My Consultation is Scheduled October 8th - Mandeville, LA

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Ok .... So , I finally did it ! I finally...

Ok .... So , I finally did it ! I finally squeduled my appt. for a consultation for butt implants ! I'm super excited ! My appt . Is Tues,October 8th ! Yayyyy !!! I'm going to see a local Dr. That I was referred to by a RS friend ! I really hope I like her ! I'm about to post my sad b4 pics !!!! : (


OMG .... The anticipication is overwhelming !!!!! So many thoughts have been going through my head lately !!! I've been stuck with this sad little booty my whole life ! I've come to realize , it's a part of my identity !!! Lol !!! I'm starting to get a little nervous that I may look TOO big or like it's TOO much ! Anyone ever look in those funny mirrors at a carnival or a fair and they distort your body and do funny things to your appearance ? I'm scared I'm gonna go in with a Miley Cyris booty and come out with a Kim K's Donkey ! Lol !!! Not knockin Kim K but if Miley all of a sudden had Kims booty , I think everyone would notice she had something done ! Lol !!! Well , we all know she could definitely Twerk better !!! Lol !!!! Anyways .... Needless to say girlies , as you can see , I've got so many thoughts running through my head !!!! I am excited !!!! I'm just really , really nervous !!!! Anyone else out there felt this way ? I need advice , support , encouragement , prayers ... Valium .... Lol , lol , lol !!!!! ; )


OMG .... I can't believe it's almost here !!! I'm literally counting down the hours. !!! 17 hours and 27 minutes .... Lol !!!! Ok , I can do this ! It's just a consultation !!!! I'm so nervous though !!! I hope I don't forget anything !!!! I will keep you girls posted and update you tomorrow !!!!!! : )

MISS NO BOOTY : ((( .............

Ok , so I went for my consultation last Tuesday (October 8th) with Dr. Cooper in Mandeville Louisiana. I've been wanting to tell everyone how it went but I'm sooooo very depressed !!!! First of all let me start out by saying that Dr. Cooper is one of the sweetest Dr.s I've ever met . I've worked for several Dr.s in my past and my Brother in law and my X husbands wife are both Dr.s so I do have somewhat of a history of being around Dr.s . That being said , Dr. Cooper is soooooo sweet and caring and takes her time with you . You can tell that she's truelly concerned about you and wanting the best for you ! That all leads up to why I'm Miss noooo Booty ......... !!!!! Ok , Dr. Cooper said I'm a ver " Difficult" case ! My butt and hips are unfortunately sooooo small that I don't even fit the measurements for the smallest implants . I measure ok one way for the round and ok one way for the oval . The problem is that Dr. Cooper is concerned that I will be able to see the edges of the implants on the sides . She said I need the largest implants that we can possibly fit in their if I'm goin to get any projection .... However , I have no fat to cover the implants ! Soooo .... Next problem , I have no fat anywhere except my stomach and she says there's not much at that ! She's saying all this in the sweetest little voice as I'm feeling so defeated inside ! : ( She said she wants the absolute best for me and she can do the implants and take my money , however she feels I will be dissapointed and she does not want to do that to me ! She recommended me to Dr. Constantino in Miami . She says if anyone can do it , he can ! She says I not only need implants but every single ounce of fat that they can find on me sucked out and used to cover the area where the implants are placed ! I think my hip area is only 34 inches around and I think when she measured the area it wasn't even quite 10cms one way and I can't remember the length . The implants she had there were 290 CC's , however I think I need much larger ones to get the projection I need . I need everyone's advice ..... Please please please !!!!!! Does anyone know of any other Dr.s closer to Louisiana so that I won't have to pay the expense of flying and staying for an extended period of time ? What about Dr. Cortes ? I'm so depressed now ! I feel defeated ! I need all my RS sistas to help !!!! Please !!!!! All advice will be greatly appreciated !!!!!!!! : ))))))))

This is a pic I edited of myself on plastic surgery app ....

This is my future wish pic ! This is actually me ... Edited , lol !!!! I look soooo much better !!!!

My consultation with Dr. Cooper

My consultation with Dr. Cooper was October 8th .She is located in Mandeville Louisiana and offers a wide variety of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures . Unfortunately , she won't be performing mine . She said I'm a really complicated case and referred me to Dr. Constantino in Miami . She could've easily taken my money and not have been concerned if I was 100% happy with my results . She felt like she couldn't give me the best results possible under the circumstances . She did however go ahead and take all of my measurements and my pictures and send my file to Dr. Constantino for me . I highly recommend her and her staff ( Tanjeana , Julie and her other patient coordinator ) as soon as I remember her name I will post her name as well . They were all super friendly and helpful ! I can't say enough nice things about Dr. Cooper and her staff !!!! I highly recommend them and I will go there in the future if I need a different procedure !!!!!!

