Two months post from 525cc under muscle!

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I had a full anchor lift this past February and...

I had a full anchor lift this past February and was hoping to just love how they looked and not want to do the second stage of doing implants. I do love how they look but I am lacking upper pole fullness and I am curvy so I want my top to match my bottom. I'm 45 and I have had 3 kids, 23, 20, and 16. Breastfed them all, gained and lost weight and my boobs paid the price, as you ladies all know so well. I have a review on here under lifts for that procedure as well. So today I went for my sizing appt and I chose 475CC under the muscle. The pics I'm posting are of me with that size in. I would love advice on what you all think on how this size looks. I am 5'8 and weigh about 150. I'm hoping to schedule for February 18 the but need to pay deposit to secure that date.

Tried the rice sizers

So I made the rice sizers in 500cc and wore them for several hours at home yesterday. My husband said they looked small and I was like.. Umm can you see me ok?? Do I need to stand in the light?? I came closer to him and then he said, ok I guess those look good.. To me they seemed big but perfect for my frame. He thinks I look great the way I am now so he will be fine with whatever I choose. ( except porn star I think I will wear the sizers out and about and see how I feel about them. When I took them out last night I felt so flat it was disappointing lol. My two girls ages 23 and 16 know about it and are ok with it when I explained it as doing something for myself and assured them I wouldn't go huge. I haven't told my son (20yrs), I'm not sure if I will or not.

Funny story..

So I thought I would try wearing the rice sizers out to my families thanksgiving dinner. I wore something that didn't necessarily hide them but also didn't scream, look at my fake rice boobs either. It went fine but one thing I hadn't considered is the family hugs.. These rice boobs are hard and I kept thinking after, that my brother and sister in law were probably thinking why are her boobs so hard against my Live and learn :-)

I'm locked in!!!

Made my deposit and scheduled my BA for February 18th!! I'm so excited because I really wanted that date, it's school vacation and I work in the school system so I wanted to do it then and also have several months for them to drop and heal before summer. Now I just have to wait it out.. The excitement is killing me! I go see the dr on January 20 the to finalize the size and ask any questions. So now I need to do like so many of you have had to do, pick that perfect size.. I want them bigger/fuller but don't want to scream boob job or porn star( sorry hubby, lol).. I have a countdown app on my phone.. 2 months and 5 days..woo hoo!

Pre-op Monday!

I'm excited to have my pre op appt on Monday so I can get the size finalized and ask my ps some lingering questions. Once I choose a size that's it because they only order the one and that's it so I need to be sure.. 31 days until I'm on the other side!!

Pre-op done now I'm panicking!!! Help!

Ok ladies so I had my final sizing done today at my pre-op appt and I chose 575cc moderate profile and I'm already panicking that I'm going to big!! I chose the size with the assistant and she thought that was a nice size because I'm curvy on the bottom and that it would make me a DD and when the dr came in after to do the final measurements he didn't bat an eye at the size so I guess it was ok with him's so scary...

Oh ya..

The pictures posted from before are me with the 475cc and now I'm going 575... Also I asked about what I would need for bras for right after and I was told all I need are tight tank tops with one built in shelf.. I will not go home from surgery in a bra nor will I wear one for several weeks..she also suggested the nipple petals to keep from irritation and keep the from sticking out with no bra.. Has anyone else gone this route after surgery? I mostly see everyone in sport bras..

Panicked and changed to 525cc instead

So I had until this week to make my final decision on size so that the implants can be ordered.. I really felt afraid of the 575cc and ending up a DDD or more.. I'm fine with DD but not I decided on 525cc, I figured it's not a huge difference so hopefully I won't be kicking myself after wishing I had gone with the 575's, but I'm a C cup now not an A or a B so I think 525 will be good. Surgery is fully paid for and I have 20 days.. Yikes!

Oh boy less than 2 weeks...

So I have 13 days until my 525cc's... Yikes! I took a few more pics to have for before and after comparison. I want to have the things I need for after but I'm not the type that wants to have things "just in case" so can't have some advice on the true necessities? Pillows and frozen ice pads?? What else would you ladies that are already on the other side recommend as something you couldn't have done without...

Had my mammo yesterday

I had my mammogram that my ps requires before surgery. I snapped a couple more before pics to remember what my old girls looked like after I get my new girls in 11 days!! I can't believe this is going to happen. I'm super paranoid that I'm going to get sick and have to postpone.. I'm like a freak washing my hands and sanitizing everything... Can't wait!

9 days!!!

Not much time left before I am on the other side of boobyville and I'm so excited! I was happy to find some silicone nipple covers at Walmart for only 8.94$.. They are reusable and seem very adhesive. I need them because my ps said no bra after my BA just a tight tank top and something to protect my nipples..I find it kind of weird that most on here have to wear some sort of support but mine said no.. Couple more pics of before and with 525cc rice sizers.

Before lift and after

I wanted to post a picture of my breasts before I had the full anchor lift, right after(swollen), and then how they look now. They are def better than the saggy bags I had before the lift but I can't wait to get the implants to fill them out. If they had stayed looking like they did after the lift when they were swollen I probably wouldn't bother with implants but sadly they didn't. 8 more sleeps!!!

This is really happening!!!!

The surgery center just called to give me my arrival time for Tuesday.. I have to be there at 8:30 and surgery is at 9:15... I can't believe I'm doing this...I'm excited but scared..

Omg tomorrow is booby day for me!!

In less than 24 hours I will officially have some 525's attached to my chest!! So excited, getting house in order today while I'm home alone and trying to think of any last minute things I might need..did any of you work out the night before surgery? Is ok to do so? Thanks!

I did it! I'm on the other side!

