Rhinoplasty, URGENT ADVICE! - Manchester, GB

I'm looking for some advice/help urgently!! I...

I'm looking for some advice/help urgently!!
I have been to see 2 surgeons for consultations, the first was someone highly highly recommended on RealSelf and pretty much every where else, however when I went to meet them I didn't feel like we 'clicked,' they preferred Closed Rhinoplasty, whereas my nose/desired look will probably need an Open surgery. So he recommended me to someone else, who I went to see & absolutely loved.

I absolutely loved the second surgeon. He made me feel so comfortable, he even used 3D imaging to show the result he could give me.
After getting home from the consultation, I decided to read even more of his reviews, and I have found a really bad one from 2013 for a Rhinoplasty. In my opinion, the girl's photos of the bad surgery aren't particularly bad - the change is very subtle, but I understand that when it's your face do really scrutinise the results.
So, long story short, this review has thrown me totally - I was so happy with him and felt a good gut feeling, but since that review I'm now really paranoid. Is it normal for a surgeon who has years & years experience to have a bad review in 100's of good ones?
What's made the situation more stressful for me is that 2 more people who received Breast Surgery from this surgeon in 2013/14 commented on the post and agreed that they had a similar bad experience - when they said they found a problem or weren't completely happy, he said he couldn't see what they were saying.

I am booked in for my second consultation with this surgeon, and until I found that review I was so excited. I'm just worried that what if these reviews aren't exaggerated?
I'm comparing it to a highly praised surgeon in London I have seen on here - Lucion Ion, he has amazing results, but he also has a couple of bad reviews... Do people who choose to go with him take the risk?
I don't know what to do, any advice AT ALL would be so helpful, because I was so set on it and now I'm totally thrown. It's near enough impossible to find someone with a decent amount surgeries under their belt and NO bad reviews. Is this just something I will have to gamble with?

Thank you so much if anyone can help. I will be really active on here & hoping for some advice!
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