30 Years Old, Mother of Three and in Need of a Tummy Tuck - Manhattan, NY

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I'll keep this as brief as possible. I'm a 30...

I'll keep this as brief as possible. I'm a 30 years old mom of three and I'm in desperate need of a tummy tuck. My body has been through so much stress From pregnancies, weight gain and weight loss, it's not even funny.
Im finally in a position where I can afford the surgery (paying out of pocket) so needles to say a tt is in the near future ;) I went for my consultation with Dr Nachman Rosenfeld 2 months ago and my surgery is scheduled for May, 02, 2014. Yaaaaay! I'm so excited, I've been wanting this done for YEARS. Ok, so I said I'll keep this brief so I'll keep my word. Will update soon. :)

12 days pre op :)

Welp, 12 days to go. This site has been a great help. I dont have much to update excep the fact that as im typing this im getting the shakes, anxiety is starting to set in. That and more before pics, cant wait to cross over to the flat side. I should mention that I went and got my blood tests done and everything was perfect so it's definitely ago, not that I was worried, still it's good to know I'm in great health. Someone from the doctor office called and gave me a list of do's and dont's. Do shower with anti bacteria body wash, do scrub under your nails, don't smoke or take vitamin E pills and the list goes on and on. She also told me not to buy anything. ...um wait... what? I asked. No you don't need to buy anything before hand, all you'll need is your meds, we don't want you to touch the incision at all, she said. Well, great, music to my ears. Needless to say, I went out and bought a few things I feel I will need anyway, ie anti bacterial wipes, Maderma scar therapy, baby wipes etc. Long story short, whoohoo tummy tuck in 12 days. Will keep u all posted.

6 days till I'm on the flat side :)

Well time is drawing near. I'm just a few days preop, still not nervous just overly eager for that day to get here already. Will update soon.


Sometimes it's better to keep things quiet. I told a handful of people about my upcoming surgery. I don't need the hate, jealousy and discouragement from folks. So I've made a conscious decision to tell only a few ppl.
In a few days, God's willing, I'll be on the flat side. Still not scared just anxious, I think about it night and day. I'm on RS every chance I get, you guys are great here and very informative. I enjoy watching the progression from apron to flat side lol and the support is awesome here.

My stats and brief history

I just realized that I never mentioned my height, weight or gave ya'll any background history. I'll keep this brief because my samsung Galaxy s4 and I aren't on friendly terms right now, the lil' sh*t.

I have three very loud children, guess that means they're happy. Ages 12, 10 and 7, oh my poor belly. I'm 30, 5'1 and weigh a whopping 180 pounds, yay me :/ My highest weight was 220 pounds. I weighed 190 After I had my daughter then ballooned up to 220. Through diet and exercise I lost over 70 pounds got down to 154 but regained over 40 pounds after I lost my job and was home feeling sorry for myself, yikes!!!. So I started dieting and exercising again and lost 25 pounds. Again, slacked off a bit, eating the same things gets played after a while so I lost motivation and will power so I feel like I gained 5 pounds or so. .. Oh my poor body has been taking a beating.... This weightloss roller coaster ride is a bit draining, ugh but worth it. I can't lie, when I put my mind to it, I do it but I'm tired. So there you have it, a brief history or my weight struggles. Hopefully this tummy tuck will be the motivation I need to lose an additional 30 -40 pounds. My tummy can't be right and tight and the rest of me looks like rollie pollie ollie while feeling like humpty dumpty after he fell off the wall, that ain't cute. I'll keep you all posted. Few more days to go yaaaaaay! Keep me prayed up my RS sisters, I'll do the same.

Badunkadunk .Aka. Junk in the trunk

I have a donkey booty, do you hear me?! Too much junk in this trunk. A whole lotta a*s. Too bad I have a big ole a*s in the front as well :| .... Cat wait to be nipped and tucked.

I'm kind of nervous because the receptionist at my Dr' s office instructed me not to go out and buy anything because I won't need it, they said I won't b "allowed" to touch the incision at all. Sounds weird, I just hope my decision to follow the Dr's order don't bite me in the butt during recovery else I'll b madder than my hubby was when I ate his last piece of chicken.

