39 Y/o with 2 Kids and 23 Years Later, Finally Having a Mommy Makeover in Manhasset, NY

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Well I've been plain a tummytuck and a breast lift...

Well I've been plain a tummytuck and a breast lift in my head for the longest ( 23 years to be exact). After giving birth to my first child, I knew I there was some adjustment needed with my lady lumps and stomach. So I vowed to one day to fix my breast and tummy. I've lived with saggy skin and breast; a stomach full of stretch marks for 23 years. I've never won a two piece bathing suit or a crop top. I've always been a confident girl and as long as my husband loved me I lived with my imperfection. Deep down there was a sad women who was a not confident and wanted to look better. Well, my vision broad is coming to reality. My time has finally arrived! I finally scheduled my mommy makeover and I am scared, nervous, in stock and happy at this same time. I just can't believe in 2 days my dreams will come true.

I originally wanted to traveling to Florida for a cheaper deal on TT / BL but I truly did not want to leave my family behind, so I followed my gut and canceled my trip to Florida and started a new research in NYC. So after visiting a few PS, I've decided to allow Dr. Arnold S. Breitbart, MD, FACS to work his magic with his gifted hands. In less than 3 days, He will change my body from the neck down from a wrinkled and saggy queens to a more youthful looking Newmama39. I will be back soon with updates and pictures.

Day 3: Mommy Makeover

Well I survived the first 2 days post surgery. The first day was not so bad like I mention. My transition from Prohealth Ambulatory Surgical Center in Long Island, NY to home was smooth and easy. When I arrived home I was up and walong around. I actually felt ok. Day 2 well let's say was much different. I was experiencing a lot of pain because in was trying to be a hero ha. I realize that I needed to take my pain meds every 4 hours. I once did that, everything felt better and I had faith all over again.

Day 3 feeling much better and looking really good.

I'm much more active today and feel much better.

Day 4: Feel really good and look oh so fab

Day 3 into day 4 was mush better. Taking my pain meds every 4 hours as prescribed really made a difference. I am able to get out of bed today with less effort and I'm walking a little faster. Thank God for strong arms and legs, this help getting out of bed very easy. So start doing your push ups and squats lol. Now I truly believe that one's overall health is a major factor in the healing process. The healthier you are the faster your recovery!

Any who.... I feel l much better today. So better that I decided to strip off my surgical bra and abd binder for cleaning purposes and to was up a little. I saw my naked body in front of a long mirror today for the first time and couldn't believe my eyes. I was so surprised how beautiful my new breast and stomach looked. I thought i was dreaming or still doped up from pain meds so I asked hubby to take a picture. The look in his eyes and the dirty grin on his have face said it all! He said I looked great and asked how did my surgeon do that? I turned around slowly and walked away and holding back tears of joy!

Day sick post my mommy makeover

Day 6: an update on my new body
Day 6 is going well. I feel fabulous I can really see Dr. Arnold Breitbert's vision for my body, I can see the vision too and I love it so much. I'm still in shock right now, cant believe I had surgery of my dreams. I finally did it and I have no regrets. So far everything is going great, SWELLING is going down. Less discomfort. I have I'm wearing another supportive binder to help support my back and pressure in my belly, it feels so good and not comprising my PS work and my health. I'm eating better and healthier, lot of tea, water shakes, wheat and protein. I hope I have a bowel movement today because because it's really time to release 5 days worth of cramp. I'm resting as much as possible. No more pain meds...yay, I'm doing it by myself now, so that's a plus. and I'm really excited for what day 7 going to be bring and I'm also excited to see my PS, hopE the drainage comes out, we'll see. So I'm home today, I'm not going anywhere, maybe for a walk or walk the dog or something but I do plan on resting. I will be back again with an update. Be patient.

Day 7: No More House Robe

Feeling GREAT. Still moving slow but was able to get today real give MYSELF a good sponge bath. No more house robe and wearing comfortable house attire. I still have a little mucus in my lungs, but it's thinning out and clearing up. Im smoving a little faster than yesterday for sure, but still taking my time to get up from sitting position or recline position. I did a little house work, simply wiping down the bathroom, ooh I can't wait to clean the house lord these boys are messy. I'm up an cooking has well, after this post in the kitchen I go to make eggs and coffee, I love me some coffee. Anyway the outlook is fab, remember take it easy and be patient and believe!

We all need a little encouragement

A quote to inspire those with no patience.

Day 1 week post op

today is Tuesday, February 23 , 2016 and I am one week post op and feeling wonderful. Walking much faster and getting up from sitting and sleeping position with less discomfort, I am doing very well.

I saw my PS today and he removed one drainage and hopefully next week I can remove the second drainage. it actually felt good to remove one drainage. I'm more comfortable more relaxed now with one foreign object inside me. Still taking sponge bath because I don't want to tamper with the drainage even though my PS said I can shower.

I tried on a few tops and bottoms and loved the results so far. I haven't seen my belly button yet, I think that will be an emotional day for me. Well that's all for now RS farm but will keep you posted as the days and weeks go bye. Patience ladies, patience is a virtue.

Week 3 Post Op

This is me at 3 weeks and feeling good. I'll feel great when the final drainage come out. The drainage irritates me and I am just tired of it. So far no complications to report. Aside from the swelling, tightness and bulging related to the TT, I feeling good at week 3
I'm so happy I took 3 weeks off From work. It really gave me time to get back on track and heal a little. I have a sitting job so not much activity isn't required, just mental work. I plan to organize a week worth of work attire to help me transition to work mode again and not having to put in to much energy looking for something to wear.

So I love my new breasts, my girls are perfect, I look good naked but now I need to lose a few pounds, about 15. My goal for this week, 5 pounds. So it's smoothie and salads for me.

I'll be back in a few days with some more pictures. For those who are scheduled for surgery I wish you guys all the best good luck and be patient.

Tummy Tuck Update...Weight Loss and Loose Skin.

Hello ladies it's been 2 and halts months since my mommy makeover and I'm going to be very honest I look much better than before. My only regret is not losing the weight not being at my ideal weight prior to surgery. I was 173.6 going into surgery, I gained 8 pounds after surgery from eating and sleeping so that brought me to 180. I am now 170 and I look even better I have some areas where there is a bulge and fat pockets which is common after surger. Yesterday was my third visit and my PC said to wait till six months for final results because I am still swollen and I have lots of numbness in the lower abdominal area. If anything I can have some Liposuction in and September. I'm still not done losing weight, my goal is 160 so I am afraid of what my my stomach and breast is going to look like. I definitely think I'm going to need a revision to make my breast tighter and to pull some skin down because I'm already seeing loose skin when I bend over and I can really see that I've lost some Volume in my breast. well I have because my breast was 38 inches and now it's like 37 and my waist was 36 and now it's 34 and still shrinking. But overall I'm happy.
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

I've read nothing but great reviews about Dr. Arnold S. Breitbart. When I finally met Dr. Arnold S. Breitbart, and his staff, I knew instantly that he would be the doctor of choice. I felt the positive energy , the vibration and went with my gut! He was very patient and answered all my questions. He sat me down in his office and thoroughly went over the procedures and how it will be performed. He showed me before and after pictures of his great work. His staff was very pleasant, soft spoken and helpful. It was an instant decision, my search was over and there is no turning back! 3 weeks post op and I am very happy with my breast lift and tummy tuck aka a mommy makeover. 99 % of my fears never took place because Dr. Breitbart did a spectacular job at transforming my postpartum body into something beautiful. I am so glad that I selected Dr. Arnold Breitbart, his work is truly amazing.

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