27 Years Old No Kids... Wanting to Do a Bbl. Manhattan, NY

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I am 27 years old and I don't have any kids... I...

I am 27 years old and I don't have any kids... I really want to get a BBL done this year by dr schulman in NYC. I have a consultation with him on May 25 and I am so excited but nervous at the same time. I have been reading all reviews on dr schulman on RS and so far I'm loving it, I feel much more comfortable to go in. My expections is having a nice heart shape bottom and I tiny waist line, as I have plenty fat around my belly area which I hate seeing. I believe that no one that's close to me understands my feeling about getting this procedure done because I feel so low about my body and my self esteem is very low. I have to be trying to convince my other half how much I wanna have a tiny waistline and abs with a nice ass, he always say "go to the gym " but the last time I went to the gym and lost 20 lbs I shaped like a board I was just straight no curve and my a$$ was flat extremely. Now I have been saving towards this surgery, I am eager to do it in November, but all these reviews got me so scared about the post op and the pain. I really wanna know is it excruciating pain? How can I get through it with minimal pain... I'm so scared. This apps is so great because I can actually write my thoughts and get support from dolls who already or who will be going through this process. Thanks guys for reading and I hope I get response to comfort me and tell me it wil be ok.

Up late readin on RS...

I'm here up still reviewing all of Dr schulman's artistic work, yet still I'm thinking if I really wanna go through all this pain and discomfort... But hate the shape of my body and gym won't change it. I am determine to do this but I'm so scared of the pain and transition...
I have already asked for two and half weeks off from work to heal enough because my work is hectic A lot of standing for 91/2 hr six days a week. So I'm pretty much worried, scared but excited to have a thin waistline and a bigger butt :). I just wanna feel comfortable making this decision but I have no support I'm all alone in this.

25 day count down until consultation

So I have 25 more day until my consultation with dr S I'm super excited to know the procedure and know more about his personality as I have read on RS:)

Approximately one week away from consult

Approximately one week away from my consult with dr schulman:) I am super excited to know what's my options.

Consultation went well

Consultation went well... And Doctor schulman is so nice and I didn't felt rush... He was so honest as he told me that he will try and get me the results I want. He also told me that I must expect the worst pain of my life (there I got scared, but beauty comes with pain:)... I think I'm ready to book.

HELP PLEASE!!! Really want to set my date with schulman

Hey I need some help with deciding with dr schulman... I'm planning on making my deposit for this coming week but I'm so scared and wondering if it's the right thing to do... But on the other hand I really and truly want to do this... I looked at my backside the other day and I'm telling you I really look awful :(... I really need some help in deciding.0

I'm ready!!!

I am ready to make my decision... Ready to become a schulman doll. Gonna pay my deposit today. :)


So I have made my decision and paid my deposit, but I have been going through a rough time with my bf as he is ending our relationship because of my desire in the procedure... But my mind is made up and I won't loose so much money for no man. Ready!!!


Can anyone help me on what to get and to do before surgery, do I need vitamins? Iron pills? What can I start getting from now? Please help me I'm lost.
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