34 YO Mum of 2 Fed Up of Frumpy Post Pregnancy Body. Manchester, GB

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I'm Scheduled in for a full abdominoplasty,...

I'm Scheduled in for a full abdominoplasty, mastopexy with implant change due to capsular contracture, and lipo in 2 weeks time and I must have been through every single combination of emotions that are humanly possible in the past few weeks. I've been totally convinced I'm not going to wake up, then convinced I was going to get DVT etc afterwards, guilt, stupidity....the list goes on!!! Anyway I've finally settled down and seen as this website has been like a bible to me over the past year I thought it was only right to give something back by posting my own journey. Two pic's to start are pre pregnancy and me now "sigh". I've battled for 5 years to get my body back, going to diet extremes lipotrim etc and I have become obsessed with how horrible I feel so feel this is the only thing I can do to move on with my life and stop stressing about what I wish were irrelevant things.

More before pics

trying to add more before pics

1 week tomorrow Eeeek!

Well one of the biggest things I was worried about was telling the kids I was going to be away from them. I tested the water and said I'd have to stop out over night and they couldn't come with me because it was a school night and daddy would look after them and I'd face time them a story at bed time. I was expecting tears and clinging and instead I got "oh ok" hahaha amazing result. Now I just need to extend it to 2 nights.

I've got all my vitamins coming next week and did the caffeine withdrawal last week in the hope of having optimal pre op health. I'm moving my legs and feet as much as poss. Oh also bought Hibiscrub which is a medical grade skin cleaner. Starting the protein shakes tomorrow too.

3 days post op all good so far ????

Just an update on 3rd day after operation. Well after having TT, Breast implant replacement, uplift and lipo by far the lipo is the worst!! Especially my love handles ooouuuccchhhh!! I'm sure if I'd had this procedure on its own it would be fine but I'm having real problems trying to lay on it!! I'm also incredibly bruised and swollen from the lipo, a good few inches bigger everywhere prob gone up 2 dress sizes at moment. Moving on to boobs... No pain or trouble so far at all I can't even tell I've had them done pain wise it's great I would defo recommend having it done at same time as TT. My tummy looks good so far but daren't look too much coz I'll over think it and panick haha. Pain wise I'm on 1000mg paracetamol and a stronger version of ibuprofen every 8 hours but I'm mainly taking it for back ache!! Top tips so far...get one of those mobility aid grabber/ litter picker things I'm finding everything I need all of a sudden is on the floor or I drop it there by accident grrr haha! Also I bought a rise and recline chair off eBay which is firm and great to sleep on. Another TT lady recommended getting one and I truly don't know what I'd do without it.

Surgeon, anesthetist and all theatre staff were amazing I wasn't nervous at all. They were great, humorous, professional and told me everything step by step. Mr Murphy was fabulous as expected, exactly the same as he was in the consultations. The real proof is in the pudding though and I'm still all wrapped up in Spanx type things not to mention layers of swelling to see any results.

Spire hospital Manchester was clean, had nice rooms and the two main nurses I came into contact with looked after me well, all staff were very friendly and kind and the food nice although I didn't have much of an appetite. The one thing that differed from my expectation was that I was on a ward with private patients that "needed" operations rather than a specific cosmetics ward ( I don't even know if such a thing exists it's just what I envisaged) I felt like I didn't want to buzz for help a few times as I'd put myself through this voluntarily where as they were "poorly" so deserved the help more than me. This is NOT a negative it's just I wasn't expecting it and that was my gut instinct, in no way shape or form did any of the staff make me feel that way they were all great. Hope that helps I'll post photos in a bit X

5 days post op and doing well

Well I just got a friend who used to be a nurse to change my tummy dressings as I was petrified what I was going to find but I was amazed and took a couple of pics. The capabilities of the human body are unbelievable. What 5 days can do... My dressings were absolutely soaked though. Lipo swelling gone down by about 50% but still quite bruised in places.

Pics from ten days post op

Photos taken ten days after and seem to be doing well. My back pain has eased lots. I think it's because I have been un fastening the top of the compression garment and stretching my self upright as I noticed my posture was still a bit bent forward. It's the strangest feeling to stand straight up as I don't feel I have enough tummy skin to do so haha. It is getting easier though it does really pull. It's not painful, just odd!! I have got my head round changing my own tape/dressings though it does still scare me! I've also uploaded some more pics x

20 days PO and still doing well

Well touch wood I haven't had any set backs yet and I'm now used to changing my dressings phew!! I went back to my desk job after 2 weeks and found myself missing day time telly haha! Bruising nearly gone and swelling wise I'm back to the size I started haha I'm hoping the next 3 weeks will see me shrink down somewhat but I have seen random lipo before and afters on google and they don't look any different so I'm worried about that after all the discomfort and swelling. Anyway here's some pics of healing xxx

More scar pics

Skin a bit purple above hair line, hurts a bit when I bend, think it's coz I'm bending too much.

7 weeks quick review

Well 7 weeks tomorrow and not really much to report. Recovery has been great with no hiccups really except my belly button slightly over healed which had to be cut but all very minor stuff. My lipo areas still hurt to sleep on and I think are still swollen or should I say I hope as I don't look any different!! I'm happy with my boobs and the position of my TT scar but am really holding my breath on the belly button front as I've only got the bottom half as you'll see in the picture it's cut in a half circle shape. I see what the thinking is behind it as its meant to form a hood but I've never seen one like this before and don't see how it's gonna end up looking like a proper circle one that everyone else has :( I asked my surgeon and he said he hasn't done anything different to anyone else's. At this moment I'm struggling to keep the faith with that bit if I'm honest but I guess that's where you just have to put your worries to the back of your mind and trust the professional you chose. I'll upload pics now and let you see for yourselves oh and Ive still got the little skin tags on each side which should flatten out to nothing in time xxx

Overgrown skin

This is what my belly button decided to do its self- apparently called over granulation!!! The creases are just where the tape has been.

6 Months on...


Just checking in 6 months on to post pictures of results. I've been absolutely fine. Belly button lookIng much better but is really small, I think it just healed too much really, I'm told it will relax over time so it's just a waiting game. I'm much happier than I was with it now though. I'm going back in a few weeks to have little skin tags removed at each end of scar and some fluid/fat deposits taken out. It's a minor op and if all goes to plan I will be happy and feel like it's been a journey worth while. Sorry all photos have uploaded upside down!!
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

Will do full review when I've Been signed off, I can answer a few more now. I have scored 5 on all so far. Bedside manner was superb, humour at every turn which was very well judged. I felt very safe and trusted him every step of the way. Staff were all lovely, payment process was easy and wait times were good considering he is in much demand. Times we're always booked around me as I lived quite far away and once I was very late due to horrendous traffic but he waited and still saw me which was amazing. I did ask a lot of questions and literally by the time of surgery came I must have sent 20 emails full of questions and had 3 consultations so they were very patient with me!! Plus all except one were answered very quickly and in step by step detail. After care has been great so far, anything that has needed doing has been done with the same great level of courtesy and professionalism that I have received since day one.

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