Taking the Plunge! 290CC Mentor Anatomical Implants, 32A to 32D

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I can't believe I'm finally going through with...

I can't believe I'm finally going through with this. I've known I'd want to get an augmentation since I was around 16.

I'm 25, no kids, petite and fairly fit.
Height 160cm
Weight 53kg
Bra size 32A (but larger or smaller dependent on style)

I work in the healthcare and my surgeon was recommended to me by one of the breast surgeons at work. When I first started researching BA, I had originally wanted 350 - 400CC, but after meeting my surgeon, because I'm very narrow, he said the largest implant he would be willing to put in would be the 290CC, otherwise I'd end up with my breasts in my armpit! I've had two consultations with him and he put me totally at ease and I trust him completely. My first consult he spent over an hour and half with me and we tried on lots of difference sizers. We also discussed round vs anatomic shaped implants. I decided on the anatomical implants as I feel they will give a more natural breast shape and give me both shape and volume.

Surgery is 11 days away and I am starting to get very anxious! My surgeon doesn't use post-op bras, rather he recommends a non-wired, high impact sports bra. I've bought a Marks & Spencers, ultra high impact, non-wired, front zip closure bra. I've bought a 32C, but I'm in two minds whether to go back and get a 34C as well...in case I'm all swollen? I don't want it to not fit!! Any advise?

I'm so excited to see the final result! Any one else have similar stats and had similar size implants?

I'll post some photos soon xx

All done!!

So I've been out of theatre about 6 hours now. Really happy with them already! Pain not too bad. When I woke up in recovery I'd say pain was about 8/10 and they had to give me some more morphine. That totally knocked me out and I've been asleep ever since! I'd say pain is now about 2/10 when I'm lying still, a little more when I try to , over around.

Doctor said I must be sensitive to anaesthetic meds as I've vomited quite a bit in last couple of hours, they gave me some cyclizine (anti sickness) through my drip and I feel much better now!

Thanks for all the lovely messages guys! Making me feel so loved!

I'll put some pics up soon! Xx

Some pre-op pics and Day 1 pics!

So hubby was late picking me up from the hospital as there was an accident on the motorway. I was fine in the car though, the anti-sickness in the IV definitely did the trick! I felt a little nauseous this evening but didn't actually vomit.

Pain today has been not too bad, I've just been on paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine. I've been using my ice packs pretty much on-off all day. Sitting still I'm virtually pain free, but when I start moving around again that's when the pain hits. I'd describe it like a very bad stitch. Sometimes it just throbs randomly.

UK girls, I bought these ones, they were only £5 and seem to fit just under my bust and on top pretty well.

I've put some pre-op and day 1 pictures up (feeling a bit weird about putting topless pictures up, but I found everyone else's reviews and pictures so helpful, figure I should share too!). I'm feeling quite bloated which I don't think is helping with the pain!

Happy healing everyone :) xox

One more

Whoops the second day 1 picture didn't post!

Third time's the charm....

Day 2 - Feeling better but a little weepy

Feeling a bit better today. I have a bit more movement back in my arms. I should have probably said at the beginning that my implants went over the muscle with an infra-mammary incision. Pain was quite severe first thing when I woke up, took two codeine and two paracetamol and that knocked me out for 5 hours! Pain not as bad during the day, I even managed to take my dog for a (very slow) walk.

I've been washing by sitting in a half filled bath tub and washing the important bits, my surgeon had cleared me to shower right from the beginning, but I'm not feeling up to it. Perhaps my muscles will relax some more if I did get under a hot shower though? I have to say, washing is the most painful part of my day. Leaning forward causes a lot of pressure and some shooting pains in my breasts and poor hubby has had to help me. I had a little bit of a cry because I felt so bloated and completely useless.

I've changed the bra I'm wearing too, another M&S sports bra, but slightly cheaper than the one I had on originally. This one has hook closure at the back, which hubby has had to help with. I seem to be fitting perfectly into the 32C size, however it is tight around the band, I know there isn't as much dropping & fluffing with overs, but depending on how much the implant settles and how the swelling goes I might go for the next band up.

All in all, feeling a bit better everyday.

Day 7 update

So I'm writing this a little late, the pictures are from Day 7 post op.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good, almost back to my usual self.

On Day 3, I went out for a manicure and that made me feel much better. I also had to go out and buy some new bras as the one I had bought before surgery was just too tight post op. I'm now wearing a 34C and it fits pretty much perfectly. So because I had to go out, Day 3 was also the first time I drove. It was pretty painful in my chest muscles and I decided not to drive again for a couple days.

I went back to work Day 7. I was very tired but it was OK. No more real pain as such, just very tight in my chest. The pain seems to be at its worst when I get up in the morning or if I've been on the sofa for a bit, I think its the shift in weight from the implants when I stand up. I occasionally get a sharp pain on the right side just where the cleavage is, which is pretty strange as there are no incisions there. But, my right side was naturally a bit smaller pre-op so I'm thinking it might be the skin and tissues stretching? Only took a few painkillers before starting my shift at work. Still pretty bloated from my bowels being on a go slow from the codeine.

