Finally revision booked April 14. Now 16 mths PO. TT and lipo - Manchester, England

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I’m in Warrington, England. Cost below equates...

I’m in Warrington, England. Cost below equates to dollars I believe but £7200.00 in sterling.

I'm having a TT and liposuction in 2 area’s; flanks and under boobs over rib cage if that makes sense in just under 3 weeks. I've always looked at having it done but never gone ahead with it even as far as having a consultation until Feb this year. I lost 3 stone 4 lbs August 08 to May 09 and did the gym 5 days a week without blinking an eye. I kept the weight off and met my gorgeous man May 10...........bring on eating and drinking what I wanted with very limited trips to the gym!!! From then to now I've made a mess of my skin, gone up and down a stone here and there and now back to where I was at 11 stone 10. I'd still like to lose another stone and a half; I was 5 ft 5 and half when I started in August 08, I’m now 5 ft 4 and only 41! Shrinking height already But my tummy has skin that to me, could cover Manchester! I'm a firm believer in magic knickers and have loads of them and wear them all the time but you can't on the beach and I'm sick of it : ( I'll up load photo's soon.

So I've done the consults and now booked in. A big gap between now and then due to time constraints on my part. I'm very excited although getting more worried about the pain, getting constipated from all the painkillers and not being able to shower for the first week!!! My hair can look like chip pan lard after one vain I know! I'll be in for 2 nights and the drains removed the day I come home, not allowed home with them. I've read quite a bit on sleeping with pillows under your legs to elevate them which I get but its not been mentioned to me yet by the hospital. I always sleep on my side or tummy and worried I'll not be sleeping at all!! Any tips/advice/help/idea's - all welcome

Finally I have pictures to up load, just not...

Finally I have pictures to up load, just not technical minded so am struggling! My before pictures confirm more tha ever I'm doing the right thing :)

Only 3 sleeps to go and still very excited and...

Only 3 sleeps to go and still very excited and getting butterflies in my tummy every time I think about it, all the time consuming my mind! Keep looking down at my tummy and thinking your going to look soooooooooo different. I can't remember the last time I felt so excited about something! I feel positive about my recovery and just hope I'm not eating my words come the end of this week!

Excited..............all over the place..............

Excited..............all over the place..............can't think straight about what to take with me! Will update when home on Saturday. Wish me luck ladies and the one or 2 gents on here too! X

Hi - day 5 today for me and in truth I feel like...

Hi - day 5 today for me and in truth I feel like total crap and very sorry for myself. But firstly I need to say how fantastic the nurses have been, all really really great and friendly, happy, I didn't feel like I was in hospital and had a good giggle with them too. And my man has been ace with perhaps a test of your relationship! I've felt embarrassed when he's washed me and he hasn't battered an eyelid except to say I look like I've been beaten up from the bruising!

When I came round from surgery I was still high and continued to be until the next day pretty much until 24 hours after the op and than BANG with the pain. Took my breath away. They gave me a tramadol and another a half hour later.....back to being high! They had me sleeping propped up with the pillows underneath my knees, and I had a sleeping tablet for each of the 2 nights I stayed in hospital. I had 2 more tramadol Saturday morning which is when I was re-dressed and my 2 drains came out which I was dreading but they said deep breath in and out slowly and as I breathed out the tubes came out one by one. It didn't hurt, just a strange sensation from my newly placed tummy button. I was home for 2ish and felt all over the place and out of sink with when to take painkillers. I got that back on track Sunday (yesterday). Our sofa reclines like the hospital beds so I slept downstairs Sat night and not too bad a night. Last night tried upstairs but had less sleep lay flat with knees with and have to keep waking my man to get me up when I need the loo which incidentally has been fine with no constipation at all despite all the painkillers!!! So I'm going to go back downstairs to sleep tonight.

