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I can't wait to have my surgery by dr. schulman...

I can't wait to have my surgery by dr. schulman I'm so excited but scared at the same time. I guess it's just the thought of having surgery, I am confident that dr. schulman will give me the look that I want. after doing my research on him he is a board certified plastic surgeon and his work looks great & after speaking to him I'm sure I will have a great out come!

wish pics

Thought I would just post a couple of wish to the whole RS thing.

face to face consultation tomorrow Feb.19th 2014

well my consultation is tomorrow at 4:00 o'clock with dr.schulman...I know that it is early in the morning but I can't wait till this day is over! not that long of a drive so I figure I will be on the road at 7a.m. and be there a little early to site see and do a little shopping. I will post pictures and my waist, bust and hip sizes tomorrow after consult.

finally had my in offfice consultation

Dr. Schulman is wonderful person he made me feel sure about going through with the surgery. Amanda is a sweetheart as well I can call her and ask he a million questions and she will take the time out to answer every one of my questions....I guess that's why I didn't have any to ask at not to mention I drove ten hours to get there right before my appointment I was sooo sleepy that I couldn't even think straight all I could think of is a hot shower, a bed and a pillow...I should've left the day before but I didn't want to drive in snow. well I got my paperwork of the do's & don't prior to Sx. now I just got to focus on my diet I would like to be under 200 lbs my goal weight is at least 180 lbs. or less!! "Grind time"

wish pics

got a few items on my list/ & finally took my measurements

Bust; 45
Mid area; 47
Waist; 44

well here go's nothing

i have a question....can you all please give some suggestions

I have an 8 hrs. drive to get to New York to see Dr. Schulman but after I have my sx I have to stay for a week of course but I'm wondering
how will I get home without sitting on my rear??? can anyone help me with some ideas? should I go home by car or plane? what are some ways that I can sit in the car or on the plane without actually
sitting on my new rear end????

my list

Cetaphil antibacterial soap
two 1oz tubes of arnica gel & arnica pills
Nexcare waterproof bandages
Tylenol 500mg.
Nivea skin firming gel
Baby wipes
Dry skin therapy cream
2 lipo foam sheets
Ez urinal
3 bottles of medi-sol adhesive remover
waist cincher
maxi pads
personal care products (toothpaste, deodorant etc.)
medical tape
*****if I miss anything from the list please let me know****

7 more weeks

omg I can not believe I only have 7 more weeks to go and I still have not lost no weight I was 207lbs
now I'm 199lbs.....THATS IT (ugh) I don't think i'm gone loose that much if any more in 7 weeks.
needless to say i'm getting real frustrated & I can't be mad at nobody but myself. Dr. S said it would be better if I loose 20 to 25lbs for a better look and for less risks. and I was 200lbs when I seen him. i'm on a strict diet no pop, juice, bread, rice, or potatoes.. not to mention exercise as well!! I just don't know what else to do I still can have my BBL but i'm not sure if I want to push my date back or not. I'm so determined to have my BBL i'm feeling like i'm just so done with my fat stomach and my flat butt!!!! :/ ****have anyone had a BBL before weighing in at 200lbs.?????

okay so I was fooling with the app

Wish pic of my self from the side (photo shopped)

new surgery date

Feeling kinda upset I had to push my date back...I got to lose 20 to 25lbs. But its okay my surgery paid for atleast I don't have to worry about that and plus I loose this weight I'm gone be even closer to my size I want to its all for the better. Looking forward to the month of July now

mission to lose weight

Got me a new item....a juicer I'm going on a juice diet with my cardio exercises I should for sure lose these few pounds!!!....have anyone tried the juice diet???

wish pic

still stuck in fact I gained two lbs.

Gm Rs i am really struggling with losing weight.. the Dr. Said lose ten lbs. But I hope to lose twenty...this is so aggy i stay praying and stay working on it. I'm thinking about setting my sx for August so with that being said I'm about to eat breakfast and do my early morning mile walk.

slow but for sho'

It's going slow but thats okay!! Just came home from work and I have my baby a hug and kiss asked her how her day was and then I flew to the bathroom to weigh my self.....I was 207... now I'm 198.6 yayyyy me it seem like it is taking forever because I am sooooo ready to have my surgery so I can look sexy and wear new things!!!

losing my weight finally

207 to 198.6

got my new date

okay so I went from may 8th and had to change my surgery date to October 2nd. which is just fine with me that means I got more time to lose weight my goal is 180....wish me luck

