Tattooed Eyebrows and Upper Eyeliner - Manhasset, NY

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I've been thinking about permanent cosmetics on...

I've been thinking about permanent cosmetics on and off for years. 2 years ago a coworker (and now friend) told me about Olga Lucia and how she had tattooed her eyebrows and did lash enhancement (a thin upper eyeliner to bring out the lashes). I couldn't believe it when she told me! Her eyebrows looked so natural and her eyeliner was so mild it did exactly as it was intended too; bring out her lashes and only that! Her Permanent make up inspired me to actually research into this. I came to the same conclusion that she did with Olga Lucia CPCP, FAAM, CMI being the most qualified professional with the best results!

I am on the go nonstop and often don't have time to get to patiently and meticulously apply a nice face of makeup (or even the basics) before I have to run out the door to a job, meeting, etc. To be able to wake up with the basics done already is AMAZING!

I booked my appointment a few months in advance to save up and prep myself for embarking on this new adventure of permanent make up application. I'm heavily tattooed on my body but my face was a whole different ballgame. And I came to find out it was a whole different experience as well! The machine that Olga used to tattoo my eyebrows and eyeliner isn't the traditional tattoo machine (typically a coil machine is used in normal body art tattoos). Her machine looks like a thick pen and is almost silent sounding. The closest resemblance to a tattoo machine was the familiar, but extremely more mild, buzzing noise of the power supply/needle movement.

First a layer of a type of lidocaine cream is applied to my closed upper eyelids. Then she did a quick outline and super fast fill on my eyebrows, then applied the lidocaine cream to my eyebrows as well. Once that was applied there was ZERO PAIN or discomfort while she was tattooing. Even that first pass on my eyebrows without the lidocaine cream was a breeze compared to any regular tattoo. She then full outlined and filled my eyebrows with a powder shading effect.

Once she completed my eyebrows she wiped the cream off of my eyelids and began tattooing the upper eyeliner. Although there, again, was NO PAIN, the eyeliner was a little more intense feeling (for me) because that's when my anxiety kicked in. But just like my eyebrows, only a mild vibration was felt and before I knew it it was all done! I LOVE IT!!!!

Directly after and during healing process the, eyebrows especially, are very dark. They will lighten up in about a week to the perfect tint that was originally agreed upon with Olga! I am so happy that I did this! I LOVE my results and will post pics throughout my healing process. I hope this helps anyone interested or nervous about the procedure. Olga Lucia in Manhassett New York is AMAZING and I recommend her to everyone.

And for anyone price shopping, remember that tattoos are NEVER something you want to price shop for. You get what you pay for, and your face isn't where you want to cut corners!

The day after

Woke up today- no pain. Thankfully, no pain all day as well, just swollen upper eyelids. The swelling has gone down a lot throughout the course of the day too. I'm still thrilled that I did this and I can't wait to see the healed results!!

Day 4

Today is day four and the swelling is all gone! The only downside is a still look like a cartoon villain while I wait for my eyebrows to fully heal and the color to lighten up hahaha. So worth it!!! The shape is on point I can't believe it still! The color is getting lighter day by day. I'm starting to get itches now and then but it feels just like a normal healing tattoo. I can't wait until they are fully headed!

On Sunday at 6 days post

Sunday was the start of normal looking brows!! No more sharpie look or cartoon villain!! Just perfect shape and excellent fill! I love my results!!

9 days post

Perfection!!!!! The pictures don't do them complete justice, but the color is balanced out and I couldn't be happier!!

3 month touch up!

I went to see Olga yesterday for my free 3 month touch up appointment. Olga Lucia is AMAZING; I completely trust her! She touched up my eyebrows for any loss of pigmentation during the healing process as well as my upper lid eyeliner. I can't wait for everything to heal again. Today is the end of day 1 after tattoo again and I'm a little swollen. My left eyelid is more swollen than my right but that's because I think she did a little more tattooing on my left eyelid during the touch up and a tend to lay on my left side when sleeping. I'm hoping that by tomorrow morning the swelling will decrease more. I'm just have to stay hydrated and on top of my anti-inflammatories!

Day 4 after touch up

All swelling and tenderness has gone away! A little scabbing left but not much. Brows are still a little dark while the scabs flake away but much more bearable to walk around without wearing my disguise glasses to hide them hahaha. I am so happy and can't wait for 3 more days so I can wear eye makeup again and really show these bad boys off!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

7 days post

No more scabs on my eyebrows or eyelids!! I've been using coconut oil during the first 4/5 days. My eyebrows have lightened up A LOT but I know they will bounce back to a perfect pigment over the next week! I'm so happy!

Olga Lucia, CPCP, FAAM, CMI, Esthetician- Micropigmentation Specialist

Olga Lucia, CPCP, FAAM, CMI, Esthetician- Micropigmentation Specialist

10 days after touch up

I am 99% healed! A flake or two is found on either my eyebrow or eyeliner at this point, but other than that, the color seems to have leveled out and everything is smooth and perfect looking!

5 mo after tattoo/ 2.5 mo after touch up

So it's been 5 months since my eyebrows were initially tattooed and it's been about 2.5 months since I've had the touch up tattoo done on them. I LOVE my results! Like I've said in my other posts, the healing stage (about a week long) is a little rough only because it's so dark and bold at first. But like the ugly duckling, a week or 2 later and the scabs shed (on their own- DON'T EVER PICK THEM!!) revealing the most beautiful, perfect shaped and filled NATURAL looking brows. I am constantly receiving compliments on them and I couldn't be happier with them! Here are some updated pics of my fully healed eyebrows. Sorry for the wonky eyes in the pics- haha it's a little difficult trying to take head on shots of your own eyebrows. Good luck ladies!!
Olga Lucia CPCP, FAAM, CMI

Olga Lucia is AMAZING! She is smart, sweet, and knows what you need! Not only is she a Permanent Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist and a Certified instructor of the AAM (micro pigmentation) but she also originally practiced as an Optomitrist!!!! Who could ask for a more qualified person!? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!

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