So today was the day and now I have boobs! The nurses were all so sweet and great! I woke up with no nausea thank god! I have been pretty pain free other than super tightness and pressure or if I move my arms in a certain way. I'm trying to not overdue even though I'm feeling great. I also know that this could change at any time so I will take it whil I can! Here are some pics for now and I will continue to update as often as I can for those of you who are still waiting to have this done as I know how helpful everyone else's pics and stories helped me.

Day 2 feeling great still

I'm on day two and I can say that I still have had very little pain. Uncomfortable when I move a certain way and tightness and pressure but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I slept well and had my post op appointment this morning and was shown the exercises I need to do 3 times a day to help them drop in the pocket . No bra for 6-8 weeks until they drop. I think part of why I felt so good the day of surgery was the great anesthesia process. The anesthesiologist asked me about motion sickness and I said yes and he said he would give me extra stuff to combat that so that I would wake up feeling great, and I really did. Last year even I had my lift I woke up nauseous and so tired they I went right to bed for hours it yesterday I came home and hung out with hubby and daughter and didn't go to bed until 10.. What a difference! I posted a few pics to compare before and after and also I do have the gurgling sound in one of my implants when I move a certain way so I'm gladi have heard that it's normal from a lot of ladies on here. So happy with my new boobs!

Post op day 4 still high up

I'm still feeling pretty good as far as pain goes it has been very minimal for me just tightness and stretching still and feel like they are up high and in my pits.. I do get tired easily if I go out still but I really can't complain. I'm hoping the tightness eases soon sometimes it feels like an elephant on my chest. I added some before and after pics.

Help please!!

I am 8 days post op and my back is killing me... Anyone else have this issue??

Icy hot is my friend

I finally had my husband put some Icy Hot stuff on my back that seems to be giving me some relief.. I was in so much pain..on another note.. I tried on a few cute bralettes at target for fun today. Blueish one was a large def to small at this point and the tan one was an extra large. Very comfy but I don't want to buy anything until these girls drop

Almost two weeks and feeling good

So I will be two weeks post op on Tuesday. I have an appt tomorrow to just check on them and hopefully get the tape off the incisions although it's not really bothering me much, I just want it off. I have been doing my boobie exercises 3 times a day as directed. The left one has dropped a little more than the right so far you might be able to tell from the pics I posted. Also my left is a little larger but was before as well. I have been feeling good except for back pain as I mentioned in a previous post. It's really bothersome and located like right around my left shoulder blade and it's kind of an achy feeling with spasm and very uncomfortable. I will mention it to my ps tomorrow. I have also been to the gym twice. Even though it's so early on my ps said I could walk r use the elliptical with no arms so I walked last week once on the treadmill for 2 miles and today I used the elliptical for 25 minutes and did a few leg presses.. I have to say that this experience has been well worth it so far anyway :-)

Two week post op and Victoria's Secret

Had my two week post op and was told everything looks as it should for two weeks out. Still no bra until they have dropped and are the shape I want.. I go back at 6 weeks. He gave me a muscle relaxer for my back spasms.. Thank god I hope they work because it's rough.. I hope nobody else has these. I did stop in to Victoria's Secret only because the mall is right next to where my dr is and it's an hour away from home so I figured I would take the opportunity to just try a few things on but I didn't buy anything it's to soon.

Meant to add photos... Oops

I showed my hubby the pic of me in the red one saying, to bad it was to small and his response was... Looks good to me!! Lol.. Men

Dropping nicely almost 3 weeks

I have noticed that they are getting softer and they are also dropping slowly but surely. I am posting pics to show almost two weeks and almost 3 weeks so you can see the difference a week can make

Hurry up already..

I'm almost 4 weeks post op and I'm having one of those days where I feel like I just want them to be done settling..ya all know what I mean.. And I, like several others on here, have one that I like better than the other as it's dropping faster. But I know it takes time and I will be patient...I do really like how they balance out my hips/thighs in clothing and that's mostly what I was looking for. I tried on a few bikini tops at target and I can see I will probably need to buy from a place that sells in bra sizes rather than s,m,l and xl as the xl was to small. I feel great as far as healing goes and have been to the gym a few times last week and plan on doing the same this week. Happy healing to all of you!

Forgot one

Full body perspective.. I'm 5'8, 150

5 weeks! Love them

So tomorrow will be 5 weeks for me. Things are going pretty well. They are dropping slowly but surely and are getting softer. I like the size, the def could be bigger but I don't have boob greed because I am happy with how they look both clothed and unclothed and much bigger would have been hard to downplay at work and such. They still get more firm when I'm cold( which is always because I live in NH and winter won't end..) I have been more consistent at the gym just not back to running yet, maybe at 6 weeks. I need to get a very supportive sports bra.. If anyone had any suggestions let me know. I'm really glad I did this. My nipples are tender but not crazy tender. My husband is loving them and asked me shortly after I had surgery if "they were open for business yet" lol.. And sometimes he says I look very "booby"... Men..

Two months post

I had my 2 month check up on Monday. Things look good. Left is where it should be, right is still settling a bit but almost there. I am cleared to wear a bra finally and can wear whatever I want as long as it's supportive. So I did get one from VS in a 34DD I like it but it pushes them up and out a lot which is ok but I need one a little more "tame" for everyday. I am back to my regular exercise and not having issues.. Other than feeling I bought a animal print bikini at VS too.. Leopard print bikini at 45years old.. Hell ya! Lol.. I'm very happy with them.. I like the size I picked. I do find myself holding on to them when I bend over but that's just because I'm not used to there being something heavy there :-) I will post some pics with clothes and bra and will take some naked one later on. Happy healing everyone!

3 month update on 525cc silicone

I am almost 3 months post op so I thought it was time to update. Things are going well, I love them! They balance out my bottom half and that is exactly what I wanted. They are soft and full. I am ready for bikini season!
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