Glory & Praise be to GOD

Happy Easter Rs Family


OK so now I'm 195lbs yaaay me...but as time go by I'm getting more scared to have my sx. I know it is something I most definitely want to do but I'm scared.... Am I the only one that has felt this way? what if something goes wrong during sx , what if I don't wake up fromĀ anesthesia, what if i get a clot...... Am I freaking out & over thinking is this normal??

working out

so now im finally down to 190 yes that's it 190. but everything is going good, I had a little panic attack being scared of the unknown but im fine. four more solid months of losing weight I know I will get to 180 if I stay focused!! because im going to be apart of the Schulman team lol

im getting there

OK so I have not been on here in a while...but needless to say I'm still on my grind. Today I weigh in at 190lbs. My goal is 175 I have 15lbs to go....I have cancelled my sx until the beginning of march of 2015 I'm sad about it because I'm so ready to get my sexy back. but its for the better so I can achieve the look I desire in one sx and I can give myself at least six months free of smoking cigarettes. I will definitely keep you all posted on my journey.

just left the track

I'm staying on my daily excersize ..I got to be BODY BEATIFUL when it all said and done.

just a few pictures of my wieght loss along the way

I have lost 15 lbs. & I'm so happy! But I still have 15 to 20 more lbs. To go!!

my journey to loosing wieght

Have not been on here in a while but I haven't forgot to keep you ladies updated on my journey. Some days I see a diffrence & some days I don't but I'm still sticking to loosing this wieght!! So far I have lost 20lbs. It seem like its taking forever I guess because I'm so anxious to have my sx done by Shulman lol . in reality I still want to loose 30 more pounds but I'm telling myself 10 pounds at a time so my goal don't seem to far away...and I must say its been working going little by little. Until my next update you ladies stay blessed!

undecided on my ps

So at first I was team Schulman and I still am. But now I see Dr. Fishers work and hr is good ad well. And not to mention his prices is 100% better than Schulman's...don't know what I should do I very undecided I font mind the price (well I do) but but I just don't know ...I need some advice what do you ladies think

my current wieght

I see my progress... If you have to loose weight first before sx or would like to loose weight to just have a better over all shape after sx ...DONT GIVE UP YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! It takes time & dedication. Its been going slow to me but I been sticking to it and im finally seeing progress on the scale lol because some days my body still look the same no but for real I can tell

this is me at 188lbs.

I have on these comfy leggings I can't wait to see what they look like on me once I have my procedure done!? I hate that bottom pouch on my stomach...I hope it goes completely down after lipo & I don't need a TT....has anyone had a pouch to get rid of? Did it ever go down?

this is what im trying to achieve

okay.. okay..okay stuck once again

OK so I weigh myself every morning and I walk at least five miles a day...but some how I'm just stuck at 187 lbs. ....ugh..its fall now and on the cold days I'm not walking any where I ain't even going to lie...but I will still maintain eating health and I think I'm going to try that diet pill called Alli its not a stimulant it doesn't make your heart flutter or race so that's why I'm so game to try it & its a fat blocker where your body will burn its fat it has stored already. I only have about 25/30 lbs. Left that I'm looking to loose anyways. Do you ladies know of any suggestions of different diet pills w/ out a energy boot or stimulant add to it? plz do share. I have about a good sold five months left & I know I can loose the weight its those damn cigarettes that's the problem so I have to work on one thing at a time...cause if I stop smoking first I'm going to want to snack so I figure I'll handle my weight first & cigarettes last & then my Sx will be right around the corner even though it seems like forever

small dwn payment

OK so vanity called me with a price that was the bomb so I decided to just put the minimal payment on it to lock the price in...I'm still undecided tho'

vanity payment

my boring

Got to lose this last 20lbs.

Man how I would love some Popeye's chicken right now..limbo but I got to stick to the plan

my weight loss journey to a bbl...i really cant tell i lost weight but i feel it

I started at 210 lbs. Now I'm 187 lbs. Its been kinda slow but steady I know a bbl is something that I really want, and I'm hopeing that I won't have to have a TT. so I still have 20 to 25 lbs to lose & I only have about a good five months to do it.

