for healing) a week ago. I'll take the Colace (stool softener) Friday morning. I got Arnica Montana too and my doctors instructions say to take that the night before surgery. I was given an antibiotic called cephalexin/Keflex, a muscle relaxer called cyclobenzaprine/Flexeril, Diludid for pain, I'll be injected with Exparel during my surgery for pain, and I have the scopolamine/Transderm Scop for nausea, which is a little patch I'm supposed to put on behind my ear.
I shaved in the shower this morning, since I heard you should do it a few days in advance to surgery because it leaves little microscopic cuts and you want your body to focus on your breasts.
Also, I don't know why, but I feel like cleaning my bed sheets in my washer/dryer isn't good/clean enough. I'm not going to go out and buy expensive sheets, but I'm definitely going to get a cheap bed sheet and pillow covers that I'll put on right before I leave for surgery. I'm scared about my blanket though! Again I feel like it won't be enough to just wash it and blankets aren't cheap. I'm gonna have to wash one really really good.
Thank you to everyone who has following my journey and giving me support!


Holy crap I can't believe today has actually come. I slept maybe 4 hours! Time to shower and get ready!!!! Here are some last baby boob pics!!

Day one, from before surgery to night!

I've been writing this all day in my notes to give you guys the full day update in one!
I'm about to be on my way to my doctors office!!! Such a mix of emotions! I'm scared and nervous and excited all at the same time. It feels crazy! I still don't believe it's about to happen. I probably still won't believe it even after!
I am here in the office and waiting to go into surgery! All gowned up and caped up! Still doesn't feel real!!!
Just woke up and I feel fabulous! No pain, no tightness, no soreness, no vomiting, nothing! Just so pumped! It still doesn't feel real!!! I can't believe it!!!
I got to take some little peeks that I'll show about and they look awesome already!!! Even though I can't really see them it's just like OKG I HAVE BOOBS!!! I have gauze all over my breasts apparently so they look HUGE in the bra! But perfect when I peek!
I stopped at Kmart on my way home from surgery to pee lol. My mom was so scared but I felt totally fine!
I ate and napped a little. I'm starting to feel something, around my arm pits and upper boobage, but it doesn't hurt. It feels like a too tight bra. Which is exactly what's going on right now!
Just ate a little dinner and took my medicine, I feel more soreness around my arm pits and on my lower ribs, not really on my boobs though?? It's still super tolerable, not bothering me much at all, I just want to make sure it stays that way!!! I've been napping on and off all day and relaxing. It's so nice. I can't stand to wear a jacket or shirt bc I love looking down and seeing boobs!!!!!
I'll be going to bed soon so here is my last first day. Still feels like I'm wearing something way too tight. Around my arm pits, lower ribs, and upper chest, not breasts. When I talk loud or laugh or move my arms I feel a little more sore and uncomfortable. I've eaten good today! I'm really happy the anesthesiologist was fabulous. I've really had a good first day! I'm so happy!
My boobs look huge bc of all the gauze but the peak I got of the cleavage looks amazing!!! I get to see their full glory on Tuesday!!

Update of all of day after treatment!

Like I did in my last post, I'm going to write starting in the morning and keep writing until the end of today. So here it is!

So, I woke up a few times in the night. I'm a side sleeper so being elevated on my back was weird. I've started to have a sore feeling in my airpjts and lower ribs. Occasionally a muscle twitch. Sitting up from laying down is hell on your lower ribs. Reaching or using your arms at all will make the soreness come more intense and that's usually when I have a muscle twitch. Insane how many muscles are affected!!

Today I'm lazier than yesterday, considering yesterday I was in no discomfort. Both days I napped A LOT. I keep writing more after almost every nap! Still so happy I did this!!!

The day is winding down and for the most part everything has stayed consistent. My lower ribs feel like they're being smushed and when I sit up it hurts like you went way too hard on ab day. Trying to reach things/pick things up/open doors/etc feels sore and produces the occasional muscle spasm. Honestly the constipation is probably the most annoying part. I apologize if there's anything I wrote wrong in my post before or this one, brain is fuzzy. The medicine they gave me for pain (diludad) makes me soooo sleepy and stupid! Hoping tomorrow is the same, or better!

Second day

Woke up a couple times again, noticed that it didn't hurt as much to sit up, or I'm more used to it or the drugs are kicking in or I'm more used to my restrictions or I am in a bit less pain. The pain is totally bearable still, it feels like an annoying soreness. I touched parts of my boobs that I could without messing up the gauze or anything, they feel a lot more swollen today! I don't have to poke my finger as far down to feel them! But still, no breast pain. Lower ribs and arm pits hurt but that's it. They feel like swollen period boobs.

At one point of the night I was almost on my side and my mom scared me and I woke up and twitched and OW!!!!!!!!