Getting about ok hunched slightly which I keep forgetting about after being stood for 5 mins or more and end up being nearly straight, Nurses kept reminding me of that when they saw me do it. I go back in Friday to have my dressings re-dressed and depending on how it's healing the stitches out of my tummy button. It looks mad to see how I look now even just sitting looking at it in clothes. My tummy used used to sit on the top of my legs when I sat and not all flows smooth with no lumps or bumps, At the moment when I touch my tummy it feels like when you've been at the dentist and your still swollen, I know it's me touching me but feels odd and puffy.

I've still got the delightful green stockings on. I had a tight jacket and binder on when I came round from surgery. My surgeon Dr Borghini apparently likes to send you home with the jacket and binder but it stuck out all over the shop and wasn't sure how I'd explain it back at work as to what was sticking out of my clothes so he said I could have the shorts which in the UK are mostly called magic knickers USA etc spanx. But I'm used to the ones with legs in to your knees and these are short short!!! They ride up so I've a gathering of material at the top of the inside of my thighs which is well uncomfy. I've rang the hospital and they are sending my ones with legs to the knees. Just wish I'd known they had them before hand. They sent me home with extra so one in wash and one on me. I'm still coming out with bruising and oddly down my left side black and blue but the right is my normal colour. Will add pictures soon. Hope your all healing well.

Question - how soon could you sleep on your side? X

Also to add today's post......I have to inject...

Also to add today's post......I have to inject myself for 5 days with something that keeps your blood from clotting, Apparantly its not normal to have it in the hospital but the nurses were confused I had to bring it home. Turns out the surgeons are starting to send all home with it now after having a TT. I don't mind needles at all but I can't inject myself so something else my good man is doing for me too bless him :)

Thanks loads for your comments, made me filll up...

Thanks loads for your comments, made me filll up just now when I logged on! It means a lot :) I slept downstairs last night in the recliner with 2 nytol tablets. Took about an hour to go off and woke @ 3.30am for the "10 minute loo get everything off and back on again journey"...........then again at 8 so quite good for me. Into a smaller compression garment today with help to get it on, bit of a trial, out of breath and finally on. Still waiting for the compression garment to arrive with the legs into the knees as the ones with the short shorts are cutting my circulation off from my legs!!! Will try to add new photo's, doesn't always work for me not being a techno!

Thanks again for your comments. Cheers, X

Been and had my dressings re-dressed. All is as...

Been and had my dressings re-dressed. All is as it should be and feel better now I'm in a garment with legs to the knees, more comfy. 2 crap nights sleep but I'm allowed to try and sleep on my side from tonight so hopefully back upstairs in bed from tonight. Still struggling to get up from flat unaided but getting there. Still slightly hunched but this is from my upper ab muscles that have been tightened..............I never wanted to stretch so much, looking forward to being totally up right again as it does give into backache somewhat. We just did the asda run and I stood hunched over the trolley the whole time which I don't think was the best for me to do. The hospital told me my flanks are still very swollen and tummy too and oddly mostly on the right which I do think has a slight raise to it in the form of a bump and should go down with the swelling. So all in all getting there recovering ok. Still no pain killers since Tuesday night which was day 6. Will add new photos.

So back in bed and sleeping on my side after...

So back in bed and sleeping on my side after checking it was ok to do with the hospital. Also no need for pillows under my legs. When lay flat I felt like I was being stretched in a vice but I wasn't uncomfy. Slept ok except for having to get up for the loo which I'm putting down to losing water with the swelling going down as I never have to get up in the night for the loo. I'm guessing it's that but today I look pregnant which is a first for me!!! We were out and about yesterday, nothing mad or rushing about and was 2 pounds up this morning too. Up until this morning I'd lost 5 pounds since going in for my op......ahem had a small gain before my op so I was back to up 11 st 12 pounds. Friday being day 9 I was 11.7, today 11 9. I know this will go up and down so trying to get my head round it. I've given myself a focus of Christmas as this'll 3 months for which they say the swelling can take to go down, So today I've mostly spent with my feet up.

Around my cut feels stingy and tender especially with the seat belt on yesterday (as a passenger). Not ready to drive yet and hospital advise against it unless your happy you'd be able to do an emergency stop without feeling pulling/pain anything on tummy so not ready yet. I've not taken pain killers for my tummy but for the flippin backache from still being a bit hunched. Happy healing Ladies. X

Back at the hospital today to have all my...

