36 Year Old 5'7 145 Lbs Yulp I Finally Did It!! 750cc memory gel HP Overs - Mandeville, LA

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36 year old mother of five wonderful children ages...

36 year old mother of five wonderful children ages 19, 18,16, 11,and 2. Who want some big boobs in her life..lol. Yes and I'm finally going to have something that I been wanting all my life boobs and I won't feel bad about spending this money on myself. Cause I don't have any boobs at all and I'm 36 and just want to feel like a woman.. I'm 5'7 145lbs 34b flat after I had my children they were huge and I loved them. I don't know what happen but there's nothing there now. So I been stalking this site for about three years and after reading all of you guys helpful reviews I decide to take the plung and do it. I am soooooo excited I can't even believe I'm writing this review. And that I will have something that I always wanted! Boobs. I will be getting 750cc textured silicone HP over. Yulp that what I want And that's what I'm going to get.lol. I don't think anyone can talk me out of this one not even my MF he's more excited then me. When i first walked in my consultation with dr Elizabeth Kinsley Dr On my pictures it's like she knew exactly what I wanted. She advised me to take my shirt off and put on the sports bra and tee shirt they had waiting for me. She then walked out the office and baby when I tell you the first thing I did was attack the draw of implants. Lol. I was looking through the draw and all them implants looked small to me so I asked her if she has anything bigger and she said we can try 600cc I was like you don't have anything bigger n low and behold I See this 800cc saline implant and I said Yulp I want to try it. I loved how they looked on me in they were saline. I read that silicone is a lil smaller than saline. So we decided on 750cc silicone HP overs dr say I will have great results. Ohhhhh weeee can't wait. my pre op appt is 02/11/16 I will then pay my balance in full. Only reason why it's not earlier is because my doc will be out of town Mardi Gras Weekend. No beads for me. I choose 750cc because I like the way they looked on me people might think they are going to be huge but they are not remember I barely have breast so they will be just right for me. I been reading a lot of reviews and the girls are 5'2 thru 5'5. No one really have my stats with the 750cc silicone textured HP over the muscle immframmary placement. Pictures coming soon as I get the guts to do so. I will tho. Until next time peeps. This right here will definitely boost my confidence. No more children for me. I'm about to snatch my body back starting with my boobs first.

ready for my 750cc silicone HP textured implants overs

finally decided to take pics. with and without 750cc rice sizers

excited and nervous all at the same time

well its finally almost my turn to transform this is really going to be a big transformation for me being that I never had boobies. hopefully I wont have boob greed. I will be getting my prescriptions and my pre-op do's and don'ts on tomorrow. will definitely keep you guys posted. happy healings to all you dolls.

my girls will be here Tuesday woo woo

few photos from my pre- op today

750cc tomorrow yeaaaahhhhhhh Me

Ok so my prescriptions are filled. Got all my pillows, oil, ice packs I will be using frozen peas as ice packs. I'm super excited and nervous. The one thing I'm really nervous about is being put to sleep never had any kind of surgery before. But I'm ready to get this over with and to see my results. I have to be at the hospital for 6:45 Tuesday morning omg thats tomorrow I'm almost there. Hope I will be able to sleep but I know I won't. Will keep you guys posted. Happy healing everyone.

I'm ready for my girls

only 8 more hours to go. super excited and nervous at the same time. so ready for this. its time for me to the love the image I see in the mirror. not only with my clothes on but off to. any who I got everything ready to go got me a few hours of sleep finally. will update you guys when my twins get here. yeaaaaah me again.

I'm ready more than ever

I'm here! See u ladies on the other side

6 hours post op

just wrote a long post n somehow got erased. smh. just want to update u ladies will give u the whole scoop later resting I need to be.
but im sooooo in love with them already.

1 day post op n loving my results so for

my doctor is the bomb! dr. Kinsley I would recommend her to everyone. she's great at what she does as u can tell. she definitely gave me my confidence back.

750cc memory gel HP over the muscle

my recovery is going pretty good no pain at all! I only took one pain pill today. they look great their soft. I ice them on the regular n by me not being able to feel the coldness of the frozen peas that im using as ice packs.it keeps the swelling down. so for I am very happy with my results.

3 days post op 750cc memory gel round HP over the muscle

everything going great! actually no pain haven't taken any pain meds today. haven't gotten the morning boobs thing I read about yet. my recovery is going great! oh n by the way they are big but I love them. my doctor gave me just what I wanted!

6 day post op 750cc memory gel round overs!

hi ladies, I am 6 days post op and no pain meds at all. I think my recovery is going so good because I got over the muscle so my muscles really didn't have to stretch. I'm still numb on my breast but I can still feel how natural and soft they feel. I did have morning boob this morning it felt like when my milk was coming in when I was pregnant but it didn't last long. I go see my dr. tomorrow to get the sutures out hope it don't hurt wish me luck. oh yes and thank all you beautiful ladies for following my journey and wishing me happy healings.

Talking about a boost of confidence! I just love my 750cc memory gel round HP overs!

my recovery is GREAT! my doctor did an awesome job! right now my breast is super sensitive to the touch. my nipples are still numb just really starting to get feeling on my breast. I get to take this tape I have on my incisions off tomorrow will update you ladies with pictures. oh by the way I love my results!
my stats
36 years old 5 kids 5'6 145 lbs was 34 flat c now 34DDD with 750cc memory gel round HP over the muscle. oh and they feel so soft and nature n BIG! LOL

4 months post op of my 750cc over the muscle memory gel breast implants! I absolutely love them

Talk about a boost of confidence!
My surgery date was Feb 16, 2016
Stop meds the second day.. no problems so for.
My Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley did an amazing job I would recommend her to anyone..

5 Months Post op! 750cc memory gel round high profile overs

Should have done this year's ago! 38DDD's. I love them and my Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley did a great job.
Really my recovery was painless. They are very soft to the touch and feel like they are apart of me. Haven't had any problems yet. And yes they are huge cause that's what I wanted. Not really heavy but I didn't have any so any amount would be just a little heavy but I wear very good support bras some with the wire and some without. It really depends on how much cleavage I want a wire for lots of cleavage no wire for nature cleavage. You can easily hide them to in shirts or blouse's . I just like the tight fit shirt look. You definitely know they are there. I go strapless sometimes mostly when I'm at home just laying around. Plus I want to avoid sagging so I keep them supported. But they are nice.lol. and big. But not ridiculous big. My surgery date was February 16, 2016
Let me tell you it was the best decision I ever made.
Covington Plastic Surgeon

She was great and listen to all my questions. I choose her because She does great work and I know she will give me great results. I will definitely recommend her to everyone!

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