The illusion of clothes

You barely see my stomach in clothes. I hide it so well, I'm an expert at that. I'm so ready for the doc to tuck this tummy tho. C'mon friday.

Oh my gaaah!

Four more full days to go. Click the pic, see I fainted.

Hiding tummy for pics

Want to know how to hide your tummy for a great photo. The camera have to b to the side slightly positioned towards ur back and held low. Bring your arm in front of you making sure that it blocks any view of ur tummy from the side. I'm an expert at this stuff, works like a charm. ... This photo tho, was originally taken to showcase my hair growth but I fell in love with it, plus that first pose was everything.

Two more days till I'm nipped and tucked.

How am I feeling? Indifferent. Not nervous or scared and also not overly excited anymore. I am counting down the days tho and anticipating the moment I wake up in the recovery room. That's the moment I'm looking forward to, that and being home for the next two weeks. Even tho I'll be recovering from Surgery im looking forward to the break from work. Gosh! I can't wait.

So uummm, spoke to someone from the doctor office yesterday, the receptionist. Or whomever. I was told that I'll get the prescriptions for my meds the day of. ..."um, what?" Was my response. The day of??? The day of I'll b in pain :/ ..... She mentions that while the doc is performing the surgery I can have someone call in the prescription, or they will, and have it filled so that it will b ready by the time I get home. I don't do things like that, I like to be prepared. Anyhoo, that's a small issue.

Compression garment, they provide and I'll have a pain pump, yaaaay. I've already started preparing my home, kids and hubby, I'm anticipating a rough 2 weeks. My hubby is pretty good tho He's domestic, was in the army so he's Stern, absolutely no worries. Plus I'm looking forward to being pampered and waited on :) aaaahhhh this is a win win situation.

Here's another "hide the tummy pic"... my derriere is looking extra juicy here as well, mi like it lol


It would have helped if I had actually uploaded the photo I mentioned in my last review update right?! Well here it is.

Day after tomorrow

The day after tomorrow I'll b getting this tummy tucked. I've waited so long for this that right now in this moment it feels so surreal. Pinch me I think I'm dreaming. This seriously feels like a dream come through to have this done. I deserve it. My body has been through so much....... Anyway enough of all that....

I called in the last payment just now. Gulp! sh*t just got real yall. Its official, God's willing I'll be on the flatside this time Friday. Bye bye apron, hellooooo surfboard :)

Got a phone call from the doc's office this morning, they said they will be sending a car to pick me up Friday morning at 5:45 am. Ooh I just felt a thump in my heart. Now that the final payment is in its feeling more real. Let's hope I can sleep tonight because the nervousness that I mentioned was nonexistent in my earlier update is now seeping in. Oooh my insides are trembling.

My nerves

There's a rumbling in my tummy and it's not from hunger. Quick, someone please pass me a vicodin.

May 1

So a rep from the surgery center called me this morning asking me a whole bunch of questions, as expected. I'm just a lil jittery not to scared anymore, the nervousness comes and goes but truthfully, so many things has been going on in my life, I cant get to fully enjoy this process ugh.

That's all for now. Keep me in your prayers, I'll keep you all in mine.

Till next time. ....

Im gonna miss it

So tonight, my kids and I were in my room goofing off, Cracking jokes and telling stories. My older son who is 12 decides he wants to take flicks of my belly (I was fully clothed, don't call child welfare on me lol) anyway a sad look came over his face then he says "that's the belly we came out of Mother, I'm gonna miss it" he calls me mother, I love it lol.
After he said that he got up from off the bed and made his way towards the door then turns and said "btw I named it Stacy" then walked out.

Wait.....wwhat???? Thanks for messing up an almost sentimental moment smh... Kids. I'llb post the pics he took.


Btw, the doc will b tucking this tummy in a few hours. The car will b here to get hubby and i in four hours...