Back at the hospital today to have all my dressings removed. Upon examining me they found this fluid they call a seroma - maybe spelt wrong. It's fluid gathered on the tummy area and had to be syringed out. Thank goodness I'm still numb as I had a massive panic, not from the size of the hugh needle but from any pain I'd feel. The surgeon said I'd feel it as the needle tip touched my muscle...........he wasn't wrong but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I'm such a girl and had got all worked up to which my man said how can that bother you now, you've been sliced open! Yes but I was asleep then you tool!!! Anyway they took what they said wasn't much @ 35mls and is less than average, the average being 100mls. They mentioned I may have to go in again for it if I can see a wobble go across my tummy when you tap it......when they did it it was like wathcing waves! My normal next follow app is a week on Monday to see the surgeon and have photo's taken. I feel my cut today looks worse than a week ago (today is 2 weeks since my op). They've said I've not got dog ears but there's something I can see on my left hip like a lot of folded over skin but they said will heal over and isn't one so just back to the waiting game. I've just one dressing on my tummy button which will come off tomorrow when I can SHOWER again : ) :) :) So pleased with that news! Been kneeling in bath. From Tuesday morning when I go back to work I can ditch one of the CG's, the one I describe as an 80's jacket. Zipped up from the hip to neck which no matter how I try to hide you can still see it at my neck and I thought I'd have to go and buy some shirts. It sticks out in all the wrong places, it's the zip forcing it to stick out. Very uncomfy under my bust where the zip bends but I shouldn't moan as it's there to help keep me all in but so glad it can go in 5 sleeps! I've 2 very small spots on my cut that are weeping ever so slightly which alarmed me at first. I've slept ok on my side and had quite a few hours in one go. Will add some photo's.

Hello Ladies I found a stitch in my tummy...

Hello Ladies

I found a stitch in my tummy button and thought I needed my tummy draining again so been back in today. Didn't need to be drained thank goodness, was worried for the pain again. Turns out the stitch left, if it's black or blue it has to come out but if cream, white or clear it's a dissolvable one. This one is clear so no problem., wish I'd known before hand. My swelling looks to perhaps have increased and I've been told not to drive till I go back to work on Tuesday and I'm back to having to wear the 80's style jacket for longer than next Tuesday for a few weeks more so had to go out and purchase some shirts for work afterall to hide it round my neck. There are parts of my cut that have healed really well and hope the reminder goes onto doing the same. I'm flater than a flat thing up to my cut then carrying this huge pouch like a kangeroo carrying it's baby!!! Anyway I appear to be getting there.

I've updated on my photo comments today, I've only just realised that where my 2 biggish freckles were either side of my old "not seen for sometime tummy buttom" that they are now both just a tad above my cut line so it really shows how much skin was taken :- )

I've put my jeans on today and not wanting to show off but boy there's some rooooooommmmm in them! I've put a t-shirt on that used to fall on my hips but now goes over my bum! I can't take it in. I've bought 2 new tops for work in a UK 12 (normally depending on the material would get a UK 14 or 16) that now go over my hips too and would always normally stop at my waist........think I've tried them now oooooooooooo about half a dozen times!!!! So today is a good day, good times :-0)


Well I'm back at work tomorrow and am starting to...

Well I'm back at work tomorrow and am starting to feel dread building up. Because they told me to slow right down, I have and don't need 20 questions back at work as to why I'm moving around slowly. The swelling and numbness has gone from above my tummy button and I'm starting to feel VERY tender along my cut line with slight feeling in places. Only had one tiny part weep last last so that's improving. I feel every bump in the road from the car which goiny by how a seroma can occur doesn't fill me with excitement!!!

I wish I'd taken more time off. I was told I needed 2 weeks which I booked off as holidays. I now wish I'd taken 3 weeks holiday which at the time of consults etc I had enough holidays to book 3 weeks off but since then I haven't so I'm stuck with no more holidays to take so feeling a bit down and nervous. On a positive note my weigh day is tomorrow and going by todays I'm down again, will see what tomorrow brings.

