32 Year Old Mom of 2 Ready for Modified Mommy Makeover! - Manhasset, NY

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Throughout my life, I was a bit on the big side....

Throughout my life, I was a bit on the big side. But, in high school, I hit my highest weight at 198lbs and since then, I've been on many fad diets and had lots of problems with food but finally, after college and marriage and 2 kids, I've obtained a healthy lifestyle. At 5'8" ~145lbs, my husband and I decided now would be a good time for this procedure.
Through real self, I've found my dr and am taking the plunge in December. At this point, I just hope that surgery goes well, there are no complications, minimal scarring and fast recovery. I also hope I'll be mentally strong for this and hope for support from my friends and family.

Feeling unprepared

Thanks to fellow realselfer @angiemcc, I just got thinking about really preparing for the mommy makeover. My husband has been absolutely supportive of my decision and he is even warning me and himself that I will probably be an emotional mess right after surgery. (I even joked around with him apologizing to him for my actions after surgery already and told him I hope we don't end up divorced after my procedure.) We laughed about it now but I really do worry about that. However, he will be working long hours throughout my recovery time so I am relying on my sister and parents to help me around the house and with the kids. I just worry because I figure I'm going to need help with going to the bathroom and taking a shower the first week or so but my sister gets queasy easily and my mom is not 100% on board with my decision to undergo MM. But then again, she thought I was getting gastric bypass surgery for a really long time. It made a lot of sense when I found out that's what she thought I was getting. She kept telling me I was of normal weight and I shouldn't have to take extreme measures... She just found out last week that what my surgery was going to be for. She seemed a bit more relieved after I explained to her but she's still been giving me a guilt trip about the procedure. But, I know my mom. At the end of the day, she is going to be the one who'll be taking care of me so I hope she can just support me inwardly and outwardly throughout this journey. I digress.

I have been looking at supplies I need and will start gathering. Thank you for reading!

How much contact should I have with my surgeon?

Hello everyone! So, my procedures are scheduled for 4 weeks from now. I have been trying to prepare for it but I just don't feel ready at all.

I haven't gone to see any other surgeon before my current ps and I'm wondering whether that was the right thing to do. Furthermore, I called the office today to make my pre op appt for 10 days before the procedure and I asked the receptionist/assistant if there is a list of things I should get ready before my surgery. She said no and that everything I need will be provided. Is this how things go normally or should I have more contact with the ps office? Am I just panicking? All input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Weight loss before surgery

Ian currently at around 145lbs right now. Before surgery, I hope to be at 135-140. I have been working out a little. Losing weight is one thing but I really want to strengthen my back and be stronger so recovery would be faster.
I had a talk with my mom this morning and she is still not thrilled about it but I think she's accepted that I am doing this. She asked me exactly what I'm getting done and I told her about the tummy tuck and lipo but I just couldn't tell her about the BA and BL. I know in her mind she will be seeing hugeeeee implants and she may freak out. Gosh, at 32, I feel like a teenage girl again, hiding things from my mom. I figure I'll ease her into it.
Overall, I feel good and I'm still hoping surgery will go well and I'll say good by to this ripply tummy for good!

Meeting my ps this week

I have been kinda freaking out for the past week or so. I have read so many more reviews on rs with people who have experienced complications. I am mentally preparing for things that may go wrong and I don't know if I can handle it.
This morning, I saw the pooch I've had for so long but a scarless tummy, which felt so smooth. And, I got to wondering whether I would be okay with having a huge scar forever. And, not knowing where exactly the scar would be scares me. I have been thinkin of questions to ask my ps but I will write it down today so I don't forget anything.
I hope to sort everything out but I'll keep you posted.

Still undecided about TT or lipo

So, I am 2 weeks away from my surgery. I am freaking out because I am still undecided on my TT. I like the idea of a TT and having a flat tummy but he uncertainty of he scar is still bothering me. I talked to my ps and it seems like the scar will be place low enough but yesterday, I read a review one of his previous patients posted in which her scar started widening after four months. And, my surgeon's pictures don't show any scars however, the one she posted up looked zigzag. It's really got me spooked. Do you think it would be weird for me to show my plastic surgeon her picture and ask what went wrong??? I just cannot imagine going through the ordeal of having a tummy tuck and having a horrible scar and not a very flat tummy.

But, I plan on talking to him and asking him if he can just give me a straight scar. And, if he can lipo a lot of the flank so I have more of a waist and look a lot trimmer.

And, last night, I read somewhere that you may not be able to get a straight scar if you don't have enough excess skin... I have been trying to be more fit before surgery but if that is the case, I'm wondering if I need to stop exercising and trying to tone up my abdomen.

Anyways, I am super psyched for this week. My sister is visiting, Thanksgiving, getting our Christmas tree and putting up Christmas decorations!!! I really hope to get everything figured out before this week is over.