It's 6 am and I am on my way to the surgery center. The car was here 5:45 on the dot. Not a minute before not a minute after. Still not really nervous, it comes n goes but for the most part I'm cool, calm and collected. See u ladies on the flatside. Pray for me as I pray for you.


I'm home. ...pain....will update later

Feel like a stuffed pig

I am padded up. I had to open the cg to sew it (you'll find out why later) and all I saw was what looks to b a whole bunch of maxi pads under my cg. Ugh

Anyway the run down. We arrived at the surgery center a lil after 6 am. As I walked in I was greeted by someone at the front desk. I signed some papers, while signing the papers Dr . Rosenfeld came and and I followed him to his office where I signed all the receipt slips for the payment transactions I did over the phone. He then took me to the back where I changed out of my clothes, he gave me a pregnancy test, snapped some pictures of my jelly belly then marked me up. After that was all said n done I changed into a gown and put on one of those knee High socks that aids in the prevention of blood clotting.

Then my vitals was taken, everything was good except my blood pressure, it was pretty high. They asked a whole bunch of questions then the iv was placed in my arm after unsuccessfully trying twice, Ouch it hurt like all mother of hell . I was informed that I had 4 hours to pee or else they would have to send me home with a catheter,.I was treated like God's gift to plastic surgeons and their staff, I ate up every moment of it lol. Shortly after I was taken to the operating room, they checked my blood pressure again then gave me meds to regulate it. They placed an oxygen mask on me and informed me that I was going to get a tube placed down my throat. They did all they had to do them the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. After a lil small talk I had to pee, YES! Cause I wasnt feeling all that catheter jibber jabber.

I woke up in pain, they gave me morphine but all was still not right with the world. I stayed in recovery for a lil longer then they called me a cab, at their expense.

I arrived home, walking is a struggle cause I'm so tight and the cg they put on me is so loose I had to have my mother sew it up. Got some percoset and antibiotics and I'm in less pain. From 1-10 my pain level is a 2. My throat isn't sore and I've been walking around alot. I'm just really sleepy so I'm gonna pop some more meds then get some shut eye. Keep praying as I pray for you all. Thanks my rs sistas. Here's a pic but remember I'm stuffed like a turkey under the here.


No drains, I have no drains but I do have a pain pump.

Pain is now minimal

I don't have any pain right now, just tightness and swelling, gotta stay on top of those pain meds. Not only that but because my cg is so loose I'm not getting any support and to Walk without the support feels awful, hurts. Other than that I'm great. My husband is a GREEEEEAT care taker, I love that man. My mother is awesome as well, I thank God for them.

My tips for days 1 and 2

Stay on top of you meds, keep track of them and take them when you're supposed to and start walking as soon as you're able to. Staying in bed is crippling. Just imagine you're laying in bed for hours, when it's time to get up you'll b so stiff, tight, swollen and sore. Get moving. Plus you need the blood in your body to circulate, aids in the prevention of blood clots.

If u don't have a recliner, which I don't and don't need at all, prop yourself up with pillows behind your back and under your legs. You want to b laying in a v like position.

Please wear those stocking thingys on your legs, no blood clots ppl.

When getting out of bed, recliner or hospital bed USE YOUR THIGH MUSCLES and arms, DO NOT use your stomach muscles, don't worry you'll master this. When sitting on the toilet, bed or wherever go into a squat-like position, knees shoulder width apart, arms stretched forward while gripping onto something or someone, and sloooooowly sit backwards (stick ya a** out), as if you're doing squats, again, using your thigh muscles.

And you wanna eat light meals. Drink lots of water and stay away from sodium unless u want to walk around with a beach ball in front of you while feeling like you're about to pop, Ijs.

Stool softners (you really should start taking them 3 days prior to surgery) but if u need to poop and is straining to do so hold a small pillow against your abdomen for that support.

If you need to sneeze or cough hold a small pillow on your abdomen. Press firmly into your abdomen when your coughing/sneezing, helps with the discomfort/pain. I know how it sounds but trust me it helps.

Take deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Cough drops, especially if they put a tube down your throat.

