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So i had a friend who got a bbl and she looked...

So i had a friend who got a bbl and she looked AMAZING. :) So she kind of inspired me to get one too. Im 25 i have 2 kids my butts pretty big already but i hate my lovehandles and tummy She said she had went to doctor shahine so i decided to go with him even though i was reading bad reviews but i was like what the hell she looks good. so the whole process has seemed very dupey or whatever i got a text from one of his consultants Marley, i sent her my pics thrn she called me. she was really nice about everything and she told me i would have to be awake and all that which kinda scares me but my friends body looked GOOD lol so i was like what the hell. The day i talked to marley i was like when is the soonest day i can come and she said next week someone just cancelled or the middle of may so i was like ok next week.. She was like its 7900 altogether thats stomach back sides and some of the thighs i think with the fat transfer to the booty. So she said in order to get the appointment next week 03/17/06 i should just send my full payment and i would have to get my blood work done here and sent there because i live in Wisconsin. The whole process was really nerve-racking like it was so unprofessional i seriously considered that it was like a scam.. But i was like my friend even seen the same consultant as me it was just really weird i never talked to the doctor i only spoke with his consultant the whole time. Sending the money was HARD for me because they want you to get a cashiers check out to the doctor and send it through secured mail. I was like omg thats alot to be sending through the mail.. But i thought again hey my friend just went thru the same thing everything worked out for her in the end. So i sent the payment i went and got my bloodwork done which ended up costing like 500$ no joke. Waited for them to email my results to i could email them to my consultant so after i sent the money to dr shahine i didnt hear feom marley again until like 3 days later she called me and told me o would have to go in 1 day later then i was supposed to but i was like who cares bcuz i was just happy to be like halfway through the process.. So at first i felt like dude this is the most unprofessional shit ever..and i still kinda feel like that but i feel good now i think it could be brushed up but i feel aalot better my consultant is really nice and made me feel more relaxed. im just nervous to be awake thru this procedure and i seen on realself that he botched a couple of girls and i definently hope i dont end up being one of them but to be honest i feel pretty good about everything im scheduled for 03/18/16 in 4 days she didnt give me a time to come in she just said later at night probably lol i heard the wait could be like 7 hours. I hope its really going to be worth it..


I got a call this morning from dr shahines office saying they needed me to fax my bloodwork and to confirm my appointment on thursday. So i guess its been moved back to the original day in 2 days. Im getting extremely nervous now and super excited..

Tomorrows the day

So i guess tomorrow is the day..! When i had talked to marley the other day she said ot would be on friday and the next day i talked to the office and they said thursday, they still havnt given me a time to come in and i didnt get any calls from them today im not sure what garment to buy or what to bring. So i guess i should be grtting some type of call tomorrow so i know what to do. im 6 hours away right now in Virginia so ill have to drive. I hope i hear from somone bright and early so i can put my nerves at easeee...

Today is the day

I got up this morning with a call from the office around 9 30 she told me to come in at 5 tonight thats alll she said, im sp reasy to get this done and over with. Im absolutely ecstatic


I got here at 5pm like i was told and its now 11pm i have been waiting for 6 hours so far.. And counting..

Yesterdays surgery

So i had to wait 8 hours to be seen but the assistants were very honest and informative as far as if i wanted to leave and come back. I chose to stay at the office and wait. About an hour before my surgery one of the assistants came and gave me some pills, she explained to me that they were for infection, pain, relaxer ect. ect. So I ended up falling asleep and someone woke me up and told me it was time for surgery. The assistant who has the big booty and ta tas helped me get on the bed and she was really down to earth! About 20 mins later the doctor came in, he asked me what are the main areas i want to focus on he was nice and realistic about my stomach, i have some loose skin already so i understood before i came that i would still have loose skin, but he did my my stomache as small as it has been for years!! As far as the surgery i was scared to be awake during the surgery but he was joking so much i almost forgot lol so he started to numb me and it felt like acupuncture i guess thats the best way to explain it, i had seen another girl say that and that seems most appropriate lol so he numbs me and then he starts the lipo which i hardly noticed because i was all numbed up i thought he was just pushing on me. It took a little while but it was ok. I read also that some women have said that it hurts when he puts the fat in your butt.. To be honest i guess it varies from person the person my butt was so numb that i didnt even feel when he stuck the needles in me i would say out of 95% i felt no pain but for maybe 5 seconds i did but it wasnt a horrible pain more like a oh snap, ok im good now type pain lol im scared of needles so his assistant was holding my hand. The doctor was funny and talkative. After the surgery was done they helped me off the table and showed me my body it looked soo good just swollen. The assistand used my phone to take a video for me. Then i actually felt well enough to walk to the hotel around the corner with my boyfriends help. I think so far my results look AMAZING. Im very happy. Im sooooo sore today though, it feels like i got hit by a bus. All apart of the process or whatever lol ill keep updated with pics as soon as im well enough to get up and walk around

My before and after pics

4 days After surgery

Boy im telling you... The first week has to be the hardest. The pain is no joke, today though was the first day i was able to get up and walk around. The only pain i have is really my stomach but everything else is tender to the touch. If i move too fast i feel like my cuts are ripping open. I also am still very lightheaded and out of breath when i walk around. Almost at the halfway point though. My garment is coming in the mail tomorrow


So im 2 weeks post op and my butt still looks the same size as it was when i got out of surgery. Im so happy with the overall look however i seem to have gotten some fluid pockets on my front sides which are kind of painful and look kind of like a bulg of fat im going to follow up with him to see what it is. Other then that im still a little swollen on my back amd my sides and stomach are really hard but everything is shaped really nice.

2 weeks and 3 days after surgery

Everything still looks good my butt is still the same size after surgery which im happy about because i told him to make it as big as he could im a little thick already. Im so happy with my results even my stomach went completely flat no pudge or extra skin or anything. im obsessing about perfection and im planning to go back for another one with dr shahine as soon as im healed all the way, everything is good but i want perfection and i trust him enough now to know he will make my body look amaze all over again.

Planning a bbl revision

So its been almost a year since i had my surgery and my body still looks amazing. I love it love it love it.! :) Theres only one thing i would really fix about the work he did and that is that my back is a little uneven. One side looks like ot got more lipo then the other side. Anyways Im planning on going to another doctor out in chicago to get a mommy makeover but before i did that i want to use the rest of this extra fat i have before its gone to get an ever bigger but and larger hips. If ita even possible lol I still want to go to dr shahine because i really think he did a great job on my body so i trust him in that aspect. I made a request for a consultation so im waiting to hear back from them. My only issue is the cost i really hope they dont try to charge me an arm and a leg for this being that its just a touchup and my body already atill has that good shape.
New York OB/GYN

He was funny and caring, his assistant with the big butt and ta tas was so nice she held my hand the whole time vuz i was scared

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