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Hey ladies, I thought I would start out by telling...

Hey ladies, I thought I would start out by telling you all a little bit about myself...
I'm 20 years old and I am 5ft 5' tall weighing 9st 11 (last time I checked). I have a disability known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Very bendy, joints dislocate easily and I suffer from severe joint pain). My breasts are currently a 30K and VERY heavy! Quite surprising considering I never really had breasts when I was younger. It took ages for them to grow and when they finally did....they didn't stop!...This has resulted in me being in constant pain with my back and neck due to the weight and also strap marks on my shoulders and the side of my chest, multiple rashes underneath my breasts and complete discomfort at night when trying to sleep. I also have asthma which isn't helped by the weight of my breasts on my chest.

This whole breast reduction journey began when my Mum one day jokingly said "If they continue to grow you will have to have a reduction"......well me being me took this thought away and done some research and came to the conclusion that a reduction was for me. I spoke to my Mum about it over the next few weeks then plucked up the courage to go to my GP and ask for her help. My GPs first reaction when I told her what I had made the appointment for was "You don't need a reduction you aren't that big".....that was until I took the large jacket off and she actually realised I had just learnt to hide them well (Don't we all?!). She told me that she would apply for funding from the NHS to pay for my reduction and see if they would help me as I have no funding to pay for it myself. The long 6 month wait that followed was awful....not knowing whether they would help me or not....then finally the letter arrived in the post on 16th November 2013. I don't think I could have opened it any quicker! Apparently it was a unanimous (not sure if that's how you spell it) decision in a meeting that I should be given funding for my reduction. So the next step was for my GP to find me a surgeon that was willing to perform the operation. This again seemed to take ages but I received a phone call in January with an appointment date and time for the 26th of February at 2pm. Although I did have to travel 30-40 minutes away from my home to Wythenshawe hospital.

Today was the day I met my surgeon, Mr Chakrabarty and his registrar (not sure on her name as she was French). I was called into the room and was greeted by a nurse who asked me to take off my clothing from the top half of me and put on a gown. After putting on the gown the registrar entered the room and introduced herself and began asking me some questions about why I wanted the reduction and what size my breasts are at the moment. Before even looking at them she had already decided to put me on to the waiting list (which I was told is around 16-18 weeks long) and she then went on to look at my breasts and take down some measurements. When she had finished she went back out of the room to ask the surgeon to come in and have a chat with me. He came in looking rather embarrassed and could not believe I am 20 years old haha the amount of times he repeated my age was quite funny. He asked me to go over some of the things I had told the registrar so that he could get a better understanding and then asked if he could also see my breasts before discussing some of the risks to the procedure and which method he was going to choose to do. The consultation ended with the surgeon explaining that due to my medical condition he would have to do some research on the healing process and how different it would be for me before he could really tell me full details on my surgery. I then went to the medical illustrations studio for photos taken to add to my medical records.

I guess only time will tell when my surgery is so for now I will cross my fingers and hope that it happens sooner rather than later as I had plans to go abroad for my 21st Birthday in July!

To all you ladies waiting for surgery...Good luck and to all those ladies who have already been through their surgery and are now in the healing stages....congratulations and I hope you feel so much better for having had the procedure! I cannot wait! xxxx Love to you all ladies xxxx

P.s. I will add some photos to this review....I'm not sure if they are any good but they are the best I could do today Lol xxx

Taking my mind off what seems like a long wait!

Hey! No news so far on a date for my surgery :( but my mind has been taken off waiting by the birth of my first Niece Alexia Jade! Born on the 1st of March weighing 8lb 1oz.....she's absolutely amazing!!!

All the luck in the world to having or who have had their surgery! Xxxx

Things are moving faster!!!

Good news today :) I got a phone call today to give me my surgery's on the 15th of April!!! That was fast considering the NHS waiting list is currently 16-18 weeks long. This date was given to me after only a couple of weeks waiting. My pre op is on the 27th March!! Exciting but nervous times!!! Xxx

Nerves are already kicking in!

