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My background - 28 year old female, doesn't smoke,...

My background - 28 year old female, doesn't smoke, drinks only during the weekend, full time office job, no kids, I go to the gym when I can, conscious of what I'm eating.
The problem areas - I've always hated the fat on my stomach and flanks, my waist went in, but then my hips went out, and not in a nice hourglass way! And the fat on my stomach was like separated, so it was like I was wearing a belt around my belly button area and this created unevenness through my clothes (so I've worn lyrca shorts for the past 5 years!) No matter the diet or exercise, the fat wouldn't shift and it was demoralising. I tried lipo freeze a couple times, didn't work on my hips at all, worked slightly on my upper abdo, but not lower so I still wasn't happy.
Id looked into having lipo before but the cost was so high, I didn't know how I could afford it (I had some savings, but didn't want to blow the whole lot). I came across Transform Cosmetics online who have been around about 40 years and I requested a free consultation and within a few mins of doing that, I got a call from them and arranged an app to go in. Then a few weeks later I had a consultation with the surgeon, then a pre op with a nurse (won't go into too much detail)... It seemed pretty straight forward. I organised finance to pay for it. Then got a date for my surgery - 15th sept 2015 and to arrive at 12pm (and would stay overnight). The day before surgery, i started my period (can you believe it! As if i wasn't stressed enough!) and I called them because I was worried they'd say I couldn't have surgery when I was on. They just said not to wear a tampon, only a pad. On the same day, I also got a call saying to come in for 8am instead of 12pm which was good as it meant less waiting around! So I arrived at Transform's hospital in Manchester on my surgery date and the staff there were amazing! Could not fault them! Made me feel right at ease! Id never had a general anaesthetic before so was a bit nervous, but my mum had come up to stay with me for a few days and to look after me! She was a massive help! I had a few hours to wait til surgery time, so was nervously waiting in my private room with my mum! When the time came around, I got taken to the ward, lay down on the bed, had the cannula put into the back of my hand, oxygen mask on, general anaestethic kicked in and I was gone.
Surgery took 2 hours and I woke up in the recovery room, feeling very groggy and very nauseous! Apparently it took a while for me to come around. I told them I felt sick and they gave me an injection in my leg. After they were happy I was awake, they wheeled me back into my room and I threw up! Probably the motion of being wheeled around! I felt very hot and nauseous when back in my bed so they brought in a fan in and I just stayed laying down on my back. They also put on the compression garment (like Bridget Jones style knickers, but tight!) but I was still drugged up so didn't complain too much. I continued to feel nauseous, tried to slurp some soup but felt sick. Then the doctor came in and said he could give me an injection through the cannula in the back of my hand but there were side effects (feel more groggy, heart palpatations) so I said I'd try and ride it out. I was leaking a lot, had the pads in the bed changed a few times as well as my dressings. By 6.30pm I still felt like crap so I asked for the injection! Weirdest feeling ever! Like a sharp burning pain through my veins! I then started feeling better and ate some food, then bedded down for the night. I had shin pads strapped to my legs to keep the circulation going around so every time I needed the toilet, I had to buzz for the nurse.
Next day, I woke up, having slept as well as I could have, felt a bit nauseous still, so had a pill to help. Had breakfast, got all my discharge info and walked out the hospital around 10.30am. When I got home, my mum and I went for a walk around some shops for a few hours, which did me good! Although I felt worn out!
It's now been 2 days since ive had surgery and I'm feeling ok... I get a burning sensation in the wounds on my back and the padding is quite thick, so slept uncomfortably last night. I feel quite a bit of pain, but it's more uncomfortable than anything. Can't bend over very well, I have to get on my knees! I don't seem to have much bruising, I think I'm quite swollen and numb in places! But I try to massage the area every now and again and I have got 6 MLD massages to have which should help with the swelling. I've rolled the garment up so I can see the shape and I'm quite happy! The surgeon said he took 3 litres of fat, but whether that contains the saline solution as well, I don't know! Seems quite a lot! But Id obviously rather them take more than less! Really looking forward to seeing the results when the dressings come off! Got my check up with the nurse in 1 week!
My ratings re email/phone response are to do with the consultant at the clinic (not the hospital) as I emailed her quite a lot and it would take her a while to respond or if she wasn't working a few days, I wouldn't get an out of office and it was more convenient for me to email than call.
Haven't rated the payment process as I arranged finance on my own without the help of Transform. And I haven't rated aftercare as I haven't had a follow up yet.


In total it cost me £4,800 (used a converter online to get the USD amount) which was made up of £4,300 on the surgery and £500 of MLD massages (which I have yet to start).


So yesterday, (3 days after surgery), I decided to change my dressings because some of them were super thick and was uncomfortable to lie on. I also wanted a shower (was told I could have one on Friday). Before I got in the shower, I started to peel one off and the wound was stuck to the dressing. Omg... I started to black out. I don't even know why... It wasn't the pain, it was the sight of it and the dread of having to unattach it. So I waited about 10 mins until I felt well again, then got into the shower, let the dressings get wet, sat down in the shower and then started to peel them off. Can't tell you how relieved I was to get them all off. I then put new ones on, but like small plaster size because they had started to ooze a little from where they were stuck to the dressing. I dread to think what they would have been like if Id have waited until my appointment on weds with the nurse to take them off... Makes me feel light headed thinking about it!
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

Really lovely surgeon, he knew what I wanted to have done as it was obvious where my fat deposits were. He seemed very friendly and professional and even my mum said he seemed lovely!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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