49 Year Old, Single Lady Who Sick and Tired off Having Large Droopy Breasts - Manchester, GB

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I have 40f cup size , I'm 5ft 2. I hate seeing...

I have 40f cup size , I'm 5ft 2. I hate seeing myself in the mirror. I have difficulties at the gym. When I wear my sports bra I feel like they are strangling me ????. I just want a nice pair of boobs that don't droop.
I went to see my consultant last April, and he was brilliant with me. I asked for a d cup but he said be can't promise me anything. It's something to how low my nipples are , and how much he got to lift them by. I think that's what was said.
My surgery date is 2nd July, and I will be staying in hospital for 2 days

I have my prep tomorrow. I can't wait

Pro op

Had my pre op yesterday. I was so nervous , I keep thinking they are still going to say no to me!!
It went brilliant, had my bloods take. The nurse asked me loads of questions about my medical history. She also told me what to expect and give me some tips. It didn't frighten me at all, I'm so excited now.

23? Days to go

I go on holiday on Wednesday for 10 days. All I keep thinking this the last time these boobies will be coming with me on holiday. When I get back it will be 11 days. I'm really excited.
I keep reading everyone posts they are so helpful

Back from my holiday and abit worried

The nurse from transform had to contact my doctor to ask if I'm ok to have the BR. I take anti depressants which I've reduced the dosage and I'm hoping to be coming off them. But because I'm on them the nurse has to contact my gp. I know the letter has been returned to the nurse from my gp. I'm hoping he has ok'd it. My friends and family have said if he was going to say no he would have rang me - what do you think?


I've spoken to the clinic, and my GP has said its ok for me to have the operation
Soo happy
9 days till my BR
I'm sure the nerves will kick soon however not at the moment. Work will keep my mind off it.


now the nerves have kicked in - I spoke to soon

Help please

It may sound a stupid question, what things did you take with you into hospital . I've got a 2 night stay. Just bought new pjs, (button up ones).
Bought some magazines and baby wipes to freshen up with.

This time next week

OMG - this time next week I will be having my BR

4 days to go

been shopping today, bought PJs, slippers and a few button up tops

thought I would up load some tanned boobies

2 days to go

I have one day left in work and its defo going to be a busy one. I have month end reports to do which normally takes me about 3 days to do and I have to complete majority of them tomorrow. I will have to come into work early and work late. At least it will keep my mind of it.
I can't believe its actually here, It feels very surreal. I can't actually believe I will have smaller boobs. I'm starting to get very emotional now thinking about. It is something I've always wanted but never thought it would ever happen to me. I'm sure most of you feel exactly the same.

13 hours to go

1 night to go , got a taxi booked for 8am this morning. I'm really excited now, I'm sure I will feel different tomorrow morning . Few pic cries of me in my gym gear

The day has finally arrived

My op is at 14:30. Sitting in my room feeling really chilled . ???????? up to now everybody been lovely

Day after

I went down at 14:30 to the theatre . Think I literally ran there. I was so excited. I remember them telling me I will feeling drowsy . I said yeah and then woke up in recovery.lol
I was back in my room by 18:30, had something to eat about 22:00, Went to the toilet and then was sick.
Felt better after being sick.
I had some machine on my legs through out the night. Which kept me awake.
I've got another night in hospital then hopefully on my way home

Now to the most important thing is my boobs, I'm really happy with them. They are perk and smaller than advised which I'm really happy about
When I get home tomorrow I upload some photos .

Day 2 recovery

I'm home now .
I've had to have the dressings changed twice. I'm still oozing , was suppose to be going on the 9th July for another dressings but I've had to bring it forward to 6th July.

Day 3 recovery

Glad I'm home. Had a good sleep last night. Just pottering around then I sit down and have a nap.

good news, went to the toilet today which has helped my back. I've had a lot off back pain , most properly lying down and being constipated hasn't helped.
Still haven't much of an appetite at the moment, my friends will be shocked I'm always known not to miss a meal lol.
Still glad I've had it done, can't wait to go shopping for new bras

Day 3 - I'm worried

Some photos
I'm worried, the wounds are oozing. Going tomorrow to see the nurse. I be glad I see her

Day 4.- nurse

Well I've been to the nurse. She said it looks like I've got a haematoma on my right breast.
Hopefully it will absorb.
Other than that she was happy with everything.
I'm now wearing a sports bra a 40dd, and they are still swollen. I had a cry when I put it on and fitted. I can't believe they are small. So so happy.

