29 Years Old 5ft 6" Size 8 32A 350cc High Profile Mentor - Manchester, GB

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Hiya everyone, Seen as I spent and still do...

Hiya everyone,

Seen as I spent and still do spend so much time on her reading reviews I thought I'd write a quick one myself!

I am 29 years old and had wanted boobs since I was 14 and they never grew! At 5ft 6" and size 8 my 32A chest made me feel boyish and self conscious, particularly after breastfeeding two daughters. Finally decided to go ahead with surgery earlier this year and was thrilled to bits to get booked in so early. I went with the Harley Medical Group and had my consultations in Nottingham and surgery in Preston with Dr Mahadev (who was absolutely lovely). He made me feel completely at ease, explained the prosedure in detail and answered my queries clearly.

Under his advice we ended up going with the 350cc HP mentor overs, I was super flat chested previously with very little breast tissue. I was aiming for a D cup to make the surgery worthwhile but keep me in proportion.

Dr Mahadev actually ordered 3 sizes and on the day of surgery I asked him to go for the biggest he could fit which was the middle of the three in the end.

I'm now just over 4 weeks post surgery and I am undecided on the size however I appreciate that he fitted the best he could. He got it spot on in terms of not making me look too fake and keeping me in proportion which I'm thrilled with! However like a lot of ladies on here I do wish if it had been possible I could have gone bigger as in clothes I don't feel a difference to pre surgery as I wore triple gel bras. So unfortunately in that respect my confidence hasn't boosted as much as I'd hoped it would. Don't get me wrong without clothes there's a difference and I do look better but I still think a size bigger would have looked ok it was just unfortunate I couldn't go bigger.

Dr Mahadev did listen to my requests and did fit the biggest he could, whilst maintaining a fairly natural look (as natural as fake boobs can look). I'm only just over 4 weeks so I've not been measured yet but I'm wearing a 32D sports bra.

5 weeks post op

Hiya everyone, hope you're all well and happy with your new boobies!! Unfortunately for me I'm suffering with the dreaded 'boob greed' and it's really getting me down. I have always felt super self conscious of my ugly flat boy chest so finally after years of wanting it decided to go ahead and get my boobs done!

I only went to one clinic (which after reading some reviews I kind of regret cus never got the opportunity to get second and third opinions). In terms of size I told my surgeon I was aiming for a d/dd as still wanted to look in proportion and not too barbie like. Obviously was told they don't work in cup sizes implants are measured in cc's and was given some to try in clinic. But I thought either way I've given him an idea of roughly what I'm aiming for. I asked for the biggest he could go considering how flat chested I was as I knew they wouldn't be huge!

On surgery day he went with 350cc as this was best he could fit bless him and I appreciated his honesty. But I immediately felt they weren't big enough and I've tried to convince myself otherwise ever since and tell myself in time they'll 'grow on me' parden the pun haha! I'm still feeling super self conscious though, so much so that at 5 weeks I'm nervous to go get measured for bras incase they tell me I'm only a B cup which is my worst nightmare after paying £4000 and having this over me for the next 3 years I'd actually have preferred to have left my body alone and stuck to wearing my gel bras.

I emailed the clinic yesterday to ask for a copy of my before and after pics in the hopes this would cheer me up and make me realise the difference. I'm waiting to hear back! I'm just so gutted that I took this huge step I've been wanting to do for so so long and I was certain I'd instantly feel better but I don't it's not made me anymore confident in my own skin.

I don't think it helps that my boobs feel really weird at the min and I'm still getting used to this foreign body in me, which I've read can take months or even a year. At the moment my nipples are super sore and painful to touch and the rest of my boobs just feel totally numb touching them actually makes my skin crawl.

I would strongly advice girls to really give it some serious thought before rushing in, for some it's the best thing they ever did for others they're not so sure it was the right choice.

More pics at 5 weeks

Hey girls, I'm 5 weeks post op and just 1 week away from being able to wear pretty bras or even go bra less for the first time in my life!!

If you've followed my review you'll see I've had a wobbly week full of insecurities, but thanks to some beautiful followers (thank you girlies) I'm beginning to feel better in myself and appreciate my results!!

So I thought I'd post some pics at week 5 so you can see some progress! I have been alittle naughty over the past couple of days and slept braless (1 week early but the sports bras are really driving me mad now) and slept better for letting them breathe!

I am thinking the more I look at photos the better they look and I'm just being overly critical of my body thinking they should be bigger cus I'm not as slim as I once was!

I've included pics of the scars and again I must admit I've not been massaging and creaming them all that often as I'm squeamish but would appreciate any advice on decent creams to use to diminish the scars?? I've just been applying pure aloe gel and coconut butter at present as I'm all for natural remedies where possible. They're still pretty visible but I guess it's early days?! They are clean and tidy though!

Keep me posted on your updates too love to read all your stories xxxx

Photos at 5 weeks

6 weeks plus 3 days post op

Hey ladies I'm now almost 6.5 weeks post op and learning to love my new boobies :-)

It's been a rocky road to recovery, initially after the first 1-2 weeks I began to feel better pain wise aside from some slight tenderness occasionally. But I then suffered the evil booby blues :-( started to regret it all, felt they were still super small and is wasted my money etc. However I'm slowly learning to accept them and love them and appreciate the actual huge difference from before and after :-) I'm feeling better in myself, although my nipples are sometimes really tender other days the sensation is back and I'm hoping it comes back altogether! Fingers crossed! My boobs are slowly beginning to feel less numb and more a part of me which has helped me feel more comfortable with them.

I chickened out of getting measured up but I thought on the off chance I'd order a 32D VS bra which I was honestly expecting to be huge however I can happily say that I fill it out nicely, infact it only just covers my nipples so I think I'll fit nicely in both D's and DD's I'm going to order some of each and see!! I'm thrilled to bits as that was my over all aim and never thought I'd achieve it in a million years. I still sometimes look in the mirror and think they only look like a big B but my bras tell me otherwise and it's cheered me up so much :-) posting afew pics in my VS slightly padded underwired bra.
Dr Mahadev

Dr MAhadev was absolutely lovely he made me feel completely at ease, he was easy to talk to, listened to everything I said and did an over all amazing job I would highly recommend him.

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