NEW BOOBS 23yr Old BF for 2years - Dual-Plane Implants with Mr Netri. Manchester, GB

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Finally booked and paid for my BA at Transform...

Finally booked and paid for my BA at Transform with Mr Netri 26th Jan 2015

It's cost me £3695 in total for 380CC partial unders (Dual Plane) I've heard Mr Netri is a genius with boobs?

I haven't seen much of his work though so I'm going to blog my experience and add pictures for anyone looking at Mr Netri for a BA


So lately I keep bouncing from super excited can't wait to have boobs. . .

To OMG what are you doing?! What if they look awful? Can we really afford the repayments?!? Why can't you just be happy with the ones you have?

Anyone else get this before surgery? Seriously almost looked at cancelling the other day :( I've been looking at this for years now. . . I'm just scared! I've seen some damn awful boob jobs

I had a dream . . .

So last night I had an amazing dream - I had my boob job, it was a breeze. I had the scars but no pain! I was back at work and they looked AMAZING . . .
Then I woke up and looked down
I bet loads of girls have boobie dreams before the big day!
4 weeks today and counting!!!

Told My Mum. . .

And they totally freaked! Called me vain, stupid - think it's dangerous.
I dont want to lie to her - we speak everyday but she's really upset me with her reaction.
This is what I really want and I need her to support me.

Date Change!


Got a call this morning to say that my surgeon's wife is having a C-Section and my surgery is being put back till Thurs ????

Post-Op Bras - Let Down By Victorias Secret

So I thought I'd found the perfect zip-front post op bra. However, when I visited VS they ALL had wire!! Gutting. So I'm not 4 days post op and without a bra. Can anyone suggest somewhere in the UK to buy one?
Also, panic attacks. My lord! I have NEVER had surgery and I am getting panic attacks if I think about the surgery. Hence why I haven't bought a pillow, cream or bra yet. My operation should have been today - I'm so glad it's been moved. I need to see my Dr and get something for my anxiety attacks.
I've been on arnica for a few days now and I'm getting twinges in my breasts? Sympathy pains? Ouch. Even as I type this? Like my milk is coming in?

Arghhh! It's TOMORROW!!

Well hasn't that snook up on me fast?

It doesn't seem like 2weeks ago I started blogging my journey on here! And I want to thank all the ladies who have helped me out on here! Calming my every worry and my 3am freak-outs!

I now cannot wait to start my new boobie journey :) OF course all that might change tomorrow morning when it sets in that I'm having surgery!!

I plan to take a pre-op photo with all the surgeons doodling as I have found these REALLY helpful!!


I've been admitted and seen my nurses, anaesthetist and the main man - Dr Netri!

As promised - here are my pre-op photos and I am due to go to surgery at 11:30am

It's currently snowing outside! Quite badly!

Pre-Op Photos

I LOVE them!

On my mobile so will do a quick photo for the ladies waiting - cannot thank Mr Netri enough they are gorgeous the man's a miracle worker.

The Boobie Fairy has been!

Where to begin? For anyone thinking of having a BA with Mr Netri, the man is a GENIUS! I cannot believe how good my boobs looked straight after the op and they just keep getting better! I was so nervous, but he answered ALL my questions, even the silly ones!
I have been super impressed with Transform and the nurses at Abbey Pines - I really feel like I got exactly what I paid for. Even received a "Hope you're feeling brighter" card in the post this morning from Transform Manchester.
The feeling of having implants is VERY weird! And more uncomfortable than painful. Sleeping upright is a bitch - I won't lie. My back aches and it's making me grumpy so if anyone has any suggestions feel free!
Not showering is also an inconvenience but SO worth it for the amazing boobies I now have :)
Despite my post-op bra digging in like crazy and the compression band is NOT friendly!
I hope the pictures help for anyone looking at having a boob job - I was told by MYA & The Hospital Group that I NEEDED an uplift and they wouldn't do anything but an uplift with implants. To them I stick 2 fingers up and say - money grabbers! I'd hate to see how high my breasts would be if I'd had an uplift!!!

Loving my new fugure

Despite the bloat and lack of bowl-movements I am loving my new figure!
Wanted to share with you my new profile view (side view) - I told Mr Netri I wanted to even out my bum. Ie. Go out at the boobs as much as I do at the bum to get a nice even profile this is sports bra only! I look very even!
I also tried on an old bikini to try and cheer myself up - it was pretty sore undressing/dressing but you can see the difference!!

Healing Well

So today I have a lot less uncomfort and a lot more atm movement - I've been rolling my shoulders and pushing myself not to let my arms freeze. I was holding them very close to my body!
Took some shots - look a little stuck on. Hoping the compression band will help this?
Using Arnica cooling gel and coconut oil to moisturise my skin

Just a thought. . .

When I went to see Mr Netri - I wore my padded bra. I wore padded bras 24/7
I told him I loved the way my boobs look in the padded bra. I think he got the look spot on!

My muscles feel at war!

I had dual plane implants a week today - While my recovery is going well and my pain virtually non-existant the twitches in my pectoral muscles is an annoying niggle!
A dual-plane basically means 2/3rds of the implant at the top are under your muscles and the bottom 3rd is in your breast tissue.
Curently, my right muscle is relaxed while the left muscle keeps twanging and tensing, giving a death-grip to the implant! haha - it's a very peculiar feeling!
I guess this is all part of the feeling while my body figures out how to adapt to my new puppies :)

Incisions 1 week post-op

Incisions are painful but healing

Nearly 1 month with Boobs!

5 weeks post-op

I'm feeling great! I can sleep on my side (which was a huge concern) and I can hug my daughter still!
No pain - loving how much better clothes look and fit :)
So happy with my results!
I have my post-op with Dr Netri on 20th March

5 weeks post op

Couldn't be happier

Now I've seen my official before and after photos from Transform I'm sat here on the other side thinking "why did I ever doubt getting this done??" Knowing how they look now and comparing the 2 feels so crazy! How on earth did I not do this sooner?? I went to my post-op with Dr Netri and took the staff some boobie cupcakes from a baker friend to say thank you :) I'll post my official before and afters for anyone who might be thinking of having Breast augmentation and indeed, surgery with Dr Netri
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

Dr Netri is an absolute GENIUS! From the first free consultation with Transform I was convinced that if anyone was going to cut me open and fiddle with my body image it was to be him! I had seen 2 surgeons at MYA and The Hospital Group before going to Transform and I'm SO glad I did! It made me realise I had held out on making the right choice. His bedside manner was great, he answered every question I had with detail and his whole presence just made me so at ease. I had only seen ONE other girl's pictures from Dr Netri - which was a little unnerving, hence why I started this account! I am super impressed with my scars!! They are SO neat and tidy!! I put my whole faith in Dr Netri considering sizing and placement - The man is a genius when it comes to boobs! My breasts are proportionate to my body and now I have the body image I have always dreamed of! THANK YOU DR NETRI!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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