3 weeks post op- Manchester, UK

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Firstly I would like to say thanks so much. This...

Firstly I would like to say thanks so much. This website and your reviews have been a great help to me over the last few months.

I am going to try and keep it simple. I was flat Chester until the age of 14. I went from nothing to an F practically overnight. At my biggest I have been a GG and my smallest (right before surgery) an 32 E/DD. my breasts have always been saggy, and breast feeding two babies didn't help with that!

So after many years of longing for breasts to look in proportion with my small frame, I take the plunge. I discussed with the surgeon size and shape. He said he could take me to a B/C. I was vocal in telling him B would be my preference. As you know discussions on size can sometimes be vague as they can't say 100% there is no guarantee. But we agreed B/C. Which I was happy with.

Surgery was on 20thDec and let me tell you the run up to it was stressful due to a few personal reasons which nearly jeopardised my operation. However all was fine and surgery carried on nearly 2 weeks ago.

When I came out of theatre I was in a great deal of pain as my sports bra was on so tight. I also felt very sick and confused. My heart rate was very slow all night so I had to have regular obs and wear oxygen tubes all night which was a pain! The nurse was lovely though. I was very sick for a few hours after surgery and completely dazed. They surgeon said straight after surgery 'you should find you are a B cup'. I didn't need drains although I kind of wish I did as I am still holding fluid. So it is hard to get an accurate idea of size and shape.

I was totally wiped out for a few days after surgery, sleeping through the day then not very well through the night. This is normal. I got completely blocked up (impacted bowel) and didn't have a BM for a week after surgery. In the end I needed 4 enemas which was an awful and extremely painful. This was a real set back to my recovery as I was tired and trying to recover from both now.....plus Christmas with two small children!!! Busy busy.

I am gonna post some before and after pics now. On a whole I do like my shape and compared to before they are great. Just not small enough yet.

2 weeks post op today! Feeling a little tired...

2 weeks post op today! Feeling a little tired today as I have had Norovirus! Not good. Started back at work yesterday so just feel totally whacked. My boobs feel good though. This is probably the first day I have felt positive about them. I have been feeling they are still too big, but today it seems the swelling has reduced a little more and they now fit nicely into my 34C sports bra. Still hoping they will go down even more. The scars are still very scabby and I noticed there is a little extra blood at the t-junction on one side. Might have popped a stitch lifting the children.
I had no idea this was going to be such an emotional roller coaster. I was expecting this feeling of euphoria. For me it has been up and down. One minute I love them next minute I feel they are still too big. My mind is going a little mad. Basically I have come to the conclusion that they are the perfect size for my body but still too big for my mind. If that makes any sense. It is hard to explain. My husband looks at me like I'm crazy when I say I still want them smaller.
This site has been my saving grace! I love it!

Well back to normality now after op, Christmas and...

Well back to normality now after op, Christmas and illness that followed. I have to say it is nice to be back. I was moping around the house feeling sorry for myself. Being more active and running around after the Kids has helped me move on in my recovery. This week it's all go. Saw the nurse on Monday and she said everything looks fine. I still have a little swelling on the left side (right in pictures). I mentioned again that I still feel they are on the large side and her response wound me up. She has lovely small boobs and said to me 'I would kill for boobs like yours' it is exactly the one comment that I didn't want to hear. I really don't want to be the person that girls with small boobs say they wished they had mine (if that makes sense). Especially when I have just had a reduction. I thought it was a thoughtless remark. I would much prefer just to be the girl with small boobs.....that's the point!
Anyway that aside I am getting more use to them and they have gone down in swelling. They also feel much more normal now. Less throbbing and getting hot to the touch.

Had another appointment with the nurse today. She...

Had another appointment with the nurse today. She instantly looked at me and said I needed a bigger bra. My 34 C is too small. The bottom is sitting on my scars and is generally too tight all over. She told me to go up a side. So hard to hear. I came away feeling totally fed up. She said there is a chance I might get back into it but for now not too wear it. The plan was to be a
B/small C not a large C/D and more of a D than a C at that. I didn't really go through all of this to just come down a cup size.

I am meeting with the surgeon in a few weeks and I can't wait to ask him a few questions. I know it is early days but I really don't think I will have dramatic changes now. Any advice on that?

Also what bugs me is that so far when I have said to the nurses I still feel a little on the large size they instantly say to you 'well it all depends where you buy your bras' as if I have never bought bras before. In my 17 years of wearing bras I have not gone to one shop and been 2 cup sizes bigger than bras in another shop. It is true that there is some variety in fits with certain styles but generally not a massive difference in cup size.

Anyway, feeling a little down. Better get some sleep!

Feeling like I'm back at square one

I have enjoyed my new boos over the summer. I have always felt that they were not small enough. In the recent months I have gained 4lbs. I am squeezing myself into my DD bra (which I caved in and had to buy as it was clear that my D cup didn't fit)
I feeling just like I did before the surgery.
I was a DD/E when I had the surgery and paid £6500 to have the surgery done. I wanted to be a B/C straight after surgery it was clear that I was not going to be a C never mind a B. I am now composing a a letter to the surgeon to see if a revision is feasible.
I am sporty and my weight gain is mainly as I have slipped a disc in my back and have not been able to excersice like I did before, which was about three times a week for 90mins per session.
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