I GOT MY QUOTE FROM DR. CORTES......$11,291.00

Ok girls, I know it's been a while since I've posted anything on my page . Well , that doesn't mean nothing's been happening ! I actually haven't stopped ! The last time I posted I went for a consultation with a local Dr. In my area . She was super , super sweet but said she would be unable to perform my procedure . She found my sad little booty too hard to work on ! Lol !!!! She in essence said , "I'm gonna leave that to the big boys " ! Lol !!!! Anyways .... My journey then began to find someone else ! I haven't been posting but I've been going back and forth with Lucy at Dr. Cortes' office . I've been emailing Lucy and sending pictures and waiting for Dr. Cortes to review my profile and pictures to see if he thought he could help me ! Well fortunately .... There's hope for me after all !!!!! : ) So here's the scoop ... Ok , butt implants and fat grafting on top of the implants ! He wants me to gain 5-10 pounds and then suck out fat from wherever he can find to help sculp my butt and make it more round ! Like Lucy says , as long as my goal is realistic then I should be OK ! I don't want something huge and ginormous !!!! I just want a butt ! When you've never had anything there before at all , you are so desperate just to finally have something !!!! Ofcourse I want a nice butt , don't get me wrong but I don't want something crazzzy and not proportioned to my body ! I just want to feel pretty and complete for once in my life ... Like a woman and I really feel like Dr. Cortes can give me that !!!!


So my surgery is scheduled with Dr. Cortes on February 10th 2014 ! I have my surgery scheduled for my new booty .... Finally !!!! I've actually had it scheduled for a few weeks but just haven't updated my profile lately . I will be having butt implants and A BBL ! I'm sooooo excited !!!! I go to see Dr. Cortes on January 20th for my consultation in person since I live out of state and I go to the hospital on the 21st to get all of my blood work and everything set up there since I won't be coming back in town until the night before my surgery , which will be February 9th ! I have to be at the hospital at 5 a.m. February 10th !!!! Yayyyyyyy !!!!! I'm hoping once Dr. Cortes sees me in person that he will know exactly what will look good on my frame !

I'm a Cortes Doll !!!!!

Hi ladies ... I'm so sorry that I've been away for so long but yes , I did have my surgery ! I had the works !!! I didn't have enough fat to do a BBL only so I had 350 cc round implants with lipo and fat transfer . I'm gonna start posting some pics and updating my page as I heal ! All I can say is that if any of you have any doubts for any reason .... Don't !!!! Go for it !!! Do it !!!! I never imagined that my butt could look this good ! I've been self conscience my entire life and have wanted this for a very long time ! It is absolutely amazing to me and everyone that's close to me at the extreme difference ! I've seen so many pictures of all you other beautiful ladies and have been completely wowwwed !!!! I just never thought that could be me !!! Now I didn't want a Kim K booty and couldn't have gotten one even if I did because my hips and butt were so small to begin with ! I got so much more than I imagined I could get for my size though !! I'm astounded !! I can't say enough about how gifted Dr. Cortes is ! He is a miracle worker !!!! His staff and nurse Deanna .... LOVE HER !!!! Everyone was so good to me and went out of their way to do anything and EVERYTHING for me !!!!!! I can't say thank you enough !!!!

12 Days post op .....

Hello everyone ! I just wanted to give everyone an update on how things have been going ! I'm feeling absolutely fabulous !!! I can do anything without any restrictions and I pretty much have been able to for a whole week now . The only thing that was a little hard for me was bending over . I just feel like I've done an awesome butt and leg workout in the gym with squats, lunges and leg presses . I thought my bruising would be a lot worse than it is . I'm so surprised that it's not that bad ! I'm honestly just so amazed at my recovery process ! I just honestly can't get over how well I'm doing ! For anyone out there who is having 2nd thoughts or unsure if you should have this Surgery ... Don't hesitate any longer ! Just do it ! You won't regret it ! I found some before pics that I had been looking for that were taken at Dr. Coopers office , where my original consultation was done . She did not do my surgery but went ahead and took my pics digitally by computer so I could email them to other surgeons . These were the original pics I sent to Dr. Cortes to get my quote . Bless his heart !
I can't imagine what he was thinking when he saw these ! You will be so amazed !!!! I've put them side by side with after pics from day 10 !!! Dr. Cortes is truly a Miracle worker !!!!!!!!
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See ( My consultation with Dr. Cooper) 13 OCT 2013

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