Plz make sure ur doc put u in a tight emough cg. Very important! You need that support when you're walking around.

Straws, you're definitely going to need straws because remember you're laying in a semi upright position its hard to drink fluids from a cup in that position.

Hand sanitizers are a must and baby wipes are your friend. Remember you won't b able to shower for a few days so you can remain fresh with baby wipes.

Follow your doctor's instructions!!!

Ummm that's all in can remember for now. If anything else comes to mind I'll update but I must say this..... The best tip I can give tho is to remain prayerful and positive. Rome wasn't built in a day. Revovery is a long tedious process. Have patients and follow your doctor's instructions. You will experience days where you're up and feeling good, then days where you're feeling crappy, swollen, emotional etc, these situations are to b expected. Take it one day at a time and don't rush the process and maintain realistic expectations. If ever you feel something is wrong call ur ps right away, don't google any of your concerns, google will drive you insane. Call ur doc. Take care of YOU.

Tootles.... till next time my RS sisters.


Omg im FLAT! I have on this cg plus I'm padded up underneath it and when i say padded i mean padded, but even when standing with all this on I'm flat can you imagine how I look without the cg and padding. I can't wait to see. I won't sing praises to the artist until I see his work. Tho I'll say this... I took the cg off to sew it and peeked under the paddings and my oh my, flat is an understatement. When I went in for the consult with him the first words out of his mouth after he saw my stomachs was " I'm gonna make you flat" :) ... No that's not a typo, yes I meant to type stomachs.

Tomorrow is my first post op appt. Im having pain every once in a while. The pain pump looks like a prune so that means all the contents are finished, that's shows how much ive been moving around. . I'm not so sure if what I'm feeling is pain or just discomfort from the TIGHTNESS of my tummy. Ohemgee he got me good but dayum this ish hurts ridiculously.

I'm getting a headache from laying in one position constantly. I get up n walk often (that's why the meds in the dam pain pump finished so quickly) but that pulling sensation is THE WORST. Maybe if my cg offered more support it wouldn't b so bad. I had to sew it again but its still not tight enough.

My arms and thigh muscles are super sore cause I've been using them instead of my stomach muscles but it's to the point now where its beyond sore, it's painful. Oh funnnn! My entire body is in frikkin pain but those percocets are like good sex in the rain. Some good stuff.

My mouth is sore from the tube they put down my throat, it wasn't yesterday but woke up with it feeling tender and my lip is busted in three places. Comes with the territory. I complain not it's what I signed up for. Anywhooo prayers up till next time.


First post-op appt went by really fast. I went in, Doc came in, cg came off, bandages came off, I was rewrapped and that was it. 5 minutes tops. Anywhoo here are some pics, to the updated today.


Before and afters

Taken at different angles but u get the idea

a Before And After

It would've helped of i had actually posted the pics right. Here they are. ..

Swell Hell

Swell hell is real its real its real its real. Oh my goodness! Lord help me I feel like im about to pop.

Recovery is a B*tch

Not much to update. Doc called with shower instructions. I can't take a shower before sat May, 10th.

Umm im SWOLLEN & TIGHT omg. Im more stolen on my right side, seems my doc lipo'd that side more, I can tell by the bruising.

Im feeling tingling sensations near the incision, im guessing the nerves there are repairing itself.

My right thigh is swollen, don't know why. Geez louise my body took a beating, however when I look in the mirror I like what I see. I know I have a looooooong way to go before I'm truly healed, knowing this makes this process more tolerable.

Back pain......shiiiiiiiiiiiit! Enough said.

Recovery is a biotch!

pics and update :)

What to update on?! Hmmm let me think let me think let me think. Ok Idk if I mentioned this before but my right thigh is swollen, really swollen and has some brushing. it Looks more like popped blood vessels. I have brusing on my left thigh near the groin area. My outer thighs are both swollen, no paiin in either of them. I calld the Dr office he said everything I mentioned is normal.

I love my new belly, hate my belly button, hopefully I'll love it in a few weeks.