3 more lbs. gone

So happy I'm almost out the 180 range...!!!! Yaayyy



just a few wish pics

Can't wait to have my Sx it seems like its taking forever

part of my daily diet

16oz of milk in my jug w/ two scoops of muscle milk = 32grams of protein & 20grams of vitamins.... It help suppress my apatite all day it works wounders my boys told me about this because the play sports and lift weightsweights & you can buy it with your ebt card (food stamp card)....ctfu no but seriously my money already tight with bill & paying for this Sx so when I seen I can but it on my card I was happy as AF lol ( just a little tip for some of u ladies)

protein shake

It didn't load the first time

ok im gone try to post it one more time

Protein shake

got a qoute from Dra.Fatima Almonte

Still unsure of who I want to go to but I do know its between three doctors Schulman, Fisher or Almonte

just a little update

Im loving the weight loss some times I just don't see a difference & sometimes I do but I'm for sure feeling lighter & getting use to eating healthy...but it seems like the fat is falling to the bottom of my stomach I guess it gravity lol shoot idk long as the boobs don't sag

diet without exercise lol

Muscle milk is working for me I don't eat breakfast I drink 18oz of water in the morning to help clean all the toxics out my body from the day b4 then by 11/12 noon I drink on the muscle milk all day until around 5/5:30 dinner time I eat before 6 so my food can digest..I eat baked fish chicken or turkey w/veggies ( how boring) but its working I guess u can say I'm doing a liquid diet I want to get to 170lbs by march thats when I plan to have my sx. & I might be going by myself so if any one would like to hook up and go at that time just let me know....o' yea I'm still smoking cigarettes ugh that's the hardest I'm focused so much on losing the weight I can't do both at the same time well I can but it makes it harder so im hoping to make my goal weight in two months so I can start working on not smoking

i deserve it

Ice Cold.....hey hey hey now.....nobody's perfect! Lol

went and got my lab work done today

Now the wait for my lab work...not qwite ready for Sx yet but my labs are going to show what I need to work on in these 115 days ctfu yes I am counting down..I can't wait!


If you are craving something sweet or just want to snack you have to try this it is so good & refreshing & its great for dieting!

been a while since i did a review... need some advice

OK so last week I had my labs done and low and behold my hemoglobin was only 11.2.
So I'm going to buy iron 65mg. Vitamin C and continue with my multi vitamin. My question is this to much vitamins at once? & how long do you think I would have to take the iron for my hemo to get to at least 13? Is 65mg. A day safe? Can any Vets from RS help me out with some advice or anyone who has been in this situation!! I have come this far with my weight loss & my Sx is in 90 days I'm panicking kinda because I really want this sx done I want to do something for my self for a change...I hope I have enough time in 90 days to get my hemoglobin up! Is that even enough time?

Kinda late....HAPPY NEW YEAR RS 2015 IS NOW HERE

Blessed to see another year with my family!! Its getting close to my Sx date and I have went from don't know what PS I should go to being scared having second thought and now I'm just plain ol excited I can't wait to get my health together and my sexy back!!

my pictures didnt it goes again

Me and my babies in NYC for new years!

how do i contact RS

I would like to change my doctor on here but I don't know how to do it or don't know who to or how to contact someone from RS....


So I got some good news from my coordinator (Margaret) she is such a sweet heart she always answer all my questions and never rushes me....well I gained some weight over the holidays I was pigging out i ain't even gone lie yams, greens, potato salad, turkey, ham, dressing, pies, cakes, cookies the list can go on and on **OMG MY NAME IS TT & IM ADDICTED TO FOOD....LOL I fail off the band wagon but with saying all of that I only gained a few lbs. I went from 185 to 190 now current today I'm back at 188 I don't think I'm going to reach 175 (my goal) in such a short time. I got to at least get to 180 anything after is a plus!! My iron was 11.2 so my doctor prescribed me iron 325mg I bought prenatal pills for my multi vitamin which has 25mg of iron as well then I'm taking a fiber tablet...IĀ can't let up now I have came so far and my Sx is so close so its nothing but Grind Time

February 10th Consultation w/ Dr. Fisher

I have made a date to finally meet with Dr. Fisher I can't wait !!! I will keep everyone posted. soon as I get to Miami I will start doing video reviews I find them to be more helpful **just my opinion the pictures help don't get me wrong I personally just like video reviews. I will be staying at Kayla's RH when I do have my surgery. has any ladies been there? How is it?


Heart shape or bubble butt


whats GOD has for you is for you

Explicit - Click to view

So of course everyone is telling me not to have surgery....but I have my mind made up that this is something I really want to do for myself. However to hear everyone's opinion on it has me even more nervous, I'm already nervous, scared, excited & anxious I don't need no more extra bs to make me have doubts.

