Breast Augmentation at Mid 20's - Philippines, PH

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I'm in a lot of pain right now. It hurts. But I...

I'm in a lot of pain right now. It hurts. But I wanna share my experience with you guys. I was a flat-chested before. I really wanted a boob-job so it would suit any clothes I want. I finally got the money and decided to do it at Icon Clinic . Dr. Yapjuanco is very nice as always. I had to undergo clinical lab test like ecg, bloodtest before I went to the actual procedure. Yesterday, I underwent surgery. I was so excited at the same time nervous. When I was at the operating room, the anesthesiologist came in and explained what's gonna happen after waking up from general anesthesia. He explained I would feel chest tightening, hard-breathing and pain. He made me feel at ease. After that, they sedated me and the next thing I knew the operation was already done. But I didn't feel chest tightening nor chilling. What I feel is so much pain like someone has punched my breast. Even right now, I still feel it. I feel burning sensation from the cut. The bandage around my chest is so tight. I'm taking pain relievers but it doesn't help . It's hard to sit alone. I have to ask one of family members to help me sit. I tried to do it alone one time but oh boy! It was so painful so i really need to rely to my companions for the meantime. I can walk but I gotta do it with so much care. I feel like an old lady walking. I feel like crying but i gotta be strong.Crying wouldn't help me. I JUST WANT THE PAIN TO GO AWAY. By the way, I just wanna add that I went there ALONE so they asked the handsome nurse to take care of me. I forgot his name though , i guess i was a little woozy at that time but he took care of me very well. He bought me skyflakes coz I didn't eat for 8 hours. He then let me go to my hotel when he knew I felt fine. He was also the one who called a cab to make sure I get to the hotel safe.Thank you so so much.

Still managing pain

It still hurts. The pinching sensation on each side of my breast is there. Doc Yapjuanco told me to come back for cleaning at his clinic. He told me he would adjust the wrap. I cant wait to see my new boobs. It's 3:34 am. Just woke up because i felt like eating. About the pain, doc advised me to take 2 lagaflex tablets before bedtime. For some reason I was able to sleep because of it. But I still woke up with pain . DOC said this would take few days to resolve. Im waiting for the pain to be much more bearable and manageable. Im hoping after few days :'( im sorry if I cant take any photos at this time coz it's still wrapped. Once this is removed, ill take photos .

Still managing the pain

For anyone who wanna know what implant I got----It is mentor 350 cc smooth round moderate plus profile gel breast implant cohesive. Going back to my experience,pain is bearable now. Doc. Yapjuanco prescribed me Dolcet tablet for pain coz lagaflex didnt work. It's still hard to walk for a long distance. Earlier I went to Icon clinic for follow-up check up. He changed the bandage. He loosened it up a bit. I asked him if i can remove the wrap tomorrow, he told me not to because Hematoma may occur and the implant may go up. He advised me to wear the wrap for one week. Oh, shoot! I hate this bandage. But I need to follow his advise. I GOTTA BE PATIENT. Getting up is still a pain but I learned some ways to alleviate the pain when I get up like I would grab my knee first to prop me up . I'M HAPPY though to see that i have boobs now hahaha. BEFORE it was just like a nipple because it was so flat. Im excited to see the result once the swelling has subsided.

Pain is tolerable

Pain is a lot tolerable. Still feel bloated though. PAIN MEDS work pretty good.

getting better each day

I'm afraid to go to work too soon though but I have to go to work by monday. I'm not sure if im going to make it through the day. Earlier I tried to walk for couple of minutes but I felt like im going to have a fever if I continue. Anyone who experience this ?
I was able to poo many times this past few days w/c is good coz I dont feel bloated anymore.

hey guys!

The sutures have been removed just yesterday. The pictures I just posted are the ones that still have the sutures in it though. That was when the nurse cleaning the incision before removing the sutures and she went away for a few minutes to get something so I took the chance to take pictures. (Just not comfortable taking pictures of my boobs where people are around:) )
Going back to the main topic, how's my breast now? It's better. Doc Yap said I needn't to wear the bandage anymore. YIPEE!! no more itching. I don't feel so much pain now .Just yesterday I dropped by in a mall and walked around for hours like a normal person. It felt good. I was confident going to work because I know I could manage it. However when I was on my way home riding a tricycle, it was a bumpy ride. My boobs bounced and it felt like it's gonna crack open. It hurt so much. I held my boobs to support it so it wouldn't bounce even it would look awkward. I was sweating big time! Wishing that ride would come to an end very soon. I told the tricycle driver to slowdown but it still got bumpy, Now, im afraid of going back to work. Anyone who has tips?:'(

getting used to it

Yesterday, I was able to play badminton. I was afraid at first. I thought it would be painful but it turned out not really. It felt good to be able to move freely lol. I'm back to work again and it feels just like the normal one.

So far so good

I'M massaging it and hopefully if finally drops like normal boobs. CANT WAIT TO SEE THE RESULT:)

concern about the scarring

I'm happy with my boobs however i'm concerned with the scar. It looks like it's going to have keloids. I've been putting contractubex to reduce the risk. Any experience about this? Do u think this will be gone after many months :'(
Another thing, i tried to have sex one time and I felt no sensitivity at my nipples at all. I had to fake it. Omg! Is thia normal?

Happy but bothered about the scar

I'm happy with the result but the raised scar is bothering me. I'm thinking about undergoing scar revision for it maybe by june . I've tried everything "dermatix", even the laser, it seems not to have any improvement. I talked to my doctor about it, he said he would do it for free which im thankful about however im afraid. Anyone who has experienced about scar revision?
Dr. Eric Yapjuanco

He's a great doctor.

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