My belly is SWOLLEN even tho its hard as hell, it's hardest right up under my breast, the whole upper abdomen region. I can see my woohaa hehe and my FEET, OH MY! Doc did a great job with the lipo of hips and flanks. I'm still more swollen on one side but I did notice the swell is going down.

I'm still taking my antibiotics, I have zero pain. I'm lying, my back erupts as soon as I stand up, I'm lying again, shortly after I stand up. I get tired easily. I find myself breathing differently, I'm guessing it because of my swollen tummy.

What else what else, I'm still walking hunched over, duh its only been four day's. I went to the bathroom, tmi I know. Passed some stool, been drinking prune juice and water.

I notice I can't eat as much as I used to, I'm eating smaller portions.

Bruising, I'm bruised mostly on my right side, the side that has the most swelling from the lipo.

I can help myself more around the house slowly but surely:) doing more for myself.

Um what else? ! That's all I can think of. Any questions feel free to ask.

Regarding my last update

Um I was sleep typing. You know how long it took me to type then proof read my last update. I would doze off wake up, type then doze off again, wake up read. Im a mess. Excuse my incorrect grammar, typos and sentences that were out of place. I think I meant to delete it, dozed off, woke up then forgot all about it lol ahh well. Shit I'm tired.

Want your bowls to love you?

Ok all the advice you read about taking stool softeners beginning 3 days before surgery, listen. Constipation have set in. Just going to the bathroom is another process. I've been downing prune juice, I know its not a stool softner but I didn't get the chance to grab some colace before surgery.

Long story short, because I see this post becoming tmi and I wanna spare u the disgust, start taking a stool softner days before the big day. Your bowels will b grateful and reward u accordingly.


Now that my tt is done, finally! I'm considering venturing into new territories. As a matter of fact, I asked Dr. ROSENFELD about lipo of my arms and upper back (bra line area) at my tt consultation. He advised an arm and back lift and mentioned that just lipoing my back and arms wouldn't tighten the skin, I have to do a lift. He did say if I chose to just lipo I can get good results but I'd get better results with lifting procedures, but now that I see how well my flanks responded to the lipo, which was one of the area I asked him about not knowing that he would do it for free, (well as part of the tt package) I'm encouraged. So at my next post op appt, Tuesday May, 13 I'll get a quote.

Any who, here's a pic from tonight, my daughter, sneaky lil creature snapped it, thank God I'm always camera ready. Still swollen, lookin a mess but what an improvement. Look at those flabby arms tho. Eeek!

Always forgetting the pic

Here it is, binder and all. ..

Off subject

Thank you all who commented on my locs. I really appreciate the kind words. I ombre them going from light at the roots to dark on the ends. I love then as well, creamy crack ( perm relaxers) will never see me again.

Back On subject

When you get a tt your woohaa gets a lift :) your SO will appreciate that ;)


Honestly, recovery from a tt is not a walk in the park. If u think that your gonna climb on the OR table then wake up with a flat beach body ready tummy, think again. Ur body will go through so many things oh my goodness, not to mention your emotions, ur mind.... I had swelling in my thigh going from my groin area to a few inches above my knees. Bruising in areas that's in a totally different region than my tummy amongst other things. I mean seriously, approach this sx with a prepared mind. Research research research, b informed, read other folks experiences. Your mind, body and emotions will appreciate ur effort. Truuuust me!

Pics pics pics

So I just wrote a looong update about numbness, swelling, my journey for the past week and my prayer to sweet baby Jesus but somehow it got deleted :( Anyway got some pics for you all.

As always pray for me as I pray for you and I thank you all so very much for your words of encouragement, your support and your prayers. I really do appreciate it. Xoxo

Wooosaaah... calming techniques to calm ur nerves

Distraction, try anything that will distract you. Something that u know will take your mind off of sx. Breathing sloooowly, in through ur nose slowly for 3 sec, hold for 5 sec then out through ur mouth for three sec. Try this the morning ofsurgery as well. Keep ur shoulders relaxed, folks tend to tense up when stressed, nervous or anxious. Positivity, keep reminding yourself of why you're doing this. Think about ur transformation and how happy, sexy and more secure you will feel. If none of that works, tune out. Put on some music, relax and let your mind wonder. Happy thoughts, think happy thoughts lol.

