Rhinoplasty with James Murphy - best thing I ever did

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I'm looking for some advice/help urgently!! I...

I'm looking for some advice/help urgently!!
I have been to see 2 surgeons for consultations, the first was someone highly highly recommended on RealSelf and pretty much every where else, however when I went to meet them I didn't feel like we 'clicked,' they preferred Closed Rhinoplasty, whereas my nose/desired look will probably need an Open surgery. So he recommended me to someone else, who I went to see & absolutely loved.

I absolutely loved the second surgeon. He made me feel so comfortable, he even used 3D imaging to show the result he could give me.
After getting home from the consultation, I decided to read even more of his reviews, and I have found a really bad one from 2013 for a Rhinoplasty. In my opinion, the girl's photos of the bad surgery aren't particularly bad - the change is very subtle, but I understand that when it's your face do really scrutinise the results.
So, long story short, this review has thrown me totally - I was so happy with him and felt a good gut feeling, but since that review I'm now really paranoid. Is it normal for a surgeon who has years & years experience to have a bad review in 100's of good ones?
What's made the situation more stressful for me is that 2 more people who received Breast Surgery from this surgeon in 2013/14 commented on the post and agreed that they had a similar bad experience - when they said they found a problem or weren't completely happy, he said he couldn't see what they were saying.

I am booked in for my second consultation with this surgeon, and until I found that review I was so excited. I'm just worried that what if these reviews aren't exaggerated?
I'm comparing it to a highly praised surgeon in London I have seen on here - Lucion Ion, he has amazing results, but he also has a couple of bad reviews... Do people who choose to go with him take the risk?
I don't know what to do, any advice AT ALL would be so helpful, because I was so set on it and now I'm totally thrown. It's near enough impossible to find someone with a decent amount surgeries under their belt and NO bad reviews. Is this just something I will have to gamble with?

Thank you so much if anyone can help. I will be really active on here & hoping for some advice!

This will be long (but helpful) so brace yourselves...

I won't bore everyone with the usual story - I hated my nose & wanted to change it from the age of 14. I seriously started considering surgery at 20, after continually seeing horrible side view photos of myself and hating what I saw, I finally got the surgery just after my 22nd birthday. I spent a year and a half researching surgeons, reading reviews on all kinds of forums etc.
I went for a consultation with the 'top doctor' in Manchester - it was a complete waste of my time (and £100!!) he made me cry in the consultation and refused to do open-rhinoplasty on me.Thank god my next consultation was with James Murphy, I was originally going to see him first, I wish I had.
The consultation was such a contrast compared to my first one, James explained to me who he was, why he does his job and all about Spire Manchester etc. He then actually sat and listened to my story, why I want this done, what I want to change and what I don't like about my nose. He agreed with me on my dislikes and he then showed me a 3D morph of what he could do to my nose. I was over the moon with the 3D image, so he then explained in detail how he would carry this out in theatre.He was really great at explaining, he wasn't patronising and he gave a really clear understanding of the functions of the nose etc. He answered any questions I had in detail.
I booked in for the surgery, I only had to wait 2 months. This would have been shorter but the hospital was undergoing refurbishment.
Day of the surgery came, I was excited, no nerves. The hospital was absolutely amazing, everyone there was lovely. I went into theatre which was terrifying but after being given something to calm me down in the IV in my hand I was away with the fairies. I dont even remember being put to sleep.
I woke up absolutely freezing & shivering - a side effect of anaesthetic. The nurses did everything to make me comfortable. I stayed over night and watched the room's TV, YouTube and ate tons of amazing food that they brought me. I had zero trouble eating. I wasn't in any pain.The recovery of this surgery really shocked me at how EASY it was!! I can't stress enough how uncomplicated it was. I was swollen like a hamster on day 2 and 3, but by day 5 I looked totally normal (minus the cast on my face). I even went to my local Tesco because I was so, so bored and felt totally fine. I did stay in bed and recover for the most part, although it was difficult for me to not take advantage of how great I felt. I'm glad my family told me to just stay put and chill out, because I started to not take the recovery seriously.
On day 4 I started to stress a bit because the tip looked huge. I emailed James with photos and got a very quick response explaining it was normal etc. I'm glad he put my mind at ease because I was just looking in the mirror too much - if i can recommend anything to anyone getting rhinoplasty, just avoid mirrors during recovery - you start to over analyse your nose, which is stupid because half of it is covered with a cast.
Getting the cast off was emotional, but I was so happy with the results. The swelling was bad but the overall shape was amazing. I'm now 2 months on and it has changed my life, I can't stress that enough! Day by day as the swelling goes it's starting to look exactly like my 3D morph.I no longer hide my face, I can confidently meet people without being scared to turn my head and show my profile. It's genuinely just changed everything for me.People always say surgery is just an improvement and it won't change too much so don't expect a lot etc, but for me it couldn't be more the opposite.I will be thanking James Murphy and his team for the rest of my life!!! Worth every single penny! 
SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT - there is a bad review on Jame's realself page, and I found the same woman writing the same review on other forums. I was scared of this, however I went with my gut instinct and I urge others to do the same. If the surgeon feels right for you, then go for it. Be mindful of negative reviews, but don't let them cloud your judgement. If someone carries out 1000s of surgeries, the odds are not everyone will be happy. Bottom line, I would recommend James to anyone.
Things to note - no pain during recovery, just weird throbs where the cast is, painkillers are fine. Sleeping upright helps A LOT for swelling. You can't bend over to pick something up whilst in recovery - it hurts, don't do it! Take a long phone charger wire to Spire Manchester hospital as the plugs are far from the bed. Alcohol really makes your nose swell the next day.

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