Small Update

My PCP called me today to let me know my Hemoglobin is now a 12 I want my iron to be at least a 13 but I'm super happy its now a 12!!!

Lab Work

Got my pre op lab work done and my results came back good!!!!! Thank GOD. so I know when its time for me to have my Sx I don't have to worry about my labs and something being wrong everything's good now it can only get better


finally had my consultation yesterday... & I must say I love what I heard!! I already knew I would need a TT but everything's in the making now! I'm going to be Fishered real soon & I can't wait the count down is going!


Hey RS sisters its been a while since i been on her but believe me i been working on this weight loose..i will be Fisherfied real soon and i can't wait! A little update i been sheding pounds and im loving it i bought a diet pill called Alli.......and to my surprise it really does work i thought it was going to be some more bullshit in a bottle that does not work or have me with the shakes lol but it truly work! Sorry about a so far out post i just been on a mission to get my body in shape so i can have a bomb fisherfied ass & shape over all


I finally booked with Dr. Fisher and paid in full???????????? March 16th is my sx day flying out on the 15th im sooo excited and sooo nervous at the same time! I will be keeping all my Rs sistas informed on my journey i start my weight loss a yr ago and i hit a solid platform of 185lbs so thats the weight im going in at cause i made my mind up that its going no where...or atleast i cant wait any longer lol


I need help finding nice Recovery house kayla is all booked and so is mona i dont know who else to you ladies know of any other place or have any suggestions??????

Booked for April but in the list for March

So I had to book for April 15th because Dr. Fisher is booked for March but vanity said that if any one cancel for a day in March they will call me to come in....ugh was so wishing to be a March Fisher Doll can't complain I'm gone count my blessings at least things are moving forward a yr ago I was just dreaming hoping and wishing ????????????

Wish pictures

This is more of the shape I'm looking for don't know if the are a bubble shape or heart shape... I think they are heart shaped not for sure

Recently had labs done just to see where my iron level was

So had my labs done this past week and everything was good my iron came back at 12.5 I know it has to be a 13 I had my lads done just to see where it was at so now I know I have to work on that I have 30 days so I know it should be cool when it's time for my surgery I currently take 65mg of iron tablets twice a day

???????????? was told I would get a March date & im booked for April

I'm so upset was told by vanity if I paid in full I would have a March date so I paid in full and then they say check my email for my patient web portal and I'm on the schedule for f****** April I'm so upset I wanted my surgery in the month of March my son's prom is May 6th needless to say I have to get all his things in line for prom and April 15th is cutting it to close by May 6 I would only be 3 weeks post op...this is bs

Who's booked with Dr. Fisher April 15th week

I found a nice apartment on Airbnb just wanted to see if any one wanted to buddy up I'm also looking to get a RN for my first three four days....

My weight loss prior to my surgery day

Lost over 30 lbs trying to get to 175lbs but I'm stuck at 183 don't know what else to try ugh looks like I might be going into surgery at 183 I have 30 days to try and lose 8 to 10lbs

So close but yet so far away I'm 2 ready

Counting down the days to my surgery I see that March is not going to happen for me so I'm content with my April day but I sho wish it would hurry up I'm so ready to get my sexy back but nervous to... I just hope I don't need a TT


Ugh I swear this April date seem so far away

Nurse, plane & apartment booked

So I booked my flights for me, my oldest son and my cousin didn't really wanted to go by myself I wasn't really feeling that. I booked my apartment for 9 days and I also booked nurse Amy she is really a sweet heart. So the only thing left for me to do is book my massages and everything will be set...I can't wait finally a new me healthier and sexier

Ha yassss bihh this me in 40 days

I'm getting right for the summer

Up coming FisherDoll BMI @ 30

Only seen fisher do 2/3 females on the plus side.. I'm kind of nervous bout it but I'm sure that he will deliver!!

40 days to till surgery

I'm 40 days away from flying out to have my surgery and I'm having second thoughts.! Its like I'm excited and ready to have this surgery to better myself.... But then again I'm so scared I'm going to die or something might go wrong I don't know... Is this a normal feeling did any of you ladies get cold feet and scared as surgery day approaches??

