40 Yo UK - Removal of 340cc Cohesive Gel Submuscular Implants - Gutted but They're Making Me Ill - Manchester, GB

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I have read so many reviews on here and they have...

I have read so many reviews on here and they have helped me so much so am adding my own to be able to give something back.
Nearly 8 years ago I had 340cc cohesive gel implants placed under the muscle at The Hospital Group.
I was a very tiny 30A, had always been totally flat chested and had been thinking about implants for a very long time. I didn't want big boobs I just wanted some boobs! I wanted to be a modest C/D cup but woke up a D/DD cup. Once I got used to them I was happy with them. I had no post operative issues and even after having a baby have had no issues other than some slight bottoming out .
About 12 months ago I realised something wasn't right. I kept getting one virus after another and then developed some weird symptoms; extreme fatigue, feeling cold all the time, headaches, neck ache, rashes (body and face), very dry throat, excessive thirst and weeing a lot, losing my hair (body and head), pains in my fingers and generally aching especially after exercise. I am a bit of a health freak and have always been very fit and healthy. I went to the doctors and had my blood tested for everything under the sun - all normal and negative. He could only suggest post viral fatigue .. chronic fatigue syndrome which I did't buy.
Then the slight discomfort i'd been experiencing in my right breast got a lot worse. I started to google and wham ... all the other symptoms fell into place and I realised I had developed an autoimmune response to my implants "silicone sickness". Yes, I know there is no proven link etc. etc. So why is the internet and this site full of women reporting the same issues?
I came to the slow and painful realisation that I had no other choice but to have my implants out. The only way to be sure the implants are causing my symptoms is to remove the variable. My symptoms have gradually worsened to the point I am struggling to function; old down a job, be a mum and run a house. I'm exhausted and sick.
I have my explant surgery booked for Tuesday 8th September. Whilst I am absolutely gutted to be losing my boobs and am also dreading it, I know I am doing the right thing.
I am trying to find some photos I took pre and post surgery to post and will post some current photos before Tuesday.

2 days post Op

Well, I'm out. It's done. Thank you so much for all the responses and kind comments. I'll respond individually shortly. I have to say I made absolutely the right choice in terms of my surgeon and the hospital. Apart from heavy fog and an an accident on the way there which made us a bit late the whole experience was stress free and I felt I was in great hands.
I had no rupture which is good. I haven't had a lot of pain even straight after the Op. Nothing compared to getting them put in. It's more of a soreness and tightness especially around the incisions.
The girls don't look great I must say! They are very saggy and the skin is very slack but its early days. Hoping they might firm up a little. I'd forgotten just how flat chested I am! But I'm not as bothered as I thought I would be. It's a relief when its done.
In terms of how I'm feeling, I swear even 2 days post Op I feel better. I woke up this morning and my hands and wrists didn't feel like stiff painful claws like they normally do. My head feels clearer somehow, less foggy and I didn't feel like I had a hangover. I think the pain in my neck, shoulders and chest seems to have gone although its difficult to say with the soreness.
I took some pictures pre Op they're not great but they're all i've got sorry.

