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I am booked to have my second Vagina Tightening...

I am booked to have my second Vagina Tightening Surgery with Transform on Saturday 16th April, 2016. My story so far - I have never had any children or pregnancies but I have always felt damaged in my vagina due to trauma in the area from when I was a young child, and as a result I have felt loose and had dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles from as long as I can remember.

I booked a consultation with one of the patient care coordinators at Transform to discuss whether or not they would be able to help, even though I have never had children so might not be their standard type of patient seeking help. The patient coordinator was absolutely lovely and instantly made me feel at ease. Shortly after I had a consultation with their surgeon, Mr Daniels. After an examination and thorough discussion, he proposed that I have an Anterior and Posterior Tightening, and this was booked in for 19th January 2015 at The Pines Hospital in Manchester. I had a pre-op medical with a nurse a couple of weeks before the surgery and was given all the information I needed in order to prepare. I never thought I would have done something like this, but after I made my mind up I was very determined and did not look back.

The Operation - My long term partner came with me while I settled into the hospital - you get your own private room and en-suite bathroom. They were running behind schedule and it felt like I was waiting forever because I was so anxious. I had a discussion with Mr Daniels about an hour before I was brought in for surgery and after teary hugs and goodbyes to my lovely man, I went into theatre. 3.5 hours later I awoke in SERIOUS pain, feeling completely disoriented and very sick and faint. I had not given myself time to really consider the impact of such an invasive procedure so I have to say I was very taken aback at how bad I felt. The pain was unimaginable, and I felt so scared. I was reassured that this was totally normal after a surgery like this and everyone responds differently to anesthetic. The team of nurses were very attentive and looked after me well throughout the night which was a very difficult time. The next morning, the sick feeling had subsided slightly and I was able to pass urine with the catheter which was then subsequently removed. AGONY. But soon forgotten about! It's not all bad... :-O I was then released after some more checks and able to travel home.

Recovery was very difficult - I had originally signed myself off work for one week, however I was definitely in no shape to return to work after 7 days, so I asked my GP for a sick line for 2 weeks which they gave me without question. I needed a full 3 weeks before I started feeling back to normal. After the operation the area was very swollen and bruised but I totally saw a difference from looking in the mirror. I was ridiculously constipated after this operation therefore bowel movements were agony. IN the information pack given prior to the operation, they tell you to take Fybogel (Stool Softener) after the operation, but my tip would be to start doing this a couple of days BEFORE the operation, and afterwards take a laxative too. Trust me on that!

At 6 weeks I had my post op check up with Mr Daniels. This was really rushed! He had a huge line of people waiting to see him, was running late and I wasn't sure that he had that much time for me to be honest. Anyway, he said the result has been good but that I was to wait until 12 weeks to have sex with my partner. So we waited...

At 12 weeks, we eventually braved sex again. This was very painful, however my partner had remarked he did not notice a huge difference from what it was like before (while of course telling me I have always felt amazing anyway - nice man that he is). I did notice a difference, especially the level of tightness around the entrance, but I had to agree with him - I was expecting something more dramatic after all of that!

Over time the pain started to subside and I was pretty much back to normal again - the positive differences being that I was a little tighter than before and my bladder was under better control. However I did not have the results I had asked for and hoped for. So I went in to see Mr Daniels again to speak about these issues, and it was the same story as before - he was running late, there were loads of women queuing up to see him, and again I felt rushed. He was defensive about his surgery and felt the results were OK. I disagreed, he said to give it time. So I left this meeting feeling very disappointed.

A small cyst developed at the entrance of my vagina, so I had this checked up by Mr Daniels and AGAIN, running late, so many people queuing up to see him and I felt rushed. He said he couldn't see the cyst or feel it and since I was unhappy about my results he was going to refer me to another Transform consultant for a second opinion.

I had my first meeting with Mr Ibraheim October last year and since then have met him twice. He is LOVELY. When I arrived for my first meeting with him there was no one else in the waiting room, he was on time, had my file ready, was very friendly and sympathetic to my situation. He instantly made me feel important and at ease. He gave me a full examination and said that my muscle tone was good and that tightness is very subjective, but he would be willing to do a revision surgery for me (free of charge) to meet my expectations. If possible, he will remove the cyst during surgery if it is visible enough to do so. The cyst in itself fluctuates, sometimes I can't feel it or see it, other times it is quite pronounced - he believes this to be Bartholin - look this up if you haven't heard of it - and not a result of the first surgery, but is happy to help anyway.

So - that is my (long) story so far! I am booked into Transform for me surgery this Saturday at 2pm and I'm very nervous as I know what to expect this time. However I am delighted that I have Mr Ibraheim as my surgeon and feel in very good hands.

Pre-Op Medical Done

I had my pre-op medical yesterday which took around half an hour. Routine check of blood pressure, height and weight and a health questionnaire. Also, I emailed my surgeon to let him know that everything is in order for Saturday. He is very sweet and asked me if I am looking forward to the surgery which I am and I'm not - the surgery experience itself, not so much! But the results - YAY. Can't wait. Also, I just got a pedicure with gel polish and you are not supposed to have polish of any type on your nails for surgery (which I clearly forgot about), but Mr Ibraheim said to keep the pedicure as long as my hands are polish free which I am very grateful for. So 3 more sleeps to go....

Surgery Day!