30 Day Count Dwn

I can not believe I'm 30 days away from my sx day... I'm so exited I mean it's finally approaching & I can't wait to get my sexy back!! I hope fisher be able to shape my to perfection. I know he does a great job I'm just wondering what I'm going to look like. Oh yea told my ex I was having this sx just to see his reactions y'all should've seen his face priceless lol he gone say I'm not going to look right and I shouldn't do it...him saying that kind of hurt my feeling I'm not gone lie but being the woman I am I don't give a f*ck what he says it just made me feel like & think like I pray Dr. Fisher do a bomb a** shape with my body type so I can watch my ex face hit the floor....while I walk right pass his a**....Next lol

Eating Clean

Felt like pizza for lunch today and some green tea

Me in a 2 piece lol can't wait to be Fisherfied

So I just want to see how I looked in a two piece ugh can't wait till my sx day I'm just praying I have a healthy & successful sx and I hope I have a good foundation for Dr. Fisher to work with

Got Butterflies already & still 3 weeks b4 I leave for Miami

Well I booked my massages and also bought my faja I hope it fits right I know they run small because it's a tight fitting garment I normally wear a xl so I ordered a 2x I hope it's not to big for me I don't think it will be but I guess I will see it said 7 to 10 days shipping I ordered it from a place call Xtreme Kurves they had a lot of different things at a reasonable price to! I will be ordering my 2nd garment from them if this one fit right

3 weeks b4 I'm in Miami

I have my days this whole decision to have a bbl has been a up & dwn roller coaster I promise one minute I'm excited to do it and looking at all the great reviews or other ppl getting theirs down then the next minute I'm scared and wondering should I go through with it... I feel like i really want to have this sx to do something good for my self for a change I don't want to sound as if I'm selfish but I alway look out for my whole family not just my children and don't get me wrong I love doing so but through out the whole process of making sure everyone else was doing good and assisting them to get where they need to be in life some where along the lines I started neglecting myself and my needs and the care of me I always put myself last so to speak and b4 I knew I looked up and just one day it hit me like if I don't take care of myself and refuel my self how can I keep helping others or even be happy myself so yea I'm taking this leap and I'm standing on my faith in GOD that everything is going to be just fine and I believe that! It's time for me to do something for myself my kids are older my youngest is 8 I'm not having no more kids so yea mommy need a brand new shape today I'm feeling like I can't wait to have this done so I can come bk home and watch all the losers that hurt my feeling or ever did me wrong just drool and beg for a second chance lol no but I'm ready to better my self and life! I never had problems with being pretty it's just child birth and neglecting myself to take care of other things has for me out of shape... I guess I can put a face with this shape of mines now that I will be Fisherfied in 3 weeks

Things getting to real 20 days to go

Finally got my faja from Xtreme Kurves & I love it

Ooowweeeee I can't wait

I can't wait to be Fisherfied 4/15/16 it's so close but far lol


Yes! So this is my second time around for my labs and I cleared this time was More important because my labs had to be within 30 days of sx...18 days b4 I be on the plane to go see fisher

19 more days to Go

This just seem unreal to me that I'm finally going to have my shape back and better then b4 I really can't believe it for real one more week to go then it's April

I'm 5'7 & 183 lbs

So I'm 5'7 & 183lbs.... All my weight it seems to be in my abdomin area I have four children that's why and also my back area....i want to see how Dr. Fisher is going to work his magic/his talent on me to sculpt me because all the females I have seen have already been small but I have seen like 4/5 women with large stomach done by him and he got them all the way together! I just pray that he sculpt me to a T and I also pray to GOD that I have a successful surgery and a successful and speedy recovery on April 14th I will be three weeks clean of nicotine sooo with that being said today is only my 2nd day lol ugh I know I should've been stopped but cigarettes is so addicting it's crazy but I tell you one thing I'm done with cigarettes this go round by my sx I will be 3 weeks clean I might as well continue it!

Pcp said I have to get cleared prior to sx

So I didn't post Thursday when my doctor told me I was kind of piss off but it's all for my safety so I can't really be mad... So I have to go see a Cardiologist and get a clearance stating I'm healthy to have surgery so appointment is April 4th and the 7th u have to get a stress test done so I will keep you guys posted for the most part I'm pretty sure I'm healthy enough so I'm not sweating it just doing it to be on the safe side I'm praying Dr. Fisher says it's ok I can have my sx even though it's going to be only 3 weeks not smoking I'm going to be on fire mad if I get way dwn there and I have to wait a extra week but if it's for my well being then o well I guess I will see