So back at work wasn't as bad as I perhaps had...

So back at work wasn't as bad as I perhaps had thought. I'm still a bit hunched so getting away with saying it's backache. By the afternoon I'm exhausted, feel and look very swollen. My cut is mostly healing with a couple of spots still opening up and bleeding. Aound my tummy button is sore and tender but not my actual tummy button itself. Hips are sore which is perhaps doing more movement.

I'm getting there I think/hope. I am a bit worried about my swelling and even if it is that on the right side of my tummy. When I look down it's going over to the right and has been like that since back in the room right after surgery. It sticks out more than what it used to around that part of me when breathing in. It seems odd that I'm very flat and tight, no swelling or numbness below my cut where I also had lipo done then this big bulge sticking out and it's all hard. Back at the clinic Monday to see the surgeon and photos with the nurse. I've some new photos I'll attempt to load again.

Very fed up and worried about this big bulge I...

Very fed up and worried about this big bulge I have that isn't changing, is rock hard and doing my head in so much so I've changed to not sur it was worth it. Tears most of yesterday feeling what have I done to myself. Because of the bulge I can't see all of my cut as I thought I could but now on the photos I feel I've been cut with sheers. Now that swelling and numbness has nearly all gone I can grab at far patches still and I can pull my skin up too much still which flatens me out so when and if this bulge goes I'll have more skin again.

I'm back at the clinic tomorrow to see the surgeon and have questions as long as my arm.

Yours, thorougly fed up : - (

Also meant to mention, I tried on my bikini's...

Also meant to mention, I tried on my bikini's yesterday and I hadn't realised how high my cut was. My bikini's are no use now. I'm not that worried about having my scar on show if push came to shove but you'll see hair coming through it's that high and I've a few hairs growing out above my cut!!!

I really do want to be eating my words and all be ok

I really do want to be eating my words and all be ok

Thanks Ladies for all your kind encouraging...

Thanks Ladies for all your kind encouraging all made me cry but in a good way : - ) I've got all my questions written down. Its on my mind so much I dreamt last night that I was lay down and another surgeon was draining me all over the place even from my neck which drained the fluid from my flower! And I was also stood up watching him drain me whilst I was lay down!!!! I had no cheese before bed I promise!!!! Will update later on tonight after my appointment.

Thanks again loads. XXX

So I had my appointment this evering. The surgeon...

So I had my appointment this evering. The surgeon was lovely and patient (I was worried he'd not be patient, no idea why!) As soon as he saw my tummy he said "yes perfect, healing well" and I was like "is it, are you sure?" He laughed at me instead of throwing me out.......I was almost like I was questioning his skills like I'd know better! I don't know who I thought I was!!! He was upset that I was upset too and should I need any revision of any type it'll be taken care of (which is all included in the cost) but that I need to give it 6 months.................gonna be a loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng 6 months! He said I'll see you in 6 months but if at any point your not happy or want me to look at you, ring and book in and if I'm full you tell recp that you said it's ok to insist to see him or if I can find out when he's in to just turn up god love him. I saw the nurse too for PO photos to be taken and she could identify immediately with my concerns. I've some hard what I can only describe as lumps across my cut and just above it. She said it's internal bruising and I'm to massage the lumps which is formed and forming scar tissue so I need to massage it to break it down. It's quite! So just the waiting game.

Thanks agains loads for you comments of encouragement :) XXX

Day 40 - 5 and a half weeks PO. Still got a bulge...

Day 40 - 5 and a half weeks PO. Still got a bulge below my scar mostly over to the right. The swelling has gone and where it was swollen, the skin is now soft and wobbly (again!) I can grab at it again. Spoke to the clinic today for more CG's. My next app is 2nd Feb but today after explaining how it still is the appointment been brought forward to 12th December. When I was last at the clinic the nurse (who took pictures too) said straight away looking at me straight on how visable the bulge is and how it goes over to the right of me. This probably doesn't make any sense but it's almost like something has been deposited where it wasn't, before it was all sag and skin. The nurse and surgeon both said that perhaps I'll need more lipo. If I do it's because the surgeon has left it there, that bulge in that shape and feel wasn't there before. If it was it'd be even all over like it was previously and symetrical. The surgeon said to me that not to worry because if I needed revision surgery it's free as it's in with the cost and that it's in his interest to get it right first time as he doesn't want to do more work for free...............I feel no comfort from this......I hope I come to if need be.

