26 Years Old 3 Children Little Bee Stings 300cc to 330cc Nagor Moderates - Manchester, GB

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Hi everybody I have been thinking about breast...

Hi everybody I have been thinking about breast surgery for a number of years and have recently over the last few months visited 3 different hospitals, spire, transform and 52 alderly road. I have chosen to go with Richard Johnson at 52 alderly and am booked in for surgery on 26th Jan next year :) xxx

Moderate or high profile?

Hi ladies I need some advice please I was all set to go for a moderate profile 300cc nagor implant and now I'm having doubts wondering should I go high profile or stick to the moderate the surgeon has recommended??? I have put some pics on to give u an idea of how small I am at the moment any advice would be much appreciated

3 weeks to go eeeekkk

So three weeks today I will be lay here with my new boobies very excited but also nervous having little anxiety attacks when I think about it, did some post op bra shopping this weekend ordered a Macom and a few cheaper asda bras has anybody else had these little anxiety attacks? Waiting for my pre op appointment now am I being impatient if I call tomorrow!!! I'm so excited xx

Post op bra

So my Macom arrived today it looks quite funny myself and my partner had a good giggle at it hehehe excited to fill it haha

Rice sizers

Soooo bored on a Saturday evening healthy eating not drinking or smoking so relaxing and had a brain wave make some rice sizers lol so here are my pics of 300cc not sure I have even positioned them correctly hahaha

2 weeks tomorrow

Eeeek soooo excited this time in 2 weeks I will be preparing myself for my surgery the next morning soooooo excited pre op a week today need to get organised now.... Ordering new pillows and a wedge really stuck on what else I need to do to prepare????????Help please xx

Pre op

So I am currently sat waiting Impatiently for my pre op appointment eeeek excited and nervous ????????

1 more night with my little boobies

So I have shipped the children off to there grandparents for the evening, last bit of tidying up to do and then a nice hot shower and bed for me I hope I can sleep I am soooo excited eeeek 5am wake up to be there for 6am this time tomorrow I will have my boobies so excited ???? Really unsure on what to take to the hospital as it is a day case I will be wearing the clothes I will be returning home in I will take my post op bras for the doc to choose the best one to start with maybe a magazine some lip barm water for the journey home really not sure what else I will need ????

I have boobs

All done.. 330cc high profile feeling a little uncomfortable but not in pain a little sicky but not been sick will update again soon

Home and resting

So I am now home and in bed resting, my lovely partner is looking after me.

The whole experience was amazing I was very relaxed arrived at the hospital and was taken into my room a doctor came round first and did the paper work and then the surgeon came in drew his markings on me and I asked him to go with his max recommendation which was 330, however I was meant to be going with moderate profile but he didn't feel they looked right once the sizers were in. And so he went with high profile I am so pleased with my results so far and haven't had any further pain killers since coming out of theatre at 8 am I am comfortable it just feels like my milk is coming in (anybody who has had a baby will no what I mean ) i hav a bit of a sore throat and can't seem to get rid of this dry mouth I tried a sandwich at the hospital and almost choked as my throat was so dry I could not deal it all in all great experience so far xx

Body shot

Excuse the swollen tummy!!

Bra undone :)

More pics with the bra undone again excuse the belly lol x

Day 3 difficult day :(

So today is day 3 it has been so difficult I am experiencing some very strong pains in my left breast when moving and also when sitting up, it almost feels like mastitis and like hot fluid flowing through my breast as well as stabbing pains. I contacted my surgeon and was advised to start ibuprofen as well as my co codamol however I have decided to swap them for tramadol to see whether that helps dependant on how tonight goes I will be back to see my surgeon tomorrow afternoon to have them checked my left is slightly more swollen than my right but not to prominent not sure if I am panicking over nothing I have read that these pains are called zingers and are to do with the nerves in your breast has anyone else experienced this horrendous pain? Other than this I have sat in bed and watched 9 episodes of pretty little liars hehe and pottered around slightly washed a few glasses and wiped the work tops trying to not hold my sore breast and just put up with the pain I really wanted a shallow bath today or a shower but the pain was just to much hopefully tomorrow I will be able to have one :) I will keep updating with my progress

