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Dr shahine came highly recommended by a close...

Dr shahine came highly recommended by a close friend that I have known for years. I scheduled my consult and met him in his Manhattan office. It was small but well put together. his staff was very nice and I only waited about 10m. During the consult he was personable, informative, and upfront. After several surgeries in several parts of the usa, he explained to me realistic goals to correct my previous issues. I need the bbl plus breast lift with implant extraction and removal of capsulectomy. he explained I couldn't both atthe same time. Cool with me, better safe than sorry. I don't live in N.Y., so I drove back to Nc and I'm jumping on the next thing smoking for surgery tomorrow. I'm super nervous but you only live once. I will keep updating my journey.

it's almost time

I'm headed to the doctor's office. I'm super scared and traffic is terrible. gta love N.Y. anyway, I wish he provided your first faja because I had Hell finding a store in queens, but after hours I found a place uptown. Now the hard part.... what size/style do I need? who knows but for $125 it better be right. I'm running late but from the reviewers, he probably is too lol.

still waiting

well I definitely bought the wrong faja. I was told to be here at 6. then told itwould be 9. around 10pm I was given a relaxer and antibiotics. there are two other girls waiting andit's now 10:46. paying for parking will add to my bill.... hopefully I go in soon

still waiting for surgery

well it's 12:23 & I'm still waiting. they gave me round two of muscle relaxer. I'm sosleepy but I'm trying to stay focused. there is even a guy here waiting to go in after me. oh well, it costs to be beautiful

FINALLY going in

2:36 am and I'm headed to the back. praying things work out. I'm super sleepy

feeling sore

surgery took 7 hours, partially because I was in pain. he said those areas were scar tissue from prior Lipo. but honestly it was ok. I was able to see him working and let him know if my waist was small enough. well I already had a big butt but it was ssquare. he said he was going to sculpt it. yippy. well his staff was amazing,, they talked to me during the pprocedure to keepmykind off. pardon typos I'musing my stupid cell phone


what areas he did

chin, underarms, arms, bra fat, upper lower back, upper lower stomach, flanks, and fat transfer to butt. yes the wait was long but it was worth every minute. I left theoffice at 10am looking like a mummy. apparently there is a last that sells fajas, I just missed her dueto him squeezing me in last minute

day 2

had a lot of drainage and I made a mess every time I scooted to the bathroom. My face is itching so I'll send someone to get benadryl. the hardest part of sleeping was turning over. I think I'll get a pillow wedge so help roll me over. Oh and trying to put on my socks (my feet were freezing).

getting back home

so today was hard I slept bdd but I am getting ready to catch a plane back to North Carolina. things look a lot better my draining has stopped and there was a lot of fluid. once I get home I'll look into the lymphatic massage. the doctor is amazing my before and after pictures are amazing I will post more when I get home.

plane ride home

it was fine. a little hectic bcz of the holiday travelers and my being wrapped up like a mummy. I sat in first class which was a blessing due to the extra room. the pressure from the flight didn't bother me at all. now I'm home, about to head to Raleigh and make an another attempt at this faja purchase

doc checked on me

so Dr called to see how I was doing and got very upset because I didn't have my faja! I'm still waiting for it to arrive via mail. the memory foam pillow under my butt helps when I'm in the car but is just a mess trying to lay on your side all the time. I took my first poop today and it was very difficult but I'm glad its over lol. the picture is mostly shadowing is really no bruising on my butt but that's the best I can do

16 days postop

finally got my faja in the mail and it took 15 minutes to my husband to put it on me!!! been doing okay didn't need pain meds until today! unfortunately I've had to drive my son to school but I'm limiting my sitting down. I really wish I could lay on my back I think that's the hardest part. I do think that I'm going to get a revision to make it a little more fluffy at the bottom, but I will wait until at least 6 months to see the final result. oh I also received the triangle and tummy board from in the pink! next to have to order the verdatte.

New pics 16 days postop!

I really hate that it took so long for me to receive the right faja, but I know I'm going to be on point now!!!!!