So I must admit I'm addicted to RS but this is going to be my last post until the day I leave for Miami I will keep you ladies up on everything once I get there. O yea once I get there I will be posting videos from here on out about my bbl journey


It's getting real & im ready...I think lol

Some info on the apartment I booked hope it helps

So I could've stayed in a RH but I like my privacy and some of my family is coming with me so I just booked a studio on ocean drive so my son & sister & cousin can turn up while I relax lol if anyone has ever been to Miami then you know Ocean drive is the place to be and I can walk the beach for a change of seen I though it would be helping to my healing anyways the owners name is Mr. Lydon real nice guy found it on home it was 600$ for a week not bad at all considering all the hotels on ocean drive start at 250 a night his number is (305) 992-2876 hope this helps

Vets I have a few questions plz help

So my sx is April 15 I would like to know when does fluffing stage starts? How many lipo foams I should get? And when do I change my stage 1 garment? Any recommendations on the 2nd garment I should get? I need something with good compression on my stomach and last but not least any advice on tricks on how to get my stomach the flattest after lipo?

I forgot to add this picture

I also calculated how it much it would be to get a lyft (something like uber) from the apartment it's not that bad and it's only for my follow up appointment 20$ Amy (my nurse) will take me to & from surgery and my messages I will be getting at the apartment so I don't have to travel at all really


Well my flight leave Wednesday morning I will be in Miami around 3:00 p.m. When I get there first thing I'm doing is going to the grocery store to get all my things I will be eating for the week. Then I will have my pre op the next day the 14th I still have to buy lipo foams and my ab board do anybody know of some where cheaper then vanity? Well my RS Sistas I will posting videos starting the 13th so I will talk to you ladies soon & will keep y'all posted, o yea I will know by the time I leave if I'm cleared from the cardiologist why so late because I had a echo gram of my heart yesterday and Monday the 11th I have a stress Test scheduled but I'm pretty sure I will be cleared for surgery just had my primary care doc schedule these appointments because I'm 35 yrs old and I want to make sure I'm over all health to have this surgery because there is no physical check ups at vanity to it is our responsibility to make sure we check with our pcp to make sure we are healthy that's why I requested to see the cardiologist and Yiesel emailed me yesterday about my smoking lol

Stress & surgery

I been so stressed out about my mom battling cancer and the things I'm goin through with my son it's been so many changes on the for front at home that's it's crazy my eight yr old daughter been having seizures because of all this stuff going on mind you she didn't have seizures until after she had a bitch ass concussion sept 12th but I'm just greatful for GODS mercy & grace she still her with me. It's been so much going on it got me wondering is it even healthy or safe for me to have this sx? I had me echocardiogram wendsday and tomorrow I go back for my street test then my cardiologist will read them and let me know if I'm cleared, it just seem like if it's not one thing it's another! And I leave in two days to go to Miami


So the cardiologist just called to tell me he cleared me for surgery Friday I will be a fisher doll officially can't wait to have a new shape and be summer ready!


Okay sooo this my first time on a plane I normally drive but I didn't because I'm having sx I'm scared as hell of this plane and I hate heights to O boy this whole trip is scary but I'm standing in my faith!! I know everything is going to be ok until next post ttyl my RS sisters


So it's 3:55 a.m. In the morning AND I CAN NOT SLEEP I been tossing and turning all night nervous as heck I'm going to pre op this morning I will keep y'all posted on how things go I will post a Video at pre op

So today at pre op

Went to vanity at 10:00 for my pre op sat for about a hour before they called me back met one of the real self girls there Ana she was cool af I'm so nervous I have surgery at 1:30 tomorrow ugh I wanted to be in the morning but listen ladies when you get your patient portal and the time on there counting down count it down to the second so I it says 4 days 10 hours and 29 seconds count the four days (u knw that's four days) count the hours & seconds and that will tell you around what time they are going to put you on the schedule


Omg I'm sooo nervous but I'm ready so I can start my healing process lol seriously tho well I will keep y'all posted until next time ttyl o yea I'm kind of mad I'm not going first thing in the morning


Ok so yes I'm up and I'm shocked I had a good nights sleep last night considering how nervous I am Well I will be leaving out to go to vanity at 12:00 I will keep all my RS Sistas posted please keep me in you guys prayers thank you and I appreciate it!!! I will post after surgery