Not much has changed throughout the day. I've been sleeping on and off every few hours. I don't like how stupid the pain pills make me feel but I don't want to feel the pain without them! I have yet to poop, I pooped the day of surgery and nothing yet, besides farts lol, sorry if it's TMI!
I can't stop looking in the mirror and touching whatever part of them I can get to. I expected way more pain than what I actually had so I'm very pleased about that. Have not regretted it for even a second! I'm so happy I did this. I can't wait to see them tmmr!!!!! Ahhhh!!!


Again, written from morning to night


Still waking up multiple times in the night and going back to sleep. I was restless before but not this bad. I'd get up maybe once or twice to pee. Right now my body is just like heh its been 2 hours time to wake up/go to sleep! I also think I'm sleeping so much because I'm confined to my bed and can't do like anything. I'm going to ask my doctor at my post-op visit (today) if I could take something for sleep.

I always start laying elevated and when I wake up I'm normally laying, no elevation. I really hope this doesn't mess anything up it's been concerning me. I also layed on my side/back!! I really hope everything goes well at my post-op appointment.
The lower ribs still feel tight, same with the arms/arm pits, still feel like im wearing a tight bra.

I'm on my way to see my new boobs for the first time!!!! I'm so excited to get all this gauze off and see my new boobs!!! I'm kinda nervous at the same time...I really hope I don't have frankenboob!!!

OMG!!!! I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!!!! 3 days post op and I already love them!!! It will only get better from here on out! I didn't lose feeling in my nipple which is awesome! I can't wait to try on clothes with my new boobies!!! So so so happy I went through with this!! Literally went into a bathroom stall so I could look at them and take pictures! Can't wait to try on bras and bralettes and clothes!!!

THEY. ARE. PERFECT!!!!! I keep looking at them in the mirror and feeling them and appreciate them ahhh! My surgery was only 3 days ago and I already look fabulous! (I know I have some d&f to do)
Sooooo crazy happy excited!!!!!

Loving them!!!

Being out of the gauze feels so much better!!! Today I really don't feel any pain other than this surgical bra being so tight. I'm not going to take the pain pill until I feel something. I seriously love my boobs so much, I wish I didn't have to wear this surgical bra so I could always just look at them in their full glory!!!!

Aha, finally! The first poop since surgery! Took long enough! I know most of you are going to be like ewww TMI! But it's actually something you need to watch for after surgery, take Colace (stool softener), and a lax if you don't poop within the first few days.

Have I mentioned how much I love my boobs? BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!! I seriously don't think I could be happier!!!! They look awesome right from the get-go I can't imagine how perfect they will be after they drop & fluff!

I didn't take any pain medicine today, it feels like day one! All I feel is the tight bra! I'm so so so happy I did this!! Basically today has just been me loving my body :)

Tomorrow marks one week!

Wow!! I can't believe it's been a week!! Well, almost.
Here's the newest updates from my last post from day 4! So day 5 & 6:

I really don't feel anything anymore. Sometimes I'll feel the stitches. Sometimes the stitches tingle. Sometimes I feel a little sore. Sometimes my arm pits hurt when I open/lift something heavy or in the wrong way. I do have nipple sensation, but it feels a little like pins and needles rather than oooo sexy nipple touch if you play with it too long. My breasts are softening up in random places, like my right one will feel softer in one area than the left, but then in another area the left will feel softer.
I tried driving today. My car is a classic and so it is all manual ; manual transmission, manual steering, manual brakes, manual windows, by everything I mean literally EVERYTHING! It was a bit difficult. Hurt my armpits to turn the wheel and shift gears and open and close the windows and doors...I'm sure if I drive a modern car that's all automatic I would've been fine.
I can raise my arms above my head no problem, although reaching and grabbing something will bother me.
I'm having the opposite of boob greed, I think I went too big. I love them so much but I think I could've went down a size, or I'm just really used to small titties.

One week!

1 week
Just a little video showing how I can play with them/how soft they are for being 1 week. It feels like a stretch when I push them together/apart/up/down

10 days!

I swear it feels like I've had these babies forever!! I love them!!!! Every day they get softer and move around more and look more natural. I'm being a good girl and keeping my surgical bra and band on at all times. Nothing hurts so why not?! I noticed from when I first got them to now when I close the bra in the front my boobs touch together and make cleavage where as before they looked like two mountains on my chest lol.
I'm back to the normal routine of life already...driving myself places and reaching my arms above my head and what not. My car is manual everything so turning the steering wheel makes my arm pits a little sore still and I feel a stretch when reaching high up. Grabbing/carrying/lifting/pushing things feels sore. I have all sensation in both boobs.
I still think I went too big for me personally, but I love them nonetheless!

2 weeks!!!!!!