Pics of incision and swelling

Was told that I can take a shower no earlier than today. Oh gosh that shower was everything. Some of the tape came off revealing my incision. It's still raw as u can see from the pics. Now that parts of the incision is revealed u can see how swollen I am. Put a pin in me im about to pop.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of the great mom's on RS


I just took a shower and ALL the tape is finally off. Yes! Wait, idk how I feel about that. Sigh, so many things to worry about. The most important thing is I'm doing my part. Which includes. ..

1 showing with antibacterial LIQUID soap

2 using hands only NO wash rags, sponges etc

3 - 2 clean towels, one to pat dry my incision and one for the rest of my body, using a clean towel every day/night.( You can use a clean hand towel for your incision, easier to handle)

4 let incision air dry completely before getting dressed (I walk around in a robe with nada under)

I wouldn't wash my hair in the shower for the first few weeks either.

I'm sure I'm leaving something out, if I am I'll update. Happy healing and God bless.
Pics tomorrow :)

Incision update w/ pics

So, as I've mentioned in a Previous update of mine, all the tape came off of my incision. There are a few raw spots that I'm waiting on to crust over, cant wait! Friday coming I'll b 2 weeks post op. I'm still praying that I'll remain infection/complication free, God's willing.

Went to my post op doctor visit yesterday dr. Nachman said "beeeeeeautiful belly" I tend to agree. He did a great job, big improvement from how my belly was before.


Can I just say this?! Ima say it anyway, swell hell is a mutha. Ohmygoodness! I mean, pre surgery u read about it, watch videos of folks complaining about it but u really don't grasp the intensity of it until you're experiencing it for yourself. Well, let me speak for myself. Jeez Louise! It's Crazy insane the amount of swelling I have going on. .. and also in my COOCH, oh my! My poor cooch has seen better days. Yes, she got a face lift which was an added benefit but the poor thing is swollen to the Max. Put a pin in her She'll pop.

Tightness is another thing. Oh goodness gracious, sometimes I'm afraid to take a deep breath, whenever I do I feel like my belly is about to. .... nevermind. I hope I'm not scaring u lovely folks. The surgery is totally worth it in my opinion but good God almighty swell hell is just that, hell.

Prayers up everyone!

Bb infection

Ok so I come bearing bad news. It seems as though my bb has decided it wanted to throw a wrench in my complication free recovery and got itself an infection. Between it, moisture or my cg/binder one of them decided they were about to just wreck sh*t. Ok so it's been going head to head with antibiotics.

I have a pic, really horrible to look at ugh. My sutures are still in, they're disolvable. I asked my ps yesterday if it's possible that the sutures are causing the infection but he insists its moisture coupled with the binder squishing the skin around my bb trapping the moisture. We'll see what's the outcome by the end of the week if not sooner.

Will keep you posted.

infected bb pic

Um ok, I know I added the photo w/ a caption but it decided not to show up on my previous post, guess it's embarrassed cause it decided to go n get an infection. Any way, here's the pic of the thing.


Not showing

Ok so I've tried 3x and the bb pic isn't showing, idk why. I'll try again soon.

Trying again

Fingers crossed that the bb pic shows

BB update

First of all, thank you to everyone who reached out and showed concern about my infected bb. I really do appreciate it.

Second of all, my bb looks a lot better. I've been keeping it clean, I shower with an antibiotic soap, I put about a cork full of Dettol in the soap. Dettol is an antiseptic. I still only use my hands, no wash cloths. I tried going without my cg/binder for a while, ended up wearing it only to work because it seems like I've developed a small seroma on the left side of my belly. I'm not really concerned about that tho, if it persists I'll mention it to my ps at the next appt, maybe he'll stick a syringe in me and shuck all that fluid out. .. if it is in fact a seroma.