Day 5

The pain is ok, worse in the morning, which I think most people have. I keep getting shooting nerve pains .
I can't wait to have a shower I stink . I keep alologising to people. I'm using baby wipes and a lot of body lotion on my arms and leg, but there is nothing like a shower ????????
Going to rest this afternoon

Day 5

Omg - I am so tired. I've been asleep most the afternoon.
Try to stay awake so I cam sleep tonight,

Day 6

Feeling great , going to reduce pain killers today. Had a good sleep last night which is most probably why I'm feeling hyoid.
Going to the clinic tomorrow to have the wounds redressed.

Day 7

Can't believe it, it's day 7 already.
The compression stockings came off this morning - what a relief.

Went to see the nurse to day.
Left breast is healing great
Right breast is ok, I've git a bruise on it which they want to keep an eye on. Plus I've got blisters on the breast from the dressings .
Got to go back week a Friday.
Still not allowed to get a shower . I may be able to have one after my next visit.
Feeling great - done quite a lot today, washing , ironing and food shopping.
Still have no regrets

Day 10

It's been a it emotional the past few days.
Friday I felt great, I had a few visitors and ahad a good sleep.
Then yesterday, I didn't feel to good, all I wanted to do is cry. When I went to bed , I couldn't sleep, I was in pain most of the night.

I woke up today (Sunday) feeling ok, but not great.

My boobies are doing ok - it's just my emotions which need to heal. I most probably been doing too much all week and this is my body telling me to slow down.

Day 13

Going back to work tomorrow. Let's see how many people notice my smaller boobs.

Not much pain now, just the nerve endings which takes me by surprise.
Go back on Friday to see the nurse, hopefully the dressings will be taken off and I can get a proper shower.
When my dressings are off I will post some more photos

Day 15 post op

Went to see my nurse today, still got to have dressings on which means no shower.
The nurse said I'm healing great , hardly any bruising. Yippee

Still can't believe I've got smaller boobs.

Day 17 post op

Just tried a dress that I bought in May. I counldnt believe how the dress looked better on me.
Any one who is reading me reviews - having the breast reduction is the best thing I have done. I'm so happy. I've uploaded some photos today . Every week they are looking better.

3 weeks post op

Omg today has been one of my worst days. I'm in pain and had to take painkillers. I feel swollen. I feel like I'm at the beginning of it all again. So tired as well.
Just want to cry .
I'm going to see the nurse, hopefully the dressings will come off and I can get a decent shower. I will tell the nurse how I'm feeling.
I'm sorry for a negative post but just want to know has anyone else felt like this 3 weeks pistol op.

3 weeks and 2days post op

Went to see the nurse yesterday.
Dressings are off now had my first shower last night. It felt really weird washing my new boobs.
So happy
I will post some photos


Well I went to the gym today. Only did legs exercises, but I feel fabulous xxxx
I will post some photos later

During my journey, last wed.thurs were the worst days, but now I feeling fabulous.,

Photo 3.5 weeks post op

4 weeks tomorrow

I can't believe it , it's been 4 weeks. Today was the first day I've had no pain ????
Still can't stretch me left side, but it is getting better every day.
I'd anyone reads my post it is the best thing that I have ever done. I feel like a new person. I'm so happy with the results.
I now got to start loosing weight on my tummy area. I want to be able to wear a bikini next year.

Week 5 post op

Hello ladies
I'm 5 weeks post op, how time has flown since my operation.
I can now sleep on my stomach with out any pain.
I'm due to go and see my consultant on 8th September to have an update.
The aftercare with Transform UK has been amazing.
Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.



Hi ladies
I've had the weirdest sensation this weekend.
. I kept thinking my breasts were wet, kept checking them and there was nothing wrong with them.
I'm assuming it was the blood flow in my breasts. It is very strange.
Plus I'm getting tingly feelings and stingy feelings in them
They are coming back to life :-)

6 week post op

It is now 6 weeks post op. My boobs aren't perfect, one is bigger than the other, but that's what they were like before my op.
I've noticed that there still bruising, I was worried but my mum said when you hurt yourself bruising can come out later plus can take up a year to heal. ( she politely reminded me when I fell in the bath lol)
my next visit to the nurse is on 4th sept,.
Hope you all are ok and recovering well from your ops. For those who haven't , I hope goes ok for you xx

Before and after photo

1 year on

Well it's been over a year now since I've had my breast reduction. It was the best decision I've made. I love my boobs. I wish I had it done earlier in my life. They are so perky.
Mr bhatty

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