Day 8 - pain same as yesterday. Just a lot of pressure. Took a few painkillers during work. Just feeling more fatigued.

Day 9 - Not taken any painkillers today. Started my period today so that hasn't helped my bloating! Feeling pretty good really. Dressings come off tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about!

Happy healing everyone! xx

Day 10 - The dressings are off!

Its amazing how taking the dressings off made me feel so much better. They were great initially as I felt really supported by the two big bandages either side of my breasts, but after that they were just really irritating. The dressings have left a glue-y residue on my skin which is causing me some minor skin irritation, but it's settling nicely.

Now that the dressings are off I think you can see the shape of my breasts better. I think I'm in love!
They are still quite swollen and high, there is absolutely no movement in them at the moment. But I can feel at the top of my boobs that they're starting to soften and the swelling is settling. I hope the size doesn't go down too much with the swelling!

I'm using Palmer's cocoa butter, anti-stretch mark lotion on them at the moment and when the steri-strips peel off I'll be using Bio-oil on my incisions. Anyone else in the UK tried anything else that was good??

Other than that, I have full range of motion back in my arms. I am finding I am more tired than I would normally. I'm still finding it difficult to take a deep breath in and find myself shallow breathing a lot of the time. Hopefully as the swelling goes down and they start to soften, my breathing will get better too.

Can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks already!

Two weeks post op!

I can't believe it's been two weeks already! I don't really think they've changed much in the past week. I still get the occasional twinge of pain, but that goes after a couple of seconds. Still very high and firm.

I was clearing out and found this old bikini. It's a UK size 6. I'm really pleased with how they look in the bikini. Not over the top but definitely filling it nicely. It's just a shame I didn't take any pre op pictures in it!

On a side note, is anyone else having loads of trouble uploading photos?

Three weeks post op - feeling a little fed up

Feeling a bit fed up now. I'm fed up of constantly being aware of my breasts, of the weird tingly feeling whenever I touch them, the heaviness whenever I take off my bra. My surgeon said no running or upper body exercise for 6 weeks, I tried to go to the gym and went on the stationary cycle (which I've always hated) and the cross trainer made them jiggle too much and it was just too uncomfortable. Before the operation I was working out 4 times a week and now I'm just sat most of the time and eating too much and feel like I've piled on weight and that's making me very anxious and depressed (I had borderline eating disorder as an adolescent).

I saw a friend at work for the first time since the operation and she didn't even know I'd had the op and when when I told her, she couldn't really see much difference. I just feel whats the point in putting myself through so much, if people can't even tell?

I accidentally pulled off some of the glue on the left incision and it's opened up a little and it's gone all pink again so that's causing me some anxiety.

I don't really feel like they've changed much since the op itself, they are getting softer at the top of my breasts. My nipples are extremely sensitive and the area below the nipple and directly above the incisions are numb, I can feel a pressure, but the feeling is similar to when you've got a dead arm, like when you've slept on it all night.

I miss being able to run, and weight train and because of the sports bra I can't even see any difference in clothes at the moment.

Four Weeks post op - Starting to feel a bit more like me!

First of all - thank you for leaving me all the encouraging comments after last week's post. I was definitely feeling a little bit down!

This week, I'm feeling a bit better - managed to get myself to the gym for a start! I took it easy, but I managed to get my heart rate up and work up a bit of a sweat which definitely made me feel better! Might even try a yoga class this week...

My nipples are still super sensitive, but only when they're touched, they don't bother me in the bra. The whole breast is still a little tender to the touch, but much better than before. I'm now sleeping on my side again, but have to readjust my position frequently as the pressure becomes a little painful on one side.

Two more weeks until I'm cleared to wear any type of bra I want! I've managed to resist getting myself measured or trying on any bras, I'm getting super excited now!! I'm working night shifts for the next two weeks so hopefully it'll go quick and then I can buy myself some sexy new lingerie!!

Happy healing everyone :) xx

Week 5 - I got sized!!

So the suspense was killing me and I couldn't resist any longer...I got sized!! I have to say, I've never had so much fun trying on (literally) hundreds of bras. Spent an absolute fortune! She sized me at.....32D, even a 32DD in certain styles (usually the plunge style of bra I needed the larger size). Happy does not even begin to describe it! I'm still wearing my sports bra as my surgeon said to wear that until he sees me for follow up at the six week mark. I feel practically back to myself, no pain or discomfort in my breasts. Just still a bit of numbness below the nipple, but this seems to be gradually improving day by day. I'm so pleased with my results, just can't wait to get back on that treadmill now! Happy healing everyone :) xx
John Murphy

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