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I am in the midst of some serious tattoo regret, a...

I am in the midst of some serious tattoo regret, a year ago I was in the middle of tattoo removal it was working but not fast enough , my self esteem was low and I felt less than lovely with this mottled half tattoo. Then I split from my bf and in a moment of madness I decided it was a good idea to get a cover up. THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA. I remembered suddenly all the reasons I disliked my original tattoo, and this one is much much darker (all black and grey) and much much bigger (about 20 cm by 30 cm) it just should not be on my body. The only saving grace is that it's on my back where it can be hidden most of the time. I really feel I have no choice than to go through removal again but the thought of removing such a big piece leaves me feeling physically sick , the pain of laser removal is pretty unpleasant . Anyhow there doesn't seem so be any other options, unless some new technology appears laser will have to do. I can't afford picosure and have read reviews saying the results are no better on black than a q switched n d yag set at 1064. A question I would ask though is that a local clinic has an active q switched laser that is reasonably priced. One further away and more expensive uses the quanta c laser. Both will target the ink at a wavelength of 1064. Curious to know what the difference is, is it quality of machine ? And how much difference will it make ? Years ago a friend had a name erased with the cheaper type of laser , she took it really slow and allowed longer for healing than the recommended 8 weeks, and you would never know it had been there at all. What's anybody's thoughts on the way to go? I will post pics but right now I can't even bear to look at it let alone photograph it . I am quite literally falling apart over this :-(

Thanks in advance for any comments given x


Still hating it !!

So today I bravely looked at the tattoo or monstrosity as it shall be known from now on. I'm trying to like it I really am , I can see the beauty of the workmanship just can't get over how dark it is and the size. Really really having a bad day ????

Allergic to my ink?

Question for all you knowledgeable people out there. The past few months my new ( much hated) tattoo has been a bit lumpy and itchy. I've ignored it thinking it's the healing process but it keeps getting a bit dry and flaky along with the itch and lumps. I also have been getting random hives like heat bumps in places not near the tattoo and itchy rashes . Could this be an allergy to my ink or would it only be localised? At the min I'm taking antihistamine daily but sometimes I could just scratch my skin off its that bad! Appreciate any comments

Pico sure and pico way - what's the difference?

Ok so I have a pico question. Picosure and pico way are they the same ? I've read that picosure is 755 wavelength ( for multi colours) but pico way works at 1064 ( blue and black) and 532 ( red) . Am I right ? So confused

Honest opinions . Quanta q switch or pico way for black grey?

Had a consult for both systems quanta q switch £448 for four . Pico way £800 for one. Is it really worth the extra expense , they both work at 1064 wavelength, both reputable clinics . Advice please !! I was hoping to wait to see if the eraser to cane out in 2017 but this thing has got to go - I feel like I'm going mad . Pics to follow

Still undecided

So it's a good few months on, I don't think about the tattoo that much but every now it washes over me that I have this huge thing in my back. Considering starting removal with the quanta q switch this month but scared I won't get the results that I want. Anyhow finally brave enough to take a picture and post it so here goes
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