No new changes, still super swollen and TIGHT like a mutha. I'm flat down by my pubic area but my upper abdomen bulges out. I'm somewhat disappointed about that. I don't think it's all just swelling, I'm guessing a lot of it is fat. Nothing a lil diet and exercise or *cough* lipo can't fix. Lol

Here's a pic of my bb, looks much better but can't wait for those dang stiches to fall off.

Update on TT bulge and weight loss

Ok since my last update I've lost 6 pounds and it seems all six pounds came from that bulge I mentioned I had in my upper ab area. My bulge is getting flatter and flatter and I thank God because I didn't want to have to spend more money on liposuction to get the results I wanted.

I am currently on another weightloss journey. I want to lose at least another 30 pounds. If you read my story then u know that I would usually bounce around at 189-190 but my highest weight was 220. Lord have mercy! I'm 5'1 yall so can you imagine all that weight on my small frame? As of this morning I weigh 173.2 round of applause. ..lol

Anyway I didn't change much, I still eat the same but I watch my portions And walk walk waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk.
Here's what Im currently doing...

1 never skip breakfast, if Im eating carbs that day I eat it during breakfast or lunch that way I can burn it off during the day. Remember, in the body carbs are broken down into glucose, glucose is sugar and sugar is the devil. Yup.

2 water water water, with a dash of lemon juice, helps your digestive system and lemon juice and fat don't get along very well. ;)

3 I drink 3 cups of green tea a day (google all the benefits of green tea) I'll add some Lemon juice (helps to cut fat), a dash of cayenne pepper (boosts metabolism) and organic honey (google all the benefits) major fat burning tea... as a matter of fact Google all the benefits of all the ingredients

4 I don't eat anything after 8 pm nor do i drink anything but water past that time.

5. Veggies, fruits, protein, water. I load up on those. .. Sugar, saturated fats (cakes, donuts etc), carbs (rice, bread etc), some dairy and oil I limit DRASTICALLY. I will say this tho, no food is off limits, I'm not on a diet I'm watching what I eat, big difference. Diet? Why would I punish myself like that? What I do is load up on healthy choices but if ever I get the urge to have some fries or a piece of cake then I portion it and don't eat unhealthy foods too often.

6 I snack on nuts, fruits, rice cakes or even those fruit bars. (Always check food labels for portion sizes, fat and calorie info) .... and pineapple, the super fruit. It helps the digestive system digest food faster and helps speed up your metabolism amongst other things, Google my friends.

That's all I can think of right now, I'm drawing a blank, I'll post more tips soon. But I'll post the pics of my belly, the bulge is going away, Thank God.

Tummy bulge

I just realized that I never took/posted a pic of the bulge I complained about so now you all didnt get a before pic to compare the afters to. Sry about that.

TT Update

Im a month and change post op and all is going well. Bb looking much better and is healing. I'm still dealing with swelling, I'm walking completely straight now. The doc did a good job but as I'm healing im noticing alot of things, he could have done a much better job. It seems as though he lipo'd one side more than the other, you'll see in the pics. He could have taken off more skin that way I would b flatter. On the flip side, even tho I'm not completely happy with my results my tummy has improved a whole lot. No more loose skin and I look 10x better in my clothes.

More good news, the weight is dropping, yay for that, I'm down 11 pounds.

Update 9 months later

Im 9 months post op and I am not 100% happy with my results. I'm disappointed because now I have to go back for a round 2. Plz go and follow my latest review for updates on my R2.
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Rosenfeld rushed the consultation, which was free by the way but he is excellent and does great work which trumps everything else. In the end, the finished product is what matters. Update: Also rushed my first post-op visit. As fast as I went in I went out. Honestly I was there for maybe 5 minutes, if that much. Granted he had a full room of patients waiting in the waiting area, as usual. Whether it's his brooklyn, queens or Manhattan office, i've been to all 3 mentioned, Dr.Nachman always has a full house of patients waiting. His work is excellent his staff treated me well and they are VERY professional. I love my results so far even tho I'm super super swollen.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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