25 Year Old Petite Girl, 300cc Silicone Under the Muscle - Manchester, GB

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Hi everyone! I have decided to write a review of...

Hi everyone! I have decided to write a review of of my breast enlargement experience, as the ones I have read on Real Self so far have been amazingly helpful!

A little about me, I am 25, live in Manchester England and am probably a 30A... although I haven't been measured for a long time so could be a B or an AA - who knows! Anyway, the point is, there's not much going on in the boobie department. It has always affected my confidence in the sense that I feel less womanly and childlike. I feel so uncomfortable in bikinis, and don't even like my boyfriend seeing me without a bra. I'd like to get to a full C or D, depending on what doesn't look too unnatural.

I made the decision in January to have a breast enlargement, and spent the last 8 months deciding on my surgeon, rough size, and all the other crazy things to consider when having a boob job!

I met with surgeons at Transform and The Hospital Group in Manchester. The Patient Co-Ordinator and Surgeon at Transform were lovely, but I just wasn't so sure for some reason. The Patient Co-Ordinator and Surgeon at The Hospital Group were not so great... the whole thing was rushed and because I wan't looking to book my surgery for another 8 months, they weren't interested and were borderline rude! Needless to say that one was a no go. Both of these places quoted around £3,500, and told me to go with 300cc over the muscle.

Then I met with Mr James Murphy at the Spire in Whalley Range. The whole experience was on another level - Mr Murphy was so pleasant, took the time to listen to what I wanted and gave me 3D imaging to see what the different implant sizes would look like on my frame. He suggested I go for around the 300cc mark, but almost definitely under the muscle. He said that because I am so slim (5ft 2in and 7.5 stone), over the muscle implants would show through my tissue and look unnatural, which isn't what I want!

So, my op is on the 8th of September, 16 days away! I have another pre op on the 31st to decide on size and shape of implants (I am leaning towards 330cc round high profile, any advice more than welcome!) and to discuss medication. Because I have IBS and chronic nausea, the anesthetist is going top put some form of lansoprozole (kind of an anti acid) in with my anesthesia to reduce nausea and constipation. I have also been told I will be having TIVA as opposed to normal GA... not sure what that is but I will find out!

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