I'm so confused by it and was told, quite a few times that afterwards I be taut and tight. I can grab at my skin in different areas again, granted not as much as before but was told all this would go.

I still hope more than ever I'll be eating all my words in time. X

I forgot to add, a major plus point for me I can't...

I forgot to add, a major plus point for me I can't eat no where as much :) My portion size has gone down a lot. I thought it was a bit in my head until my man commented on it the weekend to his sister who cooked is a massive huge enourmous meal and couldn't eat it all. Although I can't lie......I still dream of pizza.....A LOT! Just dreaming mind, not eating it! X

And as apposed to growing some balls, I really am...

And as apposed to growing some balls, I really am trying to get some patience, honestly! X

Hello Ladies, I'm on day 59 / 8 weeks 2 days PO. ...

Hello Ladies, I'm on day 59 / 8 weeks 2 days PO. Loving my new hips from lipo. Still find it mad but very glad I'm getting smaller tops going over my hips and bottom! I desperately need a different CG and waiting for pay day to purchase. I feel I need more support. My measurements seem to remain the same but current clothes getting bigger on me :) I do feel smaller too and with all the swelling I had I thought I'd never feel smaller. Ladies of the USA, you all seem to have really good CG's that from when you take your pictures you can see where your CG has been so real tight which I feel I need. Where do you get them from? I'd like to see if they have stockists in the UK too.

Still bothered about my bulge which can seem more prominent now swelling all gone. Where I had lipo on my pubis area, its full of fluid very low down to the right. When I look down I see these 2 lumps; the bulge and the fluid. I'll post some pictures although too shy to post my pubis area directly on here! I'm back at the clinic to see the surgeon and the nurse 12th December when I'll be 10 weeks po. Happy healing Ladies. X

Hi All Firstly, thanks for your messages and...

Hi All

Firstly, thanks for your messages and posts. Not done an update since 1st Dec. Still much the same with a bugle sticking out. I've tried on some of my bikini's which hide nothing unfortunately so need to invest in some bigger bottom ones!!! Not fussed on my scar showing but just the bulge sticking out. Talking of the scar it's healing a treat and really happy with it, some of it has turned white already.

I've other issues with "my bits" now and need a hysterectomy. The clinic are aware and said health first, revision after. The revision policy is for 3 years. I've to wait for an appointment for hysterectomy which is sometime in the next 12 - 16 weeks. We go on holiday 2nd March then on the 28th July. If I could get it done just after we're back from our March holiday, I'd have enough time to recover to go away 28th July. So that means revision August. The TT surgeon said he'd even take care of "any mess" the NHS would leave behind!!! All this leaves me with a bulge for 2 holidays in big bikini pants! Anyways I'm feeling a lot better now I'm training back to 100% and loving it. I've got myself in with a PT for 10 sessions and can't wait for that to start which is Monday. I'm loving doing sit ups and seeing the a centre tunnel raise as I do them and it's all hard too :) I've noticed a small shape defining of an upper ab :) I had to look twice when I saw it in the mirror!

I've got pictures which I'll load, just takes age!

Maybe a daft question but I proper breathed out when I had my pictures taken at the clinic at pre op and for the drawings and now think this was a big mistake because the TT surgeon thinks he's done more for me than he actually has. I don't know why I did this now and just wish I'd breathed in which is how I always am, have done for years!!! So did anyone else breath out purposely???

Also - people thinking of having this done as to quote so many other ladies on here, get fit and as toned as you possibly can before the TT. I can't remember which lady said it on here but the surgeon can't perform miracles and it's true, set your expectations correctly.

