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So im here to tell a story .This story is about a...

So im here to tell a story .This story is about a woman who was very self conscious about her body . She was uncomfortable getting undressed in front of her own husband . She tried everything from diet to exercise health doctors even quick fix weight loss pills and drinks . After trying all of these things and getting nowhere she decided to just get surgery. To her this was a great idea a quick way to look great build back her confidence and start her new journey to health. A friend gave her the idea to go to The Dominican republic '' you can go to the doctor i went to shes great'' without hesitation after learning how cheap the price was and how great the women looked she went ahead and booked everything.She was set to have breast lift,lipo ,and BBL. April of 2015 she arrive in DR a day before surgery and was sent to do a series of testing ekg, and blood testing everything seemed to checkout just fine with instructions to come back the following morning she did . 6:00am it was time sitting in the waiting room for hours with women from all ages,races n states awaiting their new bodies .....................It was the last thing she remembers ,she woke up to discover it was 2 days later and all that she had paid to have done was still there it was then she knew something was wrong ''what happened'' no one wanted to tell her everyone just stared at her with no explanation . The next day she was told that her heart stopped during surgery ,she went in to cardiac arrest and they had to revive her and wake her up . she cried for days all that she and went through the traveling,all the money spent time away from her family the pain was all for nothing because all they was able to finish was her back. she cried for months still feeling bad about herself and no answers about what went wrong .she set out to find a doctor in the U.S to finish what DR started NO ONE would take her doctor after doctor turned her down due to the history . It seemed she would never have what she wanted cause now what she needed was someone to fix her body not just help her lose weight. She finally heard of DR,SHAHINE a doctor that uses local anesthetic which means you will not be put sleep .Talk about happy there was a chance for her yet .She went in his Manhattan office and was greeted by the friendly staff .The consultation was free of charge and she was seen in a timely manner . She was given a quote and a date after a depst was made .She was secure with her decision ,As the date got closer she met with DR. Shahine and told her story he reassured her everything would be fine and that he would take care of her and that she had nothing to worry about . He was nice ,inviting .funny ,cool , very friendly and empathetic . With that it made her confident that she was in safe hands. The day of surgery she was called in and was greeted with a smile as usual led into the back where it all began the beginning a new confident person ..That she is ME ! I am so happy with what he's done for me . Dr.Shahine has changed my life and although some of you think his method is crazy it isnt its the safest way to get what you want and stay alive n healthy . the procedure was about 2 hours long and I felt little to no pain . It was like getting acupuncture n then a deep tissue massage after . Recovery was faster than general Once i was able to put on my compression garment along with the prescription for pain meds he provided i was up and moving after about 5-7 days . He is the best and i thank him so much because without him i would still be half done uneven and even more self conscious than i was before . Everyone isnt meant to go to DR. or be put to sleep .No matter where you go there will be good and bad reviews there will be sceptics . There will be people that say that hes just a Gyn well he might have been but im sure some of let your GYN give you a C-section correct? that is also a surgery . anyway i say that to say people excel, change professions everyday does that mean i cant go from one thing to another especially if i learn my profession and end up being really good at it ...DR shahine saved my life Literally local is the way to go dont chance it whether is in the U.S or another country .You are awake you can say if you are hurting you can talk to the doctor and tell him what you want . He is amazing THIS IS A REAL TESTIMONY I AM REAL DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE his work definitely speaks for itself . Thank you dr.shahine I love my body and my curves

Continuation of what I wrote

I forgot to mention which is Very important for you guys to know
That before touching me Dr shahine insisted to speak to the clinic in DR to find what was the issue. We got nothing from them so he decided to send me to my medical , cardiac, and allergist , Drs. To investigate my situation all my tests were normal including my allergy shots and all my drs gave him the clearance so he went ahead and schduled me for my procedure .All those drs explained to me that local awake anesthesia is absolutely the safest most comfortable and least painful way. In fact when my sister needed a c section she was not given general anesthesia. It was performed awake on her. This is the modern and safer trend to go local and awake I had researched many many drs for my procedure and one Dr's work always stuck up better than all I saw in other drs. Dr shahine work is just amazing natural feminine and curvy. It brings feelings of confidence and self esteem into ones heart Also I have met and spoken to a few patients of him that had amazing results including a former miss usa who asked me not to mention her name . He rejuvenated her breasts body and face 20 years younger. One patient I met in his office confided to me hat she did not follow his instructions and wore tight pants with a tight elastic that left a horizontal deep impression line on her stomach and that he promised to correct her for free condition she stops wearing tight clothes . For a New York doctor his prices are cool n reasonable and competitive ... And correction I went to dr in (April 2014 ) not 2015


