24 350cc HP submuscular

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So in November 2014 I began researching BA after...

So in November 2014 I began researching BA after discovering some of my colleagues had implants which looked very natural. I spoke with them about their experience and figured it was something viable however have been back and forth about whether to do it because I am comfortable with my body already but like other women want to wear those dresses, strapless, backless etc without a bra and swimming costumes without padding! So I decided to book some consultations;
the first was with Transform, I was very unimpressed because the surgeon tried to sow seeds of insecurity but indirectly, i.e. drawing tubular breasts implying I had these, noting and reiterating all imperfections with my breasts and not really having any other method of salesmanship other than trying to make me hate my breasts as they are. I left annoyed and questioning "wow are they really that bad?" I decided to go to another consult and see if they had the same opinion
I then went to The Hospital Group, my patient care co-ordinator Sara Shone was fantastic, very empathic, reassuring and thorough. I explained what had happened with Transform and she was as shocked as I was at what their surgeon had said. So then I met my PS Mr Marcos Sforza who I had researched prior to the consult and was so far impressed with the amount of information online for him (Transform had very little apart from their own bias testimonials). Mr Sforza was fantastic, he made no attempt to highlight the negatives and answered my questions in detail. He was so laid back but in a professional manner and appeared very honest and trustworthy. I then tried on some sizers and decided 350cc looked good for my size however after reading a lot of reviews I'm wondering whether to go bigger, to the 380cc perhaps? Any advice on this would be welcomed!
I left the consult really confident and excited then returned home to tell the BF I would be going ahead! BF has been extremely supportive and will be helping me through recovery :).
Shortly after with an obsessive amount of research I started to panic about capsular contracture as the rates of this vary with some saying up to 25%! I emailed my patient care co-ordinator and she rang me to explain that in all her years working there she had seen a couple douzen and the rate was more like 2%. I hope this is the case because cc would just be devastating after going through all that! She was very reassuring and most of all she was very genuine, I cannot commend her professionalism along with the PS enough!
So I'm still waiting to hear what dates are available for May but hoping for around the 12-15th mark, once I have one booked I will update but in the mean time any words of advice, comments or input would be massively appreciated!

Some more pics with 350cc sizers

Im wondering whether to go bigger? the number 400 sounds so scary for some reason even though the difference isn't huge. I've read a few reviews say their ps has 5 different sized of implants during the op, I've never been told this is in the UK not sure if it's standard practice?

The current situation!

So people have an idea of what I'm working with, any suggestions given these pictures of what I may be following 350cc under the muscle (possibly fully or partially).

Hello tatas!!

So I had my BA yesterday and it went great mainly because I didn't let myself get too anxious. The hospital staff themselves were very clinical and in this respect I was disappointed. I nearly cried on the way to theatre because the man who took me down was so matter of fact about calling me in and I couldn't hug my Bf because of infection control. My plastic surgeon however was wonderful (marcos Sforza UK) I gave him artistic licence to put in what he wanted and though I did mention maybe going with 380 he said this would take me up to a dd or e which I didn't want so he went with 350cc.
I don't have to wear my support bra which I find very strange and had spent a lot of money buying varying ones as for the first week I just wear the compression band however I have put this over my pyjamas top now as it was chafing my armpits!
The hospital wad 100 miles from my home and the drive back was a bit grim but only because of staying still. I got up at 4 am yesterday and got to the hospital for my 7am admission time, the drive was beautiful watching the sunrise over the English countryside and it put me in such a tranquil state. I remember being on the operating table at quarter to 9 then was back in my room with my Bf at half 10, I was under GA for 45 mins and in recovery for 1 hour. All my vitals were great and I experienced no nausea but a lot of tightness pressure and burning pain for about 5 hours after surgery. Since then it's been totally manageable, I've been given Tylex ( 30mg codeine and 500 paracetamol) as well as anti biotics and ibuprofen.
I am extremely stiff and can't even wipe myself or pull my pants up after peeing but my Bf is amazing and doing everything for me including regular back massages and sitting me up and bringing me cups of tea (the 3 most appreciated things).
I'm certainly not in pain today (day 1 post op ) but was yesterday and I am in a high level of discomfort primarily because of back ache, inabilty to sleep on my back at a 45 degree angle and generally a bit down from not being able to do anything for myself.
My boobs are riding very high and are submuscular 350cc. However with the compression band on they look amazing and I am so so pleased with them even now but so excited for the end result!
Anyway I'm going to take my anti biotic and attempt to get a nap.

tits mcgee

Some pics of being right out of surgery, first thing I said to my boyfriend was to show me with my camera and despite feeling awful and groggy my eyes lit up at my new tatas!
The pictures without the compression band show the expected high riding result that will hopefully drop and fluff between weeks 2-6.