Hope your all ok.

Hi Ladies, I was back at the clinic last Monday...

Hi Ladies, I was back at the clinic last Monday and felt relief that the bulge has finally been accepted. "no that's not swelling, something definitely amiss there!" They said I need quite a bit of revision which is on hold due to hysterectomy, have booked time off in Sept for the revision now. I've asked can they take more skin away when they do the dog ear and they can and they so will too! I'm loving the gym, working well hard. Had my first beer Friday 1st Feb since New Years Eve for a mental mad girlie weekend. Had a fab time, didn't go to overboard but had what I wanted and lost a pound! To be fair we did a bit of walking, hills and all so that'll have helped. I've noticed my boobs have changed a bit so perhaps weight coming off them puppies, my bra has been coming down over my ribs and bruising so need a re-visit for a measure. Can't go much lower in inches, I'm a 30HH now but jezzzz my ribs are bruised quite a bit. Hope everyones ok, taking it easy and healing well. X

So I'll be 4 months PO this Thursday and no idea...

So I'll be 4 months PO this Thursday and no idea where the time has gone. I've been back to full training from in between Christmas and New Year. I've a PT this last 3 weeks and one week to go. 10 sessions 3 one week, 2 the next, 3 and 2 so all over 4 weeks. My weight at the start is still the same now so that's hard to get my head round as I feel he wips my backside every session! Anyway he called yesterday to let me know that in the 3 weeks of training I've gained 4lbs in lean muscle and not to get hung up on the scales which is HARD! Well messing with my head. So his wiping my backside is definately working :) He said I've the smallest waist he's worked with and lost half a inch off it with the PT so it's down to 28.5inches.

So I decided to have a trying on session of my summer clothes (we go away 2nd March to Egypt). I've 2 pairs of shorts that I bought 4 years ago and while they've travelled well, they've not worn well ever....I've never worn them! Can't think why I thought they'd be ok when they didn't fit when I got them home. Today they are perfect, no bulging, no pulling and I can sit down in them too!!! Then my good old faithful white linen trousers, you know when you iron linen and put them on, after 5 minutes linen all stretches out? So what I'm getting at is that when I first put them on they were always tight then ok but now they're too BIG! 2 other pairs now perfect. I proper cried a lot but so very much happy tears :) BEST FEELING EVER!!! Hope everyone is ok. X

Hello - long time gone by! I'll be 6mths a week...

Hello - long time gone by! I'll be 6mths a week today. No change so no new pictures. Had a holiday and managed with some bikini bottoms that covered the bulge that is still very much present. I had an app with the surgeon this week. When I stripped he remained with no expression on his face, took a grip of the bulge and dismissed it as just needing lipo. My concern is that if he lipo's me I'll be left with more skin there just above my cut. He said it won't. I showed him how when I bend over I'm not flat with lose skin that looks like, without being rude to the older generation, an 80 year old lady. If I don't breath in the world falls forward. I know that's going to seem over the top but in person it really is there. I fought with myself until I showed my partner what I was rattling on about he agrees with me and he is the voice of reason! So my revision is lipo and removal of dog ears. I've lot of skin around the dog ears and the nurse did day he could remove more but when I asked the surgeon he said no.

Since losing more weight my boobs are smaller with more skin. I asked about an uplift but think now I meant reduction. He said he could do it at the same time as the lipo and ears and because I was having to have revision and going for another procedure they could maybe do me a special price.......he's no idea what yet and gave nothing away.

The delay on my revision is waiting on my hysterectomy date which is most likely to be August now (we've 2 holiday's booked for my fella's 40 and family holiday, can't wait for!)

I've made enquiries at 2 other cosmetic places re the boobs and after doing more on what I've already had done I wish I'd done more research first time round. I feel a little bit of a burden now where I've been, maybe all in my head but it's how I feel. I'm looking at the Hospital Group consult booked 18 April and the Harley Group, consult booked 26 April. Anyone used/consulted with these places?

Will try to get pictures of my bending over to show the skin and drop when breathing out.

Hope your all doing well.

