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Im going to Dr. Pakemans in Manhattan, ny tom. His...

Im going to Dr. Pakemans in Manhattan, ny tom. His in office pictures are great. Im 32, 5, 8. 160 pounds, and my husband doesn't know I'm doing it. I don't want anyone to know. Ive been wearing buttpads for years. Im very pretty, double d natural boobs, an ok butt, and ok waist. But these love handles have got to go. My husband never realized that my butt looks bigger in jeans, because ive really never let him see my butt. I wrap up after sex, have sexin the dark, and always wear long see thru shirts over my bikini. This has become a lifestyle, and im the master of illusion. I only told him that I'm having lipo and we can't have sex for four weeks. He has to keep the kids, so he cant go. Yay. Lol. I'm spending the night in a hotel. Im hoping that he just thinks my butt looks bigger because i got a smaller waist. Lol. Girls im on a mission, cuz I'm getting this done. If he knew he would tell his friends. You would think as old as he is, he would keep his mouth shut. Men are worse than women. And hes always talking about how, women are soooo fake. So no support there. Wait let me save this, and ill continue later. Because i lost my last review.

Ok, im here now waiting in the car. They don't...

Ok, im here now waiting in the car. They don't open until 820 and my surgery is at 830. I started my antibiotics yesterday. I'm not nervous yet. Lol. My bloodwork came back on friday, and my primary doctor tried to stop my surgery. He sent dr. pakeman my results with a note, saying he advised against it because I was anemic. I was soooo mad. That is the surgeons call, not his. Anyway, dr. pakeman said according to his standards, I was fine. Wheww. Well let me back it up. My original date was april 16th, soooo I would have had time to do my bloodwork a month before surgery and bring my iron level up. But I got antsy and pushed up. So that's why my labs where in late. Soooo now im waiting. My before pics are up already. Ill put up the after later. Wish me luck. Yayyy

I tried to delete my last post because I realized...

I tried to delete my last post because I realized that I wasnt being fair to my primary care physician, but I cant figure out how to delete it. Let me start by saying, this was the best surgery ever. I appreciate both doctors, because they honestly care. But ladies, you know how we get when we want something. Lol. Now let's talk about dr. pakeman. He is the BEST!!!!!!!! Honest, straight to the point, and about his business. There is a beautiful lady there named Louisa. She is the best.she is the reason why I did this surgery. Now she keeps it real. Oh and I was up during the whole procedure. It was not bad. at times it was annoying. Kind of like getting a tattoo, but not painful at all.I would definitely get it again. I loved the fact that I was awake, because that eliminated my fear of something going wrong while I was sleep. I have my garment on now, no pain, sitting on a boppy pillow with my butt hanging off watching tv. NO PAIN. I think I have like 450 cc's. I'm not sure though. I'll confirm tomorrow at my checkup. I'll post pics as soon as I can.ttys

Ok people, so just woke up and omg. I knew it was...

Ok people, so just woke up and omg. I knew it was too good to be true. Lol. My torso is hurrttiinnggg. Ya'll said day two was the worst. The doc told me that when im moving around i'll feel fine, but after staying in one position for a while, I would be in pain. He wasnt lying. I just took my pain killers, these suckers need to hurry up and kick in. lol. Its not unbearable, its uncomfortable. I'm not sure if i'm wrapped to tight, if the garment is too tight or if its my torso. I want this thing off. Im getting dressed to go for my checkup. Hopefully they dont have to wrap me again. Talk to ya'll soon.

Day 3 was a good day. My shape is nice. My vagina...