Still a little swollen


Great results

1 month post op

So so far so good everything ses to me going well no Lumps no bumps ect . I read all of the reviews n yes I started to worry it's good now but how will it be 6months from now ... Now from my view I took off the foam he tells u to wear Cus it's starting to get warm us I just wanna get cute already lol anyway I noticed it doesn't compress the same ... I noticed my stomach changes form very easily I tried the faja with just a tee under n it causes creases and lumps I tried just the faja it only compresses the top of my tummy n not the bottom I tried the lipo board so tight I spent 40 cash on that it works but it shapes Ur tummy like a box lol anyway I find the fo works the best it leave my stomach nice n smooth I honestly can not believe how flat my stomach is I just like being naked now walking in the house butt ass lmaooo I feel like if u follow his directions u will be good I know right now I'm good !!! I feel like me being able to compare The dr n shahine it is really a diff procedure n after care is very different I thought if could just throw in the faja n be good like before NO MY stomach is like clay it will mold to anything so I have to be careful no tight nothing over hear I can't wait to wear my clothes without the foam I'm so thirsty ... No lie tho the feeling to be comfortable in Ur own skin the feeling is everything for real ... I'll keep u guys posted

One week po


Follow his lead

So I'm 6 weeks po and no problems thank god I think he did good as far as I can see I followed all his directions I wear this foam and faja like a second and third skin I can officially say that I'm obsessed with compression I don't care about being cute or comfortable I just want my monus worth n so I'm not disappointed ... I did however take off the foam for one day and I put on some fitted sweat pants n when I got back home my stomach was rippley lumpy and I just wanted it to go back to being flat this shit is like clay or Dough anything I do leaves a dent best thing u can do is do what he says even if it sounds out of the ordinary I see all these stories but it does make me question did they follow his lead ? I'm not taking anything from any one I don't work for him I. Any form or fashion I am a real person that has has surgery w him and I'm good !!!! My stomach was fat !!! No question!!! he fixed it no doubt !!! Everyone is different but the same rules apply this isn't dr nor is it the same procedure but same riles apply foam faja compression EVERYDAY OF UR LIFE UNTIL U ARE HEALED PERIOD I'm really sorry for all the woman who are going through something with him but I can only speak for myself and he did great for me

What I use

I use a blue yoga mat I purchase from Kmart for 28 dollars I cut it to fit my body from up under my boobs to my waist line I literally tape it as tight as possible around my waist then I put on my faja I do this every single day a bit extreme yes ! Idc results are what I'm after I also use a stomach bored I purchased from the pink room .com for 48 bucks I wear my foam all day every day I take it of to shower I walk around butt naked and admire my body lol then I lotion it up with cream n put it back on but I'm gonna see how the arnica cream helps to see if it helps with the swelling anyway that what I do

2 months Po

So I'm still loving my results I'm still a lil numb and swollen but for the most part I've been able to wear my cute stuff as long as I don't wear anything tight around my waist smh not even panties smh sounds crazy right but hey anything in the name of not messing up my stomach because u can easily do so if u don't follow directions I don't wear jeans or anything with tight elastic I've done it and my stomach had the imprint of the elastic smh I still wear the foam and sleep on my tummy I do sit !!! I try not to sit for too long I did once and my ankles swelled like I was 9mnths pregnant carrying twins I'm learning but I can see how some people messed themselves up anyway I'm good so far (feeling myself) in my beyonce voice lol I just can't wait til the swelling goes away til then it's foam and compression

absolutely wonderful,funny ,caring,he listens to what you want DOPE!!!!!

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