I forgot to mention I found a massage school and Raleigh that does great lymphatic massage. the first few hurt but now I'm on number 5 so I can take it, it's well worth the money. plus they showed me how to do it at home in the shower. and the best sizing for leggings is the Kardashian line at Sears. they covered my hips and fit my waist wonderful! $14 & you can't see thru them lol

can't breathe

New faja is super tight and it is hot! I woke up sweating and in pain. after taking a pain pill guzzling water. my husband had to put socks into the front of the opening to keep it from cutting into my stomach/breast bone..... this is no joke!!!!! it feels like I can't breathe or move. by far the most uncomfy thing I have EVER worn. I pray this loosens up soon

Feeling better

finally used to wearing this faja. it seems to have loosened up a little bitthank goodness for that. I'm still wearing the stomach and triangle boards they seem to be working. I was told to check the local flea market for a waist cincher so I'm going to do that tomorrow. I really hate having to wait for them to come in the mail. I'm debating on having a round two just to fill out the bottom part but it is way too early to tell. sent the doctor pictures, he said I'm doing well and can't wait to see me for my follow up next week.

4weeks post op

yippy! It's official my booty is amazing! I hope it stays the same. I went out this weekend and got so many compliments and stares! I tried on my old clothes and had to donate all of them. sad but happy! I went to a size 36 vest but it was too loose but the 34 was so tight it made me throw up! so back in the 36 with cincher over it.

loving the new me

I'm about 7 weeks out and couldn't be happier!!! I finally ordered the ann chery vest xl, it arrived today. I love it bcz it's longer and the other brands cut into my waist. if my back wasn't so wide (naturally) I could fit into a large. I went out this weekend and my booty caused an uproar!! I can't wait to do my breastlift and complete my transformation. Dr shahine is the truth.

last week

Valentine's day

I'm not sure why my update went into the comments section.... Dang phones. so I won't retype it all, but here are pics from this weekend.


I finally got the size medium Ann chery, but it doesn't fit. probably because I didn't wear anything for 4 days. silly self sold the extra large prior to receiving the medium. I'm still swelling up if I go without one. I wonder how long that will last. I also got the medium vedette 128. super cute, my husband is happy I'm not wearing the "rubber vest". he says I smell like a tire, LOL. well I went to CIAA and killed it. I had a hard time finding clothes fir these killer curves, but I ended up looking amazing. guys were all over my booty and asking if I was all natural. Lol, of course I replied..."this is all me" I love my shape. now to find a trainer to tighten up. I enclosed a few pictures.

finally in the medium

it took my son 20m to squeeze me into the size medium Ann chery vest, but I'm in to. I refuse to remove it, besides bathing and washing it. I placed the triangle in because the wire was stabbing me in the back. it seems to have eased my discomfort. I don't think I'll be getting in the size small, but that's cool! Poor hubby, im back to smelling like a tire. planning on having my boobs done next month! then I'm officially done.

real self lurkers

so it has cone to my attention that people want to take photos off real self andplace them around the world. I have contacted the administrator of this site and hopefully they will resolve this immediately!!!!! I'm guessing people will always hate.

follow up visit

it went great the doctor said my progress is amazing. I'm heading to the gym now 3 times a week with a personal trainer. it feels like everything is coming together nicely I'm scheduled for breast surgery in two weeks Yippy!!! I couldn't wear the vedette 128 at all. it actually made me itch really bad so I don't know why. I won't be going down to the small in the Ann chery. I plan on ordering the Ann chery that isn't a vest. my current measurement 36-34 -53 loving it


I'm trying to find ones, hope this helps

breast lift

I finally had my breasts done in gastonia, N.C. it's hard sleeping sitting up, due to my booty still being sore. I'm glad I did it and my bbody is exactly how I imagined it. I'm now wearing a steel boned waist cincher in 30" & the ann chery medium 2025 during workouts! I had to stop wearing them for the past few days due to breast surgery and I feel very bloated. I will try and put them back on Monday.


I have no problem listing pictures, in a rell person. I am covered in tattoos and it makes it hard to be anonymous. If you read my post, you will see that I took my pics down due to idiot ppl using my pictures and doing dumb stuff

im not a fraud

I was only giving my side of the story, i dont work for"him
I genuinely hate that u arent happy with your bodies, like i stated in my review, i had a botched surgery by a board certified plastic surgeon, his credentials didnt provide me with the results i anticipated. I know how upsetting that iss
New York OB/GYN

great personality, listens to your vision and is honest about what he feels is realistic. super busy, but he is squeezing me in before the holiday so I'm not complaining. the man is a genius I couldn't have asked for better and I'm only for 3 or 4 days post op.

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