So the last few days as it has been leading up to my pre-op my mind has been doing overtime and causing me to become very nervous of my upcoming surgery! Maybe you ladies could help put my mind at ease?!
The main things I am worried about are the general anaesthetic as I have NEVER been put to sleep before.....I was wondering what it feels like when you are being put to sleep and does it actually feel like your just sleeping at night when your under general anaesthetic??? Also I'm worried about the pain I may be in afterwards and how bad it will be? Xxx

Pre-op Day!

So today was my pre-op day and I think it went well :) it was quite a long wait and I was very nervous but I was called in by the nurse who asked me lots of questions like "do you have any problems with your blood clotting?.....etc" After she had finished filling in the paperwork she asked me to do some swabs to check for MRSA and performed an ECG before sending me upstairs to the nurses who can take some blood. I had 3 tubes of blood taken, each one testing for different things. When this was all done me and my mum went to the cafe for dinner as we had another long wait before going to see the surgeon again. He had asked for me to see him 2-3 weeks before surgery so that he could discuss what could happen due to my condition. This chat with the surgeon went very well and he wrote the words "Happy to proceed" in my notes......YAY!!!

My surgery is 2 weeks on Tuesday! Scary but exciting at the same time! Xxxx

Oops forgot to mention....

So yesterday I was so happy the surgeon is still happy to proceed with my surgery I forgot to mention that when I asked him what bras he thinks I should buy for support after my op he said "don't buy a support/sports bra yet...get some of your old bras that you use now and take the wires out and just use those for support bras as they will be padded out and then when swelling goes down buy some sports bras".........anyone else's surgeon said this or is it just mine? I thought I would be better with actual support bras :/ hmmm! Xx


So today I get a phonecall from the hospital telling me my surgeon has decided he doesn't want to do my surgery on the 15th of April as he would like me to have an ECG done and speak to the anaesthetist......erm FYI I had my ECG done at the pre-op......which means the nurses who perform the pre-op tests don't communicate with the surgeons what so ever or he would have already known this. And he has 2 weeks to send me to see he anaesthetist without need to cancel my surgery on the 15th......think my surgeon just likes being awkward and this has made me very annoyed. I have things I need to plan for my 21st birthday etc and can't until I have a definite date for surgery. Ugh I really thought things were going good and on track. Instead he's being awkward and I won't find out when I can see the anaesthetist till Wednesday!!!!!!! So angry :(

Here we go again.....

Ok so this morning I got a phone call from the waiting list people at the hospital wanting to rebook my surgery in.....for the 7th May which is kinda frustrating as I have waited nearly a year for this and now I'm waiting again and I have a feeling this month will go very slowly. The surgeon has also asked me to go and see him to "discuss things again" on the 22nd of April but what more can there be to discuss?! We have been over things twice now already so I'm running out of things to say to him :/ anyway let's hope he doesn't decide to postpone my surgery again.

I also found out the real reason behind him postponing my surgery in the first place.....the hospital have ran out of beds to put me in afterwards :/ there is not a single bed on any ward that I can be put into till 7th May :/ bit silly for a hospital lol x

Mixed Feelings

So the past few days since my phone call telling me that I have been booked in for the 7th May I have been having mixed feelings. I think I'm excited for my surgery but nervous and unsure about the actual date because I keep getting a strange feeling like I already know my surgeon will postpone again for any reason he can think of. He's the type of person to mess people around as he has asked me to go and see him on the 22nd of April to speak to him about things but I have already done this before and he tells me he is happy to proceed then like a week before the surgery date I get a phone call telling me he wants more tests or another chat. But he's not saying anything different at these's the same thing over and over and over and over again. Getting slightly boring. I guess I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope he really does do my surgery on the 7th May!

What an absolute joke!!!

Well one thing is for sure this surgeon will not be getting a good review from me!!! He has just cancelled AGAIN!!!! I am furious with this and his excuse this time.....'he needs funding for the type of material he wants to use and it won't be funded in time'.....I'm sorry but surely this should have all been sorted after my first consultation with him. This is getting beyond a joke now and I'm starting to think this surgery is never meant to happen!!!!! Beyond upset :'(

Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow

So tomorrow is my appointment with the surgeon so he can 'explain why he cancelled my surgery twice'......basically it's an opportunity for him to come up with excuse after excuse as to why he can't be bothered doing my surgery yet. Will keep you all updated regarding what he says after my appointment x Happy Easter ladies! x

Another appointment done!

