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First, I am a 26 year old female who has always...

First, I am a 26 year old female who has always been healthy but since high school, I always had a few extra pounds around my stomach/love handle area. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with PCOS and I am insulin resistant (Type 2 Diabetes if you will) and have been on my medication since which has helped lose the pounds that were there. Even at my smallest, I still had a dislike for my midsection. I work out about 5x a week, trainers included and it would not get any smaller. A change in my medicine caused a weight gain of about 10 lbs. and no matter how much I worked out and dieted even harder it would not budge. I started doing extensive research on SmartLipo as I did not want to go the traditional route with the extreme bruising and not being able to get back to my normal activities. I spoke with a few family members who had taken the traditional route of lipo. I went to Dr. Breitbart for my consultation and his office staff was very welcoming and friendly. He described the procedure in detail, including post op details. I barely had any questions because he covered it all!

I finally decided to go for it and booked my date on 4/23/14 and I was so excited. I was prescribed Valium because I chose local anesthetic rather than the sedation. I took 1 pill on my way to his office and another when I got there as directed. He brought me in, marked me up and I was on the table! He started with me laying on my stomach and started my love handles. I have a high pain tolerance, so if you do not I would recommend the sedation because the injections do burn a little bit for a few seconds. After the local was injected, he started with the laser portion and then the suctioning, felt a little odd, but no pain. They stitched the 2 incision sites (so small) and had me lay on my back to start the stomach. I thought the stomach hurt a little more but I guess that depends on the person, they said more people complain about the love handles. Before long, the nurses wrapped me in my garment and I was on my way home! I had no pain as the local was still wearing off but I did have drainage, some through my belly button incision and the back (right on top of the butt area) from where he did my love handles. I took a little nap and my boyfriend took care of me the rest of the night. I was back to work the next day (I was teaching kindergarten) and really had no pain until my drive home (which took about an hour and a half with traffic), so I took a pain pill and all was good to go. I even went to dinner with a friend that night. I stuck with wearing leggings and a long cardigan with a tank top the rest of the week to work for comfort purposes.

One Week Post-Op

My first week went very well. I only took the pain medication the night of surgery just to help with sleep) and the next day on my way home from work because I had been sitting in traffic for a while. I was wearing the binder 24/7 and now that the swelling was starting to decrease, the binder was becoming too loose so I ordered the Flexees by Maidenform (like a Spanx garment, but much more comfortable-on Amazon) which the doctor approved when I went for my 1 week post-op visit. Sitting throughout the week was a little weird, not painful but just a little hard to get comfortable but really no pain at all. I saw such a drastic improvement within the first day and first week! I was so happy and I'm not even close to my final result yet! I continued wearing the Flexees garment full time for the next month and a half then part time just to work and off at night as instructed. I kept wearing it a little longer just for security LOL I was just so used to it, and it works under all clothes without any indication of a garment.

Pre-Op Pictures

Pre-op pictures before procedure (day of surgery)

One Day Post-Op Picture

One day post-op

1 Week Post-Op Pictures

1 Week Post-Op Pictures :-) so happy!

Weeks 2-4

I am back to the gym on Monday (surgery was Wednesday) and felt great. I didn't go too crazy as I was still a little nervous but it felt good to get back in there so quickly (I do cardio kickboxing classes). The flanks had a funny tingling sensation when jogging the first month or so but went away after that, its a pretty sensitive area. Workouts got so much easier with all that flab gone haha I have so much more energy and much more motivated now! Loving this! I didnt go too heavy on the weight lifting until about 3-4 weeks in, just lighter than what I normally lift to get my body to adjust and heal :) I bought an extra garment to wear to the gym too which helped hold me in during workouts until I was allowed to wear them part time haha

2 months post-op and so happy!

I have since stopped wearing my garment and feel so amazing. I have been accomplishing my workouts with more ease since prior to my surgery and feel great. The doctor says still a little swollen and I'll see more and more results up to the 6 month mark. I have so much more confidence in myself and my body, as before the surgery I would barely un-dress in front of my boyfriend with the lights on and would cry all the time because I was so unhappy. My boyfriend noticed a huge difference after about 2 weeks when we went to a party and he keeps telling me how small I am. He says he can't pinch my sides anymore because nothing is there ! HAHA :-) so happy and loving my new body!

