32 Years Old 2kids and Saggy Boobs! - Manchester, GB

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So today I had my consultation with Mr Persico at...

So today I had my consultation with Mr Persico at transform. He advised me I can get good results with an uplift without an implant. He said I May loose a few cup sizes which is totally fine. I wear a 34E-F at the moment. Mr persico was very professional and gave me good advice.
I went home and arranged my childcare and then I booked it!!!! 26th may is my op date am so excited.

pre op booked for Wednesday 6th may!

So my pre op appointment is booked and my deposit is paid! Its getting so close. Had a little wobble last night... I felt guilty about spending all this money on myself and not my kids! Feel so bad because they are going without a holiday abroad this year (going go mum and dads caravan instead). I also feel a bit guilty about all the help I am going to need post op! My mum is fantastic and husband really supportive. He reassured me last night and am feeling good about it all again now. Going to write a list of questions to ask at my pre op! X

my before pictures


Finally got pictures on! Balance paid and pre op done :)

so I have finally been able to upload my before pictures using my sons iPad . Better delete them, don't want him getting a fright ha ha
So pre op done and balance paid, starting to seem real now. I have been worrying about not being able to pick my baby up for a cuddle, I hope he doesn't think I font love him anymore (daft I know) he will have to make do with his nan ha ha.
I explained to my 7 yr old I was getting an operation to make my boobs look better and he said "mummy they are massive aren't they! " ha ha

The day is finally here

Just waiting to go down to surgery at 10:30. So far so good...been drawn on by surgeon and seen anethatist.
Will upload some pictures when I can as my phone doesn't work. Wish me luck :)

next morning and feeling ok!

Hi everyone.
So yesterday I finally done it. Had my uplift yesterday. Was in a lot of pain when I first come round but that settled pretty quickly.
Didn't have a great sleep do can't wait to get in my own bed.
Had dressings changed this morning and nurse says all good!
Waiting for surgeon to come now then I can go home.
Will add some pictures later on from iPad. :) x

Sorry it's been a while!

hi ladies so sorry I haven't been on. Had a lot going on last few weeks but my recovery has been amazing.
Day of op- was in a bit of pain post op but slept a lot, was discharged early and went home to rest.

Week 1- took it easy this week taking regular paracetamol. My husband was work so he was seeing to the kids.

First appointment- the nurse was very pleased with the wounds so just left steri strips on

Second week- my mum was helping me out this week but not taking any pain killers

Second appointment- the nurse was even more pleased and took all dressings off. I could finally get a proper shower.

Three weeks on and I am delighted with the results I would recommend it to anyone thinking about it well worth the money. Am also glad I never had an implant

18 months after

Hi everyone
So am now 18 months post op and regretting not getting an implant. I have lost so much volume in the upper part of my breasts. I feel like they are already sagging ( not as bad as they where)
I am now thinking of getting an implant ...any advice please?
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

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