Well, just got back from my appointment with the surgeon. His excuse for cancelling my surgery a second time is "I had to read over literature explaining surgery and your health condition and I've come up with the plan to fit an internal bra" but in order to do that he has to order the polyester mesh material to do the internal bra which will be stitched to my chest wall and prevent my breasts from sagging. But he can't just order the material which costs between £500 - £800....he has to apply for funding with my GP. Quite ridiculous if you ask me. My surgery could have been done a week ago if he didn't mess around so much. He then went on to tell me I've got another appointment with AUGUST!!!!! Does he not think I've waited long enough? My 21st is officially ruined. Cant book a holiday and no point having a hot tub party when I won't even fit in a bikini. So upset. He could have ordered this material in February when I first went to see him. Beyond ridiculous.


Just a quick warning to all you ladies out there.....when you type the name of your surgeon into this website the images of your breasts that you have posted appear on Google Images!!! I for one definitely did not sign up to have images of my breasts posted all over Google images under the name of my surgeon. WATCH OUT!!! xxx

Tick Tock Tick Tock.....

Anyone else feel like time goes extremely slow when your waiting for something......I mean come onnnn it's £500-800......surely my GP can give the go ahead for the extra little bit of funding for the material my surgeon needs. I have put my life on hold this year waiting for this surgery. I've missed concerts and other shows and missing my own 21st plans......meanwhile time seems to have hit a stand still. :( hurry up please :(

Ok so the ball is slowly rolling again!

Today I got a letter telling me I have been approved for the extra funding my surgeon needs (yay!).....also stated at the bottom of the letter was "this case did not need to be returned to the funding panel for review. The patient should get all treatment necessary" I've had my surgery cancelled twice for nothing lol wow how annoying......maybe 3rd time lucky? Fingers crossed!! I live in hope as it is my 21st birthday on 4th July!!

Hopefully this is it......

So last week I was getting really impatient having not heard from the surgeon regarding a new date for my surgery so I rang the hospital as tomorrow (18th June) will be the day my 16 week waiting list time is up. I spoke to the waiting list staff who advised me to phone again on the 16th. Yesterday I made the phonecall to the waiting list staff again and I had a good feeling about it for some reason.....The woman on the phone told me she was going to give me a call that day herself as she had received an email from the surgeon asking her to book my surgery in....Yipee!! This will be the 3rd time my surgery has been booked in....hopefully 3rd time lucky right?

She went on to tell me that my surgery will be booked in for the 10th of July which happens to be only 6 days after my 21st birthday!! What a present that will be if it goes ahead! I also have to go to see my surgeon again tomorrow to ensure that I am clear on what he is going to do and then as it has been more than 12 weeks since my pre op I am now having to have another one done on the 26th of June.....doesn't help me being terrified of needles when I'm having blood tests done again! But all I can say is fingers crossed :) x

Woohoo it's finally happening!

I had a phone call today asking if they could move my surgery forward by a day to the 9th July! They said everything went well at my pre op and everything is in place for my surgery to go ahead. 5 days after my 21st birthday....woohoo!!!

Birthday been and gone.......

So yesterday was my 21st birthday....I was spoilt rotten and had a fab for a family meal tonight then time to chill out before surgery cause that's on Wednesday! My bag is packed and ready to go. Hope everyone is well! xx

9th July 2014

So I'm a couple of days after my surgery. I went in to hospital at 7:30am on 9th July 2014. When I arrived at the hospital I felt so sick and nervous but didn't want to show my parents that's how I felt. I booked in at reception and shortly after the theatre staff were out calling people's names. I gave my parents a kiss and cuddle and was taken through the big double doors. On the other side we was taken to a small waiting area for those waiting for surgery, this is where I started to cry. There was some lovely ladies there who calmed me down and kept me talking for a while.....I was asked to get changed into a gown and my slippers and was taken from room to room talking about what I'm allergic to, signing consent forms etc. After I had done all of that I was taken to see my surgeon who drawnt lines on me then was sent down to the theatre. Walking to that room was scary but I made it. I was asked to lie down on a bed and was given a mask with gas in it to make me go to sleep. The nurse couldn't believe how long it took to send me to sleep. But the only thing I remember next is waking up in the recovery room feeling very spaced out. Couldn't feel any pain from the surgery due to the morphine.

