The wait is finally over ;)) op date 8th march

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I am 44, 140Llbs 5'5" and 30GG :-(( God I soooo...

I am 44, 140Llbs 5'5" and 30GG :-((
God I soooo hate my bazzookers., I wanted a reduction 15 yrs ago but was dismissed by my GP and I have always been so miserable with them, I hate shopping for clothes or underwear and although I love going on holiday I'm never comfortable in a bikini.

My breast reduction journey started again in march of last year when I asked my GP ( a new one ) to refer me for surgery as I have now arthritis in my upper back and in chronic pain everyday, she referred my case to the pct and they replied in June wanting more information which I provided, they relied back in July stating that they had put funding aside and to refer me to plastics at a Manchester hospital. I went for an appointment at the beginning of sept with a specialist practice nurse, I felt I'd been left dangling a bit after that appointment as she just took some details, height, weight usual stuff then asked what " my problem was" I presumed she meant why I wanted the surgery? I was then sent to another department to have photographs taken (that made me feel a bit degraded) and then i was told i would here in due course and was sent on my way! I wasn't very optimistic I can tell you. I tried so much to put it to the back of my mind and not think about "will the letter come today?" But it takes over your life! I have waited so long I have dreamt of having little pert boobs for forever, finally on 3rd November I got a letter asking me to attend an appointment with a plastic surgeon on 8th January. I was ecstatic but so nervous at the same time, wondering will he agree to do the surgery? Will he too say they are not big enough? Am I too old?
I finally went on Tuesday and first saw a lady doctor she was the nicest person ever she talked me through pretty much everything and although she did ask if I had any questions and I did have a list I couldn't think of anything to ask I was so so nervous and anxious in case I was turned down. I worried for nothing because when's saw the consultant plastic surgeon he agreed to do the reduction. I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat lol, I cannot believe after carting these humongous lumps around with me for almost 28years I am finally getting some new much smaller ones.

I found this website by chance and I am so glad I did as I think you lovely ladies are going to help me through the procedure. Not sure on a date as yet but was told on tues 4 months so will keep you all up dated.

For all you ladies that have large breasts and are thinking about a reduction please don't wait as long as I have if it is what you want go for it now, for all you ladies that have had the surgery the pics that I have seen on here of your new boobies you all look amazing and if I have boobs at the end of this journey that resemble any of yours then all this will be worth it :-))) happy healing everyone x x

Hi there ladies how you al doing? Pre-op like me...

Hi there ladies how you al doing? Pre-op like me hope the wait isn't driving you as nuts as me and you lucky ladies who are post-op hope you are all doing really well and healing nicely :-))
Well I've just tried to up load some pics of my Bazzookers but for some strange reason it's upside down, it up-loaded he right way but when. Saved it its upside down ha ha what's hat all about?? Anyway tried to put some more on but not succeeded yet, when I went o see the PS they measured from my neck to my nipple, my left Side was 28cm while my right side was 30cm now I knew I had one monster bigger than he other and 2cm doesn't sound a lot but oh my life when I have just reluctantly took pics to post and also to keep for before and after im traumatised and I don't use that word lightly, it is very rare that I stand naked in front of a mirror in fact I can't remember every really having a good look at my monsters, but that 2cm is very hugely noticeable one hangs down what seems like loads more than the other :-(((
I am so glad that I can have this surgery this next few months can't come soon enough..

Hope you are all doing well and healing nicely and are pain free and ladies who are waiting I hope you have more patience than me lol, any clues on how to get the pics on the right way? You will all have a crook neck looking at my monsters or nightmares ha ha. Speak soon x x

Hi everyone, my wait is nearly over ;) I got a...

Hi everyone, my wait is nearly over ;) I got a phone call on Tuesday my p.s has had a cancellation.. I went for pre-op yesterday and as long as everything is ok with Mrsa screen I go in for surgery tomorrow. ;)) weh hey I am sooooo excited and nervous, not slept much can't seem to switch off. Thanks to this web site I have found a lady who lives not far from me, who is also on the nhs waiting list who also got a phone call too and has her surgery next week too we have become fiends over the last couple of weeks and have supported each its been really good ;)) thanks Karen ;)
Hope our surgery goes well and will see you all on the other side, here's looking forward to smaller boobies ;))))
Hope everyone is healing well x x
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