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I am a 26 year old male with a BMI of 22. So why...

I am a 26 year old male with a BMI of 22. So why did I want Vaser? At 20 years old I underwent surgery for my gynecomastia when at just over 13st. I basically did this as I was quite a severe case! However as happy as I was after having it done, over the years I became to realise that the operation was not a success and in fact, it had left me with 'dents' under each nipple as can be seen on my before pics. This was due to the surgeon based in Stockport taking too much tissue out of the chest, in fact taking all of it! As well as this I gained a lot of weight, which took me to around 16st. I had my Vaser procedure last Friday after rapidly losing the weight since Christmas. So the pics you see are me at under 13st. You can see I still have a lot on my belly due to the quick weight loss.

So after much consideration I went to MYA in Manchester for a consultation. I met the traditional liposuction surgeon and the Vaser surgeon, Dr Grant Hamlet. Instantly I knew my decision and booked to have the vaser with Grant. He is all over google and gets some incredible reviews as well as youtube videos and his website looking very impressive. I knew I would be in good hands. My other decisions for vaser are that it is done under local anaesthetic and sedation, and also performed at the clinic!

MYA as a company were excellent. I don't mind saying that as a young man, I was a bit nervous and perhaps a little embarrassed about being in a "cosmetic surgery" clinic but my fears were soon calmed when I met my patient advisor, Lauren. She talked me through the options, showed me pictures of past patients and seemed very knowledgeable about what she was talking about which always helps. I was originally booked in to have my surgery on 13th December. However a cancelation came up which I was able to fill and to be fair I was happy about this as I couldn't wait to have it done!

Upon meeting Grant he explained what he could do for me. As my chest was my main focus, he said he would use hi def vaser to shape my chest muscles and remove any fat on my rib cage thus removing the dent below my nipple. He said he would also remove the fat from my wings (the area underneath my armpit) to again create a more natural looking chest. As for my abs, he expressed concern that due to my rapid weight loss, my skin was not tight enough to remove any fat as it may leave me with a flap of skin for a belly, but decided he would remove as much as he could! I also had my flanks (love handles) done, which was minimal, again, he said this would help the look of the chest.

All in all, I was going to go for it, as I didn't have anything to lose.

After this initial consultation, I had a pre op meeting with the nurse, Laura, who took blood, weight and basically made sure I was healthy to go ahead with it, this was 1 week prior to my surgery. She was very chatty and again made me feel at ease. The only complaint I would have is that some of my blood could not be tested, lab error or something so I had to leave work and go and give more which was an unnecessary annoyance really but I trust it was not their fault and to be fair, it didn't take long.

The day before my procedure, I was given a call from Lauren (my patient advisor) who told me my admission time. I had requested the first slot and credit to her, I had the first slot. I had to be there at 09.30 with the procedure getting underway at 10.00.

The morning of the procedure, my mum and I went to the clinic in Manchester where it takes place. I was excited yet a bit nervous but again this was soon calmed when I was taken into the consultation room and greeted by the nurse, Laura. She gave me my gowns to dress in and explained what was going to happen, who would be there etc. Next in was the anaesthetist. He explained what he was going to do and as I would be awake, I could communicate with him, should I be in too much pain. He also made it very clear that it is not a "pain free" procedure as people had said. Lastly, Dr Grant Hamlet came in and we discussed final plans for me, he checked me over again, especially my stomach and commented the skin had tightened a bit. He then took pictures and drew on me. At this point, I was just wearing the rather fetching net underwear so he and the nurse certainly got to know me well by this stage. He spent a long time drawing on which was good, made me feel confident I was going to get a good result.

I won't lie, although practically asleep, It is an uncomfortable thing to have done. Some areas I didn't notice were being done such as my flanks and lower abs. However over the ribcage was very painful but lasts for seconds so is very bearable. I was in surgery for 2 hours but honestly it felt like 10 minutes. The sedation makes you feel like you are in that sort of sleep early morning where you are just snoozing, very pleasant actually. I was only aware I was there during the painful parts and they were few and far between.