3 months post-op

Hi all! I hope everyone is enjoying summer, it always seems to go so quick! I just passed my 3 month post-op mark and wanted to share some new pictures and updates! I am feeling so amazing and can not be more thrilled right now. The doctor says I am still a little swollen and that will go down of course. My workouts are much easier without my "spare-tire" in my way, LOL! I forgot to mention my doctor gave me VitaMedica pills which help with swelling, healing and bruising after surgery, which helped a lot. I really had minimal bruising after surgery. I had 2 tiny bruises on my lower back where he had the incisions for my love handles (about the size of a quarter) and a small bruise on my lower stomach, but was gone within a week. I have much more confidence now and I'm not shutting off the light to change in front of my boyfriend anymore either haha! Prior to surgery there were days I would just be so upset and cry about how I looked and I just felt awful. I would never change in front of my boyfriend unless it was dark in the room, and during intimacy I'd always be afraid of how I looked :-/ Now, I have so much confidence (hey, there are some days when you have salt and don't feel your best but we all have those days don't we?) and now I can change in front of him and enjoy being intimate much more instead of worrying how I look from each angle as I did before. We have been together for 7 years and he has been so loving through all of this, even through my crying :) If anyone is considering SmartLipo, I would absolutely recommend as it has changed me for the better and I am so happy with my new body! I am just so happy now and always smiling and not worrying about covering up or being so self-conscious as I was before surgery. Feeling great and so happy :) Enjoy what's left of summer everyone! I'll post an update soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)

3 month pictures

Side pic and front stomach are taken in my bathroom lol, stomach one looks funny bc of sun coming through window

Side by side is from my Dr, February pic was during consultation and July post op visit :)

4 month update :)

Hi all :) I hope everyone is enjoying what is left of summer, it went by too fast! This week I didn't get to the gym as much as I'd hoped I would but tomorrow is a new week! I wanted to post a picture of my scars, which are so small. For my flanks, my doctor made 2 small incisions above my butt which are healing well. One for abs is on the inside top of my belly button which you can barely see and 2 that were hidden in my tattoos by the bikini area so you can't even tell where those are. Last night my boyfriend and I were at a party and I wore my first "fit and flare" dress as I've never had/worn one prior to surgery, I never had the body for it. I was so happy to wear it (although I think it needs to be hemmed now that I've seen pictures lol) and I wasn't feeling too "skinny" yesterday but my boyfriend was so happy to see me in it and to see me happy :) it's really amazing to see how much happier and how much more confident I am now than pre-op when I was crying all the time. I'm still a little swollen but I'll keep drinking my water, eating right and hitting the gym to get the best results I can :) Here are some pictures of me in my dress and my scars that are above my butt :)

My 27th Birthday :-)

Just wanted to do a quick update, my birthday was the 8th woohoo and I'm about 4 1/2 months post op. Had a great birthday weekend with my boyfriend and family! Saturday morning we actually did our tomato crushing/jarring sauce as some Italians do at the end of summer-quite a messy production haha and then we'll have fresh sauce for a full year! Saturday night my boyfriend took me to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Mangoes, delicious! And Sunday my family went to Vincent's Clam Bar which is amazing also. I've never eaten so much before and might need lipo again! Hahah jk felt a little guilt but birthdays only come once a year right?! Hope everyone is healing well and thank you to my RS friends for wishing me a happy birthday :-) xoxox I'll post some pics from my bday weekend :)
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Breitbart is an excellent doctor! Dr. Breitbart described my SmartLipo procedure in detail in all aspects and my procedure went amazingly well! I was so confident in choosing him as my doctor and I am so satisfied with his work. His expertise speaks for itself and it is no wonder he has many awards for being a top surgeon! Thank you!!!!! I am beyond happy with my results so far and it is a dream come true! I can not thank him enough!

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