I made it back from booty land

Well I wanted to post yesterday but I have been very weak and sore so I apologize I want to tell all my RS Sistas thanks for all the prayer I really appreciate it I have my fist massage today at 2:30 I'm going to record it and post it just wanted to let y'all know I'm ok pictures coming soon right now I'm just to sore

Got my first massage

Ladies take pain meds before massages cause it hurts!! I'm 1 day post op and I'm real sore but tolerable and very swollen fisher took all the fat out my stomach and Mrs. Esparandza is such a sweet heart! She come to you for your massages


Mannn so listen when y'all have y'all surgery it's going to be pain it's not a cake walk but however to me the pain is tolerable now don't drink nothin else but WATER & DO NOT take them perks (pain pill) they make you dizzy and nausea and constipated now don't drink nothing but water because everything else has auger in it and will make u dehydrated my first night out of surgery Friday night I was drinking Gatorade two gallons to be exact the next day Saturday night my dumb ass was in the ER for dehydration and them perks lol but seriously water water and more water Dr. Fisher he called and checked on me which I really appreciate but I'm still weak and sore one I feel better I will post a very detailed review for you guys I posted Mrs. Esparandza number she is such a sweet heart and she come to you and do you massages I paid 280 for four one hour massages o yea and you need those massages them do wonders they hurt but they take the tightness and swollen away




I'm loving my results already Dr. Fisher is the bomb!!!!! Day 3 and my results is already showing love it


Been a long journey with this bbl but I love love love my results


I don't know if it takes time is this how I'm supposed to look do one cheek drop before the other or what it will be two weeks Friday that I am post op from surgery at first everything was looking good now I'm having second thoughts my right butt cheek look fuller then my left down at the bottom and at the top of the cheek they both look like they both are shaped different...ugh this is just to much I spent to much and went through to much to have shity results!!

Two weeks post op

Ok so some days one cheek look bigger then the other then some days I don't know it gets better by the day these two weeks have been ruff for me my hemoglobin levels was a 7.8 and since it wasn't a 7 they was trying to make me ride it out with just iron pills needless to say I felt like shit all this time but today I just came home from the hospital I was there for two day and had a blood transfusion and I must say I feel GREEEEEAAAAT lol I swear I feel like a new person and my levels is at a 9.8 so here's a by of my two week post op results I got 1450 cc in each cheek they emailed me today and told me

I look ok in clothes but in some outfits you can tell & when I take my clothes off u can really tell

So on and off I been contacting vanity here and there because I know I need a revision ugh I only wanted to do this surgery once but I see I got to do it again which is ok I guess cause it's a must just as long as Dr. Fisher is willing to do a revision I'm ok with it my sculpting of my body he did great it's just my left cheek is completely shaped different and not as full as my right cheek ....which u would think the whole focus of a bbl is the butt right needless to say they scheduled me for surgery at 1:30 I didn't go back for surgery until 6:30 p.m. I should've rescheduled like I first started to and maybe this wouldn't even be a problem idk I'm disappointed

Pictures of how my butt cheeks in uneven & noticeable

I have had a few people say something about the way I fit my clothes that one side is way more fuller then the other side I be so embarrassed to even go outside I just pray Dr. Fisher be willing to fix this


What do y'all think about my results? It kind of look different but I still can see it ugh I don't know if I want a revision or am I just going to live with the results I got I don't know if I have the energy for a revision but on the other hand I expected better results. What do y'all think do it look bad? Should I get a revision? Or let it stay they way it is? Shit I'm scared with a revision I might have worser results idk


So it's been a long journey I had doubts about my results but sooo thankful and greatful to GOD everything turned out just right I'm loving my new shap GOD & Dr. Fisher blessed me with


I love love love my results dolls if you are scared to have sx (I was to) but I don't regret a single thing except I SHOULDVE WENT BIGGER lol if you are deciding to have sx DO IT I'm so happy I took that leap because I love my results **hint rd 2 in the making

Four months post op

Loving my results couldn't be any happier

Heyyyy Y'all been a long time coming

Well it's been a little over a year and I'm still loving my results!!! I put on a little weight (eekkk) but nothing to much got to hit the gym but I can say my doctor (PS) is the bomb he gave me a solid foundation to work with
Miami Plastic Surgeon

DR. Fisher is cool as ice! I was so scared but he came in and was so up beat and joking he made me feel more comfortable he is awesome vanity not so polite the other people make you think twice about going there but once you meet dr.fisher he will assure you that you made the right choice by his warm and out going personality. And he gave me the exact look I wanted

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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