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Hi! I am a 34 female. I am 5'10 & 145 lbs....

Hi! I am a 34 female. I am 5'10 & 145 lbs. I jog 2 miles a day, 6x per week but can never get rid of my stubborn muffin or poochy lower belly after 2 precious children and 2 c-sections! I finally did CoolSculpt yesterday!

The hips/muffin only hurt for a few seconds when the vacuum sucked the fat in. She put it on the HIGHEST level because I am on the thin side and we wanted the best results! I did bruise, but after the initial pain of the vaccum, there was no more pain during the one hour per side. Only other pain on the hip was the "massage" afterwards and then the bruises are a touch sore *just like any bruise would be* today. It's a little numb but does not bother me a bit. Taking advil before and after helped...

The STOMACH area is a whole other story. When I tell you the vacuum HURT LIKE HELL, that would be an understatement. It was on FULL STRENGTH. It was almost unbearable and I was about to tell her to get it off! BUT, she said in 5 minutes it would be over. I cried through it and it stopped! It felt like my belly button was being detached and sucked into this machine! I have a sensitive belly button- like when you poke inside your belly button and it is tender x 1000. Then, I just felt intense cooling that felt like a sunburn/frost bite but no real pain anymore for the rest of the hour treatment. UNTIL, she removed the machine. OUCH! It was like a sunburn stuck to a leather seat or something! The massage afterwards was awful, but only 1 minute. I almost fainted...I was dizzy so I layed there for a few minutes. Then, like magic, the pain disappeared and I walked out of there 10 minutes later feeling great. I have NO bruising on my belly which shocked me since my hips are black and blue!

I SURE hope it's worth it! I doubt I will EVER do the belly again, but the hips were very tolerable. My intense pain may have had to do with the fact I had two previous c-sections, but I think it just hurt like hell because skin is being pulled into a super strong vacuum. I will post results in 3 weeks! Takes 3 weeks up to 6 months.

Don't forget a book!!! And to pee before! A book made the time go by fast because each treatment area is a whole hour and you cannot move. One time I had to pee and hold it. That sucked. So pee...a lot. I read several chapters of Fifty shades of Grey which was a plus :)

On a scale of 1-10 I rated my ab pain at a 9...but just for a few minutes :)

48 Hours After: No pain except for if I bump the...

48 Hours After:
No pain except for if I bump the bruised flanks.My bruises on the flanks are exactly the shape of where the vacuum sucked. Two perfect rectangles! Everything treated is still numb, but it doesn't bother me. I am going to try to jog today! I was scared to go yesterday because I worried the bouncing would hurt.

I hope I won't need a second treatment...cost & comfort-wise. I would do the flanks (muffin) again, but would it be worth the excrutiating pain on the tummy again? Even if I knew it would give me a perfectly flat stomach with a 6 pack, I wouldn't do the stomach area again only because of the 5 minutes of AGONY. I can't believe some people said it was painless! Right now I feel like I went through torture just for 25% fat reduction. But what will 25% look like on me? I have no idea. I have read some doctors say they have had up to 40% with one treatment. I hope that is me!!! Since she turned the vacuum up to the highest setting (hence the pain), maybe I have a shot... I was weighed before and I just measured myself since the swelling is gone.

Not sure exactly where to measure, but here's my baseline & I will post updates at 3 weeks!

Waist: 28"
Flank/Muffin Area: 38"
Lower Tummy (Over belly button): 35"

Ok- 6 days post Coolsculpt and the intense...

Ok- 6 days post Coolsculpt and the intense stinging/prickly feeling on my abdomen has been waking me up at night and bothering me off and on all day. It's strange- it hurts for a while, then stops, then starts again later. I hope that means it is WORKING. I feel nothing on my flanks/hips and the bruises have almost disappeared. There must be a lot of nerve endings in the tummy area- it's so sensitive! It's like little bee stings, but not really "painful". Just uncomfortable... Jogging has not been fun!

It's been almost 8 weeks and I see no difference...

It's been almost 8 weeks and I see no difference in my love handles...still measuring 38", but lost 1 inch in my ab (not waist)...measuring around belly button is 34" now and it was 35", waist still 27/28, but I didn't get waist done so that is expected. I am hoping that it will work on my love handles, but why haven't I lost anything yet almost two months later? I had bad bruising on love handles and intense pulling/numbing, so I expected it to melt off!

I want to do a second treatment on my love handles only, but if it did nothing the first time, not sure that is such a good decision financially? I wonder if there is a discount on a second treatment if the first didn't work at all? Maybe the 3rd and 4th month will be better! I hope so!

I had breast augmentation two weeks ago and I can't jog for 4 more weeks. I am cutting my calories so I don't gain weight, but I'm hoping the coolsculpting doesn't "mess up" since I am not exercising. I didn't think about that! I should've had coolsculpting done AFTER breast augmentation recover period.

I will post again in a few weeks with more measurements!

Measurements Before: Waist: 28" Flank/Muffin...

Measurements Before:
Waist: 28"
Flank/Muffin Area: 38"
Lower Tummy (Over belly button): 35"

Two Months Post:
Waist: 27-28
Flank/Muffin: 37"
Lower Tummy (Over belly button) 34"

Looks like I lost 1" so far :/ Hope to lose more, but I did have to quit exercising for 4 weeks b/c of Breast Aug. Now that I am joggin again I hope to seem more melt off! There is still this white/numb area that shows up after I run, in the shape of the vacuum! I hope that is a good thing! No pain or anything anymore thank goodness. That subsided at 2 weeks.
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