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Ok here goes. I will try and tell you as I have...

Ok here goes. I will try and tell you as I have found it with the procedure itself and post op. I had a bleph transconjunctival fat repositioning. I had twighlight sedation. So the anaethatist put a canula in my hand, then the surgeon marked up my face. I was given the anasthetic and to be honest that was the thing that has hurt the most. I had such a pain go up my arm I actually shouted out 'ow!' It was like a severe ache going up my arm. It lasted about 5 seconds and that's it. I didn't remember anything until I woke up sat in a chair post recovery being offered a drink and toast ! I don't remember coming around at all. Apparently I asked to go for a wee as soon as I came round and the nurses took me. It wasn't until I had to go again before I went home that my knickers were a bit twisted and not pulled up proper so I guess I must have been already! Just be aware that you will be peeing a lot all day as the put intravenous fluids in you whilst you are sedated. I was given a pack that had an antibiotic drops, ointment (for bedtime) some comfort ointment, antibiotics (oral in case I need them) and some strong painkillers (not had to taken them) some sterile wash and cotton balls and an ice pack. Have had to use ice pack a lot and it really soothes the eye area. Well I've had no pain so far. It is more uncomfortable with the swelling and tightness but is not sore. I meant to say that the local anasthetic didn't wear off completely for a good 12 hours so was a bit numb in places for a while. Eye drops are 1 drop 4 times a day. I only took some normal paracetamol just for the discomfort rather than ant pain. I mention about pain (or lack of) because that's the thing no one wrote about in their reviews and I couldn't find out if it was painful or not. My swelling and bruising Isn't too bad at moment as you can see from pics. Now just feels tight. I am having the sponge bolsters out tomorrow. So will report tomorrow!

Day 3

Been for my check up today and had sponge bolsters taken out. He is pleased with my progress. Not too much swelling and little bruising which he is pleased about. Feels less pressure now bolsters are out. Have been given cream to massage in twice a day where bolsters were. Not to touch old 'bag area' yet. He also told me to push up bottom of my eyes in middle (skin part) twice a day for a minute or so because this area will get stiff apparently so this is to keep it pliable so my eye shuts properly. Still a dull ache but under control with paracetamol. Bit tender if I move my eyes downwards and still bit light sensitive so am wearing the shades in the house. Sleeping fairly upright is doing the trick re how much my eyes haven't swelled so it's worth it for a few days. He said bruising will probably come down side of my face and bit of fluid may build up around my jowls but that is normal (not happened yet ). So all in all so far so good. Next appointment is in two weeks. Will keep updated of progress!

My 'before' pic with makeup on and not first thing in the morning!

Day 4

Slept ok (still upright). Eyes were a little bit grungy this morning but cleaned up ok. Skin is feeling less stiff today. The only thing that is a bit uncomfortable is eye movement . It's quite sensitive when I move my eyes around particularly looking down. I guess that will get better. Still quite light sensitive and I go slightly blurry like when I am looking at iPad. So excuse any typos! Am getting sensation like I have a tear rolling down face but there is nothing there. Phantom tears!! I guess it's just the feeling coming back and am getting little sensations. Am quite happy with minimal bruising and swelling not too bad.

Day 4 pm

Day 5

Slept ok - still upright. Eyes are still a bit tight but this is loosening up. My face has swelled a bit down by my jowls but my PS said this would happen and would last a few days. So now the eyes don't look too bad but I look like a chipmunk! My eyes are still tender when I look around particularly when I look down and are still a bit light sensitive. And they go a bit blurry when I look at iPad. My face feels tight across where the fat has been positioned. My lower eye rims are still a bit numb feeling in places but am still doing my 'push ups' on them. But I don't 'hurt' anywhere.

Day 6

Doing ok. Still some swelling particularly my left eye. I have a bit of red in he corner which is jelly like but doesn't hurt. I guess it's just the after effects. Still putting eye drops in so should be ok. The left one was my 'bigger' bag so is taking longer to go down tHan the other side. The tenderness isn't so bad today. Hope that's a sign that things are improving. I went out today for the first time and wore some light colour sunglasses but to be honest I took them off when I Was in the shops as I felt more conspicuous wearing them than without! I think you look a prat wearing sunglasses indoors! No one seemed to look at me funny so I guess I don't look that bad. I didn't have any makeup on either. Still a bit jowly but have bought some face oil and doing some lymphatic massage to try and send the fluid on it's way! I'm not touching where the fat has been positioned as PS said just to massage underneath where the sponges were. I guess that it needs time to settle in before staring to push it about! I will know when I go back to see him a week on Tuesday.

Day 6

It will be a week tomorrow and I think it's not looking too bad. Sorry for the cross eyed look - getting too close to the camera and can't see what I'm doing! I'm not cross eyed really ????! I am going to wash my hair today. Haven't done so as I was worried about getting shampoo in my eyes but it desperately needs a wash. I didn't bother before as I've been in the house most the time. I suppose it's like when I got my eyes lasered a few years ago. No rubbing the eyes! My husband offered to do it but I like to be in control! I will use baby shampoo. I might let him come back in the bed tonight. He went in the spare room as I didn't want him to inadvertently throw his arm out during the night and clunk me in the face or something. Not that he ever has but you do get a bit paranoid. Plus with sleeping upright with all the pillows I have taken over the bed somewhat (quite nice actually)! Until tomorrow!????

1 week and a day

Went for a check up today as I was a bit concerned about my left eye. It didn't seem to be healing as well as the right eye. PS said it is very common that one eye heals quicker than the other and that was normal. He said I had no infection or anything and I can stop putting antibiotic drops in now. I can start massaging my fat pads now to start softening them up. They do go quite hard. He said that I should start gently then week by week apply more pressure. He said not to worry because the fat wasn't going anywhere! I admit I was a bit worried about touching them and moving them or something but he said they won't move. The only other effects now are that I am getting tingly under the eye where the feeling is coming back (parts are still a bit numb right under eyelash line). I still have a bit of eye strain (goes a bit blurry in one eye especially when been on iPad)
So a week later and now I look like I had a heavy night on the booze which is ok I guess! Overall I am pleased so far. I will post some updates over the next few weeks. Hopefully this will give anyone contemplating having it done what happens, what it feels like in the first few days and what you might look like !

3 week update!

I am now at the three week mark and am very pleased so far. I have also got my official before pics which you can now see. So since I last posted I have been massaging the eyes three time a day for three minutes which has softened the fat. Am still a bit puffy particularly in one eye but PS said that is normal I just now have to wait for it settle down. It is improving every day. The only effect I would say is that my eyes get a bit tired mid afternoon when I have been looking at a pic screen at work and aircon in the office makes my eyes a bit dry so I just use some relief drops. In am still sleeping on my back now with only two pillow and this really helps with any swelling so I guess it's worth it to keep it up for a while longer. Someone told me today they noticed I look a bit different but couldn't tell what just I looked younger! Must be working then! I went to my two week check up last week and everything was fine so I won't be seen again now for 3 months. So, has it been worth it? So far yes.

Photo update

Just a little before and after 2 weeks 4 days

4 weeks today

Photo update- 5 weeks post op tomorrow

Everything fine.still a bit of residual numbness but not a lot . Eyes get a bit dry sometimes but soon sorted with drops. Still sleeping on my back!

Coming up to 3 months

Very happy with results. Still a bit of residual numbness but that doesn't bother me.

3 months post

Went for my last check up last week and every thing is fine. Ps is very pleased with result as am I. I still have some numbness but don't really notice it. He said that would diminish over the coming months.

8 months later and very happy

Very good so far. Matter of fact but gives you confidence

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