Day 3 was a good day. My shape is nice. My vagina looks swollen, but it doesn't hurt. But oh well, men like fat vajajays. Lol. I tried to stop my pain meds. That didn't work. I went from feeling good, to what felt like period cramps. Probably could have dealt with it, but wasn't in the mood and i was at work. I looked so nice in my clothes. I feel sexy. My doc gave me hips and a butt. I only had my love handles done, so wish i would have did my stomach. Lol. Now i gotta work out in two weeks. I have an hourglass figure. Please bear with me. Im waiting till tues to put up pics after my checkup. I have to get a copy of my before body from the doc. I want yall to see the full transformation. Im happy. I think all of my swellings almost gone. Is that possible? No bruising AT ALL! I think my vaginas fat cuz thats where the rest of the fluid is sitting. Idk. My garment is kind of loose on me know. I did spend the whole day standing and walking around. No sitting. Maybe that helped? I dont sit at work so it was easy. Oh yeah. Mission accomplished. My husband doesnt know anything. My doc put one hole in the top of the crack of my ass and filled me up through there, so theres no entry points on my butt. He just thinks cuz my waist looks smaller, my butt looks bigger. So yall can def get away with it prob up to 600 ccs as long as your waist is done really small. Lol. Men really dont notice shit. Lol.

Oh yeah, i forgot to tell ya'll, i had smart lipo,...

Oh yeah, i forgot to tell ya'll, i had smart lipo, not traditional lipo, which is probably why my recovery is so fast. My butt may have went down a bit. But im ok with that. I want it to happen gradually. Lol. So by month three, my waist will be beautiful and my butt fat. Im going to start a serious ab and leg workout in ten days. I cant wait. I only have to wear my garment for two weeks and cant sit for two weeks. I can only sleep on my stomach, because i dont want my hips to go down. Lol. But yeah, im back to normal in two weeks.

Ok. So the pain is gone. My butt cheeks have...

Ok. So the pain is gone. My butt cheeks have started itching. Lol. I think its because the numbing sensation is going away. But then it hurts when i scratch it. Lol. So confused. I thought my butt was starting to go down but i realized it looked smaller cuz of this damn garment. Lol. Whenever i take it off its like my booty just springs back to life. Lol. Its not hard. I dont know if its gonna get hard later. I never bruised. So thats good. I love the way i look in my pants without the garment on. The booty just looks juicy. But with the garment it kind of looks smushed. :( ummm, none of my jeans fit. Only the stretchy ones. This is crazy. I wonder if its because im swollen. I dont know. I underestimated my butt and tried to walk past something and hit it. Lol. I was cracking up. It doesnt look huge to me, but i know its noticeable even with the garment because my husband keeps smacking it everytime i walk by. He has NEVER done that before. Lol. Oh and it jiggles. I didnt do my stomach because it looked flat when i had my love handles, but now that there gone, my tummy looks big. Im sooo mad. Cuz now i want to do it again and make my butt bigger. I wish i would have done it from the beginning. I just dont want to go through this healing process again. Ughhhh. I CANT WAIT TO TAKE THIS DAMN GARMENT OFF, so i can wear my clothes without my booty looking smushed. One more week to go. Oh and the small of my back hurts the worst. Its still swollen. But i think when it goes down, i might have a little shelf. Ill post a pic. But i took it myself, so the angles not that great.

Ok, bbl people. i just left my one week checkup....

Ok, bbl people. i just left my one week checkup. doc said everything looks great. im going through the lumpy stage now. ughhhh, my sides are sooooo sore. i tried to let my husband massage it. BLAHHHHH!!!! I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. LOL. THE PAIN, THE PAIN. i am fine as long as no one touches me. ok, so this is what i learned.your butt doesn't get big from the fat. it gets big from the stem cells. which is why in like a month, it looks like your booty went away. that's because all or most of the fat has died. as the stem cells grow, so does new fat. Which is why around the 3 rd month, all of a sudden you got a big ass. lol. So for all of u going through the no booty stage, it will come back. im not there yet. lol. ill post pics in a few.

Here are the pics before and after

Here are the pics before and after

I am lumpy right now. And swollen. I don't even...

I am lumpy right now. And swollen. I don't even care about my butt right now. This swelling needs to go down. It looks crazy. I'll wait till monday, my two week mark and see what happens
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

He is the best. Very honest, and does his thing. He will put as much cc's as your booty can take. His staff is awesome and they care. I am in no pain. THE BEST!

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