Arrived at The Pines in Manchester and everyone has been SO lovely. Settled into my nice room and in between two pre-op chats with my lovely surgeon, a couple of sessions with the nurse and the anaethetist watched some trash on Netflix and had a wee snooze before going to theatre. Everyone makes you feel at such ease here and the anaethetist even asked me if I was a model (which, BTW if you knew me I am absolutely not thin enough or pretty enough to be one LOL) but I thought it was very sweet nonetheless. In theatre while getting anaesthetic, everyone was there including my lovely surgeon making me feel at ease - all full of smiles. Before I knew it I'm waking up in recovery and feeling MUCH better than last time! I think I must have reacted badly to the anaesthetic last time as felt really sick and totally wasted before. This time just a little bit tired and no pain so far which is amazing! So for anyone I had scared in my last review, I apologise as realise how unique a surgical experience is to everyone...
Once back in my room my surgeon came to check on me twice and let me know of the success of my operation - he says I am very tight to his pinkie finger which may sound extreme but what I am going for. Be interested to see what anyone thinks about that...
Have been advised of planning to have children, C-Section only. So in general the operation has been a mega success and right now I am super happy. Super happy tucking into turkey sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and proper English tea. I have a catheter in which means I can drink as much as I like without having to get up. All in all I am really grateful and really impressed so far. Everyone has been amazing!! Will post again tomorrow morning.

17th April (AM)

Actually had a really good night here and good sleep from about midnight to 5am. It's super relaxing just now as I can hear the birds tweeting from outside my room and it's very peaceful and quiet. Managed a good meal last night which was nice and I am drinking lots and lots of water. Last time I needed tramadol for the pain - if you are struggling, ask for it! It will make such a difference to you. However this time I have only needed a couple of co-codamols and the pain and discomfort in general has been minimal. I forgot to let you all know that my surgeon also managed to remove the cyst I mentioned in my first update which was great news as I knew this would be difficult if it wasn't very prominent - he is a miracle worker.
This morning my surgeon will be coming in to have another check up on me and once I have had some breakfast and managed to pee without the catheter I am free to go however have been told I am welcome to stay until I feel ready, even if into the afternoon which I thought was a very nice touch.
Will provide a further update later.

17th April PM

So after breakfast, my catheter was removed which was not as bad as I remembered it to be last time - just an uncomfortable feeling. After this I was able to walk around with ease and soon was able to pee enough for the nurse to take out the canula on my hand too. My surgeon came in to see me for a check up and was again reaffirming the success of the operation and reassuring me everything is good! He said if I need anything at all to contact him directly. He really is wonderful. He reckons in 2-3 days time I'll be feeling back to normal again and that I can start driving by the end of the week, return to work within 7 days. I have my post-op medical booked in with the nurse on Monday 25th April, and my post-op check up with the surgeon 8 weeks later on 20th June. He says I can resume sex after six weeks but I am going to wait an extra 2 weeks until he has examined me and given the all clear. THAT part I am VERY excited for!
Only issue I am having just now is no bowel movement since Friday night and it's now Sunday night. I have taken laxatives and syrup but I know I am constipated which is going to be tough. I am just trying to drink a lot of fluids and relax. Will see how that goes!
For the rest of the day I was able to chill until my partner came to pick me up at around 1pm, so had a lovely and relaxing morning. Can't thank the team at Transform enough.

Home and Resting

I am very impressed with my recovery with this revision so far. They do say that revisions are easier for your body to cope with, but based on my first VT I did think this would be a lot worse. I've felt 100% apart from some pain and discomfort in my vajayjay which is totally to be expected. I am taking a herbal laxative (cascara sagrada) and my surgeon also gave me some sort of sugary medicine drink to help with bowel movements too and I have not had any issues as I first thought I might (again, based on last time) with constipation, instead I have the required laxative effect! I'm walking around just fine, sitting is uncomfortable at times but there are positions that feel better. For the rest of this week I am going to take full advantage of the doctors orders to rest and I will start driving again at the start of next week. At 4 weeks post op, I have been told to start my kegel exercises again to ensure the muscle tone stays strong and these are good for your health anyway. At 6 weeks post op I can get back to exercise. At 8 weeks post op I have my review with my surgeon and after that I will promise to report on what the sex is actually like!

1 Week Post Op

Feeling good! I have finished my course of painkillers and anti inflammatory pills and I just feel a little tender down below, sometimes with sharp pains if I am sitting down. Lying down is the best but I am no means unable to get around.
Have been able to drive today (it's an automatic) which was comfortable and also now able to take baths and saunas - YAY.
I am still taking stool softeners/laxatives and all have been working real well with no dramas thankfully! Will continue to post a wee update from now after any key milestones...post op with nurse, surgeon and when I start exercising and finally what the sex is like!! If anyone is interested of course... ;-)
Dr Mofid Ibraheim

Dr Mofid Ibraheim is amazing. He is clearly a very experienced surgeon with lots of references to offer and does make you aware of everything you need to know about your surgery. He really listens to your concerns and I always feel special and well looked after when I have had meetings with him, and most especially at the surgery this weekend. His bedside manner is excellent and he is also just a very sweet person. I have his email address and have over the last while inundated him with questions which he has always answered promptly. Would recommend to anyone for Vagina Tightening and Labiaplasty in the UK!

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