Day 4

So today I went to see my surgeon due to the pain I have been experiencing since weds he assured me that everything is ok and looking good it was a straight forward procedure no bleeds etc he said that he can assure me things will feel better in a few days I am now taking paracetamol ibuprofen and tramadol every 4-6 hours feel so lethargic due to the tramadol but feeling a little better I also changed bras tonight for one of my cheaper asda ones whilst I was the Macom and to my surprise it seems more supportive and the pain has been relieved I no longer have to hold my boob to walk I managed to wash a few dishes tonight only down side to this bra is it digs in my incisions :( so not a long term fix I have posted a few other pics from today one is still a little more swollen than the other x

Day 5

I woke up still struggling with the pain in my left boob I took all my meds before breakfast BIG mistake tramadol with no food is a big no no I have felt nauseous all day up u til about 1.30pm my partner dragged me out of bed saying that I would feel better if I get up!! He was right I feel good I have got dressed (still wearing sweat pants as my tummy is soooo bloated) put some makeup on and brushed my hair I feel and look like a human being again... I am going to try and get by on just the ibuprofen and the paracetamol now as I am back in work on Monday need to have a go at driving tomorrow and DEFO cannot do that on tramadol any way so far so good today finally ???????? will post some pics later xx

Day 5 continued

So I have felt much better this afternoon still some pain but soldiering through it I just had a shallow bath didn't wash my hair but I no longer look like King Kong if u no what I mean ???? got out of the bath and thought il try a bikini on before I put my bra back on I also tried my pj top on still need to drop a lot to get a proper clevage but love the results so far XX

A bit worried

I got my dressing wet this evening so changed them as advised by the nurse this is the first time I have removed my dressings one is healing great and the one that is causing me so much pain is really ugly I'm so worried :(

Few pics from before I had a scare

1 week mark

Sooo it's been a long week but starting to come out the other side feeling much better today roll on Thursday to get my stitches out :)

Post op day 9

So today I met with my surgeon for my post op I am feeling great now just a few sharp pains and morning boob in my leftie scars looking good and I no longer have to have the dressings on I can now shower the surgeon did say I am not out of the woods yet and to look after my incisions and don't touch for the next 2 weeks at least to avoid any kind of infection I took some pics with no dressings on today and took my first proper shower I pretty much feel back to normal apart from things like pulling open heavy doors and driving over pot holes ouchhhhh stab stab stab haha I have added some pics and also done a before and after pic in love with my boobs :))) x

Not sure there's a difference

Hey so it's been 3 weeks and 2 days since my op I don't think much has changed if I'm honest I'm pretty much pain free now have a few niggles now and again but wouldn't really call it pain. I was naughty and got measured the other day out of curiosity and I'm a 32E I was GOBSMACKED!! Can't believe it let me know if u think there's any difference incisions look fab and I'm going back to the gym on Tuesday coming up which will be 4 weeks post op I have also been cleared to wear any bra from this day but I think I will continue to wear my sports bra when at home and in bed too for a few more weeks the one still seems slightly higher but when I compare week 1 and today's pics I can't see a big diff at all there quite close together I have quite raised skin on my sternum but I had this prior to surgery so it's always going to be there a little bit let me know ur thoughts ladies x

Incisions 3 weeks and 2 days

Sorry forgot these pics x

12 weeks post op

So wow been a while since I updated, 12 weeks and 2 days post op and it feels like I have had my boobs forever I love them so much hehe massive changes in them and I feel they really suit my curvy body one very strange thing is that when I'm at the gym and I'm hot and sweaty they remain cold hehe and it feels a bit odd but I have recently bought some new bikinis as off on hols in a week and half so will post some pics of those soon overall very very happy with my breast Aug

8 months later

8 months on and it's like they have always been there had great holidays with my girls fitting fab into a bikini
Still a little numb under the Lower half of the breast but hey ho that's the price u pay red dress pic no bra just lifted into the dress slightly xx
Richard Johnson

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