Happy with my Beautiful New Body - Manhattan, NY

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For years I had an self esteem and an image...

For years I had an self esteem and an image problems. My body was like a barrel with no shape at all. I tried every thing possible. Until one day, While I was researching the internet I found a picture of a lady that looked like me. She was talking about the only dr who agreed to help her and said every beautiful thing possible about dr shahine, I also read other peoples negative notes about dr Shahine I analyzed what people said and found that most of what they said was just slander, anger and jealousy from few people who had multiple screen names just to scare people off the dr. I saw the ladies after pictures and she looked marvelous i decided to see dr shahine and met his consultant who was very nice and professional. She explained all to me and really educated me about the process. The drs schedule was full and I had to wait Luckily one lady got pregnant so they rescheduled her and I got my opening . The procedure was easy . Not painful at all. I was really big. The dr did me in stages the dr and his staff were very professional and natural. I felt like I knew him for years. He is very polite. Natural and friendly. He worked on me from his heart and talked to me all the time. His assistant was with us and she really made me feel comfortable. My results now almost a year later are stunning and beautiful I can't believe that I can get this shape this is a dream. I made a mistake by wearing tight pants with belt which left a line and dent on my lower abdomen. My butt and waist line are just stunning beautiful. I'm so happy with my experience with a great dr like dr Shahine. I see some people negative attitudes to this great dr and their reasons are silly and illogical. It is to the women's race advantage that dr like dr shahine exist to make our lives better. I thank this great dr and fully recommend him to all. I urge every person to look at dr ayman Shahine work on you tube. The work speaks for itself Also I found out later that any any celebrities like Nya lee. Kimbella and others were dr shahine's pts.

My beautiful body

Body getting better each day

My dream that was brought to reality

Dr. Ayman Shahine is the best Brazilian butt lift and liposuction doctor. My body now is a dream come true. I posted my pics for all to see. Ladies their is hope out there and it's called Dr. Ayman Shahine.
New York OB/GYN

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