43 Yo TT W/ Lipo, 1 Child and Old Abdominal Scars

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Had 4 consults so far. One PS in Albany (he did a...

Had 4 consults so far. One PS in Albany (he did a botox treatment after my consult...botox results were terrible) who I will not consider having surgery with due to poor botox results and experience. Also met with Dr Schulman in NYC. He recommended I don't need a tummy tuck, just a scar revision surgery with aggressive lipo. I didn't agree with this because my stomach pokes out and I was told by 3 other PSs that I did need a tummy tuck to reshape my abdomen. I also had a consult with Dr Shafer in NYC. He did not have any photos in clinic for me to view. I was very disappointed and will not choose him since he did not have any photos to share with me. The 4th PS I saw was Dr Restifo in New Haven CT. He was amazing, highly trained and his photos of before/after were impressive. I will likely book with him. I still have one more consult to go to with Dr Kolker in NYC. Has anyone had a tummy tuck with any of the above surgeons? Would you recommend them?

43 Yo Mom of 1 Had TT W/ Lipo of Anterior and Posterior Flanks. Old Abdominal Scars from Emergency Procedures.

Have not seen my belly yet because I was instructed to not remove binder prior to. 3 day PO follow up visit. So far, my experience with Dr Restifo has been wonderful. He even called me both nights after surgery to see how I was doing. Can't wait to peek at the results tomorrow. Whe I have my follow up.

Pain and nausea were bad on the evening of the surgery but are much improved today PO day 2. Pre-op photos enclosed. Pre-surgery weighed 170 lb at 5'6".

43 Yo Mom of 1 Had TT W/ Lipo of Anterior and Posterior Flanks. Old Abdominal Scars from Emergency Procedures.

43yo W/TT & Lipo

Dr Restifo is awesome. PO day3 today and saw tummy for the first time. Very happy so far, even with all of the swelling. Pain and nausea were bad on day of procedure but are much improved at day 3. Sleeping well in a recliner I rented. Excited to see tummy and BB next week when I see him again. I can go to the bathroom and brush teeth, etc only own now. Walker was waste and wish I hadn't bought it.

3 Days post op TT with lipo

Picture taken at PS office on Day 3 post op

4 days post op TT with lipo

Cutting down on pain meds today and feeling more independent. Washed my hair!

Day 4...feeling good!

TT post op day 8 pictures

Day 19 post TT with flank Lipo. Developed fever day 16 and started on Cipro antibiotic. One drain removed day 16. Second drain site than began to get weepy, clogged and angry red around the site so nurse pulled 2nd drain on day 17. Hoping for no Seroma and that this antibiotic kills off whatever is causing my fever. Will post more current pics tomorrow. Now that drains are gone, what kind of compression garments are people wearing? My dr said to continue with plain white binder they gave me right after surgery.

Day 20 post op ---tons of swelling

Finally starting to feel a little normal...maybe 50% of regular energy. Updated photo attached.

Day 20 post op pic---

Tons of swelling but getting more active. If anyone is considering a TT, I highly recommend 3 weeks of a work break. 2 weeks would not have been enough for me.
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