Modification in Procedures

Since my last post, I went to see my ps a couple of times to discuss whether the tummy tuck is really for me. I have read so many reviews of such strong women on rs who can endure so much afterwards but honestly, I have been so scared about it, I couldn't get myself to commit. And, I guess, I kept going to see my ps, hoping he would tell me that I don't need to get a full TT and that we can have other options. He did mention during our first consult that we can consider smart lipo. So, after much consideration and reading review after review, I decided that I will be going that route instead. I will still be undergoing BA and BL but it will be done at different times. I hope the smart lipo will really bring me flat or at least very close to flat. I have read many different reviews about it but I'm just hoping for the best. I trust that my doctor will take good care of me!

Btw, Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone!

Smart Lipo Post Days 1 and 2

As many reviewers mentioned, the first day was rough. I was in a lot of pain and I couldn't eat anything. But day 2 was much easier and I took one Vicodin in the evening when I started feeling pain again. As for the results: day one was disappointing. I didn't see much improvement and I thought I would already go in and ask for modifications. But, day 2 seems to be much better. My tummy is not as flat as I would like it to be but it's definitely smaller and my thighs!!! I can definitely see the difference in my thighs, which I'm ecstatic about. For now, im really glad I got this done and I hope I can be patient and get better ans better results as time goes by.

Day of BA BL

So drowsy and in a lot of pain. The pain from this procedure is a lot more than from the smart lipo. I have been taking half a pill of Vicodin to ease the pain. My sister and husband are helping me out. thank God. I'm so curious because my breasts are all bandaged up and I can't see anything. I have my first post op appt tomorrow with the dr.

The most annoying thing right now is wearing the CG. I can't hook the twenty hooks every time I have to pee. But it's ok. I'm just thankful everything ended well.

Post Op Day 3 BA and day 11 for smart lipo

The pain from BA has subsided but there is still some discomfort from the procedure, as expected. I am still waiting for smart lipo results. It does seem minimal at this point. My breasts are so swollen and itchy but I am hoping for a speedy recovery. I took a shower yesterday, which was wonderful. Will keep posting pics and results.

I just have lumps from lipo on my abdomen. Wondering what I should do about it.

Smart lipo 4 week, BA BL 3 week post up update

Weeks 2-3, I was itchy, irritable, my breasts were tight and I was just in discomfort overall. Week 4 has been a lot more manageable. The itchiness subsided for the most part and the swelling on my breasts went down a lot.

i got an ok from my dr to at least do the elliptical without arm movement. I did that on Sunday and this past week, I've been walking and it's been great.

i ate so much last week due to holiday parties andChristmas and all. I Didn't go too crazy but it did feel good to work out again.

I hope everyone has a great New Years eve and a very blessed happy new year!

More pic

7.5 weeks PO

It's been really great the past few weeks. I have been running 4x/week and have finally been cleared to wear regular bras. Yay! And, my jeans size went down to a 27-28!

However, my lower abdomen is still not where I want it to be. I am being patient and am waiting for that 4 month mark but I'm ok. I do see differences in abdominal contour on a weekly basis.

The only thing was I had my period last week and the bloating was really discouraging... I really thought I wasted all my money and I was convinced that there was no progress but that was only the stinky hormones!

What I like about smart Lipo is that is has encouraged me to start working out and keep at it since I do see results.

I will keep you posted again. Thanks for reading.

3 months PO

Things are evening out. I am liking my shape more. I Feel like a different person... I can't believe it has only been 3 months. I just hope my stomach flattens out more.

One year post

It's been about a year since my smart lipo procedure. I have still been working out and try eating better but it seems my abdomen just doesn't look any better. I think I may have to revisit my doctor.

My weight has been around the same as before lipo so I don't know why it seems like fat is accumulating on my abdomen again.

Can anyone answer whether I will look like I was back in March???

Thanks for any input!

Smart Lipo worth it!

I didn't know whether smart lipo really worked or not. Honestly, after the procedure, I got lax about my diet and workouts after a few months and my body showed it.

I posted about whether I need to go I. For another touch up and thankfully, some of the Drs on realself told me to HIT THE GYM! That I did. I have been strength training and running and upped my protein and have been on the right track again.

Now, I'm back to the results I liked after the smart lipo.
I guess I just wanted to let people who were considering smart lipo that my abs wouldn't have shown any muscle definition no matter how much I worked out in the past. But now, I can see it but only with the proper diet and exercise. It's definitely an aid in weight loss and maintaining weight loss but again, it's not a miracle worker that'll allow you to make the wrong choices again and again.

I attached the photo from the most recent pic next to the pic I found when I was really ecstatic about the results. The difference is the more recent one is from exercise and healthy eating while the previous pic was taken with very limited diet and crazy cardio... Which did not work in the long run. At the end of the day, I'm happy that after smart lipo, I can actually see the results of my hard work.
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