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I am 25 with a very small frame of 5 feet and 118...

I am 25 with a very small frame of 5 feet and 118 pounds. I am a classic case of "skinny fat", with no fat to speak of anywhere except my tummy. I never wear fitted clothing because I literally look like I am 3 months with child. I have always been ashamed of it. I work out and I live a very active lifestyle commuting from PA to NYC for school at FIT. My bottom is nonexistent and I have wanted to do something about it for a long time, but implants did not seem practical for me. I have met with Dr. Schulman and he was almost ready to suggest that I appeared too thin for this procedure... and then he saw my stomach haha, and said if he took ALL my fat, we could get a natural result, which is what I am looking for. I know he is the BBL Doc of ny, but I have to admit I have seen results I like more from other drs. So I am a bit nervous if he will carry out the desired results I am looking for. I will add pictures and I appreciate any input or advice.

More photos of how unbalanced my shape is.

Reading more reviews about the lipo part of the BBL process. really consier how my stomach will heal after lipo. If it doesn't look flat and smooth, i would rather not do it at all and just deal with my pudgy-ness. Really worried about a lot of complications. I am 25 so maybe my skin will bounce back and tighten up? I don't know. I might ask the doctor more about the lipo part of BBL.

Helpful in understanding shapes!

Thought this was helpful in describing what you want to your doc. but apparently the onion is not attainable through surgery? i think i disagree, i have seem some great results on this site. Still debating which doctor right now, or when i will have the chance to do it.


Noticing certain shapes get better BBL results than others, how do I help determine if I will?

So I have gained some extra weight merely due to the stress of life right now but it got me thinking about when I book my BBL if it will help or hurt my results. The extra 8 pounds feels like its mostly on my stomach and boobs, but i do feel a bit more full in the bottom (only a tiny bit). I have been making time to exercise but I have been stress eating too!

Been watching the Carrie Diaries lately and I can't get over Annasophia Robb's bubble butt. I think she is my new wish pic for the results I hope for (which I doubt I can achieve since she is so curvy). Anyways waiting for May to roll around so I can be done with school and book my surgery!

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Wish pics

Dr. Schulman

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