2 weeks squishy!!
Wow!!! I can't believe I've had my precious babies for 2 weeks now!!!!
If you've been following my surgery, you should know that I haven't been in pain since day 4. Day 6 I drove my fully manual car. So now that I'm two weeks out, of course no pain, I'm back to the normal swing of life.
I sleep on my side like every night -- both sides. No pain. No morning boob. No stiff/sore feeling.
Laying on my stomach is still a no, and I can't do that seal stretch where my chest is up and my legs are on the floor...the stretch hurts my stitches. The only pain -- let me correct that -- the only thing I feel is when I'm stretching majorly and it pulls on my stitches.
I haven't had any more arm pit problems. I go back to work soon and I'll be using my muscles so I'll let you know how that goes.
I got elbowed in the boob already! It was scarier than painful. It felt like hitting a sore muscle but it didn't last, I was just mainly scared!
I FUCKING LOVE MY BOOBS!!!!! I'm 2 weeks out and to me they already look pretty good (need a little d&f for the side profile) and they feel really soft!! I'm actually really surprised at how soft they are...I didn't expect them to feel this good! I mean, my surgery surprised me in a million ways. I had literally a 4 day recovery!!! THANK YOU DOCTOR TAYLOR I LOVE YOU AND YOUR AMAZING BOOBIE TALENTS!!!! I'll be seeing him Tuesday to make sure it's all going good...which it obviously is!!!
Absolutely zero regrets still! No boobie blues for me! I still think they're a little big, but I'm liking them more everyday. It's so hard to keep my shirt on!! Lol
I attached a picture of how awesome my cleavage is in the surgical bra, and a video of how soft they are for two weeks! Feel free to ask me any questions!

2 week post op visit & bra shopping !!

I had my two week post op visit yesterday and it went fabulous!!! I thanked my doctor a million times for how awesome he did. He said I can wear comfortable sports bras now! But of course wearing the surgical bra with the strap will help keep them down so I'm still going to be wearing that most of the time. Most people hate the surgical bra but I'm fine in it! I told him about sleeping on my side and everything and he said it's fine as long as it doesn't hurt. My steri strips got taken off -- I was so scared to see the scars! But they're sooooo thin!!! I'm amazed in a million ways
I returned to work, I didn't realize how many chest/arm muscles I use. I can reach my arms up but when I do arm circles I feel a stretch and I have to be careful. I feel useless! I can barely jump without my chest hurting! When I try to move heavy mats I feel a pull in my arm pits. I know I'm only 2 weeks post op and this is normal but I'm an active person so I'm just like wtf do I doooooo!!!
I've been trying to figure out my bra size too. I know, it's early, but I just couldn't wait to start shopping! VS was having another sale sooo... ;) I literally had to return every bra & bralette I bought prior to surgery. THEY WERE TOO SMALL!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I had to exchange my bralettes for mediums and I returned the bras (that had a decent amount of padding but in my prior surgery life it was like nothing) and got different ones that had no padding/lightly lined/no push up at all. Can you guess what size I am?! I can't believe it ... I'm a solid 32DD!!!! Like whaaaaaaat!!!!

I forgot!

I forgot this progress pic!

3 WEEKS!!!!

3 weeks of squishy
I can't believe it!!! I love them so much!!! They're so soft and squishy and bouncy it's awesome!! They feel firmer around the edges but when I squish them they feel totally real! They move with my body and I don't feel any pain unless I do something straining my arms. I sleep on my side every night with no problem. I don't have to wear the surgical bra anymore, but I still like to during the day to help push them down. I wear a really comfy sports bra or bralette to bed usually. Still no regrets!!
I can't think of too much right now but feel free to message me or ask any questions you have!

4 weeks / one month!!!

4 weeks / one month!
So 4 weeks with these babies passed on the 14th and today is the 17th so it's also been one month!!!
I love them! They bounce and jiggle and feel great! I'm back to doing everything I was and having no pain , including lifting things and cartwheels!! I can flex my muscles over the implant with no pain, but it looks weird and makes me a bit queasy! I just did it. It's so weird. I can make my boobs move!
It's crazy how many shirts I have to give away because they no longer fit with boobs!! I had no idea how small I was!! Some shirts I can't get over my boobs at all!
I went to Primark and surprisingly they had 32D and 32DD, so I tried on both to see what fit better. In VS 32DD was good, but I know those sizes can run small. But what do you know...I spilled out of 32D and 32DD fit perfectly. I still can't believe it. I haven't started wearing bras yet so I still have the tags on and receipts.
I have like a pimple by/on one of my scars? It's weird. I hope it goes away. My mom says not to worry .. I'm trying!
At first I thought they were really big and from the photos you can see they got a little bigger as the muscles relaxed but now I think they're perfect. The bras I buy make me feel like I'm too big, but when I look at them I couldn't be happier

Implant card

Idk I feel like this might be useful to someone haha. I got moderate profile.

My pre-surgery questions...

I was asked to post my list of questions so here they are! Whatever I don't have written in was in the packets I was given, I mean I could take pictures of all of it but there's 20+ pages!

My pre-surgery questions...

I was asked to post my list of questions so here they are! Whatever I don't have written in was in the packets I was given, I mean I could take pictures of all of it but there's 20+ pages!
Red Bank Plastic Surgeon

I don't think I could have gotten better results!! I was in pain/soreness for 3 days and it was bearable! I didn't lose any sensitivity or anything...literally such a perfect procedure! I am so happy I spent the extra money and went with him!!!! Smartest dude ever. Can't say enough good stuff. Just go to him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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