Lasik 4 Years Ago and Now Perimenopausal with Issues - Think About the Future! - Manchester, GB

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I had lasik 4 years ago without many complications...

I had lasik 4 years ago without many complications I had have eye drops occasionally when working at the computer all day or when eyes were tired. I noticed that when my eyes were tired I got double vision. I had no pain or anything with my eyes. I have noticed they are drier now than prior to the procedure however I am not sure if this is age related or not as I am a 48 year old woman now. In April 2013 I took some antihistamines and nasal steroids - only one dose of each and got dry eyes next day! Then took red clover (menopause hot sweats) for a week but did not connect that the dry eyes were to do with this as I had taken this for the last 2 years with no issue.

My eyes were terrible burning, stinging and itching. I went to casualty at the hospital as by this time anxiety had set in with vomiting and nausea and insomnia. They found nothing wrong other than anxiety. The anxiety got worse. I went back to the company who did my laser they said I had triggered my dry eye. What dry eye I asked? You had dry eye mildly before lasik they said. Did I was my response? Another operative here told me that they would not have performed the procedure if I had dry eye before - so who was telling the truth? They gave me eye drops and cream for the night time and they said it would get better. Meantime my anxiety developed into depression. I tried some antidepressants x 2 types they caused more dry eye and made my mental health worse. I had such bad anxiety that I developed rashes. The pain in my eyes did not seem to subside I tried conselling and acupunture along with flaxseed oil, nuts and cod liver oil capsules. Visited multiple opthamologists and opticians. The ones specialising in laser said it was hormones or drugs the others said it was due to the laser! I had convinced myself that I would not be able to work, read or live as I had dry eyes. Things got so bad that I tried to take my own life. I escaped with a few bruises and am now on antidepressants although they burn my eyes. I realise that people live with worse things than dry eyes however put the description another way and call it corneal inflammation and it is a whole different view. I have managed to put off 3 people from doing this procedure and I hope I will put off more. Living with dry eyes is not simple and it is not minor it is debiltating and affects you quality of life and is expensive - just think eye drops and creams every day for the rest of your life.

My message is as follows:

  1. Do not have laser eye surgery unless you medically have to
  2. It is not the here and now you need to worry about it is the changes in your body later in life that will impact it
  3. Your eyes are precious and you cannot replace them if something goes wrong with them
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