Dr Shahine Ruined my Body. Manhattan, NY

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I already mentioned my experience with this doctor...

I already mentioned my experience with this doctor in my other revue but I want people to be able to read this when they search his name and hopefully save some women from making the mistake a lot of us made . He is very popular in NY because he worked on K Michele , coco , Kimbella and few others and I thought that if he is good enough for them he has to be good but I was wrong . He does bbl in combination with smart lipo the laser damages the fat cells and even when they are injected you're body will end up getting rid of that fat , that's why he tells his patients to gain weight for 3 months after surgery to fill out they're butt which didn't happen with me because he did more damage . He is overbooked and women wait in his waiting room for days at the time . My surgery was 3 days after it was scedualed , they took me in the back room I told him what I wNted and he said he would be right back so I'm laying there on the table naked for over an hour he comes back and says he had to go to eat . He injects me with the numbing solution which he said was going to be the worst part , he lied . Than he injects me with bags and bags of numbing solution and something that is suppose to separate te fat and tells me it needs a little time to kick in so he askes me to walk half baked to the massage room and he will start working on someone else , they leave me there blown up like a ballon alone for 3 hours , his assistant comes in to check on me couple times and gives me a diaper to pee in I ended up having an exiaty attack , they gave me some pills to calm me down and take be back in to the surgery room . Half way through the surgery I start feeling pain because it's allready been 4 hours since they injected me , he tries to give me more but it's not helping so tries to rush through it , it was the worst experiance of my life . I continued going to my follow ups and massages in his office and following all they're instructions , not sitting , wearing my garment with the stupid yaga mat under that he recommends as well as eating fatty foods , still ended up looking horrible . Every time I went into that office I met at least a couple unhappy patients with either botched lipo or complaining that the butts are looking as they did before surgery or worst . I spoke to a massage lady that used to work for him and she said that he used to do good work but than started getting money hungry I guess and not carring about the quality of work that he puts out . At one of my post op appointments I seen how they clean the equipment which is in a hand washing sink in his office , there isn't even a sink in the surgery room and the front desc girl walk in and out of that room all day douring surgeries . Ladies don't let the YouTube videos fool you , he isn't even futured on realself because he is so bad I wish I would have known about this earlier and did more reaserch on this man .

Me before SX

Some pictures of be before surgery with dr Shahine

Me after SX

This is what I ended up with after surgery . I followed all his instruction , wore the foam under my garment for 3 months , didn't sit for 3 months and went to his office for massages twice a week for 3 months . I have seen worst done my him , stomach looking really horrible , but compared to what my body used to look like , this is the worst outcome I could imagine

Please don't fall for the YouTube videos promoting Shahine

o I have noticed a lot of girl talk about Stephanie Santiago and using her as they're wish body so I decided to look her up on YouTube , she talks about having 3 bbl , the latest one with dr Shahine and she is advertising him on YouTube as well as K Michele a few others , ladies please please please don't fall for it , he is taking extra special care of these girls so they promote and advertise him but trust and believe he doesn't care about the rest of us I allready wrote about my experiance with him before but I'm just trying to help you ladies from making a mistake and have this man ruin your body , every lady I kept in touch with is unhappy , left with disfigured stomachs I came across a revue with a bunch of women sharing what he has done to them , one of them said he threatend to punch her for writing a bad revue and a lot of them just like me depressed and embarest with they disfigured bodies . Once again please don't believe the lies and false revues . Btw all these women advertising him on YouTube only went to him for touch ups not comlete bbls , Coco went to him around the same time as me and the massage lady that works in his office told me she came back unhappy . Don't trust this horrible man with your bodies !!!!

Dr Shahine on pix11 news . Must see !!!


More of Shahines work

A couple more girls who's bodies Shahine disfigured

More on the ladies that promote Shahine

I just has a discussion with another realself doll about the girls who are posting YouTube videos promoting Shahine like Stephanie Santiago , K Michele , Renna . They all had at least one or 2 bbls before they went to him and they only went for touch ups , laser lipo . None of them had big stomachs or small butts . Keep that in mind ladies

Post bbl with dr Shahine vs post bbl with dr Hasan

This is me after my bbl with shahine on the left , misshaped , square looking and caved it and that's after weight gay as to his orders , and me now 2 weeks post bbl with dr Hasan , so happy he was able to restore my butt shape and fix the messed up lipo on my stomach and my back I'm still healing but very happy with the experiance and results from dr Hasan
New York OB/GYN

The worst experience of my life . I paid this man to completely ruin my body and my nice curves and now I have to spend more money for another doctor to fix this mess because I would not let this man touch me again even if it was free

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