It is quite bizarre as straight after the procedure they stood me up and put on my compression garment ( I will get to this shortly) and upon standing a lot of the liquid they used to break up your fat just poured out of me. This can last up to 48 hours, however I stopped leaking that evening, so around 8 hours later. They sat me back in the consultation room with my mum and I felt fine. I was a little dazed due to the sedation but felt, all in all ok. I sat in the room for around 30 minutes in which time, all concerned had been to see me. One of the 3 nurses who assisted with the procedure came to give me my bag containing painkillers, antibiotics, pads, spare garment and lots more. Dr Hamlet debriefed me on how it went which he said had been a good success and that the results were already visible.

For the rest of that day I was just tired, not sore. Now the compression garment you have to wear is like a foam wrap which straps on as tight as you can. Then there is a tight suit you put over it which goes on like shorts then strapped over the shoulders. I wouldn't say it is comfortable and takes some getting used to! But people told me it was horrible, and very uncomfortable, however I think it is fine, maybe being a taller man it is not as bad, I don't know, but I have spent 5 days in it now removing it twice to shower. Sleeping in it can be tricky but again I think it is a small price to pay. It is advised you wear the foam vest and suit for 1 month all day and night. But as a good healer I think I will wear it 24/7 for 2 weeks, then remove the foam vest and just wear the garment day and night for a further 2 weeks. However should I still be swollen I may sleep in the foam vest for the next 2 weeks too, I guess only time will tell.

The day after my procedure I was sore and is definitely the most painful day. It felt like the compression garment was made out of a solid wood! But that is what the pain killers are for. I wanted to put photos on here but did not feel up to it. 2 day post surgery, I was still sore, but felt more like I had been at the gym for 3 hours rather than I had liposuction. I went out for a long walk to get my movement back. Day 3 I had work! I have a sit down job so was comfortable and to be honest, the garment was the only inconvenience, the pain had really subsided and I felt good.

Today I feel miles better again, this is day 5. I have tried to keep active the past couple of days, and even took my girlfriend out last night as I felt confident enough and was in little to no pain. I am off the painkillers in the day and just take an 800 ibuprofen before bed, as it knocks me out and eases any pain during the night.

I will post my first post op pictures later today.

If anyone has any questions, or if I have forgotten to mention something, just ask.

Before and After Pictures

The 'After Pics' are taken 5 days after I had the Vaser procedure. For the first couple of days I wasn't up to posting pictures really, but I would say that the swelling has already reduced a little by day 5 but if anything I am a lot more bruised around the chest and waist line than I was immediately after the procedure. I am looking forward to the bruising going down over the next couple of weeks.

I am really happy with the results up to now. My lower abs are still really swollen so that is only going to look better in time, my chest has already taken a really good, natural shape too which was my main aim!

I am delighted with the results and only 5 days has passed! I will keep posting photo's on a weekly basis.

7 days after vaser

Just to point out that the cost of my treatment was £4695! The price stated is in dollars.

Had my 7 day post op meeting with the nurse today. She checked my incisions and said they are nearly healed now, to be fair I can't see them now! Bruising definitely going, turning yellow which is a good sign, apparently. Hopefully in another week, making 2 weeks post op, they will have nearly gone, and as the swelling goes down a little more day by day, I have no worries that that too will have subsided a lot by next week. I am taking 1x 800 Ibuprofen twice a day to help with the swelling.

More pictures early next week.

10 days after vaser

I took these photo's yesterday, 10 days post op, and again the improvements are really noticeable. My bruising since day 7 have reduced by a good 50%, I am now just bruised around my sides and flanks, and a little on my lower back.

The swelling around my chest is all but gone. My lower abs, around my belly button is still swollen and a bit numb. But this again is reducing day after day.

I am really starting to see the results now and I am delighted, when I compare my before photo to day 10 ones, my chest looks a lot more natural, my abs are getting flatter by the day as the swelling goes down and my flanks are perfect.

I am really pleased with the speed on my recovery and I now will definitely remove the foam compression vest on Saturday and only plan to where it when I sleep for the next 2 weeks. If I notice any unusual swelling I will start to wear it again but at the minute I see no reason why this should happen.

Again, if anyone has any questions, just ask.

My Vaser Doctor was Dr Grant Hamlet... This review is based on him and the surgery MYA.

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