3-6 days post Op

Ok so I might have spoken a bit too soon in terms of feeling very much better. For those who are experiencing joint pain and stiffness beware the anaesthetic stays in your system for at least 24 hours! Also, I'd say there is a certain amount of euphoria immediately afterwards.
So I woke up on day 3 and the stiff and painful joints were back as usual but they almost feel worse because you're post op and tired. Also, the fatigue was back with a vengeance but that might be because I've been overdoing things. I think I have to realise that the journey is going to be slow and there'll be ups and downs. The sore tummy doesn't help post op. I'd forgotten about the effect the anaesthetic has on the digestive system! I was given lactulose to take but it's only today post 6 days things are settling down.
What I can say though is that my skin is 100% better. It is back to its smooth and rash free self. I haven't had a single red bump. They vanished the morning after the Op. Putting on my moisturiser this morning my skin felt like velvet. I put some blusher on, something I haven't been able to do since January because I was self conscious of the redness. The skin on my body has changed too, its less dry and my thighs are smoother.
What else?
The chest and underarm pain has gone and my neck pain is definitely better. Yes, the girls are still very sore but I think the pain has gone, although I'll have to wait a bit longer to be 100% sure. I'm sure the brain fog is easing too.
What else? I think the thirst and excessive peeing is settling down a bit. I've noticed my pint water glass has still been half full these past 3 morning. I also slept through without needing the toilet last night. I can't even remember the last time I did that.
In terms of the girls, the hardest thing to get used to isn't so much the size its the softness and lack of volume in the upper breast. But I think they are definitely starting to firm up though. They are very slightly less splayed out to the side and they are not quite so completely flat either side of my chest bone. The skin is looking better too. I've added my immediate post op photo and a photo from tonight - its not very good sorry. I think and am hoping the vast difference is due to the placement of the tape! We'll soon know when it comes off tomorrow. 1 week post Op appointment tomorrow. Cant wait to get rid of the tape to have a proper look!
Is there anything else I can update on? Only that for me the pain has changed and one side is more sore than the other. Almost to the point that I was worried something was wrong but i'm assured its normal.

7 Months Post Op

I am so sorry for not keeping everyone u to date as promised but I found I was over analysing how I was feeling every day and becoming a bit obsessed and also upset when I didn't immediately feel better. So, I decided to leave it a couple of months before updating.
Not sure what has happened to last 7 months. That's a lie. I know exactly what has happened. I got better and started living properly again and enjoying life.
Looking back I cannot believe I felt the way I did and also how I managed to carry on. It feels like a bad dream now - the whole thing. And I realise I hadn't been right for a very long time.
So, what symptoms went and when? the energy levels were the first thing to come back, started to feel quite a lot better quite quickly. The rashes and allergic reactions were probably the next to go. The aches and pains took a while longer - 3 months? And they were very gradual to ease. In fact I can still experience a little stiffness in my fingers. The water retention and excessive weeing went too, about 2 months? Now I can sleep all night without being up multiple times. The fair loss took the longest. Almost 6 months and it happens so gradually it is difficult to notice.
One of the biggest things is the lack of viruses. During the winter of 14/15 by February I'd had 5 bouts of exactly the same sore throat / gloopy sinuses that lasted 10 days and flu that wiped me out for nearly 2 weeks. Winter of 15/16 one slight sore throat - that lasted barely 3 days. I don't wake up anymore with gloop in my throat and nose.
The best thing of all is I am not plagued by aches and pains especially neck and shoulder pain. I thought it wasn't associated and I had a frozen shoulder but it's gone. I can turn my head fully to the left and right. I don't wake up hurting anymore or get constant headaches and feel like I have been hit by a truck a lot of the time.
Last week I went to the gym lost track of time in my own thoughts and ran 4.8k. Didn't stretch out properly and the following day was hardly even stiff. I feel amazing.
The otters big thing is the mental fog and mental effects. At one point I asked myself if i was stressed and losing the plot. I strongly believe that the heavy metals have an impact on the brain. In that regard I am so very much better , my head is clear and I can concentrate a lot more but I am sorry to say I don't think I'll ever be 100% but then it's hard because I am older so I don't know what is natural degradation in cognitive function.
And the girls? They have settled down beautifully. They are small yes and at first found it hard but they are soft and natural and I am well. And now I hardly give them a thought. I'll post a picture when my son gets off my i pad!

So, to anyone who feels like I did and doesn't want to believe the way they are feeling is down to their implants because of the lies and denial of the truth. Don't hesitate, just do it. Or to anyone who is lacking hope they will feel better. Be patient it takes time but you WILL get better.

The other thing to mention is supplement wise I have done nothing. Lifestyle wise I have done nothing. I wanted to conduct a kind of experiment where the only variable altered was the removal of the implants. I've not taken so much as a vitamin tablet. I eat a healthy diet and I try to get to the gym when I can. The only thing that has changed is I probably drink more because i can and i go to the gym a lot more because I can!

Lastly if you're in the North West I cannot recommend Garry Ross enough. Don't got to a budget surgeon if you can help it.

Good luck. xxxxx

Manchester Plastic Surgeon

Feeling very confident following my consultations with Gary Ross

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