So much pain

I thought I was breezing through the recovery but apparently I'm not I have woken up nearly flat despite having a lot of pillows and it's been very painful. I've put some cocoa butter on them and noticed that I've got a few stretch marks already :( any advice for this?

hate the pain meds

All the medication is making me feel like crap, no appetite, struggling to sleep and feeling generally spaced out. I don't know why anyone would do this recreationally! It's an awful feeling. I've forced myself to go and sit outside in the sun which has helped me feel a little better. I've not had any codeine in over 6 hours which is helping me feel more like myself but I will likely take some when I need it. My anti biotics are making me nauseous which is also horrible and I'm just hoping that after today I start to improve? I hear that generally day 2 through 3 is the worst so I am staying optimistic and cannot wait to be off all the meds! I thought I'd be more patient than this but rime goes so slowly when you've provisioned no distractions for yourself, plus getting down makes time go slower also so my only advice is to move around, sit in a different room or in the garden weather permitting.

day 3 post op thank god for realself!

so I still can't get out of bed on my own but I think there's been a tiny improvement pain wise since day two and this is keeping me optimistic about the days to come :). realself has reassured me that it gets better from day 4. I love this site for having the answers advice and support throughout recovery.
I am limiting my intake of pain meds especially the opiates and just sticking to my anti-biotics. Day 8 will be such a good day when I have no pills to take!
I haven't pooped since before the surgery (4 days) so my Bf is getting me some stool softeners and I'm eating high fibre, drinking lots of water etc.
I've been feeling quite teary on and off since the op, not sure if it's the meds the GA or the cabin fever but I just wanna feel like myself again and have more energy. I am so sleepy most of the time :/ it's good to be sleeping again but it doesn't seem to energize me like it did before the op but I understand this to be normal following surgery so I'm just listening to my body and doing what feels right even if that's sleeping for 12 hours at a time.
I find the mornings to he quite difficult, afternoons are the best for energy appetite and pain. Evenings are just very lethargic and it takes a good while to get comfortable so thank god for Netflix!
to anyone who is about to go for this surgery or has just had it done be aware that the first 2-3 days are pretty grim and its easy to get down so I would recommend having emotional support around you for at least a week following surgery. Someone who tells you you're doing really well and helps you focus on getting to the next day of recovery. I have been exceptionally lucky in this regard and my boyfriend has done all this for me. BA is no joke and I have felt overwhelmed at points despite obsessively researching everything for months prior.

Day 4! no pain meds today

So yesterday was good because I only took one pain med AND I pooped :D. today has been even better because I took no pain meds and I pooped again. I also went to the shop for food but got a bit panicky / lightheaded. Im still more tired and lethargic than usual but I feel like this won't last much longer. I am eating well and feeling my energy come back.
As for the tats they've not changed much. I can move them a tiny bit, less than a cm each bur this is progress. They're still very high and I'm trying to wear my compression bandage but it gives me such bad backache that I end up having to take it off every so often. I'm really looking forward to doing massages and helping them drop and fluff, its going to be frustrating waiting for them to settle and they're right up in my armpit which can be uncomfortable when I'm not wearing the strap. My post op appointment and wound check is in 3 days and I'm really looking forward to be given the go ahead to wear a sports bra because my nipples are so offensive! They're swollen and huge and I'm paranoid they'll never go back to being small again, has anyone experienced very swollen nips after a BA and how long do they take to go back down?
I have not taken any pictures today but I actually put clothes on rather than staying in my jammies which was a milestone, as was leaving the house.
I will attach pictures I took yesterday (day 3)
Mr Marcos Sforza

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