11 mths, still unhappy and now hysterectomy hell

Hello Ladies - been a while since I updated. I've no new pictures to post. All still looks the same with the bulging rubber ring.

Had PO photos done at the clinic last Wednesday because last Thursday I had a full hysterectomy done so thought it an idea to have photos done before it. I have to say the TT was a walk in the park compared to the pain I'm feeling now. And now I know what you all mean when you talk about not having any BM's. I was fine with that with the TT because they gave me antibiotics which make me go so all ok. But none from the NHS so boy am I bunged up! Awful awful awful. I've been in for 5 nights and came home yesterday. Back to swell hell too, 5 inches up on my tummy, back to big elasticated pants! I am still hoping for my revision to be in November so I don't have to take any more time off work. Going to be off for 3 months now, I've been there a long time so pay remains in place. If they won't do it in November I'll have to have it in March/April as we have a holiday booked 27 Feb and don't want to go away all swollen. When the nurse did the photo's last week, (a different nurse to last time) she was quite horrified about how I looked which again reinforces what I can really see.

Anyway, hope your all ok, lots of love. XXX

11 mths, still unhappy and now hysterectomy hell

11 mths, still unhappy and now hysterectomy hell

11 mths, still unhappy and now hysterectomy hell

11 mths, still unhappy and now hysterectomy hell

A year on and revision 2014

Hello - so I had my app with my surgeon last week and now have to wait 6 months from hysterectomy. We go away late Feb into March and don't want to be swollen so will be done after holiday. He still at first only mentioned lipo then discussed more skin removal - he will do it. Very depressing looking at it, can't wait for it to be GONE

Hope everyone is well. XXX

A year on, revision March/April 2014. TT and lipo - Manchester, England

I can't update my title for some reason, I add the new title and save but nothing changes!!!

Finally revision booked April 14. Now 16 mths PO. TT and lipo - Manchester, England

Hi Ladies - I'm fully recovered from my hysterectomy and finally my revision it booked for 4 April 14 and as we all say it can't come soon enough! It could have been done sooner but we have a holiday booked for 27 Feb till 8 March to Egypt and I'd booked holidays off work for April for it to be done then. I saw my surgeon today and he said it'll all be lipo and if I need skin removal he'll do it then. He thinks I'll not need it but I do.....I know it's his job to know what's best here but had the job been done correctly the first time I'd not be typing this now :)

Anyway very excited and glad it's all in place to be done.

Hope everyone is well and good. XXX

Finally revision booked April 14. Now 16 mths PO. TT and lipo - Manchester, England

Not able to update my title still :(

Revision April cancelled - now done Oct 14 2 years PO. TT and lipo - Manchester, England

Revision booked for April all went wrong due to very high BP issues. Finally done last Friday 24th AND with a different surgeon...mine suddenly left in September. The new surgeon (new to me, not to Transform) is lovely and very straight talking, says it how it really is. I'm sore and tender and bruising still coming out. Effectively he's done the same job all over again bar the muscle repair which was all ok. He said he's given me a mini-tummy tuck. So I've been cut again but no quite as long as the original scar, just an inch short each side of the original scar. Dog ear sorted which was like a huge nipple on my hip. I've still got tapes on which will all be taken off this Friday and hopefully left off. Will post pictures as soon as I can load onto the PC.

Hope everyone is well. I've not been able to located this web-site for weeks and had to wait to get an email to be able to log on. I was still searching the site the same way but only got realself TV!?!?!

New pictures or before and after for revision surgery

New pictures or before and after for revision surgery

New pictures or before and after for revision surgery

New pictures or before and after for revision surgery

New pictures or before and after for revision surgery

New pictures or before and after for revision surgery

New pictures or before and after for revision surgery

New pictures or before and after for revision surgery

Hello Ladies - finally managed to get in here and add updated pictures. I'm happier now and my dog ear has gone. My scar is much much straighter than before and where my dog ear is it goes up but it's like it goes straight up and no as wonky as it was. My bump is still there and still to the right albeit no where near as much as it was.

Hope your well doing ok. X
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