It's safe to say I am now feeling the pain....ALOT! and I'm very uncomfortable with back cramps. I'm at home without any drains or special bandages and have to go back on Tuesday to have my dressings changed.

3 weeks have gone!

Ok so today marks 3 weeks since I had my reduction with internal bra. I thought I should update my review as I went to see my surgeon today. So firstly, just a little update on my recovery....after my visit to the dressing clinic I experienced some very minor issues with my wound as the nurse pulled 2 stitches out when she changed my steri-strips so this caused a slight opening and some minor leaking of a browny coloured discharge. I rang the dressing clinic just to ask for advice and was told that I was doing all the right things and that there was nothing to worry about unless the wound was leaking a smelly discharge or was inflamed and red and this was not the case with me. I decided to just phone my GP and ask for another course of antibiotics just to ensure I didn't get an infection and it also helped heal the tiny openings. Everything is healed up now and there is nothing open or leaking at this point. I am now currently wearing a 32E sports bra and tomorrow will be trying a 32DD to see how that goes. I had a little issue with getting used to the different sensations when my boobs were touched by the nurse or by my mum or gran who also helped with changing steri-strips and cleaning my wounds, I was finding it was causing me to feel very faint. (If this occurs I find it better to have my wounds tended to when I am lay down on a bed). I have been keeping a little personal photo album of my recovery and a new photo of my boobs is taken every other day. Nobody but me will see this photo album and I also have a memory box with my hospital bands in and an old bra! This is a brilliant idea as it allows me to look back and see how far I have come.

Today I went to see the surgeon for my post-op check-up. He asked me if I am happy with the results and I am 110% happy with them and my mum has actually said she has never seen me this happy and confident before. I explained about the wound openings and he said they was nothing to worry about as they were so so tiny! He explained that I should be able to start lying down properly in bed now as my boobs have healed enough. I am still going to wait till 6 weeks post-op before I get back to my old self properly with household chores etc just to be on the safe side. He also explained that in 5-6 months time he would like me to have more surgery done to help fill out some dents that have appeared in my left breast as they have healed. This will be done by liposuction on my tummy and the fat will be used to fill out the dents in my breast. Also he would like to correct the size of one of my nipples as it is slightly bigger than the other although he did measure them out perfectly when he had to draw lines on me before surgery. I am a happy for this to go ahead if this is what the surgeon feels needs doing. I still love them regardless. I was also given the go ahead to book a holiday abroad as long as I don't get sun on my scars. I am going to book to go in July next year as this gives me chance to heal properly after my second lot of surgery and I will then go away with a smaller tummy and new cool!! I can't wait to see the end result. I am so proud of my boobs right now. The surgeon explained he thinks I will go down to a D cup eventually but due to my age they may grow again. I understood this before I signed the consent form to go ahead in the first place. He has done a brilliant job. It took a year but I finally got there.

I am also not taking any painkillers anymore. I stopped needing to take those around 2 weeks after. I can't wait to get back to my old self and give my niece and massive cuddle. I have missed picking her up :D

Hope all you ladies are doing well and feel free to ask any questions if you have any. Good luck to all those ladies's worth it in the end! Good things come to those who wait. I am now a full believer in this!! Xxx

P.s. My parents surprised me with a gift after my surgery......a small pillow made out of 3 of my old bras.....what a fantastic keepsake that is! It looks gorgeous!! Xxx

I love them!

Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted....not much has happened with my boobs.....healing nicely just the odd pain every so often but that was to be expected with the internal bra in place as it is stitched to my chest muscles making it feel like I have been to the gym if I do too much in one day. I started off very slowly getting into things again .... I helped out with light chores to start off with and have slowly built up to doing the ironing and washing dishes etc. I held off on driving and starting chores until 6 weeks post op as I wanted to give everything a good chance at settling down. By 7 weeks I was picking my niece up again slowly like if she was sat on the sofa next to me I would lift her onto my knee slowly and this seemed to do the trick :) really happy with the results and can't wait to see the surgeon again